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How to trade stocks using the Slow Stochastic Indicator

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A technical analysis video by the Founder of PerfectStockAlert.com showing how to trade a stock using the slow stochastic indicator applied to a flat trending chart pattern.
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Text Comments (8)
Stephanie Roberts (3 years ago)
Nice video.
Nitro Gamer (3 years ago)
Thanks Bro
Mark Lorenzo (4 years ago)
Combination of Fibonacci and Stochastic make me richer every time they give me the signal
Reviee Soi (6 years ago)
missed the most crucial elements in trading with STC
psycotria (8 years ago)
Thanks for the simple explanation. Great for newbies.
Cameosis (8 years ago)
great vid. Very informative and good explanation. Thanks for sharing
Robert Green (8 years ago)
is there any other Indicator that can confirm the duy/sell signal
Robert Green (8 years ago)
is there anyother Indicator that can confirm the buy/sell signals?? anyone

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