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Khan Academy LearnStorm 2018 Overview Video

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LearnStorm is Khan Academy's free, back-to-school program that gives teachers a powerful way to jump start the school year. By combining growth–mindset activities and lesson-aligned practice, LearnStorm drives mastery of core academic skills, motivates classrooms, and builds students’ confidence. Sign-ups open on August 13 and the programs kicks-off on September 4. Learn more at https://learnstorm.khanacademy.org/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=desc Special thank you to Pine Hill Middle School, Ceiba College Prep, and Wewahitchka High school for sharing your LearnStorm stories.
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Text Comments (14)
Neil Odyssey (16 days ago)
Now that's called school, not like what I am here, old-fashion style of teaching
iiSparky (16 days ago)
hope my math teacher doesnt see this
Brandi Edmond (28 days ago)
Is this only for Math, or will it work for the grammar element, too. I am an ELA teacher, so I am using the grammar lessons.
Løve Sick (14 days ago)
No, its for all subjects! :D
Rishab GUPTA (1 month ago)
Hello Mr. Sal Khan, I am a grade 11 student. Firstly I wanted to salute you. You are a god's agent or what we call it in our language "maseeha". I just had some questions, 1. why do you do this? 2. where do you get the money to this? (like if you want to keep it confidential it's fine but is it out of khan academy?) 3. what motivated you to do this? Again really thanks a lot and you have educated so many individuals that maybe one day one of us will use our education to change the world and make it a safe one for the poor as well. Thanks a lot. keep up the good work and God Bless you.
Btw he voluntary do it and at the same time you can donate straight through their website and i wish one day i could donate when i have money as a thank you!
Lala Online Academy (27 days ago)
He is doing it just to help students. he is not concerned with money or fame but he know the flaw in our education system where we are just mad about grades ,but the actual thing is skill. He was a student once and maybe he would have realized this fact...
John Doe (1 month ago)
Hey Sal Khan, how about one 75min video instead of 25 3min videos all on the same subject. Your subscribers enjoy your content but we dislike spam.
John Doe (26 days ago)
+Deryx Teachers hate spam too.
Deryx (26 days ago)
+John Doe this is for teachers
John Doe (29 days ago)
These are not educational videos. They are video testimonials about educational programming... Students are not aided in any way by spamming 30 promo videos in a day...
Alex (29 days ago)
What struggling student will click on a 75 minute video about Trigonometry?
Ice diamond (1 month ago)
OMG I can't wait to show my math teacher this when I go back to school on going to 7th grade and I not good at math but this might help me thx Khan academy
cat (1 month ago)
RIP my sub box

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