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Android Home Button TouchScreen Bug Repair

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We are using the Android Debug Bridge from Windows PowerShell to adjust the margins of our screen to work around the Phone Hard Reset TouchScreen-Bug solution
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sandro stica (3 months ago)
Hey master, ihave to try bruteforce my 24 words write i think randomly... I know how to load them in the btcrecover, but I do not know where to try them to confirm the success. Thanks for your help
Bitcoin Daytrader (2 months ago)
If you have used the wallet to receive bitcoin, then you should be able to get one of the addresses generated by your mnemonic code (12-24 word backup). You could try this tutorial I made, and use the argument --mnemonic-length 24 and not the --big-typos https://youtu.be/XXw6dP7OPR4 I really hope you can get your Mnemonic code back
Mor kovka (3 months ago)
fuck phones we need crypto
Mor kovka (3 months ago)
live trading, masternodes for the content etc
Bitcoin Daytrader (3 months ago)
I will work on that, any suggestions?
Bit Poppa (3 months ago)
Good stuff
LOCAL STAR (3 months ago)
Nice video..#bitcoin daytrader
desioner (3 months ago)
How nice is that sexy wallpaper on the phone!? Please don't tell us that is your girl…
nion456789 (3 months ago)
Smashed the like first...

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