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Accessing Core Market Exposure: Market-Cap vs. Equal vs. Fundamental Weighting

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The debate between market-cap, equal and fundamental indexing strategies has raged for years. Now, the data is in. In this webinar, IndexUniverse President of ETF Analytics & Global Head of Editorial Matt Hougan, examines the real-life performance of market-cap, equal and fundamental weightings strategies over the past five years and lays bare—with no spin—the potential risks and rewards of each approach. Investors will leave the webinar understanding where each of the strategies fits in tactical and strategic asset allocation programs, and how to choose among the different index strategies on the market today. Matt is joined by Anthony Davidow, Managing Director & Portfolio Strategist at Rydex|SGI and Christian Wagner, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer at Longview Capital Management.
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You Only live once (11 months ago)
I have a guy coming I was just wondering
Caribou0115 (1 year ago)
VERY interesting! Tnx!

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