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How To Stop Thinking Like A Poor Person And Start Thinking Rich - How To Become Rich

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Today we go over how to stop thinking like a poor person, and how to start thinking like a rich person. Rich people are rich because they think like a rich person, and poor people are poor, because they think like a poor person. Check Out Masculine Man’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/masculineman Everyone wants to get rich, but no ones want to do the work. This video is an introduction to how people think rich, if you want learn more about how not to be poor I would recommend reading as many books as possible, like rich dad poor dad. Music: Daybreak by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100266 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (120)
Masculine Man (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for having me on, my goal is to impact 1 million people. My newest video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9wGJUIETvk
Why didn't you say anything about dictatorships,corruption, bribery, dirty money, human trafficking, selling drug and weapons?
Practical Wisdom (5 months ago)
Awesome :)
Jahanzeb Rehman (20 hours ago)
Go to college, but don't waste your time getting As
CuteTiger (2 days ago)
My mindset its a bit of a both rich and poor
Bellerophon2200 (2 days ago)
Upgrade your mic bro
Alpha Boy (3 days ago)
I love your content because is original and look great , and that purple is amazing ❤️
Tech Library (4 days ago)
My thinking is like a rich person but my current position is ... I'm poor .
steve b (4 days ago)
RULE Number ONE: STOP REJECTING ALL forms of EDUCATION!!!!! It's NOT a "PLOT" by Whitey!!!!!
Tony Steel (6 days ago)
I don't think exclusively poor or rich. Therefore I am neither; yet I can say that I'm rather comfortable. Some folks don't actually have to be extremely rich in monetary to find life quite enjoyable. Although I may have tens-of-thousands in liquidity and investments, I'm still far from rich, and remotely removed from poor.
Justin Robertson (6 days ago)
It’s a paradox. Rich people stay rich because the poor support their business. If every person decided to be content and they have everything they need the economy would crash lol.
maria thiede (6 days ago)
What if you are an introvert and don't want to write books or blogs
Kunal Sharma (6 days ago)
This is not a negative comment but i think your steroid point is wrong. Nobody can make huge biceps without supplements.
Brightwriter (7 days ago)
Another criterion of thinking rich: overthrowing social pressures and saying no. No, I won't give you a raise (your excuse about family poverty is insufficient; beg from other people first then come back and ask again). No, I won't pay that much for a car or a new suit or dress; lower the price. No, I won't lend you money here in the shopping center to make an impulse frivolous purchase (unless you and I walk to the ATM and you pay me back on the spot). No, I won't watch this trendy new movie just so I can _fit in_ with everyone else who is talking about it. No, as a department head I am unimpressed with smiles and social charm and I will insist that you work better or get fired. Subconscious pressures to say yes and permit mediocrity and avoid conflict are abundant; the price of becoming rich includes identifying and resisting them.
I Dig Ohio (8 days ago)
BTW about the end, I'm as poor as they come and i'm not offended by this at all, quite motivated actually because my mindset is the only reason I am still poor.
I Dig Ohio (8 days ago)
Yuck I have to quit thinking like a poor person, but what do you do when you're surrounded by nothing but poor people? I'm talking lower middle class who are only rich at tax time for a couple weeks lol
Mateusz Czeladka (9 days ago)
People assume that being rich = being happy, often not....
edwin deleon (1 month ago)
posetive people live longer atract money and posotive things and posotive situations .also cristians heal faster.
zunai andre (2 months ago)
Why can't we be left alone being poor is life tooo.Aaii😌
vtxgenie1 (2 months ago)
Hold up, you do realize that the richest people inherited their wealth correct? Far fewer people built their wealth from nothing, and many of these tips help perpetuate the myths of "work hard" or "be positive". You are very correct though that learning traditionally or generally learning from others only works to a limited extent. Those that do become financially rich in the way that is romanticized by the American dream start or develop a new idea that becomes or is made popular with the masses. Then there is a spectrum from which that person can develop this idea to be financially rich which at least to some extent hurts humanity, or they can do so for the benefit of humanity but will be trading financial riches. For example using knowledge, natural skills, and education one can develop a cure for cancer, but it would be unethical to sell such a cure as that will harm humanity, so you choose to "think big" and give the cure away, or think small and sell it to become rich.
Purpose Creates Impact (2 months ago)
Growing up as a kid, family always said more money more problems. Growing up I realized that is not true.
Excuse me, rabble, I am never dishonest!   I ***honestly*** exploit the labor of others B)
[anthropological subject develops coping mechanisms and modifies behavior to deal with poverty]   anthropologist: They are in poverty because of their behavior
John Ruel Lazaro (4 months ago)
Your voice reached us, you've become $32 richer from the views.
St Peter (4 months ago)
Success is something you attract by being attractive Jim Rohn I enjoyed this gentlement. I am i zimbabwe africa looking for partners in farming and gold mining l have the land with no equipment. We can make a lot of money no jokes. Contact me on 00263772472746. The farm land is 22 hacters
Lisa Dorsey (4 months ago)
Great job! I feel the same way except Im struggling to get past a few trust issues because I have had someone try to kill me for money.
Yousif Saif (4 months ago)
One of the greatest video in youtube. Keep the good work
Changing4Channel (4 months ago)
I have a rich mindset,i am always positive.
gek audi (4 months ago)
yes i agree with you
Mischelle Benham (4 months ago)
Thank you
Great video
Joseph Griffin (4 months ago)
set complete receiver fit relative hunting oh.
Rick Grassi (4 months ago)
some day, ill give back all that ive taken from the world, and even more so, i will beyond that and the world will again pay me, everything works in equilibrium, in balance, if you take, you must return something back, if you give will be rewarded
motorcycle legends (4 months ago)
Nice #MotorcycleLegends
Simeon Montgomery (4 months ago)
Thank you for those "golden" nuggets of information. I really enjoyed the breakdown of both mentalities.
jamie t (4 months ago)
Some people enjoy working and making money.   It can be a hobby.   My brother buys and flips houses, he has for the last 25 years or so.  He left his law practice to this.   He is fairly wealthy, but enjoys the process of turning a run down home into a shiny showcase, as well as the thrill of the deal.   Me, I don't want to work that hard, so I just go to work and invest.
18ricco (4 months ago)
Nice vid i checked put ur channel n subscribed please sub back! !!!
Matt (4 months ago)
What value do central bankers (some of the richest people in the world) offer to society? They lend money created out of thin air which enslaves people to their ever increasing debt. Give me an example where a starving Ethiopian or a homeless person in New York acquired the wealth of Donald Trump by being 'optimistic' or 'offering more'. The USA has used disgusting violent military strategies around the world to pillage its wealth. The notions in this video are the product of laughable brainwashed capitalist ignorance.
zunai andre (2 months ago)
Matt CREDIT CARDS ,for us to always stay behind
Myrrah (4 months ago)
2:12 here is the key, work "smarter", now "smart", is something that not everyone have.
Scorpio Snake (4 months ago)
That's all okay . But why da heck does the rich guy in your video look like some kinda pedophile .
Chaap 5 (4 months ago)
Manish Malhotra (4 months ago)
Please make a video on when should we spend money and when we shouldn't
Karume Asangama (4 months ago)
Thank you so much! Such an inspiring video.
LordArioh (4 months ago)
I'm kinda always all the things from the above, without even knowing them. not rich yet though. Probably cuz I wasn't going for money, but for something meaningful.
Zack Benson (4 months ago)
This is Crap .. Don't believe it .. we are not poor we are all rich
James Makume (4 months ago)
Zack Benson well I'm not rich so...
MMA KING jr (4 months ago)
I need to get better with money management but for the most part I got the majority of these things
Xyrkiejohn (4 months ago)
I have a friend and wanted me to invest money but he don't wanna contribute, Is it good idea to do it or take a risk and do it?
Supes Me (4 months ago)
I agree with most of it...but Luck IS a factor. trust me I'm 50, I've seen it
DaisySmile (4 months ago)
I enjoyed and agreed with this video and believe we can all keep learning, especially by associating with people who have achieved their goals and speak and mentor from a place of experience.
Modern Maximalist (4 months ago)
Yes! The most underrated thing in this world - TIME! When you stop and think about it - trading an hour for a wage is a dead end. It took me a while to figure out as well. I was lucky and got irritated by it enough in my early 20s and wanted out. Practically everything else in your life is replaceable or replicable. Everything except time. There is no substitution nor a way to buy more of it. Maximize your time and don't waste it.
Magic Buccaneers (4 months ago)
Modern Maximalist facts
Modern Maximalist (4 months ago)
Couldn’t agree more, man. Certain things we have to guard like crazy - body, mind and time are definitely in that category.
De'Shun Bayne (4 months ago)
I love your vibe! I'll add one thing that is just as important in my opinion which is you only get one body and one mind, so protect it! ^_^b
Mo Villena (4 months ago)
Good, Knowledgeable video. what software you used for the video?
Craig Hoosier (4 months ago)
I'm poor, well kind of, and I don't think poor. Some poor people hustle just as hard but still don't succeed as fast. It takes knowing people that knows others as well. There's a lot of comparisons that you didn't mention, like, rejection. Sometimes people can reject you from success based off your looks, I know because I've been there. I didn't let it stop me from taking business else where though. I was once poor, now I own my own 100k home on an acre plus yard. May not seem like much to some but to others like poor people, that's a hell of an accomplishment. But anyway, just stating not all poor people think the same.
John Nathan (4 months ago)
Daniel Forrester (4 months ago)
Do we really need more videos trying to glorify getting rich in these times? We need videos to teach people how to live with less and still be responsible and intelligent.
ChocFiend (4 months ago)
Daniel Forrester That will never happen while people emulate rich dumb celebs who have lots of $$ but no brains & certainly no class.(Kardashians for example)
Why the fire though
DJ Powers (4 months ago)
If you're the smartest person in the room ... you're in the wrong room!
I Dig Ohio (8 days ago)
That's the best thing i've ever heard.
Masculine Man (2 months ago)
Great quote!
DJ Powers (4 months ago)
You responded to my post! From where do you see me being critical of your reply -- I merely stated that it wasn't firm in context. Lastly, I needn't an explanation of whom is smart amongst any particular audience because I believe that nobody in a room is 'smarter' (if you really want to be literal) than anyone else -- it is merely the limits most put upon themselves for whatever of a bevy of reasons. I rather like the idea of lifting people up as opposed to knocking 'em down, thus the very reason for my initial post. Your last comment, as patronizing as your extreme effort seems - is taking this to a personal level for some strange reason. You seriously need to have a chat with the man in the mirror. For the sake of repetition ... "If it applies, give it a try - if not, let it fly!"
Chris Sharp (4 months ago)
Thanks for being Mr literal. First off, I agree with you, just not Snake. Secondly, my point is you could be very stupid and still be smarter than everyone in a room. It doesnt make you smart. Smart is comparative to the assumed average human while smartest is superlative to only the people in the room, both being very different things. But hey, guess you're too smart for a simple conversation on ideas, sorry for wasting your time ;)
DJ Powers (4 months ago)
Next time you enter a room full of Apes let me know. Apparently the very context of the statement has flown over your head. Have fun in the Cuckoo's nest.
Betterment Boss (4 months ago)
I am going to refocus my mind to think like the rich. No more being broke. Who is with me?
Simple Finance (1 day ago)
Ay let's do it! But Matthew Castillo, I'll never give up me beer!
domo walsh (3 days ago)
Id have trus over whealth any day
I Dig Ohio (8 days ago)
How amazing is the difference between the comments on this video compared to the comments on a negative based video? I'm with you BOSS!
Matthew Castillo (4 months ago)
Yep. No more beer for me. I’m refocused now on saving. No more spending $300 a week on beer..
Daniel Gomez (4 months ago)
Upon coming back and seeing that your comment actually has likes, I take back my initial statement concerning your mom.
The last Jerk-i (5 months ago)
I'm mega Rich, dnt mean I have $... "I got family, I am rich!"
steve b (4 days ago)
The last Jerk-i. They WILL die.
kiran thomas Panicker (4 months ago)
Lucky bast's....
IceDynamite (4 months ago)
The last Jerk-i family is great and all but don’t you at least want some money
ChocFiend (4 months ago)
The last Jerk-i 👍😀
Pierre McKenzie McKenzie (5 months ago)
Very strong foundation and believe me the RICH practice these principles daily.
Abhi Youtube (5 months ago)
If we want to be an successful person u should be having that one bad year experiance which leads u to think to beyond ur capacity and then u will compare ur past with the present u will find one change in urself Only few who r lucky gets this ex
Christina Bruehler (5 months ago)
Concerning the 6th idea: That rich people manage their money very well, poor people do not manage their money well. Example: When a poor person wins the lottery and this is usually the case. Because wealthier people don't usually buy lottery tickets. A lot of the time they will lose the money very quickly. Because they have no idea how to manage their money. If you want to be financially successful you need to learn when to save and when to spend an opportunity might come along for you to invest in something. But if you don't have the money to do so, you will not be able to. Having taken a cultural anthropology class covering the academic cultural anthropological factors concerning aspects of the difference of the rich and poor. That class oddly supports the way a poor individual would piss away the wealth windfall of winning the lottery. Though a difference is due to this video being that of the psychology differences between the rich and poor. Though it leaves out a high potential reasoning the poor individual may be perceived to piss away the wealthy windfall of that lottery win. My class taught the reasoning is due for a poor individual having a sense of being obligated to the individuals within their life who has assisted them through the miseries of life to them. So upon receiving that wealthy windfall of winning the lottery the individual begins paying back people who helped them to that part in life. Even if it is at the expense of any minor self-awareness of needing to save and/or investing any of it in a fashion of return within a rich persons mindset. As to that individuals cultural mindset is giving that money to certain individuals is them reinvesting into individuals who have assisted them.
ChocFiend (4 months ago)
So essentially, what you are saying is: Poor people are kind & generous but the rich are selfish bastards.
geo frijole (5 months ago)
So how does that that power to spread hellfire and damnation across the world work again? LOL Is this an Illuminatei vid?
Air Elegant (5 months ago)
The poor save, rich invest 😀
RB Colbert (6 days ago)
The wealthy save and invest!!! The poor doesn't save! They spend!!!
ChocFiend (5 months ago)
Rich people DO get jealous of others. Why else would they build a bigger pool than next door neighbour or buy a flashier car? "People buy things they dont want, with money they dont have, to impress people they dont like."
I Dig Ohio (8 days ago)
Don't confuse rich people with people with good credit, if you're truly rich i think you buy it because you can. I'm not sure yet though, i'll get back to you in a year with a better answer.
BlackWorldTraveler (8 days ago)
ChocFiend Don't know where you get the idea that they are rich.
Brando Cruz Agreed.
Brando Cruz (4 months ago)
You can have all the money in the world but you cannot buy morals!
I agree mate.
neko ko (5 months ago)
Thanks for this video !!!
Mark O' Keeffe (5 months ago)
Absolutely 100% on point.Poor people think a degree equals success and never think outside the box and don't have the balls to invest or start a business... In my opinion 😋
domo walsh (3 days ago)
Then there them with mentel health problims what sould we do with them let them starv
Othman Chande (4 months ago)
Wael Faraj Dats true We need to improve our mindsets
Wael Faraj (4 months ago)
Othman Chande Everyone is capable of learning, developing and growing... We always learn new things day after day to get better and better...
Othman Chande (4 months ago)
Mark O' Keeffe ur right Mark dats happens to me work hard lot of years then I get the money to start my own business I change my mind and buy house for my family cause I fear to lose those money in business if the I fail but I was rong and I broke even in my house.
Merci Merc (5 months ago)
Interesting comments. I'll start by saying i enjoyed this video. Interesting refresher. Someone also said you could've listed a few books so we can arm ourselves with knowledge. That would be helpful in the future. This was excellent gor now. Thanks
Sky Rostova (5 months ago)
Ehhh some of these are wrong.
Charles Graves (4 months ago)
I too, run a business. Mine is actually successful. These tips in the video were spot on and should be how you run your life. I agree with James not Sky
Sky Rostova (4 months ago)
James Kepley look at your condescending reply... So you're the one acting like you know everything. I don't see anything wrong with me saying some parts of this is wrong... So what if it's wrong... Who cares... You're the one attack n me like you are a little child. Then you try to call me and idiot... You're the idiot who can't handle my opinion... Get over it.
Sky Rostova (4 months ago)
James Kepley you seem like the idiot because I never said I know it all. When did I write I know it all? You jumped to that assumption and made an ass of yourself. You're the one attacking me. So whose the idiot? You are! And you continue to attack me.
James Kepley (4 months ago)
Sky Rostova don't get your panties in a bunch, I simply asked you to enlighten us since you were the one who thinks you know it all. I never said you shouldn't have an opinion and I never said I know it all. You seem to be an idiot
Sky Rostova (5 months ago)
James Kepley who said I know everything? That's also something he mentioned. Rich ppl don't try to act like they know everything. Gosh, whose really coming off as the poor one....you are
Aravind Preetham (5 months ago)
Nice video bro Make more videos in various areas
Dhrumil Barot (5 months ago)
You should've recommended some books too.Video was great and informative, fantastic job guys👍👍👍👍
Practical Wisdom (5 months ago)
Thanks Mitch for this amazing video. Please check out his channel guys, he has amazing content. :)

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