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Trading Room - Bullish Bears Trade Room Live 8-10-18

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Join the Bullish Bears live trading room where we do live market screen sharing. We have a day trade room, swing trading room, and futures trading room. Chat feature is disabled on this live stream since all chatting is done in our trading rooms. Come and join us below. Click the link below to join the Bullish Bears community, day trade room, swing trade and options trade room, futures trading room, receive our trade alert setups, and daily watch lists: https://bullishbears.com/ Read more about our trade rooms below: https://bullishbears.com/live-trading-room/ https://bullishbears.com/swing-trade-room/ https://bullishbears.com/futures-trading-room/ Make sure to check out and our website each night to receive our updated watch lists. Also, make sure to bookmark our watch list page! The link is below. https://bullishbears.com/stock-watch-lists/ Also, make sure to subscribe to our Bullish Bears Team YouTube. We will be having team members post content on this channel that you won't want to miss! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIsb90Bf8DVU5iv96TLZIQ Take our free stock market courses ($3,000+ value): https://bullishbears.com/stock-market-courses/ Trade Ideas is our day trading scanner of choice. Read our Trades review & purchase Trade Ideas below: https://bullishbears.com/trade-ideas-review/ Enter BULLISHBEARS15 (all caps) for Your Exclusive 15% Discount! Market Club is our swing/options scanner of choice. Try them out for only $1 and read our review below: https://bullishbears.com/market-club-review/ Benzinga is our stock market news website of choice. (Enter promo code SUNNY40 to save 40%) https://pro.benzinga.com?afmc=1i **When you open your CMEG account be sure to use the code CMEGBULLISHBEARS for a discount during the application process** OR Please email [email protected] to let them know you signed up, share your name/email and the CMEBULLISHBEARS code Related Searches: day trading room, day trade chat room, day trading live chat room, live day trading room, live trade room
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Text Comments (4)
Brett Mark (1 month ago)
How can I view this when you are live? I only get the notification after you close the stream
Bullish Bears (1 month ago)
Brett Mark we only offer our streams live now for paid subscribers. You can sign up at BullishBears.com/subscribe :)
Brett Mark (1 month ago)
It is clicked, but I didn't get a notification :(
George Tsimp (1 month ago)
click the bell on the subscription button

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