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Mining Jobs TV Episode 2 - Mining Career Opportunities
MINING JOBS TV Episode 2: Mining Career Opportunities Welcome to the second episode of Mining Jobs TV. My name is Matt and I will be talking about career opportunities that are available in the Australian mining industry. Mining Jobs TV is a FREE online TV channel presenting regular episodes where we will discuss mining jobs and tips that will help you to secure a job in the industry. We understand that many people these days are looking at getting ahead financially and seeking career changes - for that reason mining is a great opportunity for many people, regardless of your skills and experience. You could be forgiven for thinking that mining is a fairly specialised profession and that to get a job in a mine, you need to have worked in one before. That may sometimes be the case, but as you'll soon discover, not always. The reality is that across the board, there are probably just as many jobs that DON'T require experience as those that do. Obviously, there are some positions that require certain levels of experience or qualifications that you may not possess. For example, you can't go from being a builder's labourer to a Principal Mine Geologist overnight. And it's highly unlikely that you'll be expected to progress from working in an accountant's office one day, to setting the explosives in an open cut coal mine the next. Keep in mind that the demand for people, both skilled and unskilled is huge, and opportunities exist across all levels. It is in every respect a jobseekers' market. You just need to know what you're looking for, and more importantly, how to look for it. In the last year, mining and resources jobs in Australia grew by an impressive 13% - a figure unmatched by any other job sector. By location, jobs have grown by 5% in Western Australia, 21% in Queensland and a whopping 42% in New South Wales. Simple mathematics will tell you that there are just not enough qualified or experienced people to fill those numbers. If you want to work in resources, it pays to be resourceful. A great way to start is by looking for jobs in mining that relate somehow to what you're doing now -- anything from cleaning to hospitality or admin people have all got skills the mining companies are looking for. The Seek.com.au website will actually help you do it. You start by selecting 'Mining, Resources & Energy' in the Classification box and then you can drill down from there, looking at current jobs that appear for your perusal. You will see that there are many skills and qualifications that are very transferrable from other industries to mining. Mines need engineers, plumbers, electricians, builders, boilermakers, welders, mechanics, IT personnel, HR people, medical staff, logistics experts, heavy vehicle drivers to name just a few. Australian mining companies employees people across a broad range of areas from unskilled labourers to mining engineers. There are also opportunities in administrative, human resources and management positions together with numerous trade related opportunities such as Trades Assistant, Boilermakers, Carpenters, Welders, Electricians and Plumbers. But what if you don't have any skills or experience that relate to the mining industry? Fear not - there are still loads of entry level mining for you to choose from and you'll find many of them on the SEEK website. You'll soon discover that mines need a whole host of people like drillers' offsiders, administrative assistants, cooks and catering staff, cleaners and maintenance staff, childcare workers and general labourers. And many of these positions require no experience whatsoever. All you need to bring is a sense of adventure, flexibility and a willingness to work. As you have probably heard, mining jobs are achievable yet very competitive. It is not unusual for HR Managers to receive 500 or 1000 plus resumes for an advertised vacancy ... so it's most important to ensure you have the resume professionally worded and designed to stand out from your competitors. We highly recommended Mining Resumes to prepare your resume as they are the industry leaders in resume preparation for clients seeking jobs in the mining and oil & gas industry. They can be contacted on 1300 RESUME or have a look at their website miningresumes.com with package details and samples browse that demonstrate their quality and experience. I enjoyed talking to you today about mining jobs and hope that you have found this episode helpful and I look forward to talking to you again in Episode 3 where I will provide an insight into unskilled and entry level mining jobs. If you aren't already signed up to receive the Mining Jobs episodes, fill out your name and email address in the box at the bottom right hand side of our website at miningjobs.tv or email us at [email protected] Thanks for watching and see you next time.
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Australian Bookkeeper Experience
Nelum Fernando - Australian Bookkeeper Experience
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High Salary Jobs in Canada - Part 1
High Paid jobs offered in Canada. How much professors, engineers, managers, teachers, technicians, nurses can earn in Canada. Link to High Salary Jobs in Canada - Part 2 https://youtu.be/oZgV528zGXg You can send your CV at: [email protected] Currently they provide job placements with good salaries. Jobs in Canada work in canada pilot jobs aircraft engineer jobs marketing manager jobs network engineer jobs computer engineer jobs nurses jobs cooks jobs waiters jobs teacher vacancies professor vacancies technician jobs engineer jobs
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High Salary Jobs in Qatar
High Paid jobs offered in Qatar. How much doctors, engineers, managers, IT professional, technicians, bankers, nurses can earn in Qatar. Send your CV at [email protected] Currently they have job openings with good salaries.
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Job Roles For DATA ENTRY OPERATOR – Entry Level,DataBase,Arts,Science,WPM, Data Management
Job Roles For DATA ENTRY OPERATOR : Know more about job roles and responsibility in DATA ENTRY . Coming to DATA ENTRY OPERATOR opportunities for freshers in India,Visit http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube for detailed information,Job Opportunities,Education details and Career growth of DATA ENTRY OPERATOR. No matter what your educational background is, data entry operator jobs are available for all fresh candidates. People usually do not seek this position thinking that this is a low-level job. As a matter of fact, it is not lower than any other entry level position in corporate world. The main job of a data entry operator is to update, add and maintain data in a system or managing databases. The data entry operator is expected to insert or add data related to the company (both text and numerical) from a source file provided by the company. The candidate should also verify and sort the information as per given instruction. Other operational work includes generating routine reports and filing documents related to their work. Mostly, freshers with bachelor degree in arts and science are sought for this position. Even diploma candidates are opted for this position by many companies. Usually, candidates with professional degree, master degree or doctorate would not be sought for this position. The basic requirements are a) Knowledge and savvy in computer operation b) Expertise in MS-Office and other related software c) High typing speed – minimum market requirement is 40 WPM with 95% accuracy. d) Basic communication skills in English Usually, the candidates with good computer skill would be sought without regards to their educational background. Rotational shifts are rare and both male and female are sought. This job is also available in working-from-home option in some companies. There are short terms courses with certification for data entry offered by many institutions. Though it is not an essential certification, it would give a competitive edge over other candidates. Those who have working knowledge of Tally are sought for accountancy related data entry with a slightly higher pay. The same goes for those with commerce related educational background. With an increase in growth of BPO industry in India, there is a very high demand for data entry specialists. With one to three years experience in data entry, one can apply for jobs related to data management, document imaging, data mining, data processing and other related fields. If you want to grow in the same field, with three or more years of experience in data entry job, you can apply for senior data entry position or data analyzer positions. With more experience, you can apply for managerial positions like transaction processor, document processor and many others. Your scope is not restricted to back office operations. Candidates with a few years of experience in data entry can take up operational related jobs in KPO and customer service department. Yet, they would be considered as fresher in the new department. This job is for those who do not have a fancy degree and yet, want to take up corporate job. With this job, entry into corporate world becomes easy for all kinds of candidates. The academic excellence is not an important qualification for this job. Thus, candidates with backlog and those with moderate communication skill can apply for this position if, their typing skill is excellent. For more jobs & career information and daily job alerts, subscribe to our channel and support us. You can also install our Mobile app for govt jobs for getting regular notifications on your mobile. Freshersworld.com is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India. Check Out website for more Jobs & Careers. http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube - - ***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way Freshersworld.com, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.
How to Achieve paid work experience
The Institutes Achiever Work Experience Program means paid work experience at some of Australias leading organisations. Hear what a Partner looks for in an Achiever application, and how paid experience benefited a successful applicant from 2008. In 2010 the Achiever Work Experience Program is available in SA and ACT. Vacation work within Australia's leading accounting organisations, for first year university students. Gain knowledge, money and first hand experience in your chosen profession. in 2010, the Achiever Work Experience Program is run in Adelaide and Canberra.
Top 20 Countries with Highest Minimum Wages -20 ~15
Top 20 Countries with Highest Minimum Wages in the World -20 - 15 Please Subscribe : http://bit.ly/2htiTZk Visit : www.eazytips.com # 20 Portugal at #20 Minimum Wage - $4.3 /hr Top Paying job in Portugal Police Officer Managing Director Quality Director Sales Manager General Manager # 19 # Greece at #19 Minimum Wage - $4.8/hr Top Paying jobs in Greece Health and Medical Airlines / Aviation / Aerospace / Defense Accounting and Finance Executive and Management Legal # 18 # Turkey at #18 Minimum Wage - $4.8/hr Top Paying jobs in Turkey Executive and Management Construction / Building / Installation Engineering Information Technology Executive and Management # 17 # Spain at #17 Minimum Wage - $5.0/hr Top Paying jobs in Spain Business Planning Human Resources Executive and Management Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering Executive and Management # 16 # Israel at #16 Minimum Wage - $5.1/hr Top Paying jobs in Israel Engineering Accountants Lawyers Medical professionals # 15 # Poland at #15 Minimum Wage - $5.3/hr Top Paying jobs in Poland Information Technology Insurance Executive and Management Banking Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining # 14 # South Korea at #14 Minimum Wage - $5.4/hr Top Paying jobs in South Korea Information Technology Executive and Management Pet Care Construction / Building / Installation Banking # 13 # Slovenia at #13 Minimum Wage - $6.8/hr Top Paying jobs in Slovenia Business Planning Executive and Management Marketing Information Technology Health and Medical # 12 # Japan at #12 Minimum Wage - $6.9/hr Top Paying jobs in Japan Risk Analyst Executive and Management Business Analyst Information Technology Materials Scientist # 11 # United States at #11 Minimum Wage - $7.2/hr Top Paying jobs in United States Anesthesiologists Surgeons Obstetricians and Gynecologists Information Technology Petroleum Engineers # 10 # United Kingdom at #10 Minimum Wage - $8.2/hr Top Paying jobs in United Kingdom Brokers Executive and Management Aircraft pilots Investment bankers and treasury managers Information Technology Legal professionals # 09 # Canada at #09 Minimum Wage - $8.2/hr Top Paying jobs in Canada Mining or Forestry Urban Planner Finance and bankers Health professionals Information Technology Legal professionals # 08 # Ireland at #08 Minimum Wage - $8.7/hr Top Paying jobs in Ireland Management Consultant Executive and Management Biology Professor HVAC Engineering # 07 # New Zealand at #07 Minimum Wage - $9.1/hr Top Paying jobs in New Zealand Consulting and Strategy Information Technology Engineering Banking and Financial Services # 06 # Netherlands at #06 Minimum Wage - $9.6/hr Top Paying jobs in Netherlands Executive and Management Information Technology Public Relations Manager Recruitment Officer # 05 # Belgium at #05 Minimum Wage - $10.0/hr Top Paying jobs in Belgium Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Executive and Management Legal Services Sales Retail and Wholesale # 04 # Germany at #04 Minimum Wage - $10.2/hr Top Paying jobs in Germany Human Resources Banking Quality Control and Compliance Telecommunication # 03 # Australia at #03 Minimum Wage - $10.9/hr Top Paying jobs in Australia Marketing Information Technology Banking Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining # 02 # France at #02 Minimum Wage - $10.9/hr Top Paying jobs in France Human Resources Health and Medical Accounting and Finance Executive and Management # 01 # Luxembourg at #01 Minimum Wage - $11.2/hr Top Paying jobs in Luxembourg Human Resources Health and Medical Accounting and Finance Executive and Management www.eazytips.com
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What Cars can you afford as an Engineer?
ARDUINO BUDGET LINK!!! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DGD2GAO/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=relearnmath-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01DGD2GAO&linkId=5dec9abb319a383cc987dc086708647b Slightly more expensive kit http://amzn.to/2CaQlT4 Fun short video where I talk about what kind of cars you can afford as an entry level Engineer. If you are thinking about majoring in Engineering this video might give you some insight on what kind of car you will be able to afford.
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Crypto Gamer talks 6 Ways to Make Money without a Job
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Scaffolding Western Australia
http://scaffolding-perth.com.au - Scaffolding Perth provide Scaffolding Western Australia services all across Perth. Give us a call for your Scaffolding Western Australia needs. We will provide you with an obligation free quote. Our team is experienced and specialised with all aspects relating to Scaffolding Western Australia
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Dario Gamba - An accountant's horizon in Australia and New Zealand
Dario Gamba from DFK Lonsdal in Melbourne, talks Taxes.
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Doing Business in Australia - restructuring opportunities and challenges
Karen O'Flynn describes the trends and challenges in Australian restructuring. To learn more about the state of play of the Australian market: https://www.claytonutz.com/about/international-services/australian-market-the-state-of-play _________________________________________________ You can also find this video on our website https://www.claytonutz.com/knowledge/video/doing-business-in-australia-restructuring-opportunities-and-challenges See more videos from Clayton Utz here https://www.claytonutz.com/videohub/ Follow us on Social Media https://www.linkedin.com/company/clayton-utz https://twitter.com/claytonutz Transcript Australia is a very attractive place for distressed investors at the moment. A number of sectors of our economy continue to be vulnerable: property, construction, retail and mining. Traditional local lenders are looking to reduce their exposure to those sectors, frequently because of increased regulatory requirements, and so can be willing to sell their positions sometimes at a considerable discount. Against that background it's not surprising that in recent years a number of global hedge funds and privately equity firms have opened offices in Australia. These dynamics have meant a significant increase in debt for equity restructurings in Australia in recent years. The tools used include schemes of arrangement and deeds of company arrangements. Before discussing those tools I want you to know that Australian directors face one of the harshest insolvent trading regimes in the world. By that I mean an Australian company director will be liable for new debts incurred by his or her company at a time when the company is cashflow insolvent. That's often said to be one of the principal impediments to the successful restructuring of financially distressed businesses in this country. The theory goes that because directors are so concerned about their potential liability on a personal level for insolvent trading they move to put their company into some form of insolvent administration sooner than would otherwise be required. But that's all about to change, or so the Government hopes, with the introduction of the safe harbour reforms. The idea here is that those directors who are honestly and diligently working towards restoring their company to solvency will be protected. So if at the time the new debts are incurred the director is developing or taking a course of action which is reasonably likely to lead to a better outcome for the company than immediate formal insolvency, the director will be protected. As I've said the two tools most often used for equity restructurings in Australia are schemes of arrangement and deeds of company arrangement or DOCAs. Because the DOCA is a peculiarly antipodean technique I want to say something about it. It always has to be preceded by the administration. That's a normal insolvency procedure under which an independent qualified accountant is appointed to take control of the company, investigate its financial affairs and report to creditors as to what the best outcome for them is. Creditors vote on that recommendation and report. The DOCA is nothing more than the contractual compromise between the insolvent company and its creditors. Typically the DOCA proponent will want to demonstrate to creditors that they will receive more in respect of their debts under the DOCA than they would if the company went straight into liquidation. In a debt for equity play the DOCA will always be conditional on the Court approving the transfer of the shares in the company to the DOCA proponent usually for nil consideration. The Court will give its approval only if it's satisfied that the proposed transaction won't unfairly prejudice shareholders. The case law makes it clear that shareholders will not be unfairly prejudiced if it can be demonstrated that on the only viable alternative ‒ that is, liquidation ‒ the shareholders are unlikely to receive any return at all.
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Job Vacancies In Zambia - Real Employment
Go to: http://my10kprofitformula.com/ Job Vacancies In Zambia - Real Employment Lusaka, Zambia - Job Vacancies in United Nations and unjobs.org/duty_stations/lun United Nations Jobs Swiss flag United Nations Jobs ... Vacancies in Lusaka, Zambia ... Programme Manager, Sustainable Health Financing, Lusaka, Zambia Go Zambia Jobs - Search and apply for jobs in ZambiaGo gozambiajobs.com/ Recruitment (or employment) agencies have been a feature of the labour market for job vacancies in zambia many years. However, in recent years competition from job boards suc. A free and easy way to find jobs in Zambia thebestofzambia.com/jobs/ A daily updated list of job vacancies, find detailed information on the latest jobs in Zambia, including contact details and job descriptions. Zambia Jobs zambiajobs.blogspot.com/ First National Bank Zambia Limited is a licensed Commercial Bank. Job Vacancies In Zambia - Real Employment Mining Jobs in Zambia - CareerMine – InfoMine www.infomine.com/careers/jobs/country/zambia/ 6 hours ago - Mining jobs found in Zambia. Get daily mining job alerts. New mining job vacancies on CareerMine. Job Opportunities | Embassy of the United States zambia.usembassy.gov/openjobs.html The following employment opportunities are now available at the American Embassy, Vacancy announcements at the USAID/ZAMBIA can be accessed at: Jobs in zambia | Facebook job vacancies in zambia www.facebook.com/JobsInZambia Jobs in zambia changed their profile picture. challenging and rewarding career in the dynamic world of Insurance Broking and you are ready to help ordinary Careers - Job Vacancies In Zambia - Real Employment UNICEF Zambia Employment www.unicef.org/zambia/5384_10485.html Opportunities Welcome to UNICEF Zambia's Employment Section! Applications may be sent ONLINE to [email protected] or to the following address:. Interested in working for Barclays – Zambia zm.barclays.com/corporate/corporate-information/view.../index.html Never known how to find out when new vacancies become available? job vacancies in zambia all new vacancies in Barclays Bank Zambia plc using our new online recruitment tool. The Bank has exciting career opportunities for professionals desiring to build a reward. Bank of Zambia Website www.boz.zm/vacancies.aspx CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AT BANK OF ZAMBIA. Visit Human Resource section Job Vacancies In Zambia - Real Employment Searches related to job vacancies in zambia mtn zambia job vacancies recent jobs in zambia zambian job vacancies career prospects zambia zamtel job vacancies zambia find job zambia job vacancies in zambia 2012 un job vacancies in zambia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1pBlSjGbVw
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Deaths in Internet cafés
Are internet cafes in Taiwan a safe place to hang out with friends, or are they full of dangerous, unbalanced individuals just waiting to rip you off? Ting link: http://linus.ting.com Cooler Master Store link: http://bit.ly/1XaOroM Pricing & discussion: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/617076-taiwanese-internet-cafes/ Support us: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/75969-support-linus-tech-tips-our-affiliates-and-sponsors/ Join our community forum: http://bit.ly/ZkLvE7 https://twitter.com/linustech http://www.facebook.com/LinusTech Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfxmFU3lWY iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712 Artist Link: https://soundcloud.com/laszlomusic Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana Sound effects provided by http://www.freesfx.co.uk/sfx/
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CAREERS IN CHEMISTRY– Degree,Healthcare Scientist,Engineering firms,Laboratory Jobs
CAREERS IN CHEMISTRY.Go through the career opportunities of CHEMISTRY, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from Freshersworld.com – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube for detailed Career information,Job Opportunities,Education details of CHEMISTRY. Chemistry as a subject provides insight about topics of concern that deal with the composition, properties, structure and most importantly, change of matter. When you first listen to the word chemistry, all you can think of is molecules and matters and structures. Chemistry as a subject paves way for much more than any of these mentioned. There is a major assumption that 'All chemists wear white coats'. In fact, it is the other way round! Here is a list of jobs that a student can attain to after having his/ her chemistry degree in hand: • Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry • Forensic scientist • Pharmacologist • Analytical chemist • Research scientist (physical sciences) • Toxicologist • Chemical engineer Also, there are a few options wherein this degree could be used in a more specific way: • Science writer • Higher education lecturer • Patent attorney • Chartered certified accountant • Environmental consultant • Secondary school teacher The skills which are absolutely required for a student having a chemistry degree in hand is to whilst bagging a job in need are: • analysis and problem-solving; • research skills • technical skills • quantitative skills • organizational skills • time management and organization; • written and oral communication; • monitoring/maintaining records and data; • teamwork; • IT and technology. Here is a list to as in who all employs chemistry graduates that would rather provide an insight to the career as such: • Consulting firms • Pharmaceutical companies • Museums • Engineering firms • Industrial inspection firms • Magazines and newspapers Cosmetics and fragrance production companies • Computers and telecommunications Government agencies • Fine and heavy chemical manufacturing companies • Food and beverage production companies • Mining and metallurgy companies • Law Firms • Oil and gas companies • Plastic manufacturing companies • Universities, colleges and schools • Hospitals & other medical organizations • Pulp and paper companies • Environment and pollution control firms Here is a list of colleges mastering in chemistry: Osmania PG College, Kurnool M S R S Siddardha Degree College Gayatri College of Science & Management Government Degree College (Men) Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College J & J College of Science Sheth L H Science College M G Science Institute Bhavan's R A College of Science Sir C R Reddy Autonomous College NIT Silchar NIT Surathkal NIT Rourkela NIT Jalandhar NIT Durgapur NIT Agartala Meenakshi College for Women Ethiraj College for Women Sri Venkateswara College St. Stephen’s College Hans Raj College Ramjas College Miranda House College Gargi College BITS Pilani MNIT Jaipur IIT Kharagpur IIT Bombay IIT Delhi IIT Guwahati IIT Kanpur IIT Madras NIT Warangal NIT Trichy KMC Delhi Acharya Narendra Dev College ISM Dhanbad IIT Roorkee There are thousands of ways in getting into a chemistry job. All you need to do is have patience and focus on the right direction. Patience and perseverance are the two roads to success, especially in chemistry. For more jobs & career information and daily job alerts, subscribe to our channel and support us. You can also install our Mobile app for govt jobs for getting regular notifications on your mobile. Freshersworld.com is the No.1 job portal for freshers jobs in India. Check Out website for more Jobs & Careers. http://www.freshersworld.com?src=Youtube - - ***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way Freshersworld.com, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.
Want something different? Become an OTD Virtual Assistant!
http://www.outsourcingthingsdone.com/ visit us and learn more about our Virtual Assistants Looking for something different? Here's your chance to get that career you've been always wanted! Outsourcing Things Done is on the lookout for highly skilled individuals to join our talented team of Virtual Assistants. At OTD, we have virtual assistance at its finest. If you've got a college degree, strong english communication and computer skills, and a passion for learning, then what are you waiting for? APPLY NOW! As an OTD Virtual Assistant you will be working with North American clients and may have to work in the following areas: 1. Lead Building 2.Data Mining/Data Entry 3. Marketing and Event Organizing 4.Research and Research Analysis 5.Advertising 6. proofreading, SEO, Creative Writing and SEM 7. Secretarial Duties and Online Administration 8. Finance and Accounting 9. Lead Building 10. Web Design And more! The perks of become our Virtual Assistant? A great compensation package with lots of benefits, additional bonuses and short notice raises, 8 hour work day plus paid breaks, top of the line Apple technology and more! Become a welcome addition to our virtual assistants! Become our virtual business assistant now! visit out page at: http://www.careers.myotd.com/landing/OutsourcingThingsDoneisLookingforExecutiveVirtualAssitantsB.htm Learn more about our virtual assistant service at http://www.careers.myotd.com/
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Cryptocurrency Taxation Rules and Laws in Australia Explained 2017 / 2018
Cryptocurrency Taxation Rules and Laws in Australia Explained. I am not a tax specialist, so please contact your own Accountant or reach out to australiancrypto.com.au for a personal analysis. Coinspot - https://www.coinspot.com.au?affiliate=QUC92 Cryptopia - https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=CryptoCurt Coin Base -https://www.coinbase.com/join/5924fd14b5bdf403927f348b Kucoin Exchange - https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=7PNbrJ Genesis Mining - https://www.genesis-mining.com/a/997404 Disclaimer - This content is not investment advice, and should be considered for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please be responsible and conduct your own due diligence before making any digital investment.
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Intro to Accounting for Actuaries and Bitcoin Users
In this video I look at the Main Accounts. Balance Sheet Profit and Loss Account Cashflow Statement. This forms part of chapter 8 of Subject CT2 Financial Reporting. Accountants love Jargon so I've tried to keep this video in simple English. For the actuarial exam you will need to know how to prepare these accounts and what all the Jargon is, so study hard. If you want to get started with Cryptocurrencies check out this video: https://youtu.be/IHry0puIM-o This is dogecoin, a more playful version of Bitcoin.
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12 Most Useless Jobs In The World
Here are 12 Most Useless Jobs In the World. These professions are crazy! Watch our "8 Worst Jobs Your Would Never Do" https://youtu.be/XllPqUW9kcU Watch our "10 STRANGE THINGS PEOPLE Do For MONEY (2018)" https://youtu.be/qIZNGHVphqw 12. Restroom Attendant Do we really need someone standing in front of a cubicle in a public toilet making sure that everything’s working properly? Restroom attendants are supposed to be in charge of maintaining and cleaning the restrooms and ensuring that there’s always enough toilet paper, but is it really necessary for someone to be there at all times? Not only do restroom attendants make most people who actually use the restroom extremely uncomfortable, but they’re often underpaid and overworked. A lot of the time these people only earn tips and, depending on the type of establishment they work in, they have to put up with all kinds of rude behavior from drunken patrons. 11. Elevator Operator Once upon a time, elevator operator was a demanding profession that required many different skills. Old-fashioned operators of manual elevators had to learn how to maneuver a large lever that regulated the elevator's speed. This meant that elevator operators had to have a perfect sense of timing in order to always stop the elevator parallel to the floor. Modern day elevators don’t need operators, since everyone knows how to use them: you just press the button and off you go! However, elevator operators can still be seen in certain parts of United States. As of 2017, it was estimated that over 50 buildings in New York City had an elevator operator. Since most of these building are located in the affluent – and rather snobbish – neighborhood of Upper East Side, it’s pretty clear that elevator operators’ only purpose is to create a sense of luxury and prestige for the rich tenants who occupy these buildings. 10. Space Lawyer It sure sounds like a made-up job, but space lawyers are an actual thing and they’ve existed ever since the space race began with the launch of the Soviet Union's first satellite Sputnik I in 1957. Some might say that space lawyers are no longer needed in this day and age when rules and regulations of space travel are firmly established under the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Others, however, claim that space lawyers will have their hands full in the near future when commercial space travel takes off. Some of the issues that space lawyers might have to deal in the future include asteroid mining, the buying and selling of extraterrestrial property, and legal implications of an encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence. While the title of space lawyer sounds cool, the reality is that there aren't any undergraduate degrees in space law, so at the end of the day space lawyers are - just regular lawyers 9. Cat Behavior Consultant Do you regularly talk with your cats and feel like they’re the only ones who really get you? Well, now you have the opportunity to turn your cat obsession into a paying job. Cat behavior consultants, also known as the cat whisperers, specialize in helping cat owners manage their disobedient purring pets. While some cat behavior consultants hold university degrees in veterinary medicine or psychology, often times they’re just people who are simply crazy about cats. Just take a look at Jackson Galaxy, the host of Animal Planet's hit show My Cat from Hell. Jackson started off as a rock musician who worked part-time in an animal shelter, and now he’s a bestselling author who makes money by saying things like “cats are in touch with what lies beyond the tangible”. 8. Chief Flavor Officer We’ve all heard of CEOs and CTOs, but do you know what a CFO is? Apparently CFO stands for Chief Flavor Officer and it’s a one-of-a-kind job currently held by none other than pop star Justin Timberlake. In January 2017, Justin joined New Jersey-based drink company Bai Brands as an investor and “chief flavor officer”. While the investor part makes sense, we’re not really sure what the duties of a chief flavor officer are. Bai Brands founder Ben Weiss recently said that Justin has been working closely with the rest of the team on several new projects, but we’re still waiting on somebody to answer the question: what does the chief flavor officer exactly do? 7. Pet Food Taster The thought of eating dog or cat food will make most people sick to their stomach, but believe it or not some people do it for a living. You might wonder how a human could possibly tell what ..
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Pathway to Company Secretary
Evan Elstein, Company Secretary of ASX-listed company Evolution Mining insists that ‘the governance role in the modern company is not about sitting in the office writing minutes of meetings’. Hear why Evan chose the Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance at Governance Institute of Australia
Perth Data Entry Jobs
Jobs in Perth and WA for jobseekers. Search Mining jobs, Oil & Gas, Construction, Retail, Banking and Medical jobs http://westjobs.com.au/JobSeeker/trades_apprenticeships.html
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Orica - Global Graduate Program
Real responsibility. Real diversity. Real opportunity. Orica’s Global Graduate Program builds technical and leadership capability for today, tomorrow and into the future. We take your development seriously and invest in a three year program that gives you the hands-on experience you want with the real responsibility you've earned. Find out more: www.orica.com/Graduates Orica is the largest provider of commercial explosives and blasting systems to the mining and infrastructure markets, the global leader in the provision of ground support in mining and tunnelling, and the leading supplier of sodium cyanide for gold extraction.
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Online Jobs in Sri Lanka & Do Part Time Jobs in Sri Lanka - Learn with Diyunuwa.com
Looking for an Online job in Sri Lanka or Looking for a Part-Time Job in Sri Lanka which could bring you full-time income from the comfort of your home? https://goo.gl/forms/cpQeu6Adj6BUus4S2 ඔබත් ඔන්ලයින් මුදල් උපයීමට කැමති නම් ඔබගේ විස්තර සදහන් කර නාලක සර් සමග එක්වන්න! | Fill this Form to get an invitation - https://goo.gl/forms/cpQeu6Adj6BUus4S2 Then subscribe to this channel Diyunuwa and Learn from the Expert business and life Coach Usher Nalaka Perera at ********************** http://airdemy.com ********************** Our aim is to help Sri Lankans with clear sinhala lessons to earn money from the internet legitimately, there are many alternatives such as graphic designing, article writing, blogging, selling goods online. We are developing range of programs for you to develop your business and personal life through easy online training. Subscribe to this channel and visit the website to connect with our expert coaches. Link to this Video: https://youtu.be/ud64A4-oA2o
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Payroll tax changes start sooner
The South Australian Government admits it was wrong to stall on payroll tax changes for apprentices.
MYOB Practice Solutions - AE Job Manager - MRL Group - Effective Workflow
Trevor Harrison, Director, MRL Group talks about the challenge of finding the balance between staffing levels and workload. The Job Manager module of MYOB Accountants Enterprise provides the solution for Trevor's practice.
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COAP and Accounting: Pathways to Success
Career Opportunities in the Accounting Profession (COAP) is an educational program designed recruit young people into the CPA profession. Founded in 1987 by the Foundation for Accounting Education and the New York State Society of CPAs, the five-day summer program is still going strong. It is held at several college campuses across New York State. COAP recruits high school juniors from public and private schools in New York, especially those in minority groups historically underrepresented in the CPA profession. This video is an overview of the program which provides a a preview of college life, interaction with other students interested in accounting and educational sessions about accounting, financial analysis and computers that are taught by experts, CPAs and other business professionals.
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NEWS FEATURE How the economic crisis is affecting Russia's job market
27 October 2008 1. Wide of cars driving down busy motorway 2. Wide pan left of construction site 3. Close of crane lifting construction material, zoom out 4. Wide of workers 5. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Ruslan, no last name given, welder: "I have lost my job. What more can I say? Construction has been frozen, wages have not been paid for four months. And there are no jobs. Wherever I applied no money was paid, so now I have to go back home." 6. Mid of Russian flag near construction site 23 October 2008 7. Wide of job fair exterior 8. Wide of people at entrance, pan right to sign 9. Wide pan right of job seekers at the job fair 10. Mid of woman reading list of vacancies 11. Close of list of vacancies 12. Wide of job consultants 13. Mid of job seekers 14. Wide of people in front of consultants 15. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Yulia Vasilevskaya, former lawyer: "I think the crisis has started already. I have two degrees with honours, I'm experienced and I can't find a job. I think it's not normal, it's not good." 16. Mid of people gathered at job fair 17. Close of McDonalds advertising brochures spread out on table 27 October 2008 18. Wide pan right of recruitment agency "Headhunter" interior 19. Close of young woman talking on the phone 20. Cutaway computer screen 21. Set up of Yury Virovets, Headhunter general director 22. Mid of sales managers at computers 23. SOUNDBITE (Russian) Yury Virovets, Headhunter general director: There are no mass lay offs. There are cuts in bonuses, recruitment is being frozen. Only in some spheres - first of all it's construction, finance and partly retail - staff reduction really happens mostly among office workers and not production workers." 24. Wide of busy Moscow street 25. Wide of street cleaner STORYLINE: With the global economy flagging, Russia's job market is starting to feel the ripple effect of one of the most severe financial downturns the world has seen in decades. The crisis in Russia is entering a more uncertain phase, as more companies cut staffing levels, slash salaries and trim working hours. It's a trend affecting not only those in low-paying manufacturing jobs, but also bankers, lawyers, stock brokers and insurance workers, potentially posing a new challenge for the Kremlin. It would have been easy in the past for Yulia Vasilevskaya to find work after being laid off from her job in the legal department of a private Moscow company. Instead, the 27-year-old lawyer with two degrees and ample private sector experience is stuck combing job listings and job fairs where the vacancies available are noticeably more blue-collar: funeral services, assembly factories, janitors, bookkeepers. State organised job fairs draw hundreds of people looking for work. But while most of the vacancies offered there are for factory jobs, even workers like Ruslan, a welder in Moscow, were struggling. Ruslan was contemplating going back home to Nizhny Novgorod after losing his job. He said construction had been frozen, and his wages had not been paid for four months. Russia's economy is beginning to swoon, battered mainly by its troubled financial sector. Russian stock markets are down more than 75 percent since their May peaks, the ruble has lost more than 13 percent against the dollar since August, credit rates are skyrocketing, oil and commodity prices are plummeting, the Kremlin is injecting billions into the staggering banking sector. GDP growth is slowing, after starting the year at more than seven percent, and is forecast to fall to as low as three percent next year. Russian news outlets are filled daily with reports of layoffs. That's taking the shine off of the prosperity that Vladimir Putin oversaw when he was president. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f2ff1ea9f4232421c6fce58f6f343abf Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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= Legitimate Online Businesses = Online Home Business Ideas - Opportunities - For Sale - Australia
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Queensland Business Fear Rising Costs Because of Carbon Tax
Some key industries in Queensland are worried about the Carbon Tax saying it's bad for business and jobs. Mining groups have described the package as miserable and fear an uncertain future for local exports. Seven News Queensland July 11, 2012
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KMML Recruitment 2017 | Process Operator & Technician Posts | Eligibility - 10th -ITI + Diploma
Namaskaar Dosto, Employment Hub ke is Episode mein maine aapse KMML Recruitment 2017 ki Vacancy details share ki hain.Mujhe umeed hai ki yeh video aapko pasand aayega.Go grab the job.Best of Luck. Official Website : http://kmml.com/ Official Notification : http://kmml.com/uploaded_files/ads_promos/ads_97.pdf Whatsapp Group(Join for Previous Year questions and updates) : https://chat.whatsapp.com/HcP7JUpt942IpuYZAA6B1M Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Subscribe:http://www.youtube.com/vampirehub?sub_confirmation=1 Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/vampirehub Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vampirehub Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vampirehub Facebook Myself:meetmranurag Instagram: http://instagram.com/vampirehub Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+meetmranurag Website: https://www.thevampirehub.blogspot.in About : Vampire Hub is a YouTube Channel, where you will find Employment,Tech, entertainment,offers from various e-commerce websites videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday :)
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Tracking investor sentiment on South African market performance
The rand has suffered a few severe knocks recently. Falling into technical recession and global risk aversion after the ANC announced its intention to expropriate land without compensation has left the economy battered. The agriculture and mining sectors, once South Africa's highest performing sectors, are now lagging the JSE's performance. Joining CNBC Africa with alternative options is Francois Strydom‚ Portfolio Manager, Momentum Securities. https://www.cnbcafrica.com/videos/
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Full Episode | Flights And Fights - Inside The Low Cost Airline | BBC Documentary
The inside story of the low cost airlines is a tale of big characters and big money. Ryanair's Michael O'Leary and EasyJet's Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou opened up new frontiers in the aviation industry as their airlines offered cheap flights to a vast range of popular and alternative destinations. As the cost of flying keeps increasing, how much further can these companies grow? Stelios, EasyJet's biggest shareholder, is trying to halt its expansion, while O'Leary has just placed a massive order for new planes. This documentary tells the incredible true story of how low cost flight was born, shining a light on the main players' history, their ethos, their business strategy and their outlandish publicity stunts. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCDocs Welcome to the BBC Documentary channel, offering audiences long-form documentaries that deliver a thought provoking and captivating viewing experience inside key moments from history and the lives of fascinating people. Want to share your views with the team? Join our fan panel: https://tinyurl.com/YouTube-DC-Panel Due to rights and sales restrictions, content on the channel may not be available in all territories. The availability of certain content may also change over time. This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.Service information and feedback: http://bbcworldwide.com/vod-feedback--contact-details.aspx
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#10 - Project Builder
Jose Respall from Respall Migration Australia, is a registered migration agent with over 17 years of experience of successfully assessing, lodging and managing SkillSelect for General Skilled Migration to Australia from the Philippines and explains the importance of lodging a ‘valid SkillSelect visa application’ and avoid penalties for supplying false or misleading information. Jose’s VISION is to see more eligible Filipinos migrate permanently to Australia. Under the current Skill Occupations List, an Accountant is in the Top 20 of occupations for Filipino’s to investigate when applying to migrate permanently to Australia. Therefore, Jose’s MISSION is to ensure that his eligible Filipino clients are better remunerated and fulfill satisfying careers, lifestyles and relationships in Australia. PROJECT BUILDER plan, organize, direct, control and coordinate the construction of civil engineering projects, buildings and dwellings, and the physical and human resources involved in building and construction. Indicative Skill Level: In Australia and New Zealand: Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. At least five years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). Registration or licensing is required. Tasks Include: • interpreting architectural drawings and specifications • coordinating labour resources, and procurement and delivery of materials, plant and equipment • consulting with Architects, Engineering Professionals and other professionals, and Technical and Trades Workers • negotiating with building owners, property developers and subcontractors involved in the construction process to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget • preparing tenders and contract bids • operating and implementing coordinated work programs for sites • ensuring adherence to building legislation and standards of performance, quality, cost and safety • arranging submission of plans to local authorities • building under contract, or subcontracting specialized building services • overseeing the standard and progress of subcontractors' work • arranging building inspections by local authorities Occupations: 133112 Project Builder Jose Respall can be contacted at http://www.respall.com/index.php/contact-us. Initial assessing Links: Homepage: http://www.respall.com/ SkillSelect Visa Inquiry: http://www.respall.com/index.php/application/skillselect-visa Partner Visa Inquiry: http://www.respall.com/index.php/application/partner-visa Tourist Visa Australia Pathway: http://www.respall.com/index.php/application/tourist-visa Connect with us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/respall/?pnref=lhc LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/respallmigrationaustralia?trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile Credentials: Migration Agent Registration: https://www.mara.gov.au/search-the-register-of-migration-agents/registered-migration-agent-details/?id=b065b1cf-a652-e311-9402-005056ab0eca Code of Conduct: http://respall.com/downloads/code_of_conduct.pdf Consumer Protection: http://respall.com/downloads/consumer_guide_english.pdf Avoid the Migration Minefield Safely Migration to Australia from the Philippines: http://respall.com/index.php/the-book Resume Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV1NUSnkt8g Migration Law for Migration Agents: http://www.deakin.edu.au/ Vision and Mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA23iAGeTV8 Justices of the Peace Queensland: http://www.qld.gov.au/law/legal-mediation-and-justice-of-the-peace/justice-of-the-peace/ Justices of the Peace New South Wales: http://www.justice.nsw.gov.au/ Client Testimonials http://www.respall.com/index.php/testimonials/skillselect-testimonials http://www.respall.com/index.php/testimonials/partner-testimonials http://www.respall.com/index.php/testimonials/tourist-testimonials
ADP Webinar: Long Service Leave - South Australia
How much do you know about Long Service Leave (LSL) in your state or territory? David Bates from Workforce Guardian and Angela Lehmann from ADP will explain everything you need to know about LSL, including: - How LSL accrues - When pro-rata leave entitlements must be provided - Whether LSL can be ‘cashed-in’ - How to calculate LSL entitlements for part-time and casual employees - What happens to LSL when a business changes hands - Tax implications of LSL
Extraordinary People That Were Wage Earners
Extraordinary People That Were Wage Earners Blog: www.nature-preneur.com This video is about some wage earners who applied the process I've been talking about to do extraordinary things. Nathan was making really good money as a metallurgist in the mining industry but he hated his job and certainly wasn't happy with the long hours. Paul suggested he point his knowledge and skill at consultancy instead of the employer. His first contract was worth multiple millions of dollars with a Singaporean company. The leather bound proposal looked a million dollars covered in gold leaf. He had to learn new marketing skills instead of simply putting a bit of paper in the mail which most people do. Nathan always wanted to be home with his young family, spending time with his wife and two young children. No more sleepless nights, no more stress and no more missing out on family and friends because he had to be away for work. What a great outcome and now he has a lifestyle he wants. This is John and Annette. John was a health and safety officer away on the oil rigs. It was long swings with lots of time away, then along comes his new born son and he wants to be an involved father. Within a few short years, they get rid of all their debt, then they took two years off and took Blake into the world of experience before he had to start school, so they could capture the precious times you can never reclaim. Now they have the fun of whatever lifestyle they want because now they can support it. Again, they took what they knew and pointed it at an entrepreneurial way. This is Damien a talented chippy, a carpenter. He could take a run down old place and turn it into a silver purse so to speak. That was his skillset but he was doing it for other people working for wages. He took exactly the same skills but developed them through entrepreneurial thinking. He went from $100,000 per annum to $9.8 million turnover in his own company winning all sorts of prizes for his talents and skills. That would never have been open to him had he stayed as an employee on wages. Marco Robinson. In 2004 he was dead flat broke. bored and financially frustrated, life of struggle. foundation called FEM. He is a number one best selling author of "Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich", he holds world records in sales and generates an eight figure income owning more than one hundred properties worldwide. Again, he can now just enjoy whatever he wants to do. This is Nikki. Nikki had a growing family of three kids in Perth but no support when he was away. The kids had to play on the street as they had no backyard. sell the house and move back to Melbourne for family support. selling costs, relocation costs, purchasing costs, round trip to work of 8000 km. stress on family and time. If its a problem for her then its a problem for thousands of others. Nikki created FIFOFamilies. on speed dial. In 2013 she won the young entrepreneurs award in Perth and in early 2014 she won two 40 under 40 awards. You only take steps forward. Here's an engineer, an accountant and a business coach. cheque is $192,000 and $480,000. This is Allen who didn't have a product so he packaged Paul's intellectual property and pointed it to the enterprise market, now he's making a handsome return. Lisa was a travel agent, sick of jetting around, wanted a job as a dump truck driver in the mining industry. stuck in long hours on difficult swings, night shifts in the mining industry. no time for herself, no time for relationships and was always tired with one week on day shift and another week on night shift. She started with an eBook then MP3's and started selling them online. "How do you get a job driving dump trucks in the mining industry?" In 2013 she was nominated for outstanding women in the mining industry award. Lisa was nominated as the sixth most influential woman in mining. Same league as Gina Rinehart, managing directors, general managers and executive officers. In 2014 she was nominated in the top 100 most influential women in mining worldwide for the changes she is making. She just won a really prestigious prize because she was able to improve the efficiency of dump trucks in a male dominated area that's been going for over a hundred years. Her insight as a dump truck driver improved trucking efficiency by 18% which is worth billions of dollars to a mining company. The single greatest thing they have in common is they took their existing knowledge and turned it into entrepreneurial capital. If I can, if they can, you can because we have all gone before you and achieved our goals. Everyone has value to offer the world and we can help because success is the same process and it all begins with a thought form. I want to go here instead of here. Stay tuned for An Invitation To Flex Your Mind For Entrepreneurial Success Until then its bye from me.
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Recruitment Trends for ACAs
Phil Sheridan, MD at Robert Half and Sharron Gunn, Director at the ICAEW discuss the latest recruitment trends for ACA's revealed in the 2011 Career Benchmarking Survey. The survey reveals: * How ACA salaries and bonuses have recovered * Changing trends for the finance function * Lifecycles of ACAs * Plus ACA salaries by career stage, region and sector Download the full report from our website www.roberthalf.co.uk
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Bitcoin Apprentice course: What is Bitcoin? (module 1)
Bitcoin Apprentice Course, module 1: Just what is bitcoin? http://bitcoinapprenticecourse.bitcoincoaches.com Bitcoin mastery course: http://bitcoinmasterycourse.bitcoincoaches.com All apprentice course modules: Module 1: http://www.bitcoincoaches.com/just-what-is-bitcoin-bitcoin-apprentice-course-module-1 Module 2: http://www.bitcoincoaches.com/history-of-bitcoin-bitcoin-apprentice-course-module-2 Module 3: http://www.bitcoincoaches.com/how-to-acquire-bitcoin-bitcoin-apprentice-course-module-3 Module 4: http://www.bitcoincoaches.com/bitcoin-wallets-bitcoin-apprentice-course-module-4 Module 5: http://www.bitcoincoaches.com/spending-bitcoin-bitcoin-apprentice-course-module-5 Module 6: http://www.bitcoincoaches.com/bitcoin-security-bitcoin-apprentice-course-module-6 For the vast majority of people, Bitcoin is a revolutionary idea that doesn't fit well into their current understanding of systems of money, trade, commerce and computing. Here are the basics, which are important to understand before we dive into more depth on the subject. WHAT EXACTLY IS BITCOIN? We thought we'd go right to the source, which is Bitcoin.org. Here's what the Bitcoin.org website says: "Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet. Bitcoin can also be seen as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence." Since that explanation may not have made it crystal clear for you, let's break it down: 1) "Consensus network:" This is a network of computers working together to solve the same problem or goal. In the case of Bitcoin, the consensus network is made up of computers running what is known as mining software. Mining will be discussed at greater length later. 2) "Completely digital money:" You can't touch or hold Bitcoin. Think of it as you would think of currency in your regular bank account if you could only check it through your online banking interface, and only receive or spend through your computer or smartphone. 3) "Peer to peer payment network:" Bitcoin software operates through direct interactions among software running on tens of thousands of computers around the globe. Even though there is a Bitcoin.org, it is not the Bitcoin "bank." When you pay someone online with traditional currency (with debit and credit cards), that payment passes through payment processors from banks and other institutions before it reaches the recipient, which can take days or weeks to clear. With Bitcoin, the payment goes straight from your Bitcoin account ("wallet") to the Bitcoin account, or wallet, of the recipient in seconds. 4) "No central authority or middlemen:" As mentioned above, there are no banks between you and the person with whom you are trading Bitcoin. The benefits of that are there are no fees from payment processors like you would pay if you use credit cards. However, some of the companies that provide Bitcoin wallets do charge very small transaction fees when Bitcoins are sent. 5) "Triple entry bookkeeping system:" In simplest terms, this means when two parties agree to a transaction, and a third party also agrees to it, or confirms it. In the case of Bitcoin, the third party (and multiple other parties) are other computers in the consensus network that validate and confirm the transaction. Each transaction is validated by several different computers in the network before it is considered valid.
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Interview questions and answers
Visit us at https://www.jobtestprep.co.uk/interview-expert-feedback to prepare for any job interview you may have - video, phone, face to face. get expert feedback on your interview performance from JobTestPrep's team of professionals. Like us at https://www.facebook.com/JobTestPrep
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Sasan Goodarzi, EVP Small Business Group, Intuit - #QBConnect #theCUBE @sasan_goodarzi
01. Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit, Visits #theCUBE!. (00:20) 02. Talk About Your Theme On The Keynote Stage. (00:57) 03. Is It A Big Issue For Small Businesses To Get Paid. (02:26) 04. Does Growth Actually Exacerbate Your Cash Flow. (03:44) 05. Talk About The Power Of The Relationships With ApplePay, Google And Intuit. (05:32) 06. Using The Google Calandar And All The Iformation Already There Is Too Easy. (07:27) 07. How Do You Keep Focus When Your Potential Market Is So Big. (08:44) 08. Is The GIG Economy A Whole New Opportunity. (10:19) 09. How Does AI Machine Learning Fit Into Your Vision. (11:58) Track List created with http://www.vinjavideo.com. --- --- Solving small business problems through business automation | #QBConnect by Nelson Williams | Oct 25, 2016 Small businesses have their own unique set of problems. Most of those revolve around being small; not only must everyone wear a lot of hats, the company can only afford so many hats to go around. One way to lift some of these burdens is with automation so business functions just happen in the background. As networking and computing grows more powerful, automation is taking over more processes. To gain an understanding for how Intuit Inc., makers of QuickBooks, is automating its products, John Walls (@JohnWalls21) and Jeff Frick (@JeffFrick), co-hosts of theCUBE*, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, visited the QuickBooks Connect event in San Jose, CA. There, they spoke to Sasan Goodarzi, EVP of the Small Business Group at Intuit. Time, money and growth The conversation started with Goodarzi relating a lesson customers have taught him. Customers valued three things: time, money and growing their business. He stated that everything Intuit does is centered around these three things. Goodarzi mentioned that most small businesses have a cash flow issue, with invoices that are overdue. These companies live and die over getting paid on time. New products are allowing them to automate this process and cut down the waiting time for invoices. Likewise, small businesses have problems managing their money through periods of growth. Intuit is trying to act like an extended board of directors who can help steer the company through these times. An open platform for partnerships Partnerships are also a part of Intuit’s small business strategy. Goodarzi described a vision of an open platform where innovation comes together from many sources. The goal was to digitize and automate everything. From there, the customer can run their business over any device as Intuit is doing everything in the background. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is part of this vision. Machine learning has the power to help automate this work for the customers. Goodarzi mentioned that once Intuit creates something, a network effect kicks in. People use the product and then tell their friends. The more people involved, the faster it spreads. And the company guides its releases to maximize this effect.
How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast using Microsoft Excel - Basic Cashflow Forecast
Create a basic cash flow forecast using excel. If you need help get in contact. www.bpfs-online.com Support this channel https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FHGCUQ8GU9VB6 Take our Online Sage training course http://www.bpfs-online.com/p/online-sage-training-course.html Create a bookkeeping spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel http://youtu.be/LlWADbkGdac Sage Accounts Bookkeeping Tutorial/Training Learn more at www.bpfs-online.com
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Hays Hiring Series: Interview Techniques for Employers
Finding the right person to fill your jobs is challenging, no matter the industry or sector. Whether accounting and finance, construction and property, IT or resources and mining, from a surplus of candidates to candidate short markets, finding the person that is the right fit and has the right skills is difficult in today's competitive job market. This video is meant to assist you, the employer, to help make your interview process more efficient, saving you time and money. The interview techniques listed in this short video will help you get to know the person you are interviewing, enabling you to make a more informed decision when ready to hire.
2015 Trainee of the Year - Certificate IV in Human Resources
After 25 years in the baking industry Angela was ready for a change in career and accepted the opportunity of a human resources traineeship with Repower Mining International (RMI). Her dedication to education along with her industry skills and previous experience has contributed to Angela’s success. The supportive mother of two is on a journey of career growth and is planning to further her qualifications by continuing with the Diploma of Human Resources Management. Subscribe to see our latest videos - http://ow.ly/YjO6n Website - http://www.hunter.tafensw.edu.au/ Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/huntertafe/ Follow us on Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/huntertafe/ Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/huntertafe/ Follow us on LinkedIn - http://ow.ly/YjO9F
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Part 5 Creating Great Part time Jobs for Uni Students
This idea could really work if people who like it will promote it. The May 2016 Federal Budget will not adversely change the legislation that helps make these job opportunities possible.
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Study in Australia for university degree courses or TAFE diploma
For more courses : http://www.FastFound.com Study in Australia at an Australian University for the best bachelor degrees at a University in Australia Medicine medical doctor physician surgeon Nursing Midwifery Nurse midwife Law , Legal , LLB Bar lawyer barrister judge Accounting Accountancy accounts accountant Engineering Engineer Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Electronic Engineering Civil Structural Engineering Chemical Engineering Computer Engineering Software Engineering Computer Science Solar Engineering Renewable Energy sciences Mechatronics Engineering Robotics Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Aerospace Engineering Mining Mines Miner Engineering Environmental science Engineering Bio technology Biochemistry Finance Economics econ econs eco Marketing English TESOL IELTS Hospitality Tourism hotel management MBA Masters of Business Administration program Actuary Actuarial science actuarist Math Maths Mathematics Stats Statistics Physics Chemistry Biology Biological sciences Radiation X Ray X-ray radiography Nuclear medicine Aviation Geological science geology Geography Visual Arts Visual Communication Video Games Programming Computer Games Programming Safety Sciences: OHS: Occupational Health & Safety http://www.FastFound.com .
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9820522705 Call or Whats app Mr.Aakash Thapar *Salary 42,600*Airlines,Media,BPO,Banking&HR In Mumbai
Junior Quantitative Research Analyst Call or Whats App Mr. Aakash Thapar + 9820522705 Job Type : Permanent Location : Mumbai Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Jobs and Career Start Date: ASAP Duration : Salary : 45,000*/- Ref No :120404-J013533 Call or Whats App Mr. Aakash Thapar + 9820522705 Available Top Companies JP Morgan jobs and Careers In Mumbai 3g 3 Global services Jobs and Careers In Mumbai First Source Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Zenta -- Accenture Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Sutherland Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Streams Jobs and Careers In Mumbai IBM Jobs and Careers In Mumbai TCS- Tata consultancy services Jobs and Careers In Mumbai FIS Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Wipro Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Ocwen Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Serco- Intelenet Global Services Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Gebbs healthcare jobs and Careers In Mumbai NCO India Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Much More Corporate Companies Luxury Bpo Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Call or Whats App Mr. Aakash Thapar + 9820522705 Top & NO. 1 BPO-Process Airline Process - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Blended Process - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Technical Process - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Sales - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Customer Care - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Email Process - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Railway Process - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Banking Process - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Web chat Process - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Call or Whats App Mr. Aakash Thapar + 9820522705 Chilled Out Designation Sr. Back office agent Sr.Customer Care Sr. Technical Officer Great & Luxury BPO Categories Banking & Financial Services- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Construction- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Energy & Utilities- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Government- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Health care- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai High Tech- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Insurance- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Life Sciences- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Manufacturing - Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Media & Information Services- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Metals & Mining- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Retail & Consumer Products- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Telecom- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Travel, Transportation & Hospitality- Jobs and Careers In Mumbai Call or Whats App Mr. Aakash Thapar + 9820522705 TOP.1 Corporate, Media and Airline Companies Name In Mumbai Easy Jet flights Airlines Mumbai - EUROPE Jet Airways flights Airlines Mumbai- India Singapore flights Airlines Mumbai - Singapore Lu mo Energy --Australian In Mumbai National Rail Enquirers-United Kingdom In Mumbai Barclay's International Banking UK banking-United Kingdom In Mumbai Chase Credit Cards-In Mumbai Barclay's Card Fraud Handling In Mumbai VH1 Channel in Mumbai Big Cinemas in Mumbai Hungama channel in Mumbai Aagni events in Mumbai Call or Whats App Mr. Aakash Thapar + 9820522705 Terms and Condition* Aarey Milk Colony Agripada Andheri East Andheri West Antop Hill Anushakti Nagar Ballard Estate Bandra East Bandra West Bangur Nagar Barve Nagar Bhandup East Bhandup West Bhayandar Bhayander East Borivali East Borivali West Breach Candy Byculla Chakala Chandivali Charkop Charni Road Chembur Chembur Colony Chinch Bunder Chinchpokli Chunabhatti Churchgate Colaba Cotton Green Crawford Market Cuffe Parade Cumbala Hill Curry Road Dadar East Dadar West Dahisar East Dahisar West Deonar Dharavi Dockyard Road Elphinston Fort Ghatkopar East Ghatkopar West Girgaon Gorai Goregaon East Goregaon West Govandi Grant Road GTB Nagar Haji Ali IIT Powai Jacob Circle Jogeshwari East Jogeshwari West Juhu Kalbadevi Kalina Kandivali East Kandivali West Kanjur Marg East Kemps Corner Khar Kharoli King Circle Kurla East Kurla West Lalbaug Lamington Road Lokhandwala Lower Parel Madh Mahalaxmi Mahim Mahul Malabar Hill Malad East Malad West Mandvi Mankhurd Mantralaya Marine Lines Marol Masjid Bunder Matunga West Mazgaon Mira Road Mulund Colony Mulund East Mulund West Mumbai Central Nagdevi Nahur Nariman Point Navagaon Old Navy Nagar Opera House oshiwara Parel Peddar Road Prabhadevi Pydhonie Reay Road Sahar Road Saki Naka Santacruz East Santacruz West SEEPZ Sewree Shivaji Park Sion Tardeo Tilak Nagar Trombay Tulsiwadi Vakola Versova Vidya Vihar Vikhroli East Vikhroli West Vile Parle East Vile Parle West @mumbai jobs in bpo, corporates, airlines, media, banking, accountant, back office, cabin crew, air hostess, hr, recruiter jobs in mumbai, malad west, juhu, marine line, juhu, bandra, andheri west, oper house, kemps corner ssc jobs hsc jobs graduate jobs mba jobs engineering jobs it jobs Call or Whats App Mr. Aakash Thapar + 9820522705 jobs in mumbai Terms and Condition*
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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Pay Your Debt
Paying off an old collection or charge off will increase your credit score. This is a huge MYTH! Effects of Paying When you pay an older collection account or charge-off account, your credit score most likely will suffer. Think twice before paying off an old collection or charge off. By paying your debt, it renews the date of last activity. The collection company or creditors can now report the account for another 7 years. Everyone knows debt collections are bad for your credit score. Any past due accounts including debt collections have negative effects. These accounts report on your credit report for up to7 years. As accounts age, they have less and less impact on your credit score. Many consumers believe by paying off collections or charge-off accounts, that it will raise their credit scores. It certainly seems logical; however it is far from the truth. If you are concerned about your credit score, paying off debts prior to obtaining any other type of loan or mortgage can greatly hurt your credit score. Ultimately, if it is an older account when paid off (or payments are made on the account), by doing so can be devastating to ones credit score. The recent activity of any derogatory item has a big impact on how it effects your overall credit score. Is the Debt Still Valid? After a certain period of inactivity on an account, a debt becomes time-barred and debt collectors can no longer sue you for it. This period is known as "the statute of limitations on debt" and varies by state. If the statute of limitations has passed, it is illegal for a debt collector or creditor to sue you. You need to be careful in communicating with a debt collector because the debt statute of limitations can easily be restarted by acknowledging that you owe the debt, making a payment, entering a payment plan, making an agreement to pay or making a charge on the account. After 7 Years Collection and charge-off accounts should only remain on your credit report for 7 years. It is important to check your credit reports as the credit bureaus often continue reporting these derogatory accounts over the 7 year limit. If you have any questions regarding collection accounts on your credit reports, call our office today for your complimentary credit consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 480-502-5554 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The advice provided is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as Legal Counsel or Legal Advice.
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How To Use Credit Cards
One of the most dodged topic is credit cards. It's time to face it, some of us don't know how to use our credit cards specially when we're just about to enter adult life. Let's dive into the topic. WORK WITH KRIS: ======================== Becoming a successful real estate investor is easier than most people know… as long as you have the right Mentor and the right system. Click here to learn your best options: http://LimitlessMentor.com/TV/ BOOKS By Kris Krohn ======================== The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth: http://limitlessmentor.com/TV The Conscious Creator: http://amzn.to/2gFEkblLimitless: http://amzn.to/2gLQXoV Be On Limitless TV ======================== Record your questions on video, and join me in a future episode: http://bit.ly/2yO78c7 MUSIC ======================== Tobu - Infectious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Artist: https://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial Licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 ======================== Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker) BeTheHeroStudios.com https://www.youtube.com/c/NateWoodbury
Hays 2016 Salary Guide Webinar
Get the first look at the 2016 Hays Salary Guide report as Hays Canada President Rowan O’Grady shares insights and advice for navigating the Canadian job market. How will competition, salaries, and other recruitment trends change in your industry and region?
More Details : http://www.pakistancrushers.com/contact.php From large primary jaws and gyratories to cones and VSIs for tertiary and quaternary finishing, Crushing & Pulverising Services has the right crusher and crusher parts to meet your material reduction requirements Chat online for more...Crushing & Pulverising Services, A Stone crushers Manufacturer In China Focus On Your Local Solutions Service To Your tumela mine n2 learnership Andreyanikha . Our tumela mine n2 learnership Andreyanikha Have Exported To South Africa, USA, Australia, Ghana, Russia, Canada, Egypt, UZ, Nubia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico,India,Indonesia, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mali, Kyrghyzstan, Argentina, Guinea, KZ, Etc. Crushing & Pulverising Services leads the way with state-of-the-art track-mounted and wheel-mounted crushing plants.10 Apprenticeships Or Learnerships Anglo Platinum Vacancies in Malamulele, ... C2 Tumela Mine Internal , External. Anglo American,Limpopo. ... Anglo Platinum Apprenticeship and Learnerships for N2 Technical Certificate, Share these Job Listings.AngloAmerican Platinum Khuseleka Mine. 08 September ... AngloAmerican Platinum Mogalakwena Platinum Mine ... AngloAmerican Platinum Tumela Mine.Learnership for Unemployed Matriculants 45x Modimolle Municipality Closing date ... n2 engineering jobs in South ... Get a job in the mines... Mechanical / Fitter / Welder / Boilermaker stone Jobs List, stone Engineer Jobs, Mine ... Coal price drops don't stop billions of dollars of ...ELECTRICIAN C2 ANGLO AMERICAN PLATINUM, TUMELA MINE – LIMPOPO, INTERNAL , EXTERNAL VACANCY. Role Description: This role has a 2.9.2 appointment in terms of the MHSA, Act of 1996, : Maintain, install and commission the electrical components of the Equipment and machine to an agreed standard ...South African stone giant, Anglo American, n2 learnerships, ncv learnerships, rustenburg platinum learnerships. ... Bokoni Platinum Mines. Tumela Mine. Dishaba Mine. Union Mine. Mototolo Project. Anglo American Division Anglo Platinum's . Read More.stone learnership at limpopo. stone learnership at limpopo is one of the products of our company main products sold,it is not only good stability, high reliability, and simple structure, easy to operate.Currently there’s a Learnership opportunity available at Xstrata Alloys Artisan. Below is the opportunity available and all the necessary application details for you to go on the right path.We supported more than 1,500 engineering and stone learnerships and more than 700 bursars ... Tumela Mine – Anglo American ... matla coal mine learnerships n2 and n3, learnership in aquarius platinum south africa,Project &gt, anglo platinum stone learnerships. ... South African stone giant, Anglo American, ... n2 learnerships, ... Bokoni Platinum Mines. Tumela Mine. Dishaba Mine. Union Mine. Mototolo Project. Anglo American Division Anglo Platinum's ...stone learnerships in south africa,Mobile Crusher Manufacturer . learnerships in limpopo mines for 2016. Management Accountant (stone) – Limpopo South Africa Recent Learnerships for matriculants in South Africa in all provinces …Find a learnership, apprenticeship and internship in South Africa! Learnerships , Apprenticeships Internships new Career Dictionary Fet College Finder Get Help Now!exxaro mine n2 learnership ,Types of Grdinging Mill for. learnerships in limpopo mines for 2016 / Northam Booysendal Mine: Learnership Programme 2016 , Northam Booysendal Mine: Learnership Programme 2016.learnerships posted today closing march 2016, Tiger Wheel and Tyre Learnership Programme 2016. 13 Feb 2016 ... The Sales Learnerships 2016 are available for those candidates ...Twickenham Platinum Mines. Bokoni Platinum Mines. Tumela Mine. Dishaba Mine. Union Mine. Mototolo Project ... The Anglo American stone Learnership Programme 2016 can boost ... anglo coal project manager profiles, N2 electrical engineering internship in anglo platinum s.a. for ...Category: stone Jobs in South Africa. . Tumela Mine Department: Geology Work type: Full Time Permanent Location: . Nursing ... HSRC, Learnership Programme (N2 required),Imerys SA, Win a NEW Kia Rio with JustPlay, ?Get Price, Internship,stone ... Anglo American stone Learnership.Lafarge who is a recognised world leader in building material are now offering a 2 year Learnership contract which is located in the We
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