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Armando Iannucci in Milton's Heaven and Hell - BBC Documentary (2009)
John Milton is often considered too difficult and obscure for today's reader, but to Armando Iannucci Paradise Lost is a thrilling work of creative genius that we ignore at our peril. In this film, Iannucci journeys through Milton's life and his great poem, taking in everything from Satan and the start of political spin to farting angels and the questioning of God's existence, offering his own passionate and illuminating response to Paradise Lost. Milton tackles everything from good and evil to human freedom and the existence of God, in language unparalleled in both scope and variety. Iannucci explores Paradise Lost in detail and looks at the way Milton's extraordinary life – encompassing work as spin doctor to Oliver Cromwell, being imprisoned in the Tower of London and losing his sight – fed into his masterpiece. Along the way, he talks to schoolchildren, politicians and former prisoners to build up a picture of what Milton was like, and why his art may have turned out the way it did. (BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00ksjzj) Aired 27 May 2009 on BBC 2 as part of the BBC's Poetry Season. Credits: Presenter: Armando Iannucci Director: Zoe Silver Producer: Zoe Silver Producer : Mary Sackville-West Executive Producer: Eamon Hardy © 2009 BBC
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Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments #2
¡Interrogando e investigando! Los comentarios, así como las opiniones son bien recibidas =) Web oficial: http://www.sherlockholmes-thegame.com/ ¡Sigueme en Twitter! @KayTempest
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John Milton | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: John Milton Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= John Milton (9 December 1608 – 8 November 1674) was an English poet, polemicist, man of letters, and civil servant for the Commonwealth of England under its Council of State and later under Oliver Cromwell. He wrote at a time of religious flux and political upheaval, and is best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost (1667), written in blank verse. Writing in English, Latin, Greek, and Italian, he achieved international renown within his lifetime, and his celebrated Areopagitica (1644), written in condemnation of pre-publication censorship, is among history's most influential and impassioned defences of free speech and freedom of the press. His desire for freedom extended into his style: he introduced new words (coined from Latin) to the English language, and was the first modern writer to employ non-rhymed verse outside of the theatre or translations. William Hayley's 1796 biography called him the "greatest English author", and he remains generally regarded "as one of the preeminent writers in the English language", though critical reception has oscillated in the centuries since his death (often on account of his republicanism). Samuel Johnson praised Paradise Lost as "a poem which...with respect to design may claim the first place, and with respect to performance, the second, among the productions of the human mind", though he (a Tory and recipient of royal patronage) described Milton's politics as those of an "acrimonious and surly republican". Poets such as William Blake, William Wordsworth and Thomas Hardy revered him.
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