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Backpacking Travel Packing Guide

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What to pack for 1 month plus backpacking and trekking travel trip! ☾ SUBSCRIBE: join the adventure! : http://bit.ly/hey-nadine ◂ ◃ ✘ Check out my blog post for the full list of items: http://www.heynadine.com/backpacking-trek-travel-packing-guide Travel Toiletries: Coming soon! Travel First Aid: Coming soon! ♥ Snapchat: nadinesykora ◂ ◃ ◅ FOLLOW ME ▻ ▸ ▹ http://www.heynadine.com ☪ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/heynadine → Twitter: http://twitter.com/heynadine ☯ Facebook: http://facebook.com/nadineesykora → Tumblr: http://etcnadine.tumblr.com ۞ Bloglovin: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4106313 ◂ ◃ - CONTACT - ▸ ▹ → Business: [email protected] → Agent: [email protected] → Personal Questions: http://etcnadine.tumblr.com/ask ◂ ◃ ✦ SEND ME MAIL✦ ▸ ▹ Nadine Sykora PO Box 23073 Plaza 33 PO Kelowna, BC V1X 7K7 Canada
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Text Comments (725)
Pedro’s Place (14 days ago)
2 towels owww.....
Jason Zayas (28 days ago)
This bitch has lost her mind.
chaîne de moi (1 month ago)
what is travel vaccination?
jessie peach (1 month ago)
What brand is the main backpack from? It looks better than the one I bought not long time ago from deuter. U can fit in alot in yours and what size and brand is your tripod? It looks pretty smal and I like that 😍
Ana Barahona (1 month ago)
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Simmo Papalia (1 month ago)
thats insaaaaaaaane light it dow!!!!
Ana Barahona (1 month ago)
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A Ketlin te mostra! (1 month ago)
Wow! I usually travel with 50L (for 1 month or more with also hiking stuff) and put everything in there. Sometimes I bring a purse to put my passport or so. Best regards!
Raunak Das (2 months ago)
Sorry but how many shoes did she take again?
sUhaiL n (2 months ago)
Don't need most of the stuff u r carrying.hair dryer?so many shoes?
Candice Chapple (2 months ago)
Thank you! Most helpful!
Albert The Writer (2 months ago)
OMG. So many clothes. It's a nice video anyway :)
Molly Friis (3 months ago)
m UR - ee - know not mer i ah no Lmao
Tessa Avonlea (3 months ago)
You said camping so why no sleeping bag, tent etc?
shoomzy (3 months ago)
I think she is trolling us. This must be some kind of joke/parody or something. This can't be real.
Αρ. Χα. (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot,a got some great tips!
Marijuana wool for the win!!
r0b41n (3 months ago)
WAY to much gear.
cab m. (3 months ago)
Merino. Mare-eeee-no. Merino wool.
emilyabex (4 months ago)
I may have missed this but whats the make of the camera bag please?
Sammy Frenkel (4 months ago)
Hey, What’s the name of your photo specific carry on bag? I’m considering taking my camera. Thanks!
peace of cake (4 months ago)
Dude you're amazing!
Grunt Hog (4 months ago)
Cringe worthy. Half of the stuff isn’t necessary.
Fabiola Chacon (4 months ago)
damn that's a lot of shit no way I can travel light with all of that.
Frank Colarusso (4 months ago)
It’s all brand new. Is this even real?
Elijas Mihalić (5 months ago)
Maybe you can put billiard in backpack...
Kippenkop Kuikenei (5 months ago)
You're clearly not going backpacking. You don't have fire asking tools, no shelter or shelter making tools. This is just a non luxury vacation with a shit ton of luxury items.
Kippenkop Kuikenei (5 months ago)
Please get a better multi tool that Chinese 2$ poor excuse for a multi tool is an insult for the whole fucking universe. And please don't call it a Swiss are you knife because it's really fucking different.
Kippenkop Kuikenei (5 months ago)
Hairdryer?????? WTF!!
Kippenkop Kuikenei (5 months ago)
4 pairs of footwear? I only have 2 and never needed more.
ExposedRoot (5 months ago)
I'm thinking about backpacking and looking to learn. That looks like an aweful lot of unnecessary stuff. I notice there is no tent, sleeping bag, mat, cooking stove. Yoiu are extremely organized though.
Steph Nordlund (6 months ago)
Love that day bag!! What kind is it?
Ypuh (6 months ago)
6 pairs of shoes.
Justin Holmes (6 months ago)
What is the best back pack ? I’m going to Thailand for half a month
Nate B (6 months ago)
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Dalton Holder (7 months ago)
There is no need for all that stuff 👀 I backpacked for over a week and half heading from Texas to Arkansas carrying 23 pounds on Average and I had only 2 pants, 2 shirts, 1 poncho, food, treasures, weapon, and kept going
dsh vlogs (7 months ago)
this is extremely helpful thank you for the video
Mathilde M. (7 months ago)
Hey ! Great video even if i think you overpacked a bit. I always have my big camera with me when travelling but don't have a proper bag to carry it and the rest. What is the brand of your carry-on, please ? i would love to find one like this.
I have a 120L backpack and a 30L daypack. Do you think it's too much weight?
Hey Nadine (7 months ago)
Yes, that’s a lot!
Juraj Benadik (7 months ago)
Impossible how many subscribers this channel is on
macobpro macobpro (8 months ago)
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Kathia Malu (8 months ago)
I want that Cusco Peru day bag.
lacomptessa (8 months ago)
I have the exact same hiking boots...
Lana Florida (8 months ago)
Good luck using the hair dryer in the wilderness! :-))))))
Joann Sun (3 months ago)
she's going sightseeing too, not just hiking
Qwep Xyvz (8 months ago)
Great video, super helpful! thanks
Melissa Friedl (8 months ago)
a hairdryer?
EvaneSam (8 months ago)
That is too much stuff even for a 1 year trip. Save some money for a trip to the chiropractor right after.
Robert Williamson (8 months ago)
I think you mean Merino wool... not Mariana wool.   I never take more than one, 35 litre bag, with a zip up packable day bag that fits into its own little pocket and inside my Minaal 2.0
Strafer66 (8 months ago)
I would prefer just a plastic bag instead of mesh for laundry. Reason being, you can throw any wet/dirty clothes/underwear in it until you're ready to wash them, and this prevents the rest of your bag from getting smelly
Abyssal Hoops (8 months ago)
Where can I buy that camera carryon bag?
Maximillian Power (8 months ago)
not going to lie i wanna see nadine in those panties :D
Politically Incorrect (8 months ago)
She needs a porter with her. Terrible over packing. I can pack only one fifth of all she packs.
Mackenzie Wittmer (9 months ago)
what kind of boots are those?
Joann Sun (3 months ago)
KEVINOPHOTO (9 months ago)
I love how everyone is roasting you, I agree with them; you over packed like a mothertrucker. But you did have good ideas for things to bring. But you are definitely rich and white.
Susona's Diary (9 months ago)
Hey thank you for this video. This one is very helpful to me.
Nicholas Mankin (9 months ago)
Lol your not pronouncing merino correctly
João Jóia Paulo (9 months ago)
That's definitely too much
Ruben Bermudes (9 months ago)
3 purses on a backpacking trip!!?!?
Ruben Bermudes (9 months ago)
To much shit!!!!!!
KeshetD (9 months ago)
I was wondering if anyone would know.. last year I Bought the Osprey Escapist 32 bag that I didn't get to use and I planed to travel with it and with a suitcase for couple of monthes.. now I'm planing 3.5 months in south america and I was wondering if I should've got a bigger bag for all of my things (and pass the suitcase) or use this bag as my main bag with another smaller backpack. any suggestins?
Ebby Jane Hornsby (9 months ago)
um its merino not mariano
Fina (10 months ago)
You pack so much stuff. Wow. I mean, I have a giant backpack as well (75l) but it`s usually half empty because you just don`t needed (but extra space is good to have just in case)
Samed Yildirim (10 months ago)
Would it be amazing if u mentioned the weights of those bags !!! Still a great video, thanks Nadine :)
Aimee Athnos (10 months ago)
Jeez, this is too much. 3 purses?! Your 1 leather purse would be sufficient for all scenarios.
Aimee Athnos (10 months ago)
merino* wool lol
Russell O (10 months ago)
Pack like a LRRP,
Nobitien (10 months ago)
You should look for support devices here https://nobitien.com/collections/all REPLY
Lauren Batzli (10 months ago)
I don’t quite understand why she is carrying both bags... how the heck is one supposed to hike with a bag in the front?!? I speak from experience when I say that intense hikes like she’s talking about require you to be able to do some light rock climbing and above all see the trail in front of you. If you have a pack on the front you can’t bend forward and can’t see if there is any danger in the trail. I hate to be that person but it seems like she is planning for more of a clubbing trip.........
Joie Mojica-Gahum (10 months ago)
Everything is about picking lightweight clothing and essentials. This is why I prefer Roadeavour branded travel accessories. They are light and durable at the same time.
Alicia Jackson (11 months ago)
Hey Nadine! Leaving for Australia and New Zealand soon!!! which hiking boots would you recommend for hikes in NZ?
PerClock (11 months ago)
The hat is super nice. What is the brand / type / material please?
MightiestArm (11 months ago)
so if I can figure out how to convert everything you said for a guy then pack all of it in 1 carry-on bag I'll be set. I'm planning on doing a world trip where I'm going to be going through every weather imaginable but I only want to use a single carry-on bag. The struggle could not be more real but I am trying to figure it out lol. Great video btw
kirsty claire (11 months ago)
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unbelievable !!!!! I just love it !!! I would like to do the same. Unfortunately, I realized that it was very difficult to travel when you are not yet of age. That's why I created my Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Voyageurs-Voyageuse-130523271022379/ my Facebook groups and my youtube channel : https://youtu.be/FTTU8p6XhvQ on I will share all the videos of our travel.
unbelievable !!!!! I just love it !!! I would like to do the same. Unfortunately, I realized that it was very difficult to travel when you are not yet of age. That's why I created my Facebook page, my Facebook groups and my youtube channel or I will share all the videos of our travels.
Richard Bergin (11 months ago)
when you get more experienced you'll find that you're able to travel the world, over a year or more with a small bag weighing under 8lb
Joie Mojica-Gahum (1 year ago)
always on the go with roadeavour's travel toiletry kit!
Max Hoekman (1 year ago)
Hey Nadine, What size daybag would you recomend ? you think between 25 and 30 Liters is enough ?
Thomas Jacob (1 year ago)
Lol is this video a joke? I don't own that much in total let alone travel with it
Franco Polo (1 year ago)
I am really impressed with all the stuff you managed to pack! I will defnitely learn from this video :D
Mh. A (1 year ago)
How do you pack all that?
sophie9 nymeria (1 year ago)
would that backpack fit as a carry on or would you check it?
Texas R. (1 year ago)
that poor backpack
FirstAusfrog (1 year ago)
hair dryer?
Jessica Lifford (1 year ago)
I second the life straw. It's AMAZING! I've taken it everywhere with me, and I'm in love!
Audrey Heb's (1 year ago)
You bring so much stuff! :o I'm leaving for a month with like half of that.. but i guess it's fine if you feel ok with lifting all that on your back good for you
Boris Blade (1 year ago)
How called your backpacks ? very interesting
Nakidz (1 year ago)
This vid should be titled "Recipe for a Back Injury."
Nakidz (1 year ago)
Holy cow! I'm going to do a medical travel job August-November (so it'll be really hot and pretty cold) in the Midwest US. I am going to be in a 700 sq ft UNFURNISHED apartment, I'm also a woman, I work out a lot, and I'm taking my 3 cats...yet all I'm still bringing WAY less stuff than this. I'm driving up in my tiny Smart Car. Your amount of stuff + my 3 cats would not fit comfortably.
Akys Channel (1 year ago)
Why the passport from Slovakia? :D
Brenno Carvalho (1 year ago)
What's the model of Lowepro backpack? thanks!!
Liezel Lopez (1 year ago)
When I went to visit the Philippines. I packed so much stuff and that was a big mistake. I was only able to use maybe 40 percent of what I brought. I learned my lesson lol. I think you are packing too much ;) I did what you are doing now -- thinking all the possible events that's going to happen and bring outfit/things for every event. You need to enjoy and value the experience more than worrying about all those things. Who cares about boots? The chances are you will be in a place like Asia where boots don't even exist. They hike in flip flops.
NowhereNomad (1 year ago)
Girl you have waaay too much stuff!!! Lighten your load, you could condense all that into one backpack. Think of your poor back. :O
Helsinki Dôskee (1 year ago)
I know this video is from January of last year, and that you have downsized quite a bit. But, that's a lot of clothing, makeup, and toiletries. As a backpacker myself I can assure you that a lot of the items for your month long trip is excessive. Especially the makeup and toiletries - I personally would never bring that much and could easily fit all my toiletries into a small Eagle Creek bag. However, I love this video! So informative and gives me kids of ideas with regards to packing and and what I should and should not bring. But hey, all the power to you. If you're comfortable taking all that gear with you, go for it.
Sarah Sameh (1 year ago)
I appreciate your effore to make this whole 25 minute video but its not worth it to take all of these things? too much unnecessary things? for your poor back? and the main point of traveling in my own opinion is to throw all the things that arent necessary away and only take the important thing youre not going to a fashion show YOURE TRAVELING TO ENJOY AND DISCOVER and how could you use all these items only in 30 days? you will forget the you even carrying all these things! I;m not judging its only an advice you have to watch some minimalist backpacking videos
Raffaello Sacchetti (1 year ago)
Slovakian and Canadian passports? ;-)
Alexander W (1 year ago)
that's enough stuff for a 6 month global trip, not a month long one in the same location... lol
doodle_ bob_ (1 year ago)
That water bottle is AWESOME!
goanna83 (1 year ago)
there's some stuff in here I don't think I will need to bring or use when I'm away fir a month. however this video does help give me tips and all so I really thank you for this. Also, that farpoint 70, doesn't it also have a day pack embedded with it??
Pedro Rosales (1 year ago)
Like because is for travel backpacker and is very well done ;) not for thru hike or camp. You must do a disclaimer for that.
Karan Bhansali (1 year ago)
Which's the carry on bag you're using?
dance4life1208 (1 year ago)
Im not even a backpacker yet and I know you packed way to much stuff and unnecessary stuff at that

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