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Bengalla Mining Company Corporate Video 2017
Bengalla Mining Company operates an open cut mine located south west of Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia.
Huge gold-encrusted rocks unearthed in Australia, miners in West Australia find gold
Huge gold-encrusted rocks unearthed in Australia Huge gold-encrusted rocks unearthed in Australia, miners in West Australia find goldMiners in Western Australia say they have discovered two huge gold-encrusted rocks that are each estimated to be worth millions of dollars. The largest specimen, weighing 95kg (210lb), was found to contain more than 2,400 ounces of gold, Canadian miner RNC Minerals said. Miners in Australia often extract as little as 2g of gold per tonne of rock, Prof Spearing told the BBC. RNC Minerals said it had extracted 2,200g per tonne. "Very, very seldom do we see results on that level. This is an exceedingly rare find and very exciting," Prof Spearing said. He said that gold particles were often too small to be visible to the human eye. Image copyrightRNC MINERALS Image caption Concentrations of gold seen in the Beta Hunt mine The Beta Hunt mine had primarily been running as a nickel operation until last week's discovery. The company had targeted the gold vein, located 500m (1,600ft) underground, after finding traces of gold closer to the surface in June. RNC Minerals chief executive Mark Selby said the largest rocks would go to auction as collector items. The company said it had extracted gold worth about C$15m (£9m; $11m) from a mine near Kalgoorlie last week. One mining engineer described the finds as "exceedingly rare". "People do still record finding nuggets in the goldfields, but typically they are less than several ounces," said Prof Sam Spearing, director of the Western Australia School of Mines at Curtin University. The mining company valued the largest rock at about C$4m. It said the second-largest - a 63kg specimen with an estimated 1,600 ounces of gold - was worth C$2.6m. Arabic: اكتشفت صخور ضخمة مغطاة بالذهب في أستراليا ، وعمال المناجم في غرب أستراليا يجدون الوريد الذهبي Czech: V Austrálii se v Austrálii objevily obrovské zlaté skály, horníci v západní Austrálii nalezli zlatou žílu Danish: Kæmpe guldbelagte klipper udgravet i Australien, minearbejdere i Vest-Australien finder guldåre German: Riesige mit Gold verkrustete Felsen, die in Australien gefunden wurden, Goldgräber in Westaustralien Greek: Τεράστια πετρώματα με κρυστάλλους χρυσού που βρέθηκαν στην Αυστραλία, οι ανθρακωρύχοι στη Δυτική Αυστραλία βρίσκουν χρυσή φλέβα Spanish: Enormes rocas con incrustaciones de oro desenterradas en Australia, los mineros en el oeste de Australia encuentran veta de oro Persian: در سنگاپور سنگ معدن طلای سنگین کشف شده در استرالیا، معدنچیان در غرب استرالیا رگه های طلایی پیدا می کنند French: D'énormes rochers incrustés d'or ont été découverts en Australie, des mineurs de l'ouest de l'Australie ont trouvé des filons d'or Hindi: ऑस्ट्रेलिया में पाए गए विशाल सोने से घिरे चट्टानों, पश्चिम ऑस्ट्रेलिया में खनिकों को सोने की नस मिलती है Hungarian: Aranyozott aranyozott kőzetek Ausztráliában, a Nyugat-Ausztrália bányászai arany vénát találnak Indonesian: Batuan emas bertatahkan besar ditemukan di Australia, penambang di Australia Barat menemukan urat emas Italian: Enormi rocce incrostate di oro dissotterrate in Australia, i minatori dell'Australia occidentale trovano la vena dell'oro Korean: 호주에서 발견 된 거대한 금 - 암석 암석들, 서부 호주의 광부들은 금 정맥을 발견했다. Dutch: Enorme goud-encrusted rotsen opgegraven in Australië, mijnwerkers in West-Australië vinden goud ader Norwegian: Stort gullbelagte bergarter oppdaget i Australia, gruvearbeidere i Vest-Australia finner gullvein Punjabi: ਆਸਟ੍ਰੇਲੀਆ ਵਿਚ ਲੱਭੇ ਹੋਏ ਵੱਡੇ ਸੋਨੇ-ਭਰੇ ਚੱਟਾਨਾਂ, ਪੱਛਮੀ ਆਸਟਰੇਲੀਆ ਦੇ ਖਾਨਾਂ ਵਿਚ ਸੋਨੇ ਦੀ ਨਾੜੀ ਲੱਭੀ Portuguese: Enormes rochas incrustadas de ouro desenterradas na Austrália, mineiros da Austrália Ocidental encontram veias de ouro Russian: Огромные золотые инкрустированные камни, обнаруженные в Австралии, горняки в Западной Австралии находят золотую жилу Swedish: Stora guldbelagda stenar uppgraderade i Australien, gruvarbetare i västra Australien hittar guldvenen Chinese: 澳大利亚出土了巨大的金镶嵌岩石,西澳大利亚的矿工们发现了金矿脉 Chinese (Simplified): 澳大利亚出土了巨大的金镶嵌岩石,西澳大利亚的矿工们发现了金矿脉 Chinese (Traditional): 澳大利亞出土了巨大的金鑲嵌巖石,西澳大利亞的礦工們發現了金礦脈
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Living conditions in mining camps
Queensland District Vice President Mitch Hughes talks about conditions in mining camps
Mine Rehabilitation
In Queensland 220,000 hectares have been disturbed by coal mining yet only 506 hectares have been certified rehabilitated. That's just 0.23%. ABC TV's Lateline investigated mine rehabilitation and found it can be done properly, but it's only happening at a handful of mines. A senate enquiry will examine how to force mining companies rehabilitate the land properly.
Mining Potential Still Strong In Australia - RBS Morgans on Kitco News
Kitco News speaks with James Wilson of RBS Morgans about mining news specifically in Australia. Mining companies in Australia are struggling to be profitable due to lower metals prices, higher costs and lack of funding. "Now States are considering potentially increasing royalties in some of the gold companies," Wilson says when asked about political issues in Australia. "That has put a bit of a scare amongst the local gold companies." With regards to exploration in the country, Wilson says that companies are now focusing on making every drill hole count. "We've seen a number of high profile CEOs depart a number of big mining companies in the past 12 months," Wilson adds. "Newcrest had over 4 or 5 production downgrades in the last few years and multibillion dollar write-downs, so the CEO departure is the icing on the cake." Tune in now to hear more about the mining industry and what mining companies are focusing on to push forward. Kitco News, October 16, 2013. Join the conversation @ The Kitco Forums and be part of the premier online community for precious metals investors: http://kitcomm.com -- Or join the conversation on social media: @KitcoNewsNOW on Twitter: http://twitter.com/kitconews --- Kitco News on Facebook: http://facebook.com/kitconews --- Kitco News on Google+: http://google.com/+kitco --- Kitco News on StockTwits: http://stocktwits.com/kitconews
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Carpentaria Exploration - interview by Central GTS/BKN Broken Hill TV, 1 June 2010
Carpentaria Exploration's executive chairman Nick Sheard discusses with Broken Hill TV the prospects for a new magnetite iron ore mine near the famous mining town in New South Wales, Australia. The company has signed an $81 million deal on its Hawsons Iron Project, which could become the largest iron ore mine in the state.
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Mining boom creating a shortage of high-end rentals
Mining company executives are creating a mini boom of their own with demand for high-end properties driving rental prices to new levels.
Mining offsets explained - United Wambo super pit
You'll never believe how coal mining companies are tricking the NSW government into letting them clear critically endangered bushland in the Hunter Valley. The latest big new mine is a super pit called United Wambo. Will the Government smarten up, or are they going to get away with driving this bushland to the brink of extinction? http://www.lockthegate.org.au/protectthehunter
NSW Women in Mining: A snapshot
Did you know 93% of women in NSW mining would recommend the industry, but women make up only 9% of our NSW mining workforce? We hear from leading women in the NSW mining industry talking about their experiences in the industry, and what can be done retain women in our industry. Our new report, NSW Women in Mining: A snapshot, looks at what our miners are doing to encourage women to join the industry, and considers what else can be done to increase the number of women in NSW mining. Download the report at www.nswmining.com.au/publications
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Protesters gatecrash mining conference
Four people have been arrested after storming a mining conference in Sydney to protest against coal seam gas exploration in New South Wales.
Australian Mining - The News in Focus (3/10/2014)
Ben Hagemann returns this week to discuss the biggest news stories in the mining industry. Stories covered include: • Fatality at Worsley alumina refinery http://www.miningaustralia.com.au/news/fatality-at-worsley-alumina-refinery • Isaac Plains coal mine to shut down, 300 jobs cut http://www.miningaustralia.com.au/news/isaac-plains-coal-mine-to-shut-down-300-jobs-cut • Bees the key to mine site rehab http://www.miningaustralia.com.au/news/bees-the-key-to-mine-site-rehab
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Mining Your Own Business: A Snapshot
There are thousands of businesses across NSW that supply the mining industry. These are some of their experiences.
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NSW Mining TVC
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Thousands of mining jobs are waiting in Western Australia but Aussies don’t want them
Thousands of mining jobs are waiting in Western Australia but Aussies don’t want them: https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/mining/thousands-of-mining-jobs-are-waiting-in-western-australia-but-aussies-dont-want-them/news-story/9abb09bee9c85fc6419597a14e77df3e. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd_ODCcrc4jEWgi4qYyy0wg?sub_confirmation=1  From 2012 to 2016, the mining industry experienced a severe downturn, culling close to 60,000 jobs and making full-time work an almost impossible get. But now, especially in Western Australia and Queensland, the mining industry is on the road to recovery — and companies are begging Aussies to come and work for them. According to the latest data from SEEK, the mining, resource and energy sector has consistently recorded the largest growth in job ads for the past 11 months. The sector is throwing out 32 per cent more job ads now than it was at the same time last year and is posting almost four times more job ads than Australia’s average. But just because mining companies are putting out thousands of ads and offering salaries paying well over $150,000 doesn’t mean Aussies are picking them up. Earlier this week, the CEO of WA’s Chamber of Minerals and Energy backed a migration agreement that would hopefully combat a severe skills shortage in the mining region of the Goldfields. If approved, the Designated Area Migration Agreement would allow overseas workers to be flown over to work in the mines and would make them exempt from the skilled migrants requirement. Chief executive Paul Everingham told the ABC there were more than 1000 vacancies in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder mining sector and said the region was at crisis point.  “You can’t sugar coat that — they’re available now and they’re not being filled, so however you can get them (workers),” Mr Everingham said. “All Australian companies want to employ Australians first, but if there aren’t enough Australians … we have got to remember there’s an infrastructure boom going on in NSW. “So if we have to set up special immigration or work zones, our members would definitely welcome the ability to get access to skilled workers immediately.” The WA mining industry is advertising for thousands of jobs ranging from cleaners to tradesmen to university-educated engineers. But following Mr Everidge’s comments, a number of people involved in the state’s mining industry have said more needs to be done to make relocating an attractive proposition. Despite the huge salaries fly-in fly-out workers earn, most complain of having no work-life balance. FIFO workers typically have higher rates of suicide, struggle with depression due to long hours and loneliness and report higher rates of workplace bullying and alcoholism. In 2015, the West Australian government conducted a 10-month investigation into the state’s FIFO workforce. Lifeline WA admitted in October last year it still had no idea exactly how many FIFO workers were affected by mental illness or how many had committed suicide while away from their families to work in the state’s mines. Even the report issued after the lengthy investigation admitted “the inquiry struck several problem areas in relation to statistics”. “Clear data was difficult to find in the areas of: a definitive total number of workers employed in the Western Australia resources industry on a FIFO #Thousands, #mining, #jobs, #waiting, #WesternAustralia, #Aussies, #don’t, #want, #them #miningindustry, #mentalillness, #mentalhealth, #workersdying, #miningindustryaccounts, #flyinflyoutworkers, #Australiangovernment, #miningsector, #resourcesindustry, #Australiancompanies, #parttimework, #miningcompanies, #miningregion, #mentalhealthissues, #migrationagreement, #skilledmigrantsrequirement, #Companiestalk, #miningjobs, #worklifebalance, #suicidestatistics, #prevalencerate, #suiciderates, #crisispoint, #energysector, #productionsites, #skillsshortage, #problemareas, #WesternAustralia, #Australia, #AustraliaandNewZealand, #Oceania, #Queensland, #UniversityofWesternAustralia, #AustralianBureauofStatistics, #CommunityServices, #MentalHealthCommission, #ChamberofMineralsandEnergy, #PeterMiller, #PaulEveringham, #NatalieWolfe
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Emmerson Resources makes 'a very exciting discovery' at Whatling Hill in NSW
Emmerson Resources Ltd (ASX:ERM) managing director Rob Bills tells Proactive Investors about the explorer and producer's discovery of what could be a large porphyry copper system at Whatling Hill; part of the Fifield Project, which in turn is part of the company's exploration portfolio in NSW, Australia. "It is very significant, I do emphasize however it is early stage... it's the most exciting discovery so far across our five projects in New South Wales... discovery is the biggest value driver in any exploration or mining company," says Bills.
Drought in the Hunter Valley - Australia's Wine Country to Merriwa Farms
Drought-stricken farmers need money, stockfeed and support. Here is an article on how you can help these farmers: www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/helping-those-hit-hardest-by-drought-is-not-as-hard-as-you-think/news-story/c89a4e9e418ed8b09a30c35e1fbebc77 www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/worst-drought-in-more-than-100-years-now-on-sydneys-doorstep/news-story/7da02868172654cd5df0f059adf2b147 www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/droughtstricken-farmers-need-money-stockfeed-and-support/news-story/bd7f207b4960955ebf4ba3eadf832748 Not far from Newcastle in the State of New South Wales & about 1 hour & a half drive north of Sydney lies the Hunter Valley. This area is known for its picturesque scenery, fine wine & delicious dairy delights. However: This landscape; normally lush & fertile, is being hit hard by drought. Now, drought is a normal part of Australian life, climate & weather patterns. However: Drought can be minimized when ground water isn't sucked dry by Chinese Government-owned mining companies who dig the coal out of New South Wales & send it to China, India & South Korea for them to have CHEAP BASE LOAD POWER! Fuck Agenda 21 & the Lima Declaration. Farmers north-west of where this video was filmed in a place called Merriwa, have to sell off their last remaining stock, their income generation, just to survive. Farmers in Walgett & Moree have no help at all: But those families in Western Sydney will get another handout for the public housing they smash up & another drug rehab facility for their drugged out, Ritalin raised, welfare dependent "children".
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Saudi workforce contactor sets up in Australia
A Saudi Arabian company is looking to prosper from Western Australia's mining boom but many are questioning if it will use Australian workers.
Thirlmere Lakes, damaging coal mining (ABC News)
Two teams of scientists have concluded that longwall coal mining has damaged the Thirlmere Lakes, part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage property, adding weight to calls for getting damaging coal mining out of Sydney’s drinking water catchment. In an ABC news report, the Lakes system is described by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as being “of international significance on the basis of its outstanding natural values.” According to former mining consultant and co-author of one of the research papers, Dr Philip Pells, there “is a strong body of evidence now that the groundwater lost to the [Tahmoor] coal mine has impacted on the lakes." Dr Pells described the damage as severe, the overall impact of which means that the National Park of which they are a key feature, is “stuffed.” Protect our water visit: www.lockthegate.org.au
Australia: mining quarry or natural paradise?
Australia's plans to increase coal exports are at odds with the country's new carbon tax, and broader efforts to protect its environmental assets. Duration: 02:18.
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Australian Gold Production Output - Bloomberg
Australian gold output rises 4% last quarter as miners expand operations. (The Trade)
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Santos abandons plans for pipeline
Mining company Santos has bowed to public pressure and called off plans for a coal seam gas pipeline across northern NSW.
Companies not declaring interests concerning: O'Farrell
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell says he is concerned some mining companies are not being upfront when seeking to acquire rural properties.
Australia's biodiversity: mining
Mining occurs throughout Australia, but its direct impacts on biodiversity are relatively limited compared with other major land uses because the areas affected are generally small. Dr Alan Andersen talks about the main impacts of mining on biodiversity and how these can be appropriately managed through processes like strategic regional assessments, use of bioindicators in rehabilitation, and biodiversity offsets. (06:12) Access CSIRO's book Biodiversity: Science and Solutions for Australia - http://www.csiro.au/biodiversitybook Video transcript available here: http://www.csiro.au/news/transcripts/YouTubeTranscripts/2014/July/CH11-Alan-Andersen.html
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Miningscout-Interview: Introduction of Australian Gold Producer Resolute Mining
At the 2015 Diggers & Dealers mining conference in Kalgoorlie, Australia, Miningscout-editor Albert Gruber had the opportunity to interview John Welborn, CEO of Resolute Mining Ltd. (ASX: RSG; Frankfurt: RSM; WKN: 794836) about an overview of the gold producer's projects in Australia and South-West Africa and the company's future expansion strategies for gold production growth. For more information on Resolute Mining please review http://www.resolute-ltd.com.au/.
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How Gold Mining Works
Ever wonder how people mined for gold? Have no fear! You can use a pan, a large drill, and even explosives! Anthony did some digging and found out many of the methods that people get that rare substance out of the ground and into your wallet! Don't miss Discovery's epic three-night event! Klondike premieres Monday, January 20th at 9|8c on Discovery Read More: Modern Gold Mining http://money.howstuffworks.com/30924-modern-gold-mining-video.htm "With the price of gold at all time highs, a familiar fever is sweeping Alaska." Gold Price Ounce http://www.goldpriceoz.com/ "Current gold prices per ounce and gold prices history." Improvements in Stope Drilling and Blasting For Deep Gold Mines http://www.saimm.co.za/Journal/v075n06p139.pdf "The rate of face advance in the gold mines is between 3 and 10 m a month, with a median value of about 5 m a month; it follows that faces are blasted less frequently than is planned." Gold Mining - Methods http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_mining#Methods "Placer mining is the technique by which gold has accumulated in a placer deposit is extracted." How Does Gold Mining Work? http://www.wisegeek.com/how-does-gold-mining-work.htm "Gold mining can use several different techniques, depending on the situation involved and the type of mining being done." What is the Role of Cyanide in Mining? http://www.miningfacts.org/environment/what-is-the-role-of-cyanide-in-mining/ "Cyanide is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in low concentrations throughout nature including in fruits, nuts, plants, and insects." Gold Fun Facts http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/past-exhibitions/gold/eureka/gold-fun-facts "It has been estimated that, worldwide, the total amount of gold ever mined is 152,000 metric tons, only enough to fill 60 tractor trailers." Watch More: 5 Surprising Uses for Gold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnsJEEEgbvY TestTube Wild Card http://testtube.com/dnews/dnews-437-pets-make-us-healthier?utm_campaign=DNWC&utm_medium=DNews&utm_source=YT The Truth About Diamonds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjUCAMFVjaY ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Anthony Carboni on Twitter http://twitter.com/acarboni Laci Green on Twitter http://twitter.com/gogreen18 Trace Dominguez on Twitter http://twitter.com/trace501 DNews on Facebook http://facebook.com/dnews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com
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Australian political parties got $200 million in donations last year  | Breaking News US/Australia
★More News Channel - Entertainment Video►► http://bit.ly/2zUac3v Australian political parties raked in more than $200 million in donations last financial year - but they didn't all come from wealthy benefactors.The biggest single donor was Prime Minister propping up his own reelection chances by stumping up $1.75 million.His party received about $95 million in the 2016-17 financial year, including the second biggest donation of $500,000 from Kerry Packer's widow Roslyn.This was considerably less than the $71 million the Labor Party got following its narrow election defeat in the first month of the reporting period.Mining companies were, as usual, also big donors - particularly those owned on controlled by foreign or dual-nationals.Chinese businesswoman Sally Zou's Aus Gold Mining Group gave more than $360,000 to the Liberal Party, with $316,064 going to the South Australian branch.The flamboyant businesswoman caused a stir by creating the 'Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation' last year, before dropping the foreign minister's name nine days later.Another Chinese billionaire, Chau Chak Wing, downsized his usual six-figure donations, giving just $30,000 to the NSW branch this year.The property developer gave $860,000 the year before, including $700,000 to the Liberals, through his Hong Kong Kingson Investment company.The most controversial payment was $2,200 from Indian mining company Adani, which is behind the $16.5 billion Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland. The infamous mine has been relentlessly protested against by anti-coal groups and environmentalists concerned about damage to the Great Barrier Reef.Labor Party national secretary Noah Carroll returned the two donations, according to Australian Electoral Commission records.The money appeared to be payment for attendance at ALP events rather than a direct cash donation.Tobacco giant Philip Morris also gave $20,000 to the Liberal Democratic Party and $15,000 to the National Party.The donations were controversial because Labor banned tobacco donations in 2004 and the Liberals followed suit in 2013, but the Nationals did not.A cigarette manufacturer giving to the Liberal Democrats was not surprising giving their 'pro-choice' stance on smoking.The libertarian party wants to abolish the tobacco excise and let businesses and workers decide if they want to operate in a smokey environment.The federal government drafted laws which would ban donations from foreign bank accounts, non-citizens, and foreign entities to all types of political campaigning.It said the changes would ensure only those with a meaningful connection to Australia could influence domestic politics and election campaigns.Many of these donations would be illegal once those laws go through, though Mr Chau and Ms Zou were both Australian dual citizens.One Nation leader Pauline Hanson mostly relied on taxpayer funding, rather than donations, to prop up her 2016 federal election campaign.The disclosures show Pauline Hanson's One
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Centennial Coal
Centennial Coal Company Limited is Australia's largest independent coal producer. It operates 11 mines in NSW and supplies power stations, industrial customers and export markets with the climate change causing fuel. On November 24 2006 10 Greenpeace campaigners and volunteers peacefully entered Centennial Coal's AGM in Sydney to hang a 'Centennial Coal = Climate Change' banner. Unfortunately counter terrorism police were expecting us. Nine activists were aggressively dragged from the room by plain clothes police while the other activist was arrested but released without charges.
Industry defends coal seam gas mining
Representatives from Australia's resources industry have defended the safety of coal seam gas mining during a Senate meeting in Canberra.
Australian-owned gold mine under human rights cloud
Human rights commissioner Loretta Rosales says Australian company Oceana Gold has breached human rights laws at its mine site in northern Philippines.
Nurse TV: Mine site nursing
Nurse TV is an Australian community television show made by nurses for nurses. Nurse TV aims to educate the public about the role of the nurse in the 21st century. The following segment is about a nurse who works for a mining company in outback Australia. To learn more about Nurse TV, visit our website at http://www.nursetv.com.au/ © Waterbyrd Filmz 2004
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Glencore and Xstrata: the facts
Glencore and Xstrata have announced merger plans to create one of the largest mining companies in the world.
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Mining Tax gone
The Abbott Government has abolished Labor's Mining Tax - which is great news for jobs, growth and economic development. This is part of our Plan to build a stronger Australia.
FRANCE24-EN-Report-New coal mine in Australia
While Australia recently agreed to set targets and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, the State of New South Wales has decided to go ahead with the approval of a new coal mine. This decision flies in the face of the international community, concerned with global warming.
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Tasmanian gold mine booms with new owner
The Henty gold mine on Tasmania's west coast is looking towards a bright future after Unity Mining took over.
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Protect A Sacred Aboriginal Women's Fertility Site from Mining
Read Aunty Beve's Open Letter: http://wakeup-world.com/2014/01/06/open-letter-from-aboriginal-elder-protect-our-sacred-womens-fertility-site/ New Zealand based sandmining company, Rocla, is planning to build a mine on a sacred Aboriginal Women's Fertility Rites songline and teaching place, in Calga on the Central Coast NSW. Original Elder 'Auntie' Beve had made it her mission to make all Australians aware of how significant this loss would be -- to help them fully understand the Cultural importance of this site, and why it must not be destroyed. Read more: http://wakeup-world.com/2014/01/06/open-letter-from-aboriginal-elder-protect-our-sacred-womens-fertility-site/ To voice your opinion on the proposed mining development and help Auntie Beve protect this important ancient ceremonial women's site, please contact the NSW Premier and the Ministers for Heritage and Aboriginal Affairs: Barry O'Farrell Premier, and Minister for Western Sydney: Phone (02) 9228 5239 Fax (02) 9228 3935 http://www.premier.nsw.gov.au/contact-premier-new-south-wales Robyn Parker NSW Minister for the Environment, and Minister for Heritage: Phone (+612) 9228 5253 Fax (+612) 9228 5763 [email protected] Victor Dominello NSW Minister for Citizenship and Communities, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs: Phone (+612) 9228 4333 Fax (+612) 9228 4392 [email protected]
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Living with Coal seam gas... the farmer who's making it work...
A Queensland farmer explains how he blends traditional farming with the mining industry.
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'Iron and dust': Mining talks split Indigenous community
Four Corners host Kerry O'Brien discusses how one of Australia's richest men is struggling to finalise a deal with Indigenous leader Michael Woodley to mine a mineral rich area in Australia's north-west.
People vs Coal Company
October 11, 2009: A three-day NSW Climate Camp culminated in march and the blockade of Australia's oldest coal mine owned by the Peabody Energy company. The mine plans to expand and carry out longwall mining under the Woronora Dam, an important water source for Sydney and Wollongong.
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UGL CIMIC makes $525m australia news
Construction and engineering business CIMIC has made a $524.5 million takeover bid for engineering contractor UGL, as UGL's shares have plummeted on the back of a downturn in mining. Key points: CIMIC, formerly Leighton Holdings, launches $3.15 per share offer for UGL Deal values UGL at $524.5 million UGL shares up nearly 50pc around midday to $3.17; shares peaked at $9.44 in 2007 The offer, at $3.15 per share, is a 47.2 per cent premium to UGL's share market close of $2.14 on October 7. "CIMIC believes UGL's competencies are complementary to CIMIC's existing operations or enhance CIMIC's capabilities in new activities," the company, formerly known as Leighton Holdings, said in a statement. UGL peaked at $9.44 a share in 2007, but has since suffered a beating on the back of falling commodity prices and a downturn in mining. CIMIC currently owns 13.8 per cent of the company. In June, UGL's share price plummeted after it announced delays, disruptions and cost blowouts on the $US34 billion Ichthys LNG joint venture in Darwin. In a statement to the ASX, UGL said its board would meet to consider the offer and provide further advice to shareholders. "In the meantime, the board of UGL recommends that shareholders take no action in relation to the CIMIC announcement," UGL's statement said. UGL sold its property business DTZ to a private equity-led group of investors including TPG Capital and PAG Asia Capital in 2014. UGL shares surged 48.6 per cent to $3.17 in midday trade on the offer, its highest price since early June and its biggest one-day jump since listing.
Opposition pledges to clean asbestos mine
The NSW Opposition has pledged to spend $5.5 million to clean an open-cut asbestos mine at Tamworth in the state's north.
Already there are close to 50,000 abandoned mines across Australia - if we don’t act now more and more companies will go bankrupt, close mines and walk away. The most serious problem is water: new research shows we are 40 years behind the US, allowing unfilled pits to remain after mining which drain surrounding water resources and leach toxins and salts into our soil and waterways. Modern coal mines have pits that may extend 150 metres or more below the natural water table, draining precious groundwater. For example the final pit left behind at the Liddell mine, NSW, is expected to drain 57 million litres of groundwater per day! Help us force big mining to fix the mess: www.lockthegate.org.au/minerehab #minerehab
WA increases mining royalties
The WA Government has hiked up iron ore royalties in its budget which has created an almost $2 billion black hole for the Federal Government.
Australian Bauxite (ASX:ABZ) MD Ian Levy Speaks With Brian Carlton
(ABN Newswire) - FINANCE VIDEO: Australian Bauxite Limited (ASX:ABZ) Managing Director Ian Levy Speaks With Brian Carlton at Symposium Resources Roadshow in Sydney. Ian Levy has thirty years senior management experience with small to large mining companies, including WMC, Pancontinental Mining, Gympie Gold and CEO of Allegiance Mining, involving development of bauxite, gold, coal, base metals, nickel and industrial minerals projects from discovery to marketing. Ian Levy is Chairman of Dynasty Metals Australia and a former Director of Gloucester Coal. He was a member of the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) for 11 years including 4 years as Vice Chairman and Federal President, Australian Institute of Geoscientists. About Australian Bauxite Limited Australian Bauxite Limited (ABx) (ASX:ABZ) is an exploration company that holds the core of the Eastern Australian Bauxite Province with 29 tenements in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania covering over 7,000 km2. ABx bauxite is high quality and can be processed into alumina at low temperature -- the type that is in short supply globally. At the company's first drilling prospect in Inverell, northern NSW, a maiden resource of 22 million tonnes has been reported from drilling less than 10% of the identified bauxite deposit. Australian Bauxite Limited aspires to identify bauxite resources in excess of 200 million tonnes in one of the world's best bauxite provinces. ABx has the potential to create three state-significant bauxite processing projects, one each in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania and has several bauxite deposits that are favourably located for direct shipping of bauxite to export customers. Our business plan is to prove up the largest tonnage of high quality bauxite resources of any comparable company and to market premium-priced bauxite products into both the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region (especially China) and the large eastern Australian aluminium industry.
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AUSTRALIA -This is our Reality !! Fracking, mining, eq's and cloud seeding
As the video shows !! All Australians have to make a stand !! The Gas companies can come take your land anytime they want. http://www.abc.net.au/news/specials/coal-seam-gas-by-the-numbers/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowy_Hydro http://www.abc.net.au/news/2008-08-22/nsw-extends-cloud-seeding-for-snowy-mountains/485870 http://cooberpedyregionaltimes.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/coober-pedy-regional-times-23-6-2011.pdf Royalty free music. Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Calming&page=9 Rally for NO FRACKING IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA http://www.greenleft.org.au/events/50462 This video is solely used for educational purposes.
ABC News - rally outside mining conference - 18 August 2011
ABC News - rally outside mining conference - 18 August 2011 Coverage of a rally against the expansion of coal and coal seam gas in Australia, held outside the NSW Government's $900 a head mining conference at the Wentworth Hotel, Sydney. 18 August 2011.
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The price of gold: Chinese mining in Ghana documentary | Guardian Investigations
Ghana has had a gold rush but here, Afua Hirsch discovers how Chinese immigrants are profiting from industrialising the country's small-scale mining industry. She sees for herself that, for the many locals who chance losing life and limb for a piece of the same pie, the risks are rarely worth it, and explores where the responsibility for regulating this industry lies. The price of gold: Chinese mining in Ghana documentary Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: http://bitly.com/UvkFpD Afua Hirsch reports on Ghana's gold rush in a film that discovers how Chinese immigrants are profiting from industrialising the country's small-scale mining industry. She sees for herself that, for the many locals who chance losing life and limb for a piece of the same pie, the risks are rarely worth it, and explores where the responsibility for regulating this industry lies.
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CEFMU corruption allegations
An investigation by Fairfax Media and the ABC's 7.30 program has identified several influential Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union officials, organisers and shop stewards in NSW and Victoria who have been given bribes and other inducements by the companies.
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