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Here Is What They DON’T TELL YOU - Legendary Marketer Review

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Join Legendary Marketer Here: http://6figuresormore.com Thanks for checking out this review video on LM I hope that you find it helpful. This is a great company and it’s changing live all over the world. Legendary Marketer Scam? No not this company, it’s far from being a scam my friend and if you watch the video above you will see how legit it is. Here is that video of other success stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzbKZ4fCgI8
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Shannon Hebert (6 days ago)
Jay, hey, I just found your video yesterday. I'm going to join, but what is MCA, can you let me know more ? Thanks, , here's my email address. Thanks and God bless, Shannon. [email protected]
11karenmae (21 days ago)
Is thE LM still works 2019?
Jay Brown (21 days ago)
Mhm Abed (1 month ago)
Is the legendary for us citizens only ?
prashant p (1 month ago)
no any one can join this
Slinging Slasher TV (1 month ago)
I do believe in this marketing strategy you have to put in work to see the worth and thats something i want to achieve i just don’t want anything to backfire on me and loose everything
Jaysum Hunter (1 month ago)
Preciate the video just sign up for legendary marketers
Jaysum Hunter (1 month ago)
Which products from legendary marketer are you utilizing? And why?
Jaysum Hunter (1 month ago)
Jay Brown thanks. Do you know why I when I type in my YouTube channel someone else name come up and my name is listed to the side? Is it a way to get it back like it was before when my name populated. What has legendary marketers done for you in your success growth?
Jay Brown (1 month ago)
Welcome to the team!
Jill Walling (2 months ago)
I am happy you are making bank. I could never sell a idea or knowledge to the common people its just wrong when the price is so high but that's greed for ya. Yes the market will get saturated and it will get out there people catch on
Gene Park (2 months ago)
This is so sad. Preying on desperate people who wants to make money by telling them to join your under referral for $30 where you make $18 in commission and the buyer gets nothing but confusion.
Sophie Pedrini (2 months ago)
I want to do this but is only for USA
Lucas Dos Santos (2 months ago)
Hello Jay, is this only available for United States?
How is this business working for you now? It's been nearly a year since this video...
Jay Brown (2 months ago)
Tyler Tryon (2 months ago)
Is this something where you have to use your personal social media accounts and start throwing advertisements at family and friends? Or is it marketing using other methods?
shapi27 (2 months ago)
Great question. I'd like to know the same.
Earn Money Online (3 months ago)
I want to join your company.But i dont know how to promote it.Will you please tell me what paid traffic source you are using to have sales ??
samadhi gantt (3 months ago)
Alek tale (3 months ago)
work hard
allan namey bautista (3 months ago)
Good day sir is this a networking system? Where in people get commission through invites?
yevgeniy sorokin (3 months ago)
Where is your new videos?
Patrick Barnaby (3 months ago)
I've read the book you mention Jay - "The Compound Effect." There's another similar book same concept that I read before (I read The Compound Effect) which is "The Slight Edge." Both authors plus Tony Robbins have the same Mentor who is Jim Rohn. Someone said that "Success Leaves Clues." It's True.
john macleod (3 months ago)
Hey Jay I have been interested in applying some of the things you've been promoting. I have little to no money to start. Do you have a link to legendary marketer.
Child of GOD (3 months ago)
I want to join
Mary Carr (3 months ago)
Jay Brown I would love you to be my mentor. I'm 61 and I see no retirement for me at this age. I'm in Myecon at the moment and I saw what you were showing how people were canceling and it drops your pay. Even though it might say you have 117 people on your team, when 50 cancel or are inactive you now only have 67 that you may be earning from. I'm not with home parties ,and hotel parties but advertising on FB, Instagram and Twitter are okay with me. But like you I'm not great with sales. I truly need a mentor. I'm trying to get my retirement straight and because I took care of my husband who had cancer and a bad heart, plus working part time I'm not in great financial shape please call me. I need an honest person that you seem to be help me. My name on FB is Mary Carr. I would love to talk to you personally because I have so many questions and something tells me I can trust you. If you in box me I will share my phone number then. I need help and a way out of this mess. I will work hard I promise you that . I pray I hear from you. Thank you for your truthful thoughts on these companies but I can't sit on my ass and do nothing. I really need your personal help.
Rell Derrick (28 days ago)
Amelia Desta but like where do you start, what websites?
Amelia Desta (3 months ago)
Hi Merry Carr , it seems we are in the same position, I made over a six figure all my life I am a good business women, things went downhill to take care of my mother and Down syndrome sister they both passed the last 5 years , however I am 62 years old my Retirement days don’t look good... I have learned to make extra money by doing tax and payroll from home .. you can do it too.... there many things we can do at this age but , paying thousands for training is hard to do ...think about
I Am (3 months ago)
Hello Jay, i want to join legendary marketer right now, but i noticed they don't pay via PayPal. I found out they pay via eWallet (Now wallet). I want to ask you if I can get paid, living in Europe? Do they eWallet accept European Banks?
I Am (3 months ago)
Please answer my questions and i will join your ref link of legendary marketer..
visious123 (4 months ago)
Im waiting for my first training from my coach.. Im like the average people who works from 8 to 5 and sometime 8 to 8.. I hope this is program for real cos im kinda tired of working for these people and far away from my home town.. I need guidance please
Ahjerol Middleton (4 months ago)
It definitely works but you want to make sure you watch all of those videos and get some understanding because you have to put in a good amount of work to reach big audiences
business man (4 months ago)
is this global?
business man (4 months ago)
Jay Brown I wanna be coach by u for so long. can u give me 2minutes of ur time plz
Ahjerol Middleton (4 months ago)
business man what info are you looking for
Chirutha Reddy (4 months ago)
Excellent videos bro
Renei Roberts (4 months ago)
Hi, I have a question, why do you have to send a photo of you holding your ID? Wondering is this safe. After you typed your first sample text, did they ask you to send the same thing. They said your article will not be reviewed without it.
Ahjerol Middleton (4 months ago)
Renei Roberts did you sign up for Legendary yet?
Success Grace (4 months ago)
How is the commissions paid out please?
Jay Brown (4 months ago)
Commissions go to your eWallet weekly, then you have an option to receive a check or direct deposit.
Amanda Mcclintic (5 months ago)
I bought the book and then I bought the audio for the book and it was like $25 or something I don't know I can't figure out where do I go to listen to the audio
No One (5 months ago)
Hi Mr. Jay, is this worldwide? Sarry dont have idea of thus kind a thing.
Thankful to Live! (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this information. The book sounds interesting. Can you do a video review on the book when you are done reading?
Jay Brown (5 months ago)
Yes I will
Abhishek Ks (5 months ago)
Hey I m thinking of joining the legendary marketer ,and one more this is I don't even a tiny thing about marketing , should I be taking this up to earn money... Just by seeing u tell a lot about it and even the CEO of the company I'm keeping big step towards it & and want to do it as a part time job because im still studying so ,pls help me out . After joining should I be paying every month a 30$?
Domingos Goncalves (6 months ago)
Hi Jay, how can I email you?
Wayne Korarome (6 months ago)
Awesome story Jay, I'm interested and I will join.
Tio Robert (6 months ago)
Hey jay would you share some information how you make the landing video page for you link.
Justin Kitch (6 months ago)
Jay Are you still running a business through Legendary Marketer?
Jay Brown (6 months ago)
Evannex (6 months ago)
Hey Jay! I have been researching this for a while and have finally decided to jump in. I'm not looking for a get rich quick scheme, I know anything sustainable requires work. I have a question though: How much could I realistically make in the first month, assuming I put in the effort and follow the training provided? I have no additional capital to invest into paid advertising, so I guess I'm wondering if it is still possible to turn a profit with this system without paid ads. Any response would be amazing! Thank you!
Annie S (5 months ago)
Ted Franks (7 months ago)
Jay, you were the first person who introduced me to Legendary Marketer; however, I checked out some reviews and found others who were promoting it as well. Now one of them is offering some incredible bonuses for joining through their link, and I really feel that, being such a "newbie", I could really launch my business much higher and greater with those tool. So, I would feel bad to sign up with someone else's link because you would not get the benefit of a new sign-up, right? Please respond so I can make my decision as soon as possible. Thanks, Jay!
Rick Contreras (7 months ago)
Thank you, Jay, I do understand invest your self.
CLEMENTINA HUMANA (7 months ago)
Gamel Kamalielu (7 months ago)
Jay, been watching your videos for a while... been actively seeking for an opportunity to work from home... your videos are always honest and straight forward. I'm signing up today 🙏. Thanks for the encouragement🔥
Xiomara James (7 months ago)
Can you please help me. I asked for a refund. I will come back if you work with me.
Trecia Pooler (6 months ago)
you have training in side of the system with a coach to help you along the way , dont give up just keep going through the training it really works. viewthiscrazyvideo.com
Xiomara James (7 months ago)
Legendary marketing
Xiomara James (7 months ago)
It's not just 30 bucks. They told me I have to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising.
نصر البحر (6 months ago)
How it's going could please explain to me
francesca barron (7 months ago)
yep me again... Wanted to show some gratitude for your help .. to me your the best.. I learn twice as fast and your charisma is inviting.. thank you... Ciao
francesca barron (7 months ago)
Hello Jay, big fan of "The Secret". Enjoy your video's. I realize clients I affiliate with are not the group for a high end courses. Though I am above average deal maker and especially good in solutions to close but where I am now is small town USA, the south, I am completely out of context here being from a big city like L.V. So, I need to fill the need where I can reach at first because I do have family in Tafalla and Paris. Here's my question, does LM have options for someone like me and my traffic??
LMarketing (8 months ago)
Hey! Lisa here, been trying to make the money online for a while haha. How is this different from a program that I’m promoting which is on online affiliate marketing school? The end goal of my school is to have a website built that sells high converting products, have social media authority, and gain commissions from members who join under you. I’ve been there for 3 weeks working on my website and promoting it on Facebook and such. Haven’t run ads yet. Anyways my question is, how is legend marketer different? What is the work well have to do? What is it’s end goal? Is it monthly subscription? Thanks so much!
Futurenet Life (8 months ago)
Hi I’m interested in this Programm Can we talk on Facebook call?
Emily A Cox (8 months ago)
Jay - Please Facebook me personally, or better yet, text me: 802-922-6609 I am interested in this. www.facebook.com/emilyannecox
TEZO FMG (8 months ago)
How old do you have to be to join
dreamersreview (8 months ago)
Hey Jay, I like your channel. I am signing up because you give me the courage to do it.. My biggest lack of knowledge is how to post ads.. Can you make a video showing how you post ads for legendary marketer pls.. That would help a lot
Donni Tompkins (8 months ago)
Can i do it from my android phone???
CASH INFLUENCER (6 months ago)
Donni Tompkins..Yes..you can do it from android just like me.. htpp://cashinfluencer.com/moneyfreedom
Domeniko Zela (6 months ago)
Donni Tompkins (8 months ago)
I have to stop working 60 hrs 6 days a week for 20 years. 51 yrs old and broke. If i did this 3 hrs a day 7 days a week what kind of money can a non marketing person make? $500??$1000??? Per month??? Need beginners info on funds. Congrats that inpressive. Mad skills.
Bernard_ Mark (8 months ago)
Is there an age limit?and does it work on mobile?
omata godsent oseghale (8 months ago)
Hi jay, can we discuss further more via mail or whatapp please? because am motivated by your video and i have a blog running for 2years now and i have not started making money. here is the link please check it out www.gsenttalks.blogspot.com thanks you.
Ayodele Ayo (8 months ago)
I just came about this video mins ago, please i want to how it works and how to start? Kindly assist me
TEZO FMG (9 months ago)
How old myst you be to join
Felix Zeta (9 months ago)
hi jay
Jacqueline Washington (9 months ago)
Signed up today! Excited about the process.
Sexy lady (23 days ago)
Jacqueline Washington are you now making money?
Jay Brown (9 months ago)
Awesome welcome to the team!
AJ Johnson (9 months ago)
I joined LM and I learned alot and now I make commissions on a regular bases
Leo (5 months ago)
how is it going after 3 months ?
Jay Brown (9 months ago)
That's Great!
brenda peace (9 months ago)
Thank you Jay for this video. It is so helpful.
Jay Brown (9 months ago)
Just glad I could help!
SDSL RECORDS (9 months ago)
Yo jay I'm going to join legendary marketer soon I wanted to get more info on it is it anyway i can speak with you direct
SDSL RECORDS (9 months ago)
Jay Brown how on the phone or video chat?
Jay Brown (9 months ago)
rob Villaflores (9 months ago)
Hi jay, i a beginner and looking for ways to earn online, then i saw that you are recommending Legendary Marketing, do you advice for me to start doing Legendary Marketing?
Jay Brown (9 months ago)
If you want it is a great company to start with
barrel Creations (9 months ago)
what is your facebook name plz
Alex Monev (10 months ago)
Hi, what is the difference between amzscout and jungle scout?
Blue Dog Sales Group (10 months ago)
Hello jay, I did it i'm in under you!. I'll connect with you on FB.
Reginald Williams (10 months ago)
know what im sayin
Jay Brown (10 months ago)
Roberto Jaimes (10 months ago)
Ok this might sound ridiculous but, I want to make this full time job for me at the age at 16. I want to be really dedicated to this at an early age since I don’t have that many bills to pay right now. Is it possible for me to do this or is there like an age requirement I don’t know of?
Joshua Mills (10 months ago)
Hey Jay I want to send you a personal email just to tell you about the struggle I'm going through and also to ask about this online thing you doing. How can I reach you or yo u reach me through email. God bless you
Kopa Cabana (10 months ago)
Im a member, currently on Step 4. Im hungry for this money
Ahmed Ben Amor (3 months ago)
Are still following up with this program ?
dj m. (4 months ago)
broke now??? this dont work
Leo (5 months ago)
how is your hunger after 5 months ? just wondering
Swizzle Stick (7 months ago)
Does it work?
Mahiro Fuwa (8 months ago)
Kopa Cabana how is it going mate?
I'm already signed up. Thanks for the review. I'm excited about all I am learning. Got the Masters Program.
moses lewis (3 months ago)
How'd it go?
dj m. (4 months ago)
+Abhijit Ray hes broke now fromall yhe money they sucked out of him
JelizaRose H (5 months ago)
Did you have to pay 2500$ for the master program, or did you pay only 30$ and are you making any income?
Abhijit Ray (8 months ago)
What is you rprogress? Would you please share your experience. Thanks!
Your Mentor Ken (10 months ago)
Richkxdds Ent. (10 months ago)
Can you still click continue when u didn’t start ur training yet
Jay Brown (10 months ago)
Yes contact your coach
TauroFitness (10 months ago)
Jay how can I sign up?
TauroFitness (10 months ago)
Jay Brown broh I’ve hit that link twice and filled out the quick connect form...nothings happened since?? Should i have gotten a call or email or something?? Nothing and I’ve checked multiple times now broh..
Jay Brown (10 months ago)
Link in the description
ivan silva (10 months ago)
I was wondering if their is a way if i would be able to talk to you im really i have been looking for income like this sir
Black Cheetos (10 months ago)
ivan silva i just the company too
Muhammad Ali Aziz (10 months ago)
how do you withdraw the money? paypal?
Jay Brown (10 months ago)
who said PayPal it's an eWallet
Clinton Thompson (11 months ago)
I know it's 30 to start and 30 per month what else do you have to purchase?
Ricardo Galindo (11 months ago)
hi everyone, what i always wonder if anybody can do this? i mean even if you live outside the US? thansks in advance!!!
Black Cheetos (10 months ago)
Ricardo Galindo it worlwide
Tony Maries (11 months ago)
LOOOL, it's for " broke college students", yet you have to pay $30 to get in. Idc if it actually works. I don't have $30 as a FUCKING BROKE COLLEGE STUDENT
Diego Dotti (11 months ago)
Can I work from Brazil? How I receive my payments? I need to invest money to do Sales? Or Just with a 30 bucks paying the sistem I allow to earn comissions?
Tone C (3 months ago)
Im apart of a global online system, that started in 2008 in Florida, then expanded and took the system to Brazil. and now global in over 200 countries. Contact me on yt through gmail...
Max Peters (11 months ago)
How much is it to join? They are asking for $30 but a lot of programs have other hidden costs.
ACTION PAK'D (3 months ago)
+Mark Asbury that's ok...I appreciate your feedback. The coach I had skipped the $247 up sell and went straight to the $2500 lol. It does have great info for the initial price and I plan on using it for just that...INFO. I see now that this maybe something to try when I have money to throw away lol
Mark Asbury (3 months ago)
+ACTION PAK'D Yes! it is true. Legendary Marketer is very expensive. Go to your search engine and type in (Products-Legendary Marketer) and it will give you a list of everything. The guy that owns this is the co-creator of Empower Network which was also very expensive. Sorry it took so long to answer your question but I haven't been on youtube in awhile. God bless.
ACTION PAK'D (3 months ago)
Mark Asbury is that true??
Mark Asbury (6 months ago)
Legendary Marketer has a $30 front end. And then $247.00 up sell and then $2,500 up sell.Then a $5,000 up sell. And then four more $2,500 dollar up sells Total of $17,777 if you buy it on the up sell. it may be higher if you buy it later.
Sittie Madale (7 months ago)
No hidden Fees but they have a program which will teach you how to earn commission while you learn..its basically a digital product that you have to purchase.
David Sheehan (11 months ago)
Hey Jay. I'm a member of Legendary Marketer, was grandfathered in at the beginning. I have about a 10k/mo budget to work with. Do you offer any coaching services?
Christine Blackwell (11 months ago)
Thanks for keeping it real!
D K (1 year ago)
Can one start earning comission after joining the $30 plan or does one need to upgrade to $2500 before one can earn decent comissions ? Your transparency would be highly appreciated
Tx Love (3 months ago)
Katrina milton why don't any one respond ?
Black Cheetos (10 months ago)
DK Lifestyle Addicted u dont pay the 2500
Katrina milton (11 months ago)
That's the same question i have, however i don't see an reply to your question. Jay can you please respond?
Lokesh Singhla (1 year ago)
I am fearing for paying 30$ per month to legendary marketing, please can you teach us, what that teaching will teach because I don’t want to pay 30$.
Your Mentor Ken (10 months ago)
Any business requires you to invest something to make it work, $30 a nothing compared to most businesses are 100K plus to start.
john davidson (1 year ago)
Hello jay, after signing up for this for 30 dollars is there any other fee?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Yes, there are other products you can purchase but is optional
Jews_rule (1 year ago)
i heard u have to pay $2000 for training after you sign up for membership. Is this true ?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
It's optional
Sidney Patterson (1 year ago)
Keep doing what you do! You’re really inspiring
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
Anthony Gamble (1 year ago)
Is it good for students too? Can I work around my classes?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
I don't see why not
alexandra michaelidou (1 year ago)
what is the cost to get in?
Diego Dotti (11 months ago)
Jay Brown Just It or i need to spend money with ADS?
Jay Brown (1 year ago)
$30 to start
Health Nut (1 year ago)
i see the initial cost is $30. what's the up sell for complete system?
vaibhav dubey (1 year ago)
Good Day, Jay, I have subscribed to your channel on youtube and got enrolled to the Legendary Marketer through your link as well. I am really excited and I hope I took the right step forward. Currently, I have completed step 6 and I was wondering do I really need to get Legendary Builder Masterclass for $2500 right now or should I invest more time on this with a $30/month plan along with $47 one time fee (marketers Rolodex.) as I have just started out my journey with LM and bit confused as well. Please advise which is the best way to proceed when starting out new. I would be needing your valuable advice on my journey to LM. Please enlighten me. Thanks and have a great day ahead!
C King United (4 months ago)
vaibhav dubey what route/avenue did you take?
Agri (6 months ago)
Scroll through the comments section, *he rarely ever responds* ! It's only about getting people to support his programs but zero courtesy to even respond to their questions/concerns.
No response?
Tone Space (1 year ago)
I'm bout ready to drop that $30 on Legendary Marketer..I saw another video of a guy showing a list of folks on fb and their earnings..you were killing it! All up and down that list! lol.
Domeniko Zela (6 months ago)
its every month but can buy one time product
Eddie Mata (9 months ago)
Wendy Lee if $30 a month is an issue for you, you are looking at the wrong place to make money. Just get a job were you make enough to then invest in growing your own business....
Enrique Espinoza (11 months ago)
Wendy Lee monthly and if you can’t afford 30 a month then you’re doing something wrogn
Wendy Lee (1 year ago)
Is it 30$ monthly or one time? Please answer i need to know cuz i cant afford every month
ikeshia1981 (1 year ago)
I would like to join legendary marketing and I would like to know if there is any special bonuses for joining your team and how would I get access to any LM fb groups?
nath leo (1 year ago)
hey jay I life in Europe do you think this could work here
RKF Search Results (1 year ago)
So once you sign up for the $30/month, does money need to be spent on ads/ Or?
Ebony Kemp (1 year ago)
Your awesome! I wish I had you as a personal mentor. 💓💓💓💓💓 Your a Great Teacher!
Gregory Wynn (1 year ago)
I signed up today. Holla at you later
Tx Love (3 months ago)
How is it going ?
Swizzle Stick (7 months ago)
Does it work?
Munzir Jay (8 months ago)
how is it going?
Mahiro Fuwa (8 months ago)
Gregory Wynn how is it going?
Ebony's Circle News (1 year ago)
I clicked (and clicked.... And clicked some more) to get information and the conclusion was a $30 total. Did I do something wrong????
denay vonte (1 year ago)
this is very unrelated but can you please share the name of the outro music?
Daniel Schnell (1 year ago)
Can I make money if I just invest the thirty dollars?
FirstBorn (1 year ago)
can people from uk join?
Your Mentor Ken (10 months ago)
Yes they can

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