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Mark Hollenbeck - Uranium Mining Proponent at the Rapid City Council
This video is about uranium mining in Edgemont, South Dakota. The speaker in this video is PowerTech Uranium's chief spokesman and project manager, Mark Hollenbeck, at a Rapid City Council meeting on August 22, 2013. Hollenbeck, "Have there been spills and leaks [involved with uranium mining]? Absolutely! You guys ever have any leaks in your sewer system? Absolutely!"
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Debra White Plume @ E.P.A. Public Hearing
5/11/17 Public Comment Hearing at Edgemont, SD, on proposed Dewey Burdock Uranium Mine operation in Black Hills. #LakotaMediaProject #OweAku
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Azarga/Powertech Uranium
Local residents are urged to attend an EPA hearing on Powertech/Azarga's proposed hazardous waste injection wells in Edgemont: • Rapid City - May 8th-9th, Ramkota Hotel (1-8 PM) • Hot Springs - May 10th, Mueller Center (1-8 PM) Attend the hearing closest to you, and tell the EPA NOT to let this toxic waste project happen!
Road to edgemont
Part 1
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Edgemont Aid 2016
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Dr. Lehman Brightman-Evidence of Massive Sterilization of American Indians
The Long Walk For SURVIVAL 1980 A SPIRITUAL WALK FOR WORLD PEACE AND THE PRESERVATION OF MOTHER EARTH On June1, 1980, approximately 250 people began a historical 3,500 mile walk across the United States to Washington, D.C. with an estimated arrival date on the eve of the National Elections on November 1st, 1980. The Long Walk for Survival will start with Ceremonies on Alcatraz Island at 7am, at 12 noon we will rally at the Sacramento Capital Mall, and begin this Historic trek. This Walk will proceed from California into the South West. We will be at the San Juan Pueblo on July 16,17,18 for the Taos Tricentennial. This walk for World Peace and the Preservation of our Earth is being led by Indian people with representatives from over 80 different Indian Tribes. Other members of the walk include non-Indians from different parts of the United States, as well as from GERMANY, FRANCE, DENMARK, AND CANADA, plus a delegation of JAPANESE BUDDHIST MONKS FROM JAPAN. The Long Walk will visit Indian reservations (where most of the Uranium is mined in the United States), urban Indian Centers, Community Centers, and Churches as they pass through the different states on their way to Washington, D.C. Special stops are also planned at ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, TULSA, OKLAHOMA, and MARION, ILLINOIS. We are walking to alert the people of this nation to the threat to all life by NUCLEAR DEVELOPMENT and call for an End to: 1. The Sterilization of Indian Women 2. Uranium mining on Indian Land 3. Nuclear Development 4.The Military draft and War Machine 40-50% of All Indian Women have been Sterilized. Evidence of massive sterilization of American Indians has been revealed by the (GAO) General Accounting Office in a study for ex-Senator James Abourezk from South Dakota in 1976. Most of these women were sterilized without their informed consent. The Same GOA Report also revealed that Indian Children are being used as "human guinea pigs," by the Federal Government in 56 different medical experiments (in most cases without parental consent). The Abourezk Report found that approximately 3,406 Indian Women had been sterilized in a three year period between 1973 and 1976, in only four states. Lehman L. Brightman, President of United Native Americans,Inc. estimates that between 60,000 and 70,000 Indian Women have been sterilized in the last twelve years. Most of the Indian Women were sterilized "unknowingly." and without their informed consent, and in many cases by outright intimidation. In many cases women were told they were going to die if they had more children, that they had cysts on their ovaries, or that the operation was reversible. Voluntary sterilization among the general population of the U.S. of some 200 million people isn't going to wipe out the country, but in smaller groups like the American Indians, it could wipe them out forever, as an example: If Every white woman in the state of California was sterilized, the white race in North America would not be in danger, but if every California Indian Women was sterilized, the Genocide of California Indians would be Permanent. President Carter has Refused on 3 different occasions to stop the sterilization and to remove Dr. Emery Johnson, the Director of the Indian Health Service. . .The man most responsible for Indian Sterilization. 127 Million Tons Of Cancer Inducing Uranium Wastes Lie Exposed On Navajo Lands. Indian Lands contain 55% of U.S. uranium reserves.As of 1979, 1,185,000 acres were under lease for mining. The mining community of Edgemont, South Dakota, 80 miles North West of Pine Ridge has over 30 sites of contamination from uranium mill tailings (mill tailings are a fine sandy waste that exists after the uranium has been removed, it is about 85% radioactive). New Mexico has some 250 acres of mill tailing piles some 60 feet high. Grants, New Mexico, considered the uranium capital of the world, has 22 abandoned uranium tailing piles with over 26 million tons of radioactive wastes. Birth defects have reached alarming proportions to peoples living near mining sites. In one month of 1979, 39% of pregnant women have suffered spontaneous abortions and 60-70% of newborns suffer breathing complications as a result of underdeveloped lungs and /or jaundice on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. We Need Your Support We urge all people who are concerned about the future safety of the earth and its people to organize and support this historical walk either through participation or financial help. Contributions may be sent to: The Long Walk For Survival 627 35th St. Richmond, California, 94805 For Further Information Call: Dennis Banks (916) 758-0470 Lehman Brightman (415) 527-3302 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bridge2unity/2010/04/09/a-spiritual-walk-for-world-peace-una-inc
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Homes for Sale - 11677 Rockyford Road - Edgemont, SD 57735 - Eugene Nachtigall
Eugene Nachtigall CENTURY 21 Stevens and Associates, Inc. http://www.century21.com/property/11677-Rockyford-Road-Edgemont-SD-57735-37544566
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Steve Jarding touches on Powertech Uranium and the Keystone XL pipeline
Learn why Powertech Uranium and the Keystone XL pipeline are bad for South Dakota. The uranium mine would take twice as much water as Rapid City uses every day. The Keystone XL pipeline would endanger our primary aquifer. When our aquifer water levels are drastically reduced, farmers and ranchers will have to endure the expense of drilling deeper wells, and if our water quality is destroyed, we will DEEPLY regret offering our natural resources to the Koch Brothers and multi-national corporations.
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Edgemont 4 (9/22/2013)
New Project 3
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Dakota Pathways:  Mining Booms and Busts
Dakota Pathways: A History was a 20-part series used by Educator's across South Dakota for use in their classrooms. The 14 minute long segments explore some of the history of South Dakota. Mining Booms and Busts is the 6th segment produced in the series. I was walking down the sidewalk the other day when I came across a little boy digging in the lawn beside me. I asked the little boy what he was digging for, and he replied to me that he was searching for treasure. Mining in the Black HillsI asked him if he had ever heard the saying, "if you dig deep enough into the earth, you will end up in China"? That would be a lot of digging, considering it would mean that you would have to dig all the way through the earth and come out on the other side. This got me thinking. What I would like to know is what do you find when you dig deep into the earth's surface? Do you find different things in different locations? If I dig in South Dakota and Florida, will I find the same things buried below our feet? Even if we wanted to find out what was beneath us, how would we do it? Do you think that there are machines big enough to do the job? If we dug everywhere we thought there might be something valuable, don't you think we would be surrounded by holes? What about in the past when people dug, what happened to all of those places? These are just a few questions that came racing through my mind as I watched the little boy dig for his treasure. I continued on my way down the sidewalk, and later, this is what I found out...
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Hot Springs VA Hospital Update: Save the VA Committee Meeting
Save the VA Committee met after Secretary Shinseki's announcement and hold a conference call with congressional staffers in Washington on their next move to keep the facility in Hot Springs.
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Homes for Sale - TBD Lincoln Street - Edgemont, SD 57735 - Brian Crawford
Land Brian Crawford CENTURY 21 Stevens and Associates, Inc. http://www.century21.com/property/TBD-Lincoln-Street-Edgemont-SD-57735-37252125
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