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Working the Elizabeth Mine and new Vermillion Yard
Operations on an HO scale layout featuring ore mining operations.
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Yard and Dock operations
Yard job on Splitrock Mining Co.
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HOn30 mining layout
Got some more scenery done. Cars and loco body are from Marsh Creek Miniatures available at Shapeways. Changed the coal mine from the last video. I like the size of this one better. Layout is 13x44 inches.
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HO scale Walthers Cornerstone Coal mine and the track plan
a bit of a update on the layout, been full of set backs this last month and not done with them yet. but in saying that I can get some more track laid . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ttx4ejxDJawjGQBlBdI7Q check out the links at the end for some nice channels, and other videos to watch So I get going again on the HO scale model train layout, getting the walthers cornerstone mine building set up close to the right spot. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Live swap meet , how you can take part, Wednesday night live chat" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMNvU1fv2rI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Dolly Varden Mine - Layout of 1920's British Columbia Silver Mine
Another of Suncoast Center For Fine Scale Modeling Layout in On30. Built by John Hunter & Dan Pickard. Depicts a cheaply built narrow gauge railroad in a Silver rich area. The inspiration from the book Steel Rails and Silver Dreams by Darryl Murak SPARKY Still Needs Your Help https://www.paypal.me/sparky107107 Dolly Varden Website - http://dollyvardenrr.com/ Muskrat Ramble Revisited https://youtu.be/h1YUJrn0xy0 Silverton Central https://youtu.be/J3VTOYAK9Bk Fine Scale Modeling - http://www.facebook.com/FineScaleModeling Sundance Central - http://www.facebook.com/SundanceCentral [email protected] http://www.FineScaleModeling.org http://www.SundanceCentral.org Check out my other videos at: Toms Trains and Things https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE1TsLOIG2wxBZ7fe8512qw Boringfamilyvideos https://www.youtube.com/user/boringfamilyvideos Vimeo https://vimeo.com/granpa Facebook https://www.facebook.com/froginflorida Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/115115058662811916674/115115058662811916674 If you would like to help fund my efforts for supplies and expenses to produce more videos, please donate at: https://paypal.me/tomstrainsandthings
HO Scale 4x8 layout Madison central
Used Walthers GP 15-1 Canadian Pacific DCC
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Mining Layout in 0n30
Mining layout model railroad in 0n30 scale (1:48)
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Model railroad in HO - Northern Uppland Railway
This is my newly started layout in HO with a Swedish iron ore mining theme.You will see a Trix T44, a JECO Z70 and a NMJ NOHAB TMY.
LAYOUT TOUR: HO Scale Stockton and Copperopolis RR
Filmed 07/29/17 I should have made this into a 2 parter, but I've been doing a lot of multi-pat videos for a while now. Thought I'd torture my computer and have one big one this time around. This is the second time I've been to this layout, though it's the first time I've filmed anything there. This was on the layout tours as a part of the NMRA Turkey Creek Division show, and fortunately for me, this layout is located right here in Blue Springs, MO. Also, for more on this layout, here is a link to Shane Mason's video he posted late last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXymyt2U5GI Set in 1895, Don Ball's Stockton & Copperopolis Railroad is a Southern California shortline that began construction for the gold rush, but that played out before the railroad's completion. So they switched to grain as their main commodity, but buy the time the railroad was completely built, even the grain in the are was on the decline. Despite this being HO scale, with it set in 1895 means there is not a lot available commercially, so most of what yo see here, including the locomotives are scratchbuilt and what isn't (which is very little) has been highly modified, especially where the locomotives are concerned, so they operate as smooth as any KATO, Bowser, and MTH. Most of what you see has also been painted and weathered by Don as well. Done does hold operating sessions, and it's all done as if it were actually 1895. No radios, no modern day technology of any kind (except for the Digitrax DCC throttles and faceplate plug ins. Those are the ONLY modern day tech you will visibly see. Train orders and track warrants run this railroad with actual old telephones for the crew to communicate. Even the fast clocks replicate era specific Regulator clocks. The dispatcher's desk off in the next room, and the crew lounge are also themed for 1895. The crew lounge looks like an old west saloon. For more information, please click that link I posted up above. It will take you to Shane Mason's video where he interviewed Don late last year. Lots more there to learn. Anyway, that's it for now, starting next weekend, I'll be posting a series of video's from the Central Iowa Railroad Club located on the State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. I was up there last weekend for their last official meeting before the big open house event next weekend during the Iowa State Fair. I will be going back up there for that next weekend. So, lots and lots of the CIRC on the way. Thanks for watching, and see you next time! Jason ---------------------------- Chris' Channel: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/844Train Shane's Channels: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebrakeman17 Facebook: Shane Mason Spencer's Channels: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NS8010 Facebook: Spencer Batey Vinny's Channels: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/bnsf6951 Facebook: Vinny Sestito ---------------------------- My Stuff: facebook Jason Stiles - https://www.facebook.com/JasonRS.UP9229 facebook Eastern Jackson County Mainliners (Public) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/EJCMRailroadClub/ deviantART UP9229 - http://up9229.deviantart.com/ Train club account: - http://www.youtube.com/user/EJCMRailroadClub/featured EJCM website: - http://easternjacksoncountymainliners.com/ Yahoo group: - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Freelanced_Model_Railroads/
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Willow Creek Railroad - Operations: Mine Run
The Mine Run provides operators with a variation of the local freight train to run during an operating session. This video describes the Mine Run and also how coal loads are handled and staged between operating sessions.
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First ore dock run
Ore dock installed and track added
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Splitrock Mining Ore Drag
Splitrock Mining ore train running on Minnesota FreeMo layout at River Center December 2013
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PVMRR Ore mine model railroad
Remodelling the Port dock and starting scenery on the Ore mine upper deck.
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Vermillion Yard Rebuilt
Update on my HO scale layout. Rebuilt a yard and I show the operations.
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Kaiser Steel's Eagle Mountain Railroad in HO
I have started my two modules depicting the ore loading area of the defunct Eagle Mountain Railroad. This small railroad brought ore from the open pit mining area just north of Interstate 10 to Ferrum, just north of the Salton Sea. My modules were built to Free-mo standards and will be used in the SLOMRA HO layout.
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Iron Ore Mine Operations, Christina Mine
Mine run from Vermillion Yard to Christina Iron Ore mine and back
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Building a Model of the Newport Mine
A description of the Newport Mine in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and tips on modeling it. Mine operated from 1886-1961. Produced 32,000,000 tons iron ore, maximum depth 3200'.
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Model Train Layout with Canyon and Rocky Mountains in HO Scale
This model train layout is characterized by a mountain landscape, a canyon with real water and a big mine. The scenario of this model railway layout is based in Canada. On the area of a very big ore mine, rocks are loaded onto long model trains with more than 60 freight cars driven by three diesel locomotives. Then, the freight trains drive along the Rocky Mountains landscape to port, where the ore is loaded onto a ship. Later, the trains pass through a real looking landscape with deep gorges and flowing water. The whole model railroad layout is built in HO scale.
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Splitrock Mining Company Operations
This video is about Splitrock Mining Company Operations. HO scale model layout set in northern Minnesota that hauls iron ore to Dock at Lake Superior.
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David Starkman HO Layout
During the 2018 NFR NMRA Convention in Huntsville Ontario I visited this layout . David has a unique concept of modelling Western Canada from 1920s to 1950. So as you move along the layout the time frame shifts to the right. An 81 year old modeller, he has the nicest layout room on the shore of one of the Muskoka lakes near Huntsville. A boat house morphed to bunkey to trains.
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HO scale DT&I iron ore train on the Tri-County Model Railroad Club's layout
my train pulling iron ore on a model train layout
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On30 Payless Mining Company 4-5-18 Overview
General overview of all modules except Carson Hill
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Iron ore mine run
Splitrock Mining takes empties to the mine and brings back loads.
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Gogebic Iron Range Model Railroad
A tour of my model railroad based on the Gogebic Iron Range of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan in the 1950s-60s. Tips on researching, planning, and building a layout based on a prototype railroad.
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Splitrock Mining Layout Tour
Layout tour in progress construction and scenery
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Dunmovin Mine Pt6 – Model Railway Layout
2.4.15. (2 April 2015) This will run either 00 or H0 gauge trains when done. It is an abandoned mine theme layout. Can you spot the Skull left-over from ‘Skeleton Creek’ layout? This is in a mine cave and will be partially boarded-up. The eyes will light up red. I may add some Oil Tanks from ‘Clash at Hyperion’ as well. Relics of the old half of the layout paying homage to them. Tonight at the club I finished off the background rocks but you won’t really see. This involved filling in the gaps with ‘White Stuff’ which I use as a filler. Then I raised certain buildings to give clearance to my 00 trains. I also stuck some buildings on, and I added fencing around the controllers. I still need to add other fencing around the dried-up river bed and bridge (I forgot tonight). I think tonight’s changes will be harder to spot. My painted boat derelict is on now. I also raised the Water Tower and raised up some other scenic areas. I soldered the wires on to the track rather than use clips. These show up less. I still need to add gravels and plants and Sea Foam Trees that will look old and without leaves. I will add other details such as bit of wood around the place, and unused items left behind. The river bed with have a tiny amount of Realistic Water or Water Effects in it, along with some aquarium gravel. It is these details which will really bring it all to life, Music is from Beowulf. Haunting I think. Internet search 'Calvertfilm'. Calverton web page: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/calvertfilm/Calverton7.htm
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HOn 30 Narrow Gauge Coal Mine Railroad
A 24" x 56" HOn 30 Narrow Gauge Coal Mine Railroad. The whole Layout is constructed of 1" thick extruded foam insulation board; There was NO wood used anywere. It is very light in weight.
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Superb Model Railroad of a Forest Railway on Vancouver Island in Canada in HO Scale
This award winning model railroad was constructed by the two well-known model railroaders Leo Bettonviel and Walter Huijboom from the Netherlands. They call their HO scale modular layout “The Sodumb & Gamorrah Mining and Navigation Company”. The model railroad layout depicts an old forest railway line on Vancouver Island in the twenties and the thirties of the last century. A forest railway, forest tram, timber line, logging railway or logging railroad is a mode of railway transport which is used for forestry tasks, primarily the transportation of felled logs. Vancouver Island is in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, and it is part of the Canadian province of British Columbia. In the last century in the mountains of Vancouver Island, ore was found, and the railroad was used to transport the ore from the mines to the coast, where it was shipped for further processing. In addition, also wood was transported by rail to the harbor. As with many mountain railroads there are tracks along rivers, over bridges and in curves through the mountain valleys. The rolling stock and the locomotives must be able to withstand all possible conditions and obstacles along the way, for example on steep slopes and in sharp bends. Therefore, geared steam locomotives are in use. This type of steam locomotive uses gearing - usually reduction gearing - in the drivetrain. This gearing is part of the machinery within the locomotive and should not be confused with the pinion that propels a rack locomotive along the rack between the rails. The geared steam locomotives are built for conventional tracks; famous types are the Shay locomotive, the Climax locomotive or the Heisler locomotive. Picture Gallery: » https://www.pilentum-television.com/de-sodumb-and-gamorrah-ming-and-navigation-model-railroad-company-leo-bettonviel.htm
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Layout Update 011 - Barnaby Mine Operations
Hello everybody! In this layout update we run some trains over the newly created Barnaby Iron Mine! We show how trains will switch out the mine and bring in empty cars and take out loaded cars! Come and join us for some fun on the Mascoutin Valley Railroad! If this is your first time here please SUBSCRIBE to continue to see videos on my journey in the hobby of model railroading. Please comment on what you liked or did not like about the video! I really care about what you have to say and always enjoy feedback! Thank you for watching, Andy Connect with me on - website: https://cnwmarshlinesub.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andy.dorsch/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/969069293258141/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/3putzdorsch
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Burlington Northern Iron Ore train (HO)
Burlington Northern Iron Ore Train in Northern Minnesota on my HO layout in Omaha, NE.
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Florida Train Layout
www.smarttinc.com presents . . . A nostalgic walk down memory lane is the prevailing idea behind the creation of this compact but superbly detailed model railroad layout. Taking a cue from Lionel trains of the post war era, this layout features Super-O track throughout, the prized toy train track of its day. Although this is a three rail layout running both Lionel and MTH trains, that is where the toy train aspect of this project ends. Scenery and structures on this layout are of award winning contest quality without compromise. Full interiors, entertaining vignettes, personalized signage, custom lighting, and sound effects, abound on this miniature treasure. The adventure begins with a detailed homage to the Baites (Bates) Motel, where a nasty shadow lurks behind the shower curtain, and Mother rocks in her chair under the gloomy nightlight. Or if thats not your cup of tea, go two doors down to the C-D bar and grill, where all the miners from the Yours, Mine, and Ore Mining Company wash away the day. See the ski slope, the li'l red school house, and the many charming industries, all guarded by the cop behind the billboard. Finally take a walk down Main Street where you can visit one of the many establishments, including the medical offices of Dr. Phil Goode, and Dr. Frank N. Stein. Countless jokes and themes of personal significance are everywhere on this project bringing a smile and a thrill to all those who are in the loop. See more at www.smarttinc.com
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An underground gold mine – Realistic Scenery Volume 9
If you’ve ever wondered what a gold mine looks like from the side then this video is for you! And while we’re at it I’ll step you through every stage of how this awesome diorama was built. The techniques used to build this diorama can be used whether you’re building a huge model railroad or just a tiny little master piece of a model, you can also use these techniques for war gaming scenery however when it comes to sealing the scenery with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement I’d use it undiluted for extra strength. The hot wire tools I use in the video are supplied from ‘The Hot Wire Foam Factory’ and I’m giving you my 100% honest opinion that these tools are absolutely fantastic! This diorama idea has been on the cards for over 12 months and it was not until I started to use the hot wire tools that I was able to get the results I was after! I highly recommend these tools! If you down here reading these comments…. THANK YOU. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the videos and don’t forget that if you’d like to help support these videos you can go over to patreon and donate to the channel, I have some perks for different levels of donation. The music used throughout the video is from Epidemic Sound using their YouTube Subscription License and the intro tune is licensed through Premium Beat.
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HO Gauge Appalachian Mountain Coal Mine Layout Part 7
I've got quite a bit done on the layout in the last couple of weeks. First off, I managed to get the rest of the layout ballasted. In addition, I've added a couple more structures to the layout. The first of which is to be the primary industry on the layout. A coal mine. In actuality, this structure is a coaling tower that will be converted using an elongated chute coming from the structure and flowing the coal to the hopper in the yard underneath. I'm still working on the chute. The second structure added was a balsa kit of a trackside shed that I received at my train club's "white elephant" gift exchange at the Christmas party. To "liven up" the structures, I've added some clump folliage and tall grass at their bases. In addition, the little mountain shack at the base of the mountain now has a rusted out car sitting in some bushes and tall grass, as if abandoned there to rot. I've also managed to get the pond and river nearly filled up, as well as added some follieage, tall grass, and talus to them. There is also now a dock with a family on a fishing trip located on the pond and two couples canoeing on the river below. To make use of my old plastic wheelsets from rolling stock, I've painted them and set them next to the engine shed as a spare/junk axle storage yard. Hopefully this week I'll be able to add a forklift, put a couple of axles on it, and put it next to the shed as well. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSWiP8-Xk5Y Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlRIcq48kLg Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOYOdtrvfdI Part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmrumYGUCuY Part 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80N2VhkQQWA Part 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhDteDSX-2Y Part 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLJ-YPvT75k Part 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGGBkwWkZ8U
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Layout Tour Preview   Eric Hallberg's layout
NOTE IMPORTANT UPDATE BELOW DESCRIPTION! VVVVV Preview of Eric Hallberg's massive HO scale layout, the first stop on the September 17, 2016 SWARM layout tour. These shots show just a small part of the overall layout, mostly the upper level with a power plant, a refinery, a grain elevator and a coal mine, trains descending part of the outer loop on the helix between levels, and part of the smaller yard on the lower level. Also you'll see a local freight on the "farm loop". This video was shot in 16:9 and edited in 16:9, but YouTube squishes it to 4:3. I have no idea why. The YouTube powers that be took away aspect ratio tag embedding, so the tag " yt:stretch=16:9 no longer works. Thanks a lot, YouTube. :( UPDATE!!! Copy and paste the URL to this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv9sW7P-zEk ) here: http://stretch.site/ to watch in correct 19:9
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Amazing HO scale model train layout
TRAIN OF LIFE, a tribute to a great man and his passion: David Blessing and his awesome project, a HO model train layout full with memories and great artwork.
Broken Hill NSW Silverton Tramway South Mine mock up proposed model Railway Layout
This is a mock up of a proposed small shunting Model Railway layout based on Broken Hill NSW the Silverton Tramway served South Mine. operation would involve moving empty Ore Wagons from a small section of Broken Hill yard to the South Mine, and returning with loaded wagons. The scale is HO, it’s an L shaped layout and is 17ft by 9ft.
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Walthers Update  27 – EMD SD9s and Minnesota Taconite Ore Cars
We teamed up the new Missabe EMD SD9s, 24' Minnesota Taconite Ore Cars and the WalthersProto DM&IR Class G2 Wood Caboose and turned them loose on our display layout. Check out how smoothly this realistic ore train runs! WalthersProto EMD SD9 http://www.walthers.com/exec/search?manu=920&keywords=SD9&words=restrict&instock=A&split=30&Submit=Search WalthersMainline 24' Minnesota Taconite Ore Cars http://www.walthers.com/exec/search?manu=910&keywords=minnesota%20taconite&words=restrict&instock=Q&split=30&Submit=Search DM&IR Class G2 Wood Caboose http://www.walthers.com/exec/search?manu=920&keywords=class%20g2%20Caboose&words=restrict&instock=Q&split=30&Submit=Search https://youtu.be/TMvHUpClGfs
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HO Scale OPS: Union Pacific on the Summers Job. 1
Filmed 09/23/17 FINALLY... After two months of videos form everywhere but my 'home" layout, we're back! This was filmed the same day as the UP Family Days video from a couple weeks ago. After I left Neff Yard that day, I headed straight to the club and got to work filming this ops session. This time, I made a little more of an effort to include some run-bys and/or meets with other trains, rather than this being all switching. The more I use these units, the more I like them. Athearn did a very good job with these '40Ns. The lights could be brighter, but that's nothing switching to LEDs wont fix. The Rock Island units belong to Ron; he's the one who built the Industrial Park. The Southern Pacific train is our club VP Bill's. He just had those two units weathered and had sound installed. The Amtrak train is mine, with sound and lights done by Shane (thebrakeman17). It's an Athearn unit also, and yes, I know Amtrak's real 822 is a P40DC, not the 42 as I have it labeled in the video. But then the model Athearn is using for the 822 is a P42. So, it's correct... but also not correct :D Anyway, this is part 1 of 3. So you know what's coming up. Wednesday I'll have more railfanning from a couple Monday's ago when I was at Kansas City's Union Station. Like usual, stay tuned for more, and thanks for watching! Jason ---------------------------- Chris' Channel: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/844Train Shane's Channels: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebrakeman17 Facebook: Shane Mason Spencer's Channels: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NS8010 Facebook: Spencer Batey Vinny's Channels: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/bnsf6951 Facebook: Vinny Sestito ---------------------------- My Stuff: facebook Jason Stiles - https://www.facebook.com/JasonRS.UP9229 facebook Eastern Jackson County Mainliners (Public) - https://www.facebook.com/groups/EJCMRailroadClub/ deviantART UP9229 - http://up9229.deviantart.com/ Train club account: - http://www.youtube.com/user/EJCMRailroadClub/featured EJCM website: - http://easternjacksoncountymainliners.com/ Yahoo group: - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Freelanced_Model_Railroads/
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Superb Forest Model Railway and Sawmill in Narrow Gauge HO scale by Laurent Vandermotte
It is probably very difficult for a model railroader to build a forest railway, forest tram, timber line, logging railway or logging railroad. In this context, the biggest challenge may be the realistic modelling of the trees, bushes and grasses. Laurent Vandermotte from Belgium has taken up this challenge: At the great model railway exhibition “Modelspoor Expo” he presented his model train diorama depicting a sawmill or lumber mill and a little freight train running on narrow gauges. While watching this model railroad display we recognize, the small steam train is not the focus. On a surface of about 1.0 meter in width and about 0.5 meters in depth there are loving details, for example, the lumberjack, beavers in the river or the night simulation.
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Tin Cup RR Shay 14 with ore cars to Pine Junction
The Tin Cup RR is an imaginary mining and logging railroad located in the Colorado high country. The model is HO scale. The Locomotives are all DCC with sound added. The trees are all handmade and 99% of the structures are scratch built. The layout was originally 14 ft. by 5 ft. at the widest point. Two recent additions increased the length to just under 20ft.
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HO model train layout
This is my grandpa's and mine HO scale layout. We have downsized in terms of rolling stock, but we still have about 12 moderm locos, and 2 stearm engines, an amtrak, intermodal, two mixed freights, and a unit coal train. More videos to come.
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Working the Diana-Lynn Mine
Ore mine run to Ely Minnesota Mine on the Splitrock Mining Company.
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Splitrock Mining Road Train operations
Follow a road train from dock to mine and back
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HO Scale - Narrow HOnZ Gauge Mine Train Video Part 1
View the new "Video Part 2" with updated improvements, slower speed operation and other features. I wanted to build a narrow gauge mine train in HO scale from scratch, an interesting and fun challenge. The mine train engine is a highly modified N gauge engine chassis, running on Z gauge track, modeled in HO scale. This portion of the mine train layout I call HOnZ. I model in HO scale with the gauge of the primary trains and track on the main layout in HOn3. Building the smallest running mine train while using readily available track, I selected Z gauge flex track and two switches. I narrowed the entire N engine chassis, gears and axles, keeping the wheels the original diameter and building a new cab to accommodate an HO scale engineer figure. The steam engine is a wood burning 0-4-0 resembling a small Porter in design. The engine exterior components are handmade from brass, plastic and lead giving the engine necessary weight for traction to pull and climb the steep grades. I have to admit it was a challenge to ensure the electrical pick-up worked on all four wheels perfectly and the custom handmade micro bushings perfomed to mechanical perfection after narrowing the N scale chassis. Being not one to give up on the project, however if I had to do it all over again I would invest in a Z gauge 0-4-0 steam engine lower running mechanism and scratch build the upper structure alone. The cars are made of brass, plastic and wood, with N gauge wheels on the maintenance car and Z gauge trucks/wheels on the ore car(s) with two more ore cars on the way. I wanted the control process to be a simple one button push to start without any hands on throttle adjustments. It had to be an automatic double reverse loop track plan completely controlled by the electronics for reverse polarity switching, triggered by a sensing circuit I designed that detects the presence of the engine in each loop. Having the mine train traverse narrow cliff hanging passages along the steep mountain grade posed another element of complexity. The engine needed to climb 4 1/2” inches in height within a 1’ foot space….thus a spiral loop was built. The throttle control is a multi-level type speed control I designed in three stages. Level 1 (high) to start the train from a dead stop up the grade, activated by the push button. Level 2 (medium) to maintain enough speed and momentum to climb up the mountain spiral loop. Level 3 (low) maintain through the remaining layout and back down the mountain spiral loop to the starting position. The combination of multi-level throttle power levels and the auto reverse polarity switch sensing circuitry was an interesting challenge in timing and electro-mechanical animation. I also included a sound chip recorder of a steam whistle. Using a speaker concealed in an enclosed container with a sound directing pipe provides the audio illusion the steam whistle sound emanates from the train as it starts out and proceeds into the first tunnel. All fun stuff from an electronic engineer’s perspective. The rest of the layout scenery, track painting, ballast, bridges and structures are forthcoming. [email protected]
Jerry Sn3 Wilson Mine ore bucket animation part 1 of 2 - demonstration
Wow, I have accumulated 44 youtube movies over a few years, all model railroading themed. Anyway,.... This is the Lucky 7(?) mine mock up. I have always been interested in just how the ore bucket, when pulled up from the mine shaft, dumped into the ore bin. The finished installation and animation of this Mine will be my next project to finish.
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ON30 Layout built from extruded foam. Layout size is 32 inches by 72 inches and weighs only 35 lbs.
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Denver & Rio Grande Durlin Branch On3 DCC Layout Tour With Dave Adams
Please support TSG Multimedia on Patreon! www.patreon.com/tsgmultimedia #trains #D&RGW #railroad #On3 The Durlin Branch is a free-lance mountain branch line of the 3 foot narrow gauge D&RGW fourth division hauling general freight, coal, ore concentrates, lumber, livestock and passengers. The branch ties into the San Juan Extension mainline in Chama NM, with Durango CO to the west and Alamosa CO to the east. The D&RGW had extensive dual gauge track at Alamosa, providing transfer of freight and passengers between the narrow and standard gauge railroads. Alamosa and Durango are represented by staging. Chama circa 1936 is a heavily condensed scene vitally important to the operation. It is a subdivision point, a helper terminal; and a terminal for the branch line trains. At Grandt Line Junction, the Durlin branch line takes off and climbs a steady 3.8% grade through Cresco and Toltec Tunnel up to Carrumba where the line splits. One line continues on to Fritz Park, then descends a 4% grade through Resin Creek to Durlin. The other branch serves Flint and a coal mine. Steam locomotives still rule on the narrow gauge lines. The pace is relaxed as befits a narrow gauge railroad, and saw-bys are simply all in a days work on the mountain. If you enjoy our content, please hit the "like" button and share it with your friends on social media! Join us on these other social media channels: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TSG-Multimedia/277760611632 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TSGMultimedia ©2017 TSG Multimedia. All Rights Reserved.
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Sandy Kersey's HO Scale Freelanced Southern Railway Layout
This is just a short video highlighting some of the layout.
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How to Make a Model Railroad Mining Town
http://www.modelbuildings.org/mining-town-buildings.html Download these plans for how to make a scale model railroad mining village in HO scale, N scale or OO gauge. The buildings include a mine chute, small school house, managers house, workers huts (2), a mine site office, and workers accommodation. The buildings can be made using card and balsa and look incredibly authentic when constructed. Have fun!