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6 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate

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Real Estate investing 101 - Rich people keep their money in real estate. Here are 6 ways you can make money in real estate. Hit the notification bell to see our videos and read our free eBook in this description! :) Subscribe To Our Channel: http://bit.ly/M2YouTube 🚨Read Our FREE eBook🚨 Get Richer Sleeping - Investing 101: http://theminoritymindset.com/get-richer-sleeping-ebook/ Free Webinar - Real Estate Wholesaling: http://bit.ly/m2REclass 6 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate | How To Make Money In Real Estate & Real Estate Investing 101 0:26 - #1: Be a real estate agent 1:39 - #2: Wholesale real estate 3:14 - #3: Investing in real estate 4:22 - #4: Property management 4:50 - #5: Flipping real estate 5:30 - #6: Real estate development What Is The Minority Mindset? The Minority Mindset has nothing to do with the way you look or what kind of family you're from. It's a mindset. Give the majority $200 and they will come back with a pair of shoes. Give the minority $200 they will come back with $2,000. Think from the mindset of a consumer and be the provider, that's the Minority Mindset. Don't be the majority. #FTM #ThinkMinority Snapchat @M2JaspreetSingh Personal Instagram: @M2JaspreetSingh Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/MinorityMindset Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/MinorityMindset http://www.TheMinorityMindset.com This Video: https://youtu.be/-0mCNc79INI Channel: https://www.youtube.com/MinorityMindset Based in Detroit. #Punjab Jaspreet Singh
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Minority Mindset (1 year ago)
Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video, you should watch: How Rich People Spend Their Money https://youtu.be/U7tJn4qv8Lk
kyle watts (1 year ago)
Minority Mindset Thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jag Sekhon (1 year ago)
Yousif Abdulaal (1 year ago)
Hey Jaspreet, could you make a topic or a reply about how to tell if a property is worth investing in or not? Im considering an apartment complex currently priced at $1.4M. Much appreciated and nice work!
Joseph DiDonato (1 year ago)
Minority Mindset Jaspreet, do you have marketing advice/ generally any abstract ideas for people selling a service? I cut trees down and intend to start my own tree service.
Rillawhat (1 month ago)
Did two flips. $35,000 profit on the first and $130,000 profit on the second. Unintentionally, when I was ready to buy, the economy was low and when ready to sell, the economy was high. Now all my efforts are geared toward buying multi families to create rental income. In my opinion, passive rental income, even if it's not much, is far better than earned flip income.
Daniel Byrke (2 months ago)
What if I’m a broke 17 year old highschooler?
Kenny Williams (2 months ago)
My mind and Hart’s in it but idk where to start
Poleeze1 (3 months ago)
Thanks Jaspreet. I've always wanted to go into real estate without money as I've hear Robert Kiyosaki say a thousand times. But I had no clue how so I went for stocks instead. I've been trading stocks selling put options for about 3yrs now which I love, but the second point you made here caught my attention when I heard option contracts. I watched this video on Monday and today being Wednesday, I've watched a lot of Real Estate wholesaling videos (all from the US of course), spoken to 2 solicitors with an appointment with a 3rd solicitor tomorrow. Obviously, it's not a well used practise here so it'll seem like they don't know what I'm saying. I've disqualified the 2 of them as one claimed to be too busy and the other said I have to get a real estate license which I know isn't true. Hopefully, the one I meet tomorrow has a clue. People have been saying this is not possible in Ireland where I live but after digging for a few hours, I found property option agreement documents for Ireland, so obviously it's legal here. I'll keep digging, just wanted to say thanks
Ashu Rokade (4 months ago)
Properties in pune and maharashtra contact 9922546398 (ashutosh rokade)
Yeeter Yayeet (4 months ago)
I like how u are not like the others that tell u that u can be a millionaire in 3 simple steps.
Amazing Action (5 months ago)
Dear Sir/Madam, For Any kind of Residentail & Commercial property-Shops, Office Spaces, food courts, restaurents, Flats duplexs, paint houses & villas @Greater Noida/Noida Kindly Contact :9911670025 9990670025. Best & Fair deals will be provided. No brokerage Whatsapp no. Share karin Regards. Javed saifi
Beverly Carcamo (10 months ago)
Yes I am interested in becoming a real estate developer or finding a great developer please contact us if you know a great developer Thanks
S B (11 months ago)
I had an ebay business until I had my account shut down, which is what can happen to you at ANY TIME. Now I make $200k a year being a home inspector at Unispec National ...
Dave Boothney (11 months ago)
I have 5 acres of undeveloped land in a fast growing area of Arizona. I want to subdivide the land, put two houses in it, and rent both houses out. Right now my cash flow struggles, but I am going to get my contractor license and start my own business. I may be one of my own best clients.
Senpai Catz (11 months ago)
when did James harden become a real estate investor? :0
Jerry Camon (11 months ago)
@minority mindset i just started a holding company and I don’t have any capital yet but I want to know how can I start investing in real estate for the business with a small bank account
ENDR (11 months ago)
Very powerful video
Corey Fontenot (1 year ago)
Hey I’m trying to purchase or build a multi family home in Colorado Springs what advance do you have
Evi Is (1 year ago)
Great video thank you
2Search 4share (1 year ago)
Good.. How abt investment in Lodha Palava
servantof1god (1 year ago)
Viktor Brattsti (1 year ago)
It takes a bachelor and 3 years to become a Real Estate Broker in Norway =o
Drag Rider (1 year ago)
jassi paji Indian ho kya ??
Jennifer Oviawe (1 year ago)
You're cute
Alex G (1 year ago)
Great video! What is your opinion on subleasing?
Wealthbuilderz TV (1 year ago)
I'm going to create my own property managment firm.
fernando ortegon (1 year ago)
What about investing in high yielding REITS?
rah kajaj (1 year ago)
True back first 3 house bought was in 2012 bought for 50 k in 80 k was cheap now the house 2017 the house are worth 30 k 45 k big jump
Ronald Morris (1 year ago)
If you become a broker please please please learn to take good thorough pictures. If it’s a big property get a drone and take foot arial shots. Nothing more frustrating than an ad for a home with only 4-5 pictures and they are all in portrait and blurry.
Albert Robert Mike (1 year ago)
FASTEST WAY To Make PASSIVE INCOME In The SMARTER MONEY 2018, newbie friendly system,NO Budget And NO Experience.Just search Google, *SULUDOLLARHOME. COM*
Steve Bracero (1 year ago)
Great Video! 6 Great Ideas to get started
Ra Mighty The 1 (1 year ago)
Josh Smitty (1 year ago)
I have a question for a real estate guru. I acquired a home at around $60,000 below value from family and want to turn a profit. The price for the house was set at $110,000 and is worth around $170,000. Our family friend is old and wanted to give us a good deal but also told us we can do whatever we choose with the property. This is all drawn up in a trust through a lawyer and we are on the deed of the property. We have a limited time to pay this house off at a fixed price of $110,000 but when this person passes we have 1 year to get a traditional loan to pay the balance, that means interest and probably a higher payment. The house needs some minor updating and repairs but nothing major. I would love to pay the home off then sell and make a nice profit but money is tight and we are on a fixed income. We are sitting on such a great deal and have no idea what we should do! The thought of this deal slipping through our hands is killing us, we don’t want to get a traditional loan and get robbed on all the interest and a 30 year loan if were not able to pay it off in time. Please help any recommendations? I would like to use this property as an impetus to start a career in real estate investing.
Regina Dyson (10 months ago)
Josh Smitty Hi, why not wholesale the property?
Sameer Joshi (1 year ago)
Are these opportunities available in India?
Yarnell Palmore (1 year ago)
Oh. I'm in Atlanta Georgia wanting to start wholesale. How would I start? And how do I create an option to buy letter or where can I get one?
Yarnell Palmore (1 year ago)
How can I create or where can I get an option to buy from. I am interested in wholesale
Granit Xhaka (1 year ago)
Very good and informative video👌🏻
Unruly Queen (1 year ago)
Yes, I Am about 2 b in real estate <3
Andrew Grant (1 year ago)
Great video! Would love to see a video about wholesaling alone. Thanks again!
Jeremy the Person (1 year ago)
Don't forget about the commission split with your broker.... depends on what they decide, ex. 60/40 or 70/30
The McGraths (1 year ago)
Curious about your thoughts regarding services like Fundrise or RealtyShares?
Alexis Villanueva (1 year ago)
How do you feel about multi family homes and the owner living in one of them? (asking for a friend)
Tyrel Williams (1 year ago)
Want to start investing in Real Estate the things is Money don't have it HELP PLEASE
Madhu Babu (1 year ago)
Tyrel Williams I'm From India In India there is good investments in real estate and passive returns.
Tyrel Williams (1 year ago)
Madhu Babu well I live in Dallas, TX
Madhu Babu (1 year ago)
Tyrel Williams please Let Me Know Where Your interested to invest.?
Kabbyo Chawdhury (1 year ago)
Dude THANK YOU for these videos!!! I know nothing about real estate, but watching your videos really help me get a good idea!
SERGIO BACA (1 year ago)
Very good video!!! Keep them coming please
Unknown (1 year ago)
In India real estate is a good investment. I started my career 12 years ago. Lost some money to stock market and my unnecessary expenditure. I gave some money to my friends to help them. Obtaining that money is a big headache. Some of my friends started their career recently . They got decent rise in the real estate. I bought some land 6 years ago. And that’s a good investment. Renting your land to shops also good idea.My advice is never trust banks or stock market. Invest early in your career.
Joshua_David (1 year ago)
how many properties do you own?
Alan Alleyne (1 year ago)
hi Alan from AareasE here I'm in the hopes of owning my own company in real estate. I'm coming from the path of just getting a licence in order to help create some exposure to property be sold in my market area. I just want to help people buy or sell property and receive a reasonable commission for my work done in the field as an agent! just wanted to know if I can do the sales without joining a brokerage .??? thanks Alan from AareasE.
taryon davis (1 year ago)
Hey I live in Denver Colorado any advice
PiraCetic (1 year ago)
Luckily I'm in college and making money is all I think about nowadays your videos are clutch my friend.
Davidjonathan 20 (11 months ago)
PiraCetic dumb ass you aint gonna get rich by being a college.
scottywmcc (1 year ago)
I've been driving big trucks for years now, something I wanted to do since I was a little child. Now my interest is real estate. I wanna learn as much as possible so I can teach my kids so maybe they will be smarter than I was growing up.
Sayun (1 year ago)
Jaspreet should do a livestream where he answers any questions about him, real estate or anything, like if you agree :)
Zacharyah Taylor (1 year ago)
What is your opinion on a Roth IRA and what is compound interest, I’m wanting to invest in stocks and everything but I don’t know how to go about it
Tony Garcia (1 year ago)
Hey Jaspreet, what to you think about using realty mogul, fundrise, or investing in real estate investment trust stocks?
Wave Flow (1 year ago)
Man I really wish I could get in touch with you directly. I hope you can reply to this comment. Really want to know what kind of educational resources you would recommend to entrepreneurs who would like to buy and hold real estate also. Gary Kellers books? Any 2 sources would be great. Would love to get your recommendation Jaspreet.
Wave Flow (1 year ago)
I appreciate it bro, thanks.
Pratik4311 (1 year ago)
I'm not him but I'm in RE and can help. There are a lot of free resources out there that'll teach you what you want. Check out the website biggerpockets.com, you can also simply search anything RE related here on youtube.
SunDevilThor (1 year ago)
Jaspreet, do you have any experience with any of the following: American Home Preservation, EquityRoots, FundRise, Groundfloor, GridShare, Holdfolio, MinnowCFunding, RealtyMogul , Rich Uncles, Small Change, stREITwise, Venture.co ? If so, can you make a video on it please.
Will Cuesta (1 year ago)
Jaspreet, question I own to properties currently have mortgage on both of them and looking to move to Texas. I have one of them currently rented and the one I'm currently living in it's a VA loan. Is it possible for me to move and rent the one with the VA loan also and buy another one I can I do this?
Suman Bisht (1 year ago)
Hey Jaspreet, thanks for sharing knowledge, your channel is really helpful. Wanted to ask, is it a good idea to pay the mortage through those 18months free interest credit cards? Thanks again.
Greg (1 year ago)
What a truly excellent beard.
Baldeep Birak (1 year ago)
Great insight in all aspects of real estate.
Nice Is Pensacola Florida a good place to invest ?
Mellodread (1 year ago)
Starting My Journey of Wholesaling & Going To Be Documenting It! Feel Free To Join My Journey! *Mellodread Real Estate Videos Sub Goal 18/100*
Josh (1 year ago)
Jesus loves you
Rogue Raven (1 year ago)
what do you think of the stash app
Evi Is (1 year ago)
Rogue Raven I tried it work need more knowledge about market
Greiguci Wootchie (1 year ago)
Subtitles please.
BigLonerG (1 year ago)
Great video, I love how you break down everything and the different cuts make the content very clear. Sometimes i had to rewind though because my English listening skills couldn 't keep up, the majority of viewers probably has better listening skills :p
Valerie Bahos (1 year ago)
My husband needs to watch your videos. He dose not get the importance of haveing multiple streams of income.
Andrew Lang (1 year ago)
You have taught me a lot from your videos and this is what I want to do as a career in Michigan for now and eventually throughout the country thank you and I love your videos
shahram72 (1 year ago)
Jaspreet I love your videos. I have a full time job that pays me a good wage and my wife manages our real estate "investments" instead of spending money on very expensive cars and homes for ourselves. We have three right now. Lower end but they were VERY cheap to buy. It's working well so far! We are ALMOST debt free and I want to stay that way but using credit to invest more is something I don't want to do but need to so we can see really big bucks in the future. I can't get over this hurdle. Neither can my wife. We are much older than you so it's harder to think long term.
johnyou35 (1 year ago)
Well, in Ohio the law is clear. Real estate wholesaling without a license is ILLEGAL. It is unlawful to market a property you do not own except with the owner's permission by a LICENSED real estate agent. So, basically every single one of these you need to be rich to do.
Pratik4311 (1 year ago)
Well you could by a residential multifamily with an FHA loan...which you don't need to be rich for
Rrre ghdtj5 (1 year ago)
missed reits bro
Phulpreet Singh (1 year ago)
thanks for the information paji, I have my real estate license in Arizona,  but still dont know what to do with it,
Munashe G (1 year ago)
Can these be done part time or full time?
itsVollx (1 year ago)
I've seen profit Amazon and other Links
Educate Society (1 year ago)
1. Broker 0:28 2. Wholesaler 1:48 3. Investing 3:18 4. Property Manager 4:23 5. Flipping 4:50 6. Developer 5:30
Mike Anderson (6 months ago)
LOL nothing new here
Keith Tomczyk (1 year ago)
Hey Jas, Minority minded. I am a licensed Residential Builder and Master Carpenter in the Detroit area. I am always looking for homes to update,repair,or build from the ground up. Look me up on FB. I have a full lust of references and photos of my work. I want to succeed by helping others be successful in their builds. Thanks for the vid Jas. Many blessings to all.
Dantrell Baker (1 year ago)
Awesome! Thank you
DaNatural1 (1 year ago)
Great Video!!!!
Quinn Moore (1 year ago)
I'm trying to get out of my auto body career and in to the real estate scene in Detroit but I don't really know where to start.
Pratik4311 (1 year ago)
Just start reading about the common real estate strategies (he covered a few here).
James Lee (1 year ago)
johnny 382i2i2 (1 year ago)
When is the college job vid coming out?
Naim Singleton (1 year ago)
What do you think about REITS
Internet knowledge (1 year ago)
Keep uploading such videos love it...
Internet knowledge (1 year ago)
Well done bro very informative but I want you to be more detailed
Mahesh Kamble (1 year ago)
Great Video.
JJ A (1 year ago)
Great content. I gave a question for you jaspreet, you mentioned that you started investing in your early 20s. We're you living at home with your parents while you purchased your 1st property or did you move out and buy a home and use the equity on the home to make other real estate investments.
Nia A (1 year ago)
Blessings to you Jaspreet. Helping others out is God's way. You have helped me greatly. Much blessings our Sikh brother.
xiholliday (1 year ago)
Is it wrong for me to not want this channel to grow anymore
twig is alpha (1 year ago)
Thank you so much I've been struggling with what I want to do but I knew it would be something in real estate. This vid helped a ton
Shiv Tech (1 year ago)
Have you heard of openlistings.com ? Changing the game of real estate.
Branden Bennett (1 year ago)
How much would it costs for the first one
Stefan Brand (1 year ago)
What about real estate ETF's? Any experience there?
Israel T (1 year ago)
How do I get into it or prepare for it as a 17 year old
Patrick Le Zotte (1 year ago)
How would you recommend someone spend $500?
UltimateBargains (1 year ago)
Using an Option contract to control the property until you assign (sell) the Option contract requires rendering consideration, which is very different from an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). Consideration must be equitable and mutually agreed between the Optionor (seller) and the Optionee (buyer). A legally binding promissory note is valid consideration that legally binds the Option contract. Never offer a promissory note that you know you cannot redeem, because that is the same as offering a bogus personal check. The note must be redeemed regardless of whether you (or your assignee) exercise the Option contract or it expires. Never give the option consideration to the optionor, and have it escrowed with a neutral 3rd party escrow agent for delivery to the optionor at conclusion (i.e., exercise or expiration) of the Option contract. You can also offer your "marketing services" with a mutually agreed value of, say, $100 as option consideration to bind the contract for 3 to 6 months.
Damian Munoz (1 year ago)
I'm just about to finish my real estate classes. Trying super hard to get my license
saad zaman (1 year ago)
is the minority mindset store gonna achieve 21k in its first month? 😂
Mariah Danielle (1 year ago)
think you for this info
Andrew Attard (1 year ago)
Hi Jaspreet, I'm really interested in real estate investing but I only want to invest $50K. Are there buying groups or clubs to split properties and split the passive income?
Buy a multifamily home under a buisines name. You will have far less liability and if thinks go to shit you can just file chapter 11
Nikki Anderson (1 year ago)
Andrew Attard You analyze a potential property to buy and that includes things like vacancy, repairs, capital expenditures. Essentially, each month the rental income should be enough to pay all expenses, savings for future vacancies/repairs/CapEx, AND cash flow. If there's no left over money (cash flow), you don't buy it.
Mo Getit (1 year ago)
Andrew Attard bigger pockets is also a great resources, info, mentorship!
Andrew Attard (1 year ago)
Financially Free that's a great idea. I have meetup. Thanks.
Financially Free (1 year ago)
download an app called meetup, find a real estate meetup, there you can find people willing to do a joint venture with you. hope that helps.
Bongdap Nansel Nanzip (1 year ago)
Should I buy homes or offices? which is better?
Norton Muto (1 year ago)
Siiiick video Jaspreet, this is 🔥🔥🔥
I Dunk (1 year ago)
Now this is why I subscribed. good content. :)
Isaiah Gales (1 year ago)
So if I was looking into real estate investing where should o start?
Hello sir this varthya Babunaik From hyderabad
Graham Stephan (1 year ago)
*sees video about real estate *clicks asap 😜 Great video dude!
carlos ortiz (1 year ago)
GrahamStephan damn I remember I left a comment saying you and him are two of the most influential people in YouTube 🤔💯💯
Juan Escalante (1 year ago)
GrahamStephan I watch your videos too u rock ✊✊✊ u give a lot of good advice
Markus Scott (1 year ago)
GrahamStephan Hey wassup Graham! Wasn't expecting to see you here 😂 I shot you an email the other day if you didn't see it

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