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Spiral wheel and Mini Trommel Clean Up
Ran some cons I had sitting in the shed not expecting to find much at all . I got quite the shock when I had finished with them .
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GPAA Gold Show 2012 - Gold Prospecting and Metal Detecting
Enter our monthly contest to win cool prizes to help you find more treasure. February's prize is a Garrett Pro Pointer! Enter and get details at: http://highplainsprospectors.com/blog/?p=771 We just atteneded the 2012 Gold and Treasure Show hosted by the Gold Prospectors Association of America. We had a blast talking to the local clubs, other vendors, as well as a pretty good number of prospectors and treasure hunters from around the region. We ended up seeing people from as far as about a 5 hour drive! Attendance was pretty darn good. I do know that they had a fairly good number of folks sign up for GPAA memberships and attendance was about what is expected. From talking to several of the other vendors, sales were really good for the number of people that showed up. We were running the Mountain Goat Trommel from Camel Minding Products in conjunction with the Desert Fox Spiral Wheel. Using a transfer case between the two creates a compact but complete mining operation. Materials up to 3/4" but it is suggested to screen it to 1/2" or less. It is very important that the material you are running be classified into different sized groups to run (i.e. 1/2", 1/4", 1/8" etc.), then run it in separate groups. Weight and specific gravity plays a big role in the amount of gold you will recover. We went through several bags of North Carolina pay dirt provided by another vendor (which we will be selling in the near future). We recovered quite a bit of gold, but were very sloppy with it and spilled some in the tubs and even accidentally left the cup off the back of the spiral wheel as we got busy talking to passerbys. We sold quite a few metal detectors, some spiral wheels, several classifiers, crevicing tools, snuffer bottles, gold pans, and much more. Garrett Pro Pointers were a hit (as they usually are). We had a great time representing Camel Mining Products at this show and were one of a couple Garrett Dealers there. All in all we had a really good time and hope to be there again next year! Special thanks to the G.P.A.A., Show Me Gold Prospecting Chapter from Wellington, MO, Pony Express Prospecting Chapter from St. Joseph, and the Gateway Gold Prospecting Chapter out of St. Louis.
Mountain Goat Trommel
http://www.goldrushtradingpost.com/mountain_goat_trommel Speed up your gold processing work and increase gold recovery with the Mountain Goat Portable Trommel. This machine is aptly named because it can eat almost anything and is light enough to carry up a mountain! This machine is a real workhorse -- it can eat up as much as 2 yards of placer gravel and spit out as little as 10 pounds of concentrates in only 8 hours! The Mountain Goat Gold Trommel is a reverse helix system built on the same principle as the huge mining trommels used by large placer mining companies all over the world, but this is light (16 lbs) and portable, so one person can carry it out into the field. It is a miniature version of the huge trommels used by most major placer mining companies for the last 100 years. It is not to be confused with gravel pit trommels, though, which are designed to classify gravels. The 4-inch Mountain Goat Trommel is very efficient because the spiral riffles inside of the tube turn and bring the heavy materials up to the high end of the tube while allowing the lighter materials to flow out of the back of the tube as tailings. This system makes the trommel self-cleaning, which eliminates the need to break down for clean-up as is necessary in sluice box type equipment. The spiral riffles in the trommel tube are .25 inch deep and spaced .75 inches apart. We suggest your placer material be screened to .5 inch or less. There is a nugget trap at the low end of the tube which should be checked regularly for nuggets larger than .25 inch. Do not put rocks larger than half inch into the hopper because the larger rocks can jam the riffles against the spray tube and cause you to have to shut down to clear the jam. Metal retractable legs adjust to 3 heights (see example below). Handle is molded into the trommel body. The Mountain Goat can be used directly in a stream and is a very sturdy machine designed to take a lot of wear and tear! When using the Mountain Goat Trommel away from a running water source, we suggest you purchase a concrete mixing tub (the large size) and a bucket from your local home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes. The taillings bucket must be emptied before overflowing to keep gravel out of the water supply. You should also slip a sock over the pump to help keep the the spray system from clogging up. Length: 32 inches with hopper installed Width: 16 inches at bottom Height: 24 inches with adjuster legs Weight: 16 pounds Spiral Barrel: 4 inches in diameter Power: 12-volt battery NOT included Pump: 750 GPH INCLUDED Capacity: 2 yards per day Water Requirement: 5 gallons Motor Starting Amperage: 4 Motor Running Amperage: 3 DC Voltage Required: 12 Pump Starting Amperage: 3 Pump Running Amperage: 2 Step-by-step instructions & Trouble-shooting tips shipped with trommel We recommend you use a 12-volt battery with at least 17 amperes or more, which will run the machine about 3 hours at the right speed. The larger the battery, the longer the machine will run at the right speed. Always make sure that the red clip is on the positive (+) side of the battery. If you revers the clips, the barrel and the pump will turn backwards and no concentrates will be generated. It is not recommended that you run the trommel directly from a battery charger without a battery in the circuit. The trommel is designed to operate on 12 volts, but most battery chargers give out 18 volts, which will cause the Mountain Goat to run 150% the normal speed and kick out the material too fast to be concentrated. TIPS: Use a wetting agent in your water supply to prevent fine gold from floating out into the tailings. If you are running oily beach sand, add a tablespoon of 409 cleaning solution to your water supply. The Mountain Goat Gold Trommel is shipped via UPS Ground in the continental USA. Includes a manufacturer's 1 year warranty against defects of materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The Mayfair marine bilge pump that is INCLUDED with the machine is covered by a separate warranty from the manufacturer. Warranty info. is shipped with each machine.
Camel Mining Mountain Goat Trommel - metaldetector.com
For complete details on the Camel Mining Mountain Goat Trommel visit http://www.metaldetector.com/camel-mining-mountain-goat-trommel?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=treepodia now. Metal Detector Specialists Since 1983. The first online retailer of metal detectors. BBB member and Google Trusted Store. http://www.metaldetector.com
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gold extractor Mountain goat hexl trommel
gold how to do it yourself
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Mountain goat trommel
New toy for the Stellar boyz to play with, see if the clay will wash off and give us good gold. testing today with old cons from previous outings. Thanks to Danny in Brevard for hooking us up!! Got a Desert fox and a clean up sluice with the trommel. time will tell.
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Reverse Helix Trommel
Javelina Gold Trommel new for 2017 ...Visit our website for more info www.WILDBOARPROSPECTING.com
Reverse Helix Trommel (RHT-03)
About us: We build some of the best and innovative small scale ore crushing, gravity concentration, wash plants and refining equipment. If it's building quality and ultimate performances you are after the Amoref (Pty) Ltd is your ideal business partner. Amoref (Pty) Ltd: Reverse Helix Trommel (RHT-03) For the small to medium scale Alluvial gold miner.
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Mobile trommel screen and jig separator wash plant for gold ,diamond,tin processing
we can manufacture the same type mobile trommel and jig separator as the video show . the processing capacity can be customized from 5-60 ton per hour . the trommel scrubber and jig separator plant in the video is around 5-10 ton per portable sampling wash plant .
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Montana Sapphire Claims: Gold Trommel
This is an extensive test of my gold trommel and if it can be used to get sapphires directly out of the host material without the lengthy screening process. The test had some very mixed results.
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Gold Mining Trommel #1
How it will work. Builder: Ron Bingham, North Pole Alaska
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Gold Trommel in action on Mining Site
Trommel and Excavator working on sute
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The boys working the Summit Mining Pro Gold Trommel
A portable Trommel/Wash-plant sophisticated enough to process 2 tons/yards of material per hour, yet simplistic enough that 4 yr. old's can work it.
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Digging for Gold With The Gold Fox Trommel Crew With Their Omni Trommel
Had a great time looking for gold with the Gold Fox crew running their new Omni Fox Trommel they also build the Gold Cube Trommel and the Lil Monster Trommel witch they build right here in Montana we ran about fifteen buckets of dirt in a hour got soaking wet and found some nice gold.
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Gold Panning in Morgan County Indiana
Joe and Dewayne gold panning with a mountain goat.
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Pt1. Goldfox lil monster(2)
First run of the trommel set up and location
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gold mining trommel   gold prospecting  panning for gold,
gold mining trommels and how to ,,,gold mining, gold prospecting equipment . We build a sturdy and very efficient trommel to allow maximum gold recovery in less time. Can be pulled behind an ATV and is a superior gold trommel. Ideal for prospecting or just plain hand mining, portable and quick recovery , fast results.gold prospecting equipment . panning for gold, gold prospecting equipment . panning for gold, WHY ARE PEOPLE GOLD PROSPECTING, GOLD PANNING, TREASURE HUNTING and ROCK HOUNDING? Is it because it is something the entire family can enjoy? Is it the quest? Is it to get outdoors? Is it the thrill of finding something that no person has seen before? Is it the hope of finding a valuable gold nugget or gem? Perhaps the answer is A little of each."; but for most people the reason is Its just plain fun and something I have always wanted to do, gold mining gold prospecting equipment . panning for gold, We are a young company and are in to our third year of production in helping people like yourself to recover more with less and enjoy it. The personal Tmac2 trommels come in 2 models, they are the LT-1 and the HD2. These trommels are designed to fit in the back of a pick-up and are loaded by hand with the use of ramps. This versatile light weight unit weighs approx 205 lbs and will process up to 3 yards per hour. Making it the most profitable personal trommel on the market. This trommel is fed by one or two people using spades or shovels or can be fed by the specially designed optional hopper/conveyor which enables you to use a small excavator or loader, for the serious miner. The Tmac2 mini mining trommels are compact, portable, light weight, fun, easy to set up and operate and environmentally friendly. Used for prospecting or production and can be taken anywhere, it is a family oriented machine. It is cost effective, easily transported in your truck or behind an atv. It does the work for you. Processes more volume than sluice boxes or hand panning and out performs any other personal sized trommel on the market.
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Mountain Goat Gold
Goldhound Dale Climbs a steep mountain and finds gold nuggets in the cliff face at the top.
Green Giant trommel Gold Mining
Running our trommel for the first time on the gold claim. The Green Giant made by California Sluice Box.
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More Details : http://www.pakistancrushers.com/contact.php Gold Mining Equipment – Trommels, Vibratory Wash Plants, … Gold Mining Equipment. Trommels; Vibratory Wash Plants; Finishing Equipment; Feeders; Conveyors; Concentration Equipment; We have a wide array of gold mining … Gold Trommels For Sale Gold Prospecting Equipment and Mining … The gold mining equipment for sale, gold trommels utah, what angle to set mountain goat trommel at?. TROMMELS, REVOLVING SCREENS (WET & DRY) – Mining equipment, mining … Mining equipment machinery manufacturer offers mining equipment accessory for gold, gem, gemstone … DOVE? Trommel screens are built for highest performance, … Metal plate in spiral form for trommel applications ~trommels for … craigs list oregon gold trommel. helix reverse spiral gold trommel concentrator for sale … kleiner trommelmann tabs gitarre. youtube video big gold mining trommel Carbon steel mining trommel screen separator – SBM Mineral … … Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, Zimbabwe … Gold Trommels and Trommel Mining A trommel is basically a rotating … Gold Mining Equipment for Sale… equipment, … Used Gold Trommels For Sale, free PDF download Used Gold Trommels For Sale Papers and Research , find free PDF download from the … is a reverse helix system built on the same principle as the huge mining trommels … Placer Mining Gold Trommel Equipment Depot Placer Mining Gold Trommel for sale, 250yds/day,15 hp elect 3 ph, exc cond, used 500hrs, 5th wheel towable, hvy duty. Located in McKenzie BC cell 1 Trommel Gold Equipment Gold Panning Equipment Trommel Gold Equipment … High Qualit?t OKI C3200 C3200N rebuild Trommel CYAN $63.52 Time Remaining: 1h 9m Gold Mining Trommel javelina gold trommel, reverse helix trommel, gold trommel, gold mining trommel, trommel The Prospectors Portal – Mining and Prospecting Supplies – Gold … Aero Surface Mining Technologies Dove Trommels Revolving Screens (Wet & Dry) … Gold Trommel Plans for Sale Javelina Gold Trommel Videos Gold Vibrating or Trommel … gold trommel design in india,Indonesia,Nigeria,South Africa for sale … Nigeria, germany, zimbabwe … nugget traps to fine gold separators. Here are some new and used trommels for sale. … by Heckler Fabrication mining …… Gold Trommels … Complete Processing Equipment,Complete Crusher Plant,Gold Mining … Used Stone Crushers for Sale in Europe; What is … Nigeria, Tajikistan , Saudi Arabia , Zimbabwe … Complete Gold Mining Equipment. Our Gold Trommel Wash Plant … Oregon Pioneer 15 – Gold Claimer Brand Home the gold mining industry. It will process 8-15 yards per hour, depending on the … 48" x 2 4" Trommel Drum 3 Flow Controls (Trommel, Feed & Discharge) Sealed Centric … Camel Mining Products, Inc. ? Mountain Goat Trommel All of our Trommel Gold, Trommel Concentrator, Desert Fox Gold Panning Machine and … enjoyed working the Mountain Goat and feel it is a good addition to our gold mining … gold mining gold prospecting trommels Find Gold www.tmac2.com Gold mining with our gold prospecting trommels will recover … 8 Responses to gold mining gold prospecting trommels gold mining trommel machine gold panning sluice box gold … Oct 19, 2009?· http:// gold minng trommel gold panning sluice box gold claims gold mining trommel machine gold panning sluice box gold mining trommel machine gold …
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beast trommel you tube 2.wmv
this stainless steel wash plant was designed and manufactured for the harshest environments with stainless steel hardware so rust and failure is minimized unit will run 30 yards a day with optional grizzly attachment and double sluice boxes the unit you are watching is our basic model super economical runs on 2 quarts of gas per 6 hrs of full production perfect for Alaska you can contact us at 626-782-4653 'gold'
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Jeff's Mini Gold Trommel
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Gold fox 3/8" trommel on a le trap sluice
New barrel and stand in the new spot
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Mini Trommel
Running some dirt.
Fine Gold recovery from reedy creek
Spent a few hours highbanking in a creek in North East Victoria. First test run of the new clean up equipment I've got . Camel Minings Mountain Goat Trommel.
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gold mining trommel gold mining sluice box
Gold trommels and gold prospecting trommels. We build a sturdy and very efficient trommel to allow maximum gold recovery in less time. Can be pulled behind an atv and is a superior gold trommel. Ideal for prospecting or just plain hand mining, portable and quick recovery , fast results.gold prospecting equipment . panning for gold, gold prospecting equipment . panning for gold, WHY ARE PEOPLE GOLD PROSPECTING, GOLD PANNING, TREASURE HUNTING and ROCKHOUNDING? Is it because it is something the entire family can enjoy? Is it the quest? Is it to get outdoors? Is it the thrill of finding something that no person has seen before? Is it the hope of finding a valuable gold nugget or gem? Perhaps the answer is A little of each."; but for most people the reason is Its just plain fun and something I have always wanted to do, gold mining gold prospecting equipment . panning for gol
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Pro-Camel 24 by Camel Mining Products
The Pro-Camel 24 Spiral Gold Panning Machine with a 15 Lead 2 Stage Design The Pro-Camel 24 is the big brother of the Desert Fox and is the largest 12 volt automatic gold panning machine manufactured anywhere. It is a fast, high capacity machine capable of processing up to 400 pounds of placer sand per hour! This machine is for the miner who wants to process a lot of concentrates in a short time. The Pro-Camel 24 has been recently redesigned to make it easier to work with. It has new legs that raise it up higher and the tailing bucket is now attached to the frame.
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Reverse Helix Gold Trommel: Sapphires.
This is a continuation of our attempt to get a reverse helix trommel to sort sapphires. Progress is... slow. Several modifications have been made making the whole machine much more effective.
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Javelina Reverse Helix Trommel
15" Javelina Gold Trommel ( Was testing the sprayers on this before customer picked it up)...visit our website for more info www.wildboarprospecting.com
Small gold separating trommel - Jiangxi Shicheng Mine Machinery Factory
The small gold separating trommel is used to separating the gold sand from the gravel stones. Read more http://www.miningjxsc.com/
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Back Yard Gold Cleanup
Enter our monthly contest to win cool prizes to help you find more treasure. February's prize is a Garrett Pro Pointer! Enter and get details at: http://highplainsprospectors.com/blog/?p=771 This video is a little longer than I usually like to make, but I felt there was quite a bit to show about the operation we were running. Plus, there is some pretty nice little gold nuggets, picker, flakes and fine gold to show. So, I feel like it is worth it. It took no only a few minutes to process this half bucket of material. It is said this processing plant can process up to two yards of material a day (i.e. 8hrs). We did some research and it takes 40.32 buckets (5 gal.) to make one yard of soil. So, according to the manufacturer you should be able to process about 80 buckets in one day. By using this machine, I can fully believe it. However, I am not sure how long it would take a one man operation to get 80 buckets....that is a difficult variable to pin down! We processed using the Camel Mining Products' Mountain Goat Trommel and Desert Fox Spiral Wheel (which is quickly becoming my favorite mining tool). I say mining tool, because this is literally a small mining operation becasue you are using so much material. The units make a good prospecting tool too since you can quickly run through a few buckets and get a good handle on how much gold is in the material by doing a larger sample quickly. If there is not gold in a few buckets of material, it is a good sign to move on down the stream. We classified and panned this out then separated the gold by size (i.e. fine flower gold, grains and flakes, and pickers and nuggests. We also classified the black sands and panned it to get the fine little pieces. We got that video and will show it in the future...we found several more pieces.
Portable Gold Trommel 12 Inch Stainless Steel
http://www.montanagoldtrommels.com Pricing Is On The Web Site. Shown with optional 10 foot rock stacker. Process 2 to 5 yards an hour with this gold trommel. Process more material find more gold. It has designed and built to run every day, all day. The stainless trommel provides long life to the machine as it resists corrosion and wear. We build with stainless, aluminum and steel. Model 12 Trommel "Deluxe Model" • Process 2 to 5 Yards of Material An Hour • Rock Stacker (Deluxe) • Aluminum Splash Cover For Trommel (Deluxe) • 12 Inch Stainless Steel Trommel • 14" Primary Sluice • 12" Secondary sluice • 5.5 Intek Briggs & Stratton Engine • 6 HP Vanguard Keene Pump • Factory Installed Overflow Tube • Belt Tensioner • 100' Pressure Hose • Clean Up Hose & Nozzle • Front Crank Up Leveling Jacks • Rear Adjustable Downriggers • Factory Installed Belt Tensioner • ATV or 4 Wheeler Towable (The gold trommel shown in this video does not have the splash cover installed)
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Mini gold trommel first test
Out on the river here in Oregon testing out the new prototype mini trommel set up. Worked great! Unit has been sold. check out the video of the new trommel at work! http://youtu.be/-xA1XlcD7nI Northwest Mining Products: [email protected]
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Oregon Gold Trommel - See the Gold at the End!
Video and Picture roll of our Trommel Operation in Oregon. We were prospecting to find a rich deposit...we spent $5000 looking, to only recover 2 oz's of gold. Unfortunately the good gold seems to be at around 30 feet deep and will be too costly to dig it out with the excavator/trommel method. Perhaps we will drop a 6" dredge in the hole for lower running cost and see how it yields at shallower depths...We did find a fairly rich flood deposit at the 5-6 foot depth. Below that was very low grade gold to the 15-17 foot depth. ~ Music supplied by Apple Computer iMovie Software ~
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small portable gold trommel canada
More Details : http://wwa.stonecrushersolution.org/solutions/solutions.html we will provide a professional answer and quality of services. If this video does not meet your needs I apologize here. Visit Website: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com Contact Us For Help: http://www.gospellightbaptistschool.com/chat.html Gold Trommels l Portable Mining Equipment Built By A Gold Miner The C&S Sales gold trommel. Small Engines. Obsolete Chain Saw Parts; Portable, Commercial Grade Trommels; Designed For Production Work ; Trommel Gold Wash Plant For Sale, Gold Mining Trommel Rasa Mining Gold Wash Plant is self, drive movable, easy automatic engine self, drive & move one place to another place smoothly. To move one place to another place gold trommel plans free canada Home Solutions gold trommel plans free canada. How To build a portable homemade trommel and gold mining equipment for gold ore recovery. build mini trommel made in usa, 80, 100TPH Stone Crushing Mini Trommel Plans, Gold Prospecting Equipment and Homemade Mini Trommel Plans Canada portable mini trommel screen Alluvial gold mobile trommel screen New Age Mining Equipment, REVERSE HELIX GOLD TROMMELS REVERSE HELIX GOLD TROMMELS Work Smarter, Not harder and get more gold! The Eliminator series Reverse Helix Gold Trommels from New Age Mining Equipment are designed The Mini, Trommel, Icehouse Large is 10"X14" in an 18"X24" tub. Small is 10"X7" in an 12"X18" tub. THE MINI, TROMMEL. The Mini, Trommel from Gold Fever Bob will concentrate that difficult gravel trommel screen for alluvial gold mining gold mining trommel in ghana. Ghana Popular Trommel Screen for Alluvial Gold (GT), Wash Plant, Gold Mining Trommel, Gold Trommel wash plant, gold mining wash plant My trommel build ( NEW VIDEO ), TreasureNet build your own gold trommel, gold trommel plans, small gold trommel plans. Click on a term to search for related topics. Powered by vBadvanced CMPS v4.1.3 Gold Trommel, Minerswarehouse.com Bill's Gold Trommel Page Here are the Small Trommels. Four very different trommels, two gas powered and two battery powered. This is the first one we built and it industrial gold trommel plans free reverse helix gold trommel price canada . industrial gold trommel plans free. large gold trommel price. gold Cruher free plans to build a portable gold trommel Canada Alluvial Gold Recovery Trommels for sale Goldlands manufactures a series of trommels of various capacities under its gold mining equipment for sale. Its gold trommels are industrial calibre, built to operate Bumblebee Portable Trommel, Mining Supplies, Smelting BUMBLEBEE PRO HIGHBANKER PORTABLE GOLD TROMMEL/WASHPLANT: Unit Height : Unit Weight : Construction. Steel. Paint. JD Yellow, ZME Yellow, Black T5 Portable Trommel Wash Plant Price portable gold wash plant for sale, YouTube. Aug 20, 2014 T5 Portable Gold Trommel Wash Plant For Sale, Protable Plant t5 machinery manufacturer portable gold trommels for sale in canada small portable gold trommel canada gold trommels for sale in canada. gold trommels for sale canada limestone composition and limestone classification limestone portable gold trommel wash plant in south africa portable gold wash plant for sale in south africa. portable gold wash plant for sale, Crusher South Africa. small portable gold wash plant. Portable Gold Trommel Gold Mining Wash Plant, Gold Mining Trommeasamine Machinery is a veteran gold mining wash plant manufacturer with three shining yearsof excellence. Armed with experience and Mini Trommel Canada, Trituradoras,Molinos raymond small portable gold trommel canada Mini Trommel Canada; Mini Molino General; Mini Trituradora Keyword; Mini Trituradora Calidad; Mandíbula Mini Trituradora; Small Portable gold trommel, Alibaba Small Portable gold trommel,, New, Sprial Separator, China (Mainland).Source from Shann Alibaba.com. Mountain Goat Gold Trommel, Desert Fox Gold Panning Machine Mountain Goat Gold Trommel Speeds Up Gold Processing! Speed up your gold processing work and increase gold recovery with the Mountain Goat Portable Gold Trommel. small trommels for gardening small portable gold trommel for sale, FAQ About ore wash table gold price Fine Gardening Over the Fence Forum Posts Related to best wash plant for gold tv5 trommel screen for alluvial gold mining alluvial gold trommel in Canada . Nov 13, 2013 Large capacity Canada Alluvial Gold Mining Trommel Screen,US $ 2,500 25,000 / Set, New, Circular, Ore.Source from gold wash trommels auction canada Gold Wash Plant3'x12' single, Starting in July Price will REDUCE by 5% per week . 8' x 40' Trommel Gold Wash Plan
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
Javelina Double Barrel 15" Reverse Helix Trommel .....30 Mesh- Testing at the old Wasp Mine in Arizona.
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Trommel test
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
Javelina Gold Trommel working us in the Bradshaw Mtns Arizona
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
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Old trommel
A old mining site an trommel was just left behinde......cool.
Reverse Helix gold Trommel Test
My winter time project. First test of my home made Reveres Helix Gold Trommel. Ran a flake of gold in gravel 5 times and got it back every time. Might be saving to much material. Comments and advice welcome. Has a 12 volt motor that runs the barrel. How big of a battery will I need to run it all day?
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Reverse Helix Trommel 56
Reverse Helix Trommel
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
Short demonstration of our 10" Javelina Trommel........Didnt have any spare gold laying around so i used some nuts, flat washers and bb's. www.wildboarprospecting.com
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
Prespecting at Rich Hill in Arizona........www.wildboarprospecting.com
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
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Gold Trommel, Reverse Helix Trommel
Wet Test before shipment to Africa....Javelina Double 15" Barrels...Reverse Helix Trommel...Gas Powered www.wildboarprospecting.com
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