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12 Things You Should Know about Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin
Our stories are long, so we get you up to speed with this video. It lives here on our frac sand project page: http://wisconsinwatch.org/series/frac-sand/ Or you can see the animated GIF version, annotated with comments from opposing camps on the issues: http://wisconsinwatch.org/2015/04/12-sandy-gifs-an-animated-guide-to-wisconsins-frac-sand-rush/
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Wisconsin debates fracking as sand mining for drilling booms
In Wisconsin, residents are having an emotional debate over fracking. The state is rich in a special kind of sand used in that controversial gas drilling technique, and mining companies are lining up to get to it. That means jobs, and lots of them. But some residents fear the sand mining boom is ruining their farmland -- not to mention their health. Dean Reynolds reports.
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Frac Sand Mining & Trains in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley
GET IT HERE: http://www.pletsexpress.com/fnimall/Plets/099FSMT/vid_trains.phtml Featuring... Superior Silica Sands • Wisconsin Northern • Union Pacific A look at the busy frac sand railroads and sand mining operations in Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley. The Wisconsin Northern Railroad serves five frac sand mines and processing plants that are located along their 37.5 miles of mainline track. Each day the WNR sets out empties, works the plants and delivers their long trains of sand hoppers to the Norma Yard in Chippewa Falls where this traffic is interchanged with the Union Pacific. The UP is shown transporting these sand trains along their 18 mile route to the Altoona Yard near Eau Claire. Plus a fascinating visit to Superior Silica Sands at New Auburn, Wisconsin for a tour of their open pit sand mine, wet plant and dry plant. This segment includes: excavating raw sand in the pit, mine haul trucks to the impactor, the wet plant for washing and stockpiling the clean sand and dump truck loading for transport to the dry plant. This processing facility includes the drying and screening of the various product sizes. Also a look at Superior Silica Sands rail yard with great switching action and sand car loading. Frac Sand is used by the oil and natural gas industry in the drilling and hydrofracking of their deep horizontal wells. Program footage era 2011-2013. Running Time: 102 Minutes Beautiful Color with Live Audio • Narration On/Off Options Two Format Options Available: DVD Widescreen & Blu-ray Widescreen GET IT HERE! http://www.pletsexpress.com/fnimall/Plets/099FSMT/vid_trains.phtml
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Fracking Facts: Benefits of Frac Sand Mining
Heartland research fellow Isaac Orr is back for the 7th video installment in the Fracking Facts series, this time from an industrial sand mine in Wisconsin. Sand mines are a necessary component in the hydraulic fracturing (i.e., fracking) process. In states like Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota, the sand mining industry has created thousands of new jobs for hard-working Americans and generated additional income for landowners who have this particular sand on their property. Far from being a health or environmental risk, sand mining is a century-old industry that is used in the production of glass, toothpaste, livestock bedding, and natural gas. Watch the video and learn more about the benefits of frac sand mining! Follow Isaac on Twitter! @TheFrackingGuy To learn more about hydraulic fracturing and its impact on the economy and environment, read our policy studies at https://www.heartland.org/ideas/hydraulic-fracturing.
Woman Describes Life "Trapped" in Frac Sand Mining District
FULL verbatim interview @ http://www.WIvoices.org Small business owner, Brenda Tabor-Adams, lives with her husband and 2-year-old son in a silica frac sand mining district between New Auburn and Chetek, WI. They are surrounded by mines. Two separate facilities are within a third of a mile and three more are within one mile of her once-quiet, rural property. In addition, several more mines are proposed or already operating nearby. Brenda's clients now compete with 1,000 sand trucks per day, or 20 trucks every 15 minutes, in order to get their horse trailers in and out of her property. With trucks running for 12 hours/day, 6 days/week, her life has been turned upside down. Dismissed as "collateral damage" by local officials, she fears for the environmental impact, the health of her family and neighbors and the sustainability of her small business. Tabor-Adams also details troubling issues that regular people face when dealing with multimillion dollar mining companies, including lawyers threatening lawsuits, town and county boards "stacked" with pro-sand officials, and the understaffing and underfunding of the Department of Natural Resources tasked to protect the land and the people. Brenda says, "Our government has failed us miserably..."
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Sand Mine
Fly over of a sand mine, with captions to help understand what goes on in the processing of sand.
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Concerns over the mining of sand used in fracking
Wisconsin residents are trying to save their farms and their way of life from sand mines. Driving the boom in sand-mining, is the controversial method of extracting natural gas from underground shale, also known as fracking. Dean Reynolds reports.
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Silica Sand Mining in the Midwest
A discussion of the various approaches of regulating silica sand mining, particularly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Produced for Professor Elizabeth Wilson's Energy & Environmental Policy (PA 5271) course at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs.
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Overview of Frac Sand mine at WP OPS in Hixton, Wisconsin
This video walks you through the process of making frac sand from mine blast to silo
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Understand the frac sand mining process
Frac sand mining is the mining of sand that is used in the fracking process to get oil and natural gas out of the ground.
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Director's Cut "The Price of Sand"
Frac sand mining is a double-edged sword for many Midwestern communities, where neighbors are at odds over the jobs mining brings versus the potential impact to environment and health. Filmmaker Jim Tittle talks to host Pete Schwaba about his film "The Price of Sand" on WPT's "Director's Cut." Watch the full interview online now : http://video.wpt.org/video/2365218283/
An Augusta, Wisconsin Amish farmer demonstrating impact of frac sand mining on his well water
Footage of an Augusta, Wisconsin Amish farmer demonstrating how the quality of his well water has declined since frac sand mining began adjacent to his farm. The mine is owned by Hi-Crush and has been operating for several years.
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Throwback Thursday: Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Public Radio recently reported that the reclamation of a Chippewa County frac sand mine was successfully transformed into a wild prairie over the course of three years. WisconsinEye has past coverage of frac sand mining in Wisconsin that discusses the economic, environmental and social impacts. Watch a 2012 Newsmakers on frac sand mining in Wisconsin: https://bit.ly/2Jw9VrO Watch a 2013 WCA Educational Seminar on frac sand mining with the local government perspective: https://bit.ly/2No10Ll
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Frac Sand Mines - a short film
With frac sand mines becoming more present in the area we live and grew up at, we decided to make a film to show everyone what they look like here in Wisconsin. I've been lectured at my university about these, and that made for a unique this to then go see first hand and see the damage they cause. Please like, subscribe and comment! Music: sie fragen beat
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Wisconsin's sand mining boom
Rich Budinger, president of the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association, says hydraulic fracturing for natural gas is driving the high demand for Wisconsin sand.
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In this session, "How Does Frac-Sand Mining Threaten Surface Water and Ground Water", Kelvin Rodolfo explains the consequences of its effect on the water table.
Sparta Sand Mine
Aerial view of the Sparta sand mine in July 2017. Filmed with the DJI Mavic.
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Frac Sand Mining
Investigates the process of mining frac sand from sedimentary rock formations
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ENPH 210 Project - Silica Sand Mining in Wisconsin
Group project PSA announcement.
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DNR to look at the environmental impact of sand mining
New mines are creating jobs in Wisconsin, but causes environmental concerns. Subscribe to WISN on YouTube for more: http://bit.ly/1emE5YX Get more Milwaukee news: http://www.wisn.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wisn12 Follow us: http://twitter.com/WISN12News Google+: http://plus.google.com/+WISN
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Wisconsin Residents Concerned Over Sand Mining for 'Fracking'
Wisconsin has large deposits of easily accessible fine Silica sand that is ideal for the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing. Because of this, the state has seen a boom in interest in sand mining from the gas and oil industry. These mines threaten the health of local residents and the environment of the region. Local residents voice their concerns at a public hearing over a proposed sand processing plant in Chippewa Falls, WI in September 2011.
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Families Called "Collateral Damage" in Frac Sand Mining District
FULL verbatim interview @ http://www.WIvoices.org Brenda Tabor-Adams provides inside details about life inside a frac sand mining district in rural Wisconsin. She explains the frustration of dealing with "stacked" town and county boards who have labeled her family "collateral damage" in the rush for sand. She describes dealings with pro-sand lawyers, the underfunded and understaffed DNR, mining companies and also feels abandoned by the government. Brenda claims that those left in the frac sand mining district, because they have been unable to sell their property, have been "thrown under the bus" by the push to deregulate the Wisconsin public policies in favor of mining interests.
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7 PM | Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin
The hills of western Wisconsin supply 75 percent of the country’s frac sand market. Join the Wisconsin Chapter of the Society for Conservation Biology for a conversation on how frac sand mining impacts our ecological and agricultural landscapes here in Wisconsin.
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Sand Mining 101
Dig into the science and technology of hi-tech frac sand mining and its impacts on the environment.
Sand Mining In Wisconsin-Seth Weaver
This video is about SW-MiningRootsFinalProject
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Sand Mine Follies - Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin is No Laughing Matter - WATCH and SHARE!
In 2012 during a debate, Representative Warren Petryk had some "sage" advice for one of his constituents who's well water was contaminated by a nearby sand mine ... it's a real laugh riot! WATCH and then SHARE the humor with your friends! And then remember to vote November 4 for Jeff Smith for Assembly! Learn more at http://jeffsmithforassembly.com Help us get this message out! Contribute to Jeff's campaign at https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/entity/27870
THE PRICE OF SAND: silica mines, small towns and money TRAILER
"The Price of Sand: silica mines, small towns and money" is a documentary about the frac sand mining boom in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Visit http://greenplanetfilms.org to buy the DVD or for more info. Due to a rapid increase in demand, pure silica sand has become a valuable commodity, and mines are opening here at a rapid rate.
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Mining in Wisconsin
"Mining in Wisconsin" Panel at Monroe County's "Exploring Regional Economic Opportunities" conference on February 23, 2012 at Three Bears Lodge in Warrens, WI. Panelists: Bruce Brown, Wisconsin Geological Survey Thomas Woletz, Wisconsin DNR Lee Turonie, Wisconsin Towns Association Karl Green, La Crosse County UW-Extension Moderated by Sharon Folcey, Monroe County Economic Development, Commerce and Tourism Committee
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Gehlar's Big Sand Mine
Frac sand mine in Markisan WI. This shows the washer, settling ponds, conveyer system and some huge piles of frac sand.
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Sand Mine Ruling
The Wisconsin Department of Justice is fining a Trempealeau County sand mine for storm water violations.
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Largest Frac Sand Mining Capacity in the Permian Basin
How Big is Big? Black Mountain Sand boasts the largest mining capacity in the Permian at 10 million annual tons with plans in place to boost annual tonnage by 20%.
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The Economic Benefits and Costs of Frac-Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Farmers Union, Wisconsin Towns Association and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) invite you to join Dr. Thomas Power, mining expert and principle author of The Economic Benefits and Costs of Frac-Sand Mining in West Central Wisconsin, for a webinar on Thursday, May 30 at 10:00 a.m. (CST) when he will review the findings of his first-of-its kind report on the economic realities of frac sand mining in Wisconsin. The report was commissioned by Wisconsin Farmers Union, the Wisconsin Towns Association and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). Dr. Power will focus on how frac sand mining affects communities, the economy and rural livelihoods and outline a series of questions that communities need to have answers for when assessing the cost and benefits of frac sand mining. Dr. Thomas Power, Professor Emeritus in the Economics Department at the University of Montana, has a long history of research on the economics of the mining industry. Download a copy of the report at: http://www.iatp.org/frac-report
Ted Auch Speaks about Frac Sand Mining at Wisconsin Grassroots Festival in Eau Claire
Ted Auch of the FracTracker Alliance spoke about the current status of frac sand mining, and what to expect at the Wisconsin Grassroots Festival. https://www.fractracker.org/author/ted-auch/
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Frac Sand - Joy Cardin 7/31/12
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says there are at least 63 frack sand mines and 37 processing facilities in the state, and experts say there's no sign of slowing down. However, the boom does not come without controversy. Joy Cardin's first guest says the benefits of fracking outweigh the negatives; then, her guest lawmaker discusses her concerns about the environment, declining property values, and other nuisances. Guests: - Kent Syverson (SEE-ver-sin), Professor of Geology and Chair, Geology Department, UW-Eau Claire. Column: http://wpr.org/r/?782 - Kathleen Vinehout, Democratic State Senator, Alma. Opinion: http://wpr.org/r/?783
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Hi-Crush Augusta sand mine, Wisconsin
Video from above Wisconsin's Hi-Crush Augusta sand mine. By Ted Auch, FracTracker Alliance, August 2017
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Particulate Air Quality Around Wisconsin Frac Sand Mines - Crispin Pierce, Ph.D.
A presentation on Particulate Air Quality Around Wisconsin Frac Sand Mines by Crispin Pierce, Ph.D. The presentation was recorded on March 15, 2019 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
Dust Problem
October 16, 2011, 3:00 PM. Highway 64, between Barron and Ridgeland, WI. This video was shot by a family in Western Wisconsin. They were driving down a county road, past a frac sand mine, when they saw this. When new frac sand mines open, there's always a discussion about silica dust, because it's a carcinogen. Mine developers are usually quick to point out that dust isn't ever a public health problem, because the sand is either kept contained or kept wet, or both.
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Aggreko Helps Texas Frac Sand Mines Speed to Market with Natural Gas Power
The frac sand mining industry is shifting from Wisconsin to Texas and Aggreko is helping multiple new remote sand mines come online years ahead of permanent utilities.
Frac Sand Mining is the Rez-ification of Wisconsin
October 24, 2013 - Ho Chunk Nation legislator David Greendeer testified against SB 349, a proposal to prohibit local units of government from protecting their communities against the harmful effects of frac sand mining.
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process of applying for sand mining
Contact Us For Help: http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html Oil Sands Process, About Us, Suncor How to Apply FAQ; Why Choose Suncor? Oil sand is a mixture of bitumen, The reclamation process begins as soon as mining operations are completed. ilmenite sand mining process ilmenite ore mining process . ilmenite and rutile ores mining and processing Cachedthe ilmenite ore processing22 Jan 2014 the ilmenite ore processing, Links: (Hot!!!) Oil sands, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia By 2013 there were nine oil sands mining projects in over top of clay and barren sand. The oil sands themselves This particular technology application is in Chromite Sand Mining Process Indonesia chromite sand mining process indonesia, YouTube. More details:http://crusher.ethiopiacrusher.com/co. Get the price of machines:http://crusher.ethiopiacrusher.com/co derrick sand screening, CGM mining application home application derrick sand silica sand making glass equipment,silica sand mining The silica sand flotation process is primarily used to take Silica sand mining process for silica sand production line SBM design silica sand mining plant in USA, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka. Silica sand crusher is used in the crushing process of silica sand mining plant. silica sand mining process in up silica sand mining process in up. Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin: Understanding Emerging . bs_bs_banner Frac Sand Mining in Wisconsin: Understanding Emerging sand & gravel, Michigan State University SAND AND GRAVEL MINING for AGGREGATE Sand and gravel are crucial resources to economic development activities, such as road building and concrete production. The fight over frac sand mining in Wisconsin, Isthmus The fight over frac sand mining in Wisconsin. Towns battle the state for local control equipments used in nickel ore processing, ZCRUSHER copper ore and nickel ore mining process, Washing system Find the Right and the Top copper ore and nickel ore mining process for your plant! Process for the Strategic Analysis of Industrial Sand Mining 1 Process for the Strategic Analysis of Industrial Sand Mining David Siebert Director Bureau of Environmental Analysis and Sustainability Agenda Item# 3.A.2 Sand Land: Fracking Industry Mining Iowa's Iconic Sand Bluffs Sand Land: Fracking Industry Mining Iowa's Iconic Sand Bluffs in New Form of Mountaintop Removal. Steve Horn, April 30, 2013 . By Steve Horn ? Tuesday, April 30 Oklahoma Department of Mines, Sand and Gravel Sand and gravel is produced in most counties in Oklahoma from deposits that are found near the many rivers and streams. Principal uses are in mixing concrete for Stripped of our Sand: The Effects of Magnetite Mining in Feedback 2011 January, March Features. by Cheamson Boongaling. A member of the Environmental Investigative Mission team conducts a focused group discussion with Mining :: Southern Ionics Incorporated Milton Sundbeck CEO Southern Ionics' venture into zircon sand mining will add a new and strategic business direction for the company to follow. Fate of sand mining in Rajasthan hangs in balance, The Times JAIPUR: Uncertainly prevails over sand mining from the state's riverbeds as the mining lease holders have not procured the environmental clearance from Frac Sand Mining Issues with Hydraulic Fracturing and debris from which the silica sand was mined. Another possible process would be distillation and frac sand mining operations almost invariably take Sand mining impacts on long, term dune erosion in southern Despite the cessation of sand mining, the beach and dunes are still eroding at a relatively high rate. For example at Fort Ord, a football field existed on the dune Silica Sand Mining Process Equipment Details of this product Basic Characteristics Of Silica Sand. After the mining of Silica processed, usually within 120Mesh fineness of the product known as Silica sand. The Pros and Cons of Fracking, Nature World News Fracking involves blasting huge amounts of water, sand and chemicals deep into underground rock formations to access valuable oil and natural gas. silica sand mining process] Production Line silica sand mining process] Production Line manufacturer in Shanghai, China. silica sand mining process] Production Line is manufactured from Shanghai ZME,It is sand mining process flow chart silica sand mining process flow chart silica. frosted sand washing machinery and equipment; golden sand earth work and construction; m sand machinaries photos india sand mining process, ZCRUSHER Application; Contact Us; Inquiry; HOME Rock Equipment, Sand mining process for sale,cost of sand mining process Are you looking for the Sand mining process? si
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Frac Sand Mine Neighbors
Residents of Maiden Rock, WI describe what it's like to live next to a giant industrial sand mine that operates 24/7, producing sand for hydraulic fracturing, aka: 'fracking'.
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MN Frac Sand Mining Hearing - full hearing
MN Frac Sand Mining Hearing - full hearing from The UpTake. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The UpTake on Blip! http://blip.tv/the-uptake/watch Here is an UpTake guide to the frac sand hearing held today by a joint meeting of the Minnesota Senate Committee on Environment Energy and the House Committee on Energy Policy. Video replay of the meeting above. Overview The first time that fracking has been on the Legislature?s agenda, today?s hearing is expected to draw busloads of opponents from counties along the Mississippi River Valley in southeastern Minnesota, where silica sand deposits have spurred a sudden growth in industrial sand mining. Alarmed by the transformation of southwestern Wisconsin into a pockmarked landscape of sand pits, Minnesotans began organizing grassroots resistance to industrial scale silica sand mining in 2011, demanding that local governments place a moratorium on new mines and processing. Mining interests have dismissed opponents as ill-informed Nimbys, while touting the jobs sand mining creates when silica sand is extracted, stockpiled, processed, and hauled off to America?s shale oil and gas fields. The particular quality of sand buried beneath the bluffs and fields in the upper Midwest is particularly prized for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. While that oil-extracting process in states such as North Dakota is controversial in itself, no fracking takes place in Minnesota. Citizen opposition stems from concerns over the health, safety and environmental implications peculiar to sand mining. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton said in December that he expected fracking to be a ?huge? issue during this year?s legislative session and Sen. John Marty (DFL-Roseville), the chairman of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, said today?s hearing is meant for lawmakers to get a clear idea who has authority over the industry and who?s responsible for looking at the risks. Opponents want a state-imposed moratorium to replace several local moratoriums that expire soon or already have expired. Jim Gurley, a Winona, Minn., activist who has been a leader in the fight against frac sand mining, says a state moratorium is important because the large-scale environmental study opponents are seeking might take more than a year. Without a state moratorium, there will be little to stop the industry from moving ahead once the local roadblocks expire. The Players: Pro and Con At a meeting of the state Environmental Quality Board last September, the line was ?Jobs, jobs, jobs:? Frac sand mining proponents argue that an environmental review isn?t needed, and little has changed in the arguments advanced by the sand mining industry and its friends. Now, as then, silica sand mining advocates argue that they don?t need any additional regulation or supervision as digging up sand is already heavily regulated. New to the discussion are generous estimates of job creation from the Heartland Institute, a conservative anti-environmental think tank based in Chicago, and from the Minnesota Industrial Sand Council (MISC), a new mining lobby of the Aggregate and Ready-Mix Association of Minnesota. Recently, MISC hired Red Wing, Minn., Mayor Dennis Egan as its executive director, a controversial move criticized by mining opponents as inappropriate. Other lobbyists hired by MISC include civil engineer Kirsten Pauly. She spoke in support of the industry at the EQB meeting last fall; in January, KEYC-TV in Mankato, Minn., reported that Pauly presented the results of an environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) for Jordan Sands, which hopes to open a sand processing site in Lime Township near Mankato. Egan and others seek to be able to self-regulate and tout the use of voluntary ?best practices.? In addition to the ethical issues it raised, Egan?s new job bolstered one argument made by grassroots anti-sand activists: That the industry rewards local officials who support mining proposals. Moreover, lucrative ownership and annexation changes such as have been seen in Wisconsin cause mining opponents to warn that local permit protections can melt away suddenly. Health and safety concerns rank highest but aren?t the matters most residents say they worry about. Local property owners worry about the erosion of their property values as the enormous mines destroy working rural landscapes while truck and train traffic rumbles past their homes. Citizens in St. Charles, Minn., the gateway to Whitewater State Park, and small town tourist-mecca Lanesboro, Minn., fret about the impact on the tourism industry while farmers worry about water and soil contamination. Ponds holding silica sand slurry have burst in Wisconsin, contaminating surface water. Other opponents worry about groundwater and wellhead contamination. Citizen opponents are organized in groups such as Save The Bluffs in Goodhue County (Red Wing is the county seat) to the Houston County Protectors. The Land Stewardship Project, which maintains a field office in Lewiston
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Assessing Frac Sand Property in Wisconsin
Frac sand mining is a fast-growing industry in Wisconsin. This video will help assessors learn what it is, where it's located, and how frac sand property is assessed in the state.
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Our World Today 10/28/2013 Frac sand mining
Frac sand mining in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Joe Kruse, Jim Drost (mining and metallurgical engineer), and Mike Neaton discuss how silica sand mining affects us all.
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Menomonie Sand Mine Panel #1
First part of video of panel discussing Frac-Sand mining in Wisconsin. Held in Menomonie on 11/17/2011.
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Protesters delay bus tour to protest frac sand mining
They hopped on a tour bus to spread a message. The problem was it wasn't their bus. At about 7:15 a.m. Wednesday, a coach bus pulled into the parking lot at the Earle Brown Heritage Center to take participants of an informational silica sand conference on a tour of sand mines in western Wisconsin. Before riders could get on, seven protesters climbed to the roof of the bus and refused to move. The group was protesting the growth of industrial silica sand mining in Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota. This type of sand is ideal for use in hydrofracking, a technique in which a pressurized mixture of water, sand and chemicals is injected into rock formations to keep cracks open. Natural gas is extracted from those cracks. Activists from southern Minnesota and Iowa said they tried to prevent the tour to highlight environmental and health risks of sand mining. Jake Olzen of Lake City said he has concerns about how groundwater might be affected by runoff from the sediment. He said he also worries about chemicals used in the process. "The silica sand dust, it's a carcinogen that can cause silicosis," said Olzen. "And if you go into towns like Winona, the dust flies off of the trucks that come barreling through. In Winona there are hundreds of trucks a day and it just coats roads and cars." According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's website, health and DNR officials in Minnesota and Wisconsin don't have enough data yet to determine exactly what health risks frac sand mining pose to the public. Researchers at the University of Minnesota-Duluth organized the conference with the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. They said the conference was designed as an educational event to inform the public about sand mining as Minnesota and Wisconsin experience the rush to expand and develop sand mines for the purpose of hydrofracking. The silica sand mine bus tour was the finale of a three-day informational silica sand conference at the Earle Brown Heritage Center. About 60 protesters gathered in front of the center for the first day of the conference Monday. Brooklyn Center police said they were well-behaved and no one was arrested that day. Police say Wednesday's protesters were cooperative and came down after about an hour. "All they wanted was to get their message out," said Brooklyn Park Police Commander Tim Gannon. 'Then, once a ladder was brought up, we informed them that they would be arrested because of the assembly and also the trespass and they said that was fine and that they would come down willingly. UMD researcher and geology professor Jim Miller said the conference was open to the public and anyone could have attended as long as they paid the registration fee. Conference attendees included engineers and other people on the industry side, as well as people from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, University of Wisconsin-River Falls and Winona State. Miller told 12 News he admires the protesters' passion about the earth. "I'm passionate about the earth, too," said Miller. "But I realize that, as a geologist, I understand how we use the earth for everyday lives." Renee Banot http://www.ccxmedia.org/ https://www.facebook.com/ccxmedia.org/ http://twitter.com/ccxnews 12 News is on Comcast cable channel 12 in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis and includes the cities Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, New Hope, Osseo, Plymouth and Robbinsdale.
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Sand mining and drying
Sand Processing
Wisconsin frack sand sludge spill reaches Mississippi River | Miami Herald
Wisconsin frack sand sludge spill reaches Mississippi River | Miami Herald MINNEAPOLIS Wisconsin officials were testing for environmental and health hazards Thursday after an accident at a frack sand mine sent millions of gallons of sludge into waterways, tinting them orange...
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