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"Earth and Blood" by Chiharu Shiota and "The mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks.
The poem is "The mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks. Photographs are by Chiharu Shiota. Music is "Strange ways" from the YouTube Audio Library Watching Art 249 Poetry, Music and Painting.
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Alone ~ Current 93
Birdsong in The Empire, Photo images from Chiharu Shiota. Lyrics: Whilst I thought I was climbing I found myself descending Having lost my way let me go up Having lost my way let me go down I have no other work to do It would have been better No to be the mother It is sorrowful When a son goes away Let alone And when he dies I watched quietly When the grave was being dug Knowing that he won't come back And I shall not be here For much longer Even if I become Like a king or like the wind Never Never will death Stay away But when he called me from above Neither voice nor word to say yes We just quietly say yes to him It is a debt Which must be paid Here is your flesh Take it from me It seems to me That you can't destroy it Having spent the day with pain Am I going to spend the night with pain? This living to eat Is so tiring for me I am feeling cold inside Let me go on seeking fire Even death is better Than this useless life The mast of a ship A nakedness The leader of whores Sheds the female breast He tramples down The vast furnace Godlike and piercing Binding and bitter And cleaving asunder Bones bound together And paleness breaking And rending Abiding in a place Tending into nothingness Dampness tending onto corruption Corruption Corruption Corruption And merchants in trembling Dragged down into horror Terrible and whirling The dust in the palm Sublime circumcision Solitude and desolation A goatherd unto lost All destruction Grinding thin powder Withering and fading The reaping-hook of dullness Earth thrown up All flesh turn The mountains are cast out Lions trembling with fury Thy braking in my barrenness The destroyer of days The silent lion We know him fury The death of flesh He moves with a creeping motion They destroy by the sky flame Of their smoky breath The painbringers They shriek with a Long Drawn Cry I do not own anything of this video
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Niagara by Mark Bradford - Biennale di Venezia ( 2017 )
🔔 COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER 🔔 🚫 I am not the author or the owner of the artwork in this video ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► If you do not want this video to be public, please before takedown process send an email to [email protected] ► I will remove it within 24hr from YouTube and all my local archive. ► This video is for illustrative and educational purposes only and has been taken to the Venice Biennale of Art in the absence of explicit notice of not taking pictures and / or film. 👉 ART is better if seen live, THANK YOU! 👈 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎨 ARTWORK description The Vision of Melvin, former neighbor, walking away from the camera, recalls Marylin Monroe's famous walk in the 1953 film of the same name and the domination implied by the camera's gaze. The man's declaration of self, style, and sensuality defies the threat of violence amidst harsh socioeconomic conditions.Revisiting Niagara in 2017, Bradford emphasizes that all Black lives matter - those of Black women and Black gay included. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎬 VIDEO credits Original Artworks by Mark Bradford ( Courtesy of Artist ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📀 MUSIC Credits • These Boots are Made for Walking ( Beatriz Version ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKAVKLIAFog ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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A special documentary about Leo Brasina, former radio producer and a poet, based in Limassol, Cyprus. Produced by Andreas Papakyriakou & Alekos Nikolaou All copyrights reserved ©2018 Follow us https://www.facebook.com/Leobrasina/
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"the mother" by Gwendolyn Brooks
Abortions will not let you forget. You remember the children you got that you did not get, The damp small pulps with a little or with no hair, The singers and workers that never handled the air. You will never neglect or beat Them, or silence or buy with a sweet. You will never wind up the sucking-thumb Or scuttle off ghosts that come. You will never leave them, controlling your luscious sigh, Return for a snack of them, with gobbling mother-eye. I have heard in the voices of the wind the voices of my dim killed children. I have contracted. I have eased My dim dears at the breasts they could never suck. I have said, Sweets, if I sinned, if I seized Your luck And your lives from your unfinished reach, If I stole your births and your names, Your straight baby tears and your games, Your stilted or lovely loves, your tumults, your marriages, aches, and your deaths, If I poisoned the beginnings of your breaths, Believe that even in my deliberateness I was not deliberate. Though why should I whine, Whine that the crime was other than mine?-- Since anyhow you are dead. Or rather, or instead, You were never made. But that too, I am afraid, Is faulty: oh, what shall I say, how is the truth to be said? You were born, you had body, you died. It is just that you never giggled or planned or cried. Believe me, I loved you all. Believe me, I knew you, though faintly, and I loved, I loved you All. (www.thinkinlikegavroche.wordpress.com)
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Founding Fragments - Political Comic Books
Before television became widespread, political candidates used any means available to bring their message to potential voters. In the mid-20th century, this included a medium that has all but disappeared today: the political comic book. Host Tory Altman talks with curator Larry Bird about the Museum's collection of these unique artifacts. The "Founding Fragments" video series gets up close and personal with historical treasures in the collection of the National Museum of American History. Subscribe to our channel to find out about future episodes, or learn more at http://americanhistory.si.edu/connect/founding-fragments. Written, directed, and edited by Kent Chadwick
Mother by Gwendolyn Brooks
Made By Sabbs.
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Today, Tomorrow, Forever
For more than a century, the National Museum of Natural History has investigated fundamental questions about the natural world and our place in it through its unparalleled research, collections, exhibitions and education programs. Watch the campaign video about where we are going and how you can help. http://tinyurl.com/mnhdonate

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