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Special Word from the Lord for the Bride
https://www.gofundme.com/joshuasministryorphans NEW WAY TO GIVE for the orphanages! ( I am a missionary in the Philippines) https://www.zellepay.com/ THE EMAIL FOR ZELLE : [email protected] If you give please send me your email so I can thank you! God Bless! MY PERSONAL EMAIL...NOT for Zelle! But to talk to me is: [email protected] Please Join Us Online to see pics and reports of our mission work https://www.facebook.com/groups/Joshuasministry/ PRAYER REQUESTS: http://www.church1stborn.com/prayer-request I am a missionary in the Philippines since 2007 we have 3 orphanages (21 kids) and we feed 1000 poor kids each month Please Join Us Online to see pics and reports of our mission work HOW TO DONATE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected] or MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/groups/Joshuasministry/ FOR THOSE NOT ON FB we also have a website http://www.joshuasministry.com/ Just found a new method that is better than paypal....FOR THOSE IN THE USA OR CANADA ONLY This is a service like paypal, and we tried it once and it works great! All you need is my email address... If you give please email me, because I might not have your email! God Bless! 1. Personal Check/Money Order please use this method if you are in the USA or CANADA PLEASE MAKE IT PAYABLE TO MATTHEW P WINFREY then put the purpose in the memo, like feedings or orphans or general funds, etc. God bless! These will be transferred to me here bank to bank. MAIL TO THIS ADDRESS: Matthew P Winfrey 4419 Shattalon Drive Winston-Salem NC 27106 PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL SO I CAN LET YOU KNOW I GOT IT! 2. Western Union/MoneyGram for those outside USA or Canada seems to be easy to use! (Email me if you would like to donate via Moneygram, etc. You can use these, as an alternative) the instructions are the same as below [email protected] Western Union Instructions Either go to any store or bank which sends via Western Union, or you can send online by creating an account at http://www.westernunion.com 1. Send to: Matthew Winfrey I will pick up in Davao City. Please email me [email protected] if you have any questions. PLEASE SEND IN YOUR CURRENCY NOT PESOS. I CAN GET A MUCH BETTER EXCHANGE RATE HERE. IT WILL MEAN MORE MONEY FOR THE CHILDREN 2. Please contact me after you have sent money, with the following information: Sender's full name Confirmation Number (MTCN) Amount City, State, and Country you sent from 3. For international transfers to the USA Account, (not Philippines) there is a new service with the best rates that works well: https://transferwise.com/ best exchange rate! Thanks! This will get to us via bank, and will take longer to get, but we will get it Any donations will be used for Joshua's Ministry. We do many things, such as the three Orphanages, feedings, bible school, evangelism crusades, and pastor conferences with local/tribal pastors. Thank you so much on behalf of the Body of Christ in the Philippines! IF YOU WANT YOUR DONATION FOR A SPECIAL PURPOSE, LIKE ORPHAN SPONSORSHIP: PLEASE MESSAGE ME BY MY EMAIL . Love Too All~Joshua's Ministry IF YOU LIKE, YOU CAN DONATE FOR AN EXACT PURPOSE BY EMAILING ME 4. BIT COIN WE HAVE A BITCOIN ACCOUNT NOW! Bitcoin address: 1An8jwtbBYpG2CftjDtmnnURxeB7GZCG6G MUCH CHEAPER RATE THAN OTHER METHODS! ### NEW ADDRESS TO SEND ITEMS TO THE PHILIPPINES! If anybody wants to send things like kids clothes, school supplies, etc to the ministry here, please send them to sister Pearly Candia Lancero. She has been putting them together into large boxes, then we get a cheap rate to send here. This is her new address below: God Bless to all! Pearly Lancero 417 Starwood Pass Lake in the Hills, IL 60156 Cell# 224-532-6748 [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/pearly.lancero?fref=ts Please visit our online church http://www.church1stborn.com/dream-and-vision-room FOR A SIGNED COPY OF THE BOOK: patrickwinfrey.com