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Abandoned : Ghost town- Dalmorton NSW Australia
Come explore abandoned Dalmorton Ghost town with me. I explored this town in the end of summer here in Australia. Dalmorton was first settled by people in search of gold but the rush didn't last too long as it was decided by geologists that there was not enough gold in the area to turn the place into a town. Not sure if that makes sense?? As with most gold rush towns it has mostly disappeared and alot of the building were dismantled and relocated to other parts of the region. I love visiting the area and never get tired of heading down there when I have time to spend a few days camping. Dalmorton is in northern nsw of Australia. I hope you enjoy exploring with me and I hope I wasn't talking too fast for everyone? I was trying to get as much in as I could without dragging the video out too long and as a result was talking rather fast as well LOL. If you want to know more about Dalmorton there is a lot of information if you do a Google search. Saves me having to write a book here that people get bored reading anyway. Excuse my dirty fingernails, I did say I was prospecting. If you like this video Subscribe and hit the notification bell. Give me a thumbs up and do all the things Youtube wants you to do these days. Thank you to everyone for subscribing and for all your great comments on my videos. Follow me on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mkuebler5/
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Gold Mining history in Australia
Mining heritage historian Rob Kaufman tells Richard Snashall about the history of Australian mining in his home town of Bright, Victoria. This story was part of the ABC Alpine Stories series, supported by the Australian Alps Program.
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Adventure Gold. Yerranderie, silver mining ghost town in the mountains.
Come for a drive into the Blue Mountains National Park and explore the silver mining ghost town of Yerranderie. We look at six of the old mines in the area before we are forced to call it a day when the rain gets serious.
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Ophir Gold Mines NSW Australia
Ophir Gold Mines NSW Australia. Danger : DO NOT enter Mines.This is an educational video only. For Self Defence and Martial Arts http://www.blackbeltaustralia.com For Fitness Passion http://www.fitnesslife21.com For Design & Drafting service http://www.silverfern21.com
How regional towns benefit from mining in NSW
NSW Mining is helping to build communities and generate economic activity across NSW. There are around 40,000 people working in mining in NSW and our mines spend more than $6 billion a year with more than 8,000 businesses based in Sydney and mining regions like the Hunter Valley, Orange, Mudgee, Dubbo, Wollongong and the Illawarra and the far west. Whitehaven Coal is a cornerstone business is the state's north. It's employing more than 2,000 people and growing, generating an increasing economic return, creating jobs and achieving huge things as an employer of Indigenous Australia. NSW mining - Making the future possible. Find out more at www.nswmining.com.au or www.makingthefuturepossible.com.au.
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Australia's Abandoned Theme Park - Old Sydney Town | HistoryTyme
We are back with another episode of HistoryTyme. This is an old theme park in Sydney that celebrated the history of Australia and the early life of it's people. Old Sydney Town is still around today, but lies completely abandoned. This video was made in collobration with: @switchy3 on Instagram Pete Grose - https://youtu.be/wG3GrqHmZTQ Ralph Davis - https://youtu.be/WxkABa62GX4 "Bring Back Old Sydney Town" - https://www.facebook.com/groups/reopenost/ This was originally uploaded to 'CaptainLazerGuns'. After a transition in channel focus, we felt it was best to reupload the content on ReviewTyme for it's relevancy.
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The old mining town
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abandoned town with brand new houses Australia
Created with Wondershare Filmora
Mining Trail, Mackay Area
Admire over 300kms of uniquely Australian highway, stretching from Clermont to Hay Point on the coast. Along the way, discover strikingly beautiful scenery, historic towns with big yarns to tell, massive coal mining equipment, and have a go at panning for gold -- Eureka! For more information on the Mackay go to: http://www.queensland.com/destination%20information/mackay-region?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=qld_youtube
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Gulgong NSW
Historic Western district town, with many examples of vintage properties.
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Ghost Towns in Australia - Abandoned Village, Town or City #Part 1
Thanks for watching..... 1) Adaminaby 2) Big Bell, Western Australia 3) Boydtown, New South Wales 4) Broad Arrow, Western Australia 5) Cassilis, Victoria 6) Cook, South Australia 7) Copperfield, Queensland 8) Cossack, Western Australia 9) Farina, South Australia 10) Glen Davis, New South Wales 11) Goldsworthy, Western Australia 12) Gwalia, Western Australia 13) Hill End, New South Wales 14) Mount Mulligan, Queensland 15) Nannine, Western Australia Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ghost_towns_by_country I, Kaushik Biswas, hereby declare that all information regarding this video I collect from www.wikipedia.org and all Images use to make this video is from Google Search www.google.com . I use Google Advanced Search to collect those images, usage rights : "free to use, share or modify, even commercially" section. Background Sound of this video I collect from Youtube Audio Library which are free to use. Thank you.
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Wittenoom - The Abandoned Blue Asbestos Mine Ghost Town & The Residents Who Refuse To Leave
Wittenoom - The Blue Asbestos Ghost Town & The Residents Who Refuse To Leave Devils Dust Movie Trailer - The Killer James Hardie Asbestos Company & Bernie Banton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0REkJuPi1zw Devil's Dust is a two-part Australian television docu-drama mini-series on the ABC which first screened in 2012. Based on journalist Matt Peacock's 2009 book Killer Company, Devil's Dust was researched and developed by producer Stephen Corvini for over two years prior to the series' production. Through the factual case of Bernie Banton, it recounts the tragedy of many Australian workers and their families afflicted with asbestosis and mesothelioma in the twentieth-century asbestos mining and processing industries. Though the extreme health risks of exposure to asbestos dust had been documented for many years, manufacturer James Hardie persisted in large-scale use of the material, aided by inadequate regulation by state health agencies. BEFORE he died an early death at 61 in 2007, Australia knew Bernie Banton as the smiling man with asbestosis who carried an oxygen bottle wherever he went. We didn't know all that much about him at first, just that he was up against the polished legal might and political clout of building materials manufacturer James Hardie. I still remember the company's name stamped on sheets of "fibro" in the local hardware yard. I had no idea the lives of thousands of Australians might have been jeopardised by asbestos in materials such as this. Or that underfelt made from shredded asbestos bags under old carpet leaked pain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil%27s_Dust Banton seemed an ordinary bloke, a former factory worker, who soon became the widely recognised face of the legal and political campaign to achieve compensation for the many sufferers of asbestos-related diseases. But, as this two-part series reveals, there was more to Banton than many of us realised as we watched the emerging folk hero on TV waging his seemingly losing battle against the corporate figureheads of the James Hardie company. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/review/no-clean-sweep-as-miniseries-devils-dust-tackles-bernie-bantons-asbestos-story/story-fn9n8gph-1226513068301 Bernard Douglas (Bernie) Banton AM (13 October 1946 – 27 November 2007) was an Australian social justice campaigner. He was the widely-recognised face of the legal and political campaign to achieve compensation for the many sufferers of asbestos-related conditions, which they contracted after either working for the company James Hardie or being exposed to James Hardie Industries' products. Bernie himself suffered from asbestosis, Asbestos-Related Pleural Disease (ARPD) and then finally peritoneal mesothelioma. These conditions required him to carry an oxygen tank wherever he went. The 2009 book Killer Company details Banton's fight against James Hardie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Banton Bernie Banton on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjhzvzoo0sk Banton brought an action against Amaca Pty Ltd before the Dust Diseases Tribunal of New South Wales https://safetyatworkblog.com/2012/10/30/devils-dust-australian-movie-on-asbestos-and-corporate-morality/ Exposure to Deadly Asbestos, Pesticides, Illegal Dumping etc - The Dangers, Examples, Advice & Warnings - James Hardie Australia ( Mesothelioma ) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyT97-KaZ_04EsHUmFurL1vLBSdMtzzR Devils Dust - Deadly Natural Blue Asbestos Facts & Dangers - Products of Asbestos - Mesothelioma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eKi4_AM6l8
Abandoned: Lightning Ridge outback Australia 4 miners digs
Abandoned.I decided recently to do a roadtrip out west of where I live and headed 8 hrs out to a place called Lightning Ridge to do some exploring and see what I could find. I found a lot of great things and was pleasantly surprised at what I did find out there. Lightning Ridge is a barren mining town based on opals and is the largest producer of black opal for the world market. It has a lot of people come into town to try and make their fortune but most rarely succeed and it is only about one in ten that will actually find opal. A lot of places I found had been abandoned, people probably ended up giving up and moved back east either because they were unsuccessful or the 55c heat in summer was too much to bare? I could have stayed for another couple of days to have a real good look around because there was so much to see and so many photo opportunities. I hope you enjoy this video and it is interesting for people not from Australia. I loved exploring here so leave a comment and let me know what you thought. Please give me a thumbs up and share my video to help my channel grow and I'll see you next time. Thanks for watching
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Abandoned Cottage - Historic Ruins in St Marys NSW
Built 1880s. The building must have some kind of heritage order. Residential development surrounds the little cottage. Old farm house cottage building ruins abandoned run-down colonial historic site Saint Marys, City of Penrith west western suburbs Sydney New South Wales Australian history urbex urban exploration. I filmed this in August 2013.
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Subzero temperature prospecting in NSW Australia.
This was going to be a video explaining about finding gold on bends but I forgot one important aspect about winter prospecting, the gold bearing ground was frozen solid. Did some exploring of old working and found a very promising spot where the old timers had left unworked gravels.
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Mudgee, an old australian mining town - 4K Timelapse - Tjoez.com
Mudgee /ˈmʌdʒi/ is a town in the central west of New South Wales, Australia. My friends and I did a three day trip and shot a few timelapses here and there, this is the result. Follow the trip on social with hashtag #MudgeeAstroTrip http://www.instagram.com/matjoez http://www.instagram.com/matjoez_bts http://www.instagram.com/boxmediahouse http://www.instagram.com/matty_teague Motion control by http://www.kesslercrane.com Cameras and lenses by http://www.canon.com.au
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A Riding Tour of historic Hill End NSW, Australia
Early Sunday morning tour of Hill End, NSW, a former gold mining town in the mid-west of NSW. Now it is a historic town and popular tourist attraction. It was around 7.00am on a Sunday morning, so kept it nice and slow so as not to disturb. Came across a mob of kangaroos at the top of town, so stopped for a few pics. From here we rode up to Merlins Lookout to get a great view of the valley. Filmed with a Contour +2 helmet camera. Bikes are the Suzuki DL650L2 2012 model. See more at: www.apairofstroms.wordpress.com
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New South Wales, Australia
New South Wales is Australia's most populous state. Its capital, Sydney is the country's oldest, largest and most cosmopolitan city, centred on its spectacular harbour. The state's coastal areas offer endless sandy beaches next to sleepy coastal communities. The Great Dividing Range stretches the length of the state from north to south, including the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains and Australia's largest ski resorts in the Snowy Mountains. West of the range are the plains and the outback, gold mining, history and rural communities all the way to the red dust. Along the way you'll find Australia's premier wine regions of Mudgee and the Hunter Valley, the rainforests of the North Coast and New England, and hidden natural wonders to discover. The home of a large number of Aboriginal tribes for thousands of years, New South Wales was only settled by Europeans in 1788 - spreading outwards from Sydney. The name was given by Captain Cook 18 years earlier during his first voyage of discovery, after the country of Wales. It is unknown whether he intended to name it after South Wales, or whether this new land was the Wales of the South, but the cliffs he was passing to the south of Sydney bear a striking resemblance to the cliffs along the Welsh Cambrian Coast. New South Wales is the most populous state in Australia. Most of that population is concentrated in Sydney, which has 4.2 million of the state's 6.7 million inhabitants. The next largest cities are (in order) Newcastle and Wollongong. After that the larger cities and towns in the state are merely moderately-sized regional centres of 40,000-50,000 people. Many of the cultural sights are concentrated in Sydney and nearby. However, this isn't true of historical or natural sights. Many of the state's most beautiful natural sights, obviously enough, lie well outside the Sydney metropolitan area. Australian history and identity is to some extent tied up with rural settlement and lifestyle, and thus you will find many of the outlying regions of New South Wales base their tourism industry around pioneer and rural history. QUESTIONS? We would like to hear from you! If you have any comments or questions about this destination or just need some general travel advice, feel free to leave a comment below! ABOUT VideoVoyage.TV is a travel channel specializing in informative videos about various travel destinations around the world. We are publishing a short video every day starting with places around Southeast Asia, but planning to extend our coverage to Europe and the Caribbean in the upcoming months. SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/videovoyagetv?sub_confirmation=1 CONNECT Website: http://videovoyage.tv Google+: http://google.com/+videovoyagetv Twitter: http://twitter.com/videovoyagetv Instagram: http://instagram.com/videovoyagetv Tumblr: http://videovoyagetv.tumblr.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/videovoyagetv YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/videovoyagetv
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Adventure Gold. Winter prospecting in N.S.W, Australia.
Come on a winters prospecting adventure and see what it takes to find gold in the frozen creek waters.
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Cue, Western Australia (HD)
Cue, Western Australia (HD) - Cue, WA Tourism and vacation Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=World1Tube The small town of Cue in Western Australia's Murchison Region is to me a particularly interesting outback town. Like so many old WA mining towns, Cue has thrived and floundered over the years with times of boom and bust. The town was established in 1893 following the discovery of gold in the area the year before, which sparked a gold rush to the remote Murchison Region desert. In its heyday at the beginning of the twentieth century Cue was home to over 10000 people, a thriving and prosperous town known as "The Queen of the Murchison". These days things couldn't be more different. With a population of less than 300, Cue is very close to being a ghost town. When we visited Cue earlier this year the wide streets were still and silent beneath a big blue desert sky. The whole time we were there we didn't see a single soul walking around town and we noticed a good number of the buildings were abandoned or up for lease. The empty streets of Cue would have felt really quite spooky if it weren't for the constant parade of roadtrains roaring through on their way between Perth and the Pilbara carrying fuel and massive pieces of mining equipment. This for me is what made Cue such a memorable place -- the decay and ghostliness of the semi-abandoned town, and the way it felt as if time had stood still there ever since the 1930′s. However I have a feeling that Cue might be quite a different place in a few years time as the shire seems to be going to some effort to restore the town's buildings to their former glory and attract more visitors to the town and surrounding region. And with rumours of a new big mine opening in the area, the population could soon be set to rise again. Gracious Heritage Architecture in Cue =========================== Walking around the streets of Cue feel like stepping back in time. Not much appears to have changed on the main street over the years. Almost all of the buildings are the original ones that were built in the 1890′s and 1900′s -- some still serving their original purpose, some beautifully restored and others abandoned and left to ruin. While a lot of the old heritage Goldrush-era buildings look crumbling and decrepit, I can still understand why Cue's town slogan is "Queen of the Murchison". Some of the old sandstone buildings sure are grand for a dusty outpost in the middle of nowhere! Visiting and Exploring Around Cue, Western Australia =============================== If you happen to be heading up Great Northern Highway for any reason -- on your way to Karijini and the Pilbara perhaps -- then I highly recommend making a stop in Cue. It is an interesting and memorable place to spend some time in and is well-situated for a stopover on a long outback drive, being 650km from Perth and approximately half way to Newman and Karijini. If you've got a bit of time to spare while you're in the area, it's well worth taking a half-day detour westwards out to Walga Rock and the ghost town Big Bell. Things to See and Do in and Around Cue, Western Australia ================================ Go for a drive or walk around town and have a look at the interesting and beautiful old heritage buildings. Government Buildings -- police station, court house and post office Gentleman's Club (now the shire office) Masonic Lodge building Bank of New South Wales building Rotunda (site of the town's first well) Pensioner huts and old gaol (part of the caravan park) Check out the historical photograph collection in the shire office building (formerly the town Gentleman's Club) to gain some more context to the history of Cue. Drive up to the top of the Radio Tower Hill (Cue Lookout) for views over the town, the nearby mines, and horizon-to-horizon dry red earth. A good idea is to pick up the brochure and follow the Cue Heritage Trail, which will take around to the main attractions in the surrounding area and provide interesting background info. Try fossicking for gold -- you never know, you could get lucky! In late winter and spring the beautiful desert wildflowers bloom to life, carpeting the red dusty ground in fields of colour. This is the best time of year to visit Cue and explore the surrounding country. Camp out for the night or just enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife at Lake Nallan, a nature reserve about 24km north of Cue Or camp/picnic at Milly Soak, 16km north of Cue. Also has a small pioneer cemetery and well Head out west along Austin Downs Road to Walga Rock to see the cave paintings, climb the rock and perhaps camp there for the night. While in the area, check out what remains of Big Bell, a ghost town.
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mudgee NSW Australia
Mudgee is a town in New South Wales north west of sydney. It is surrounded by wine grown grapes. in town there are lots of old colonial buildings and two main churches the streets are lined with blossoming trees and it has two parks in town the center of town is a clock tower .People come here for the wine or its a stop over going to the ten dollar town.
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Historic Mining Photographs: Torrington NSW Australia
Enjoy, comment, subscribe! My Blogs: http://www.johnsbluemountainsblog.blogspot.com.au and http://www.johnsnewenglandminerals.blogspot.com.au/ Torrington (in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia) is a high mineralised area. The principal minerals extracted were cassiterite (tin), and wolframite (tungsten) and there are literally hundreds of old mines and prospects in and around the Mole Tableland, where Torrington is located. These photos have been copied from old NSW Mines Department reports, dating from around 1900-1920.
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Historic Mining Photographs from the 1900 Annual Report of the NSW Department of Mines (slide show)
The Annual Report of the NSW Department of Mines for 1900 contains many fascinating photographs of mines and mining related activities. Enjoy, comment, subscribe! My Blogs: http://www.johnsbluemountainsblog.blogspot.com.au and http://www.johnsnewenglandminerals.blogspot.com.au/
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Historic Photographs of the Hillgrove Mines Near Armidale NSW Australia Slide Show
Enjoy, comment, subscribe! My Blogs: http://www.johnsbluemountainsblog.blogspot.com.au and http://www.johnsnewenglandminerals.blogspot.com.au/ In the gorge country east of Armidale is a group of mines where gold, antimony and tungsten have been mined intermittently for 130 years. These photographs will give you some idea of the area in its heyday at the beginning of the twentieth century.
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Metal Detecting Australia The Hunt For Gold Documentary Australian Goldfields Parts 1-3
Metal Detecting Australia. The Hunt For Gold And Silver In Victoria Documentary Australian Goldfields Part 1-3 Exploring The Gold Mining Town Of Beechworth Victoria Australia Established In 1852 Minelab CTX 3030 The Hunt For Lost Treasure. Please LIKE Comment Click The Bell To See More And Subscribe. Thank You For Watching... By Neil Colston The Comic Chef Digger Down Under Adventures Home Page Intro Neil Colston The Comic Chef Digger Down Under Adventures 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4BDOBCS2Rk Please See Links Below: Minelab CTX 3030 Part 4 Metal Detecting Haunted Ghost Insane Asylum In Old Goldfields Silver Relics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtFVxexLCqk&t=448s For All Your Minelab Metal Detectors & Detecting Needs... Please See Link Below: http://www.minersdenbendigo.com.au/ And Please Tell David That Neil Sent You GL & HH...⛏⛏⛏ GOLD DETECTING 2017 (How & Where Gold is: Story Builds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KrJmEc81ZY All Complements to you Sir... Thank You Asylum Ghost Tours Beechworth https://www.facebook.com/AsylumGhostTours/ http://www.visitmelbourne.com/regions/High-Country/Things-to-do/Tours/Walking-tours/Asylum-Ghost-Tours.aspx NoHeadFred61 Power of Love Ukulele Solo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ianImo1kG0 Vincent Solo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nymaz-MWIFM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbWXStbts8dkWrRY0w9dCCA Thank You Fred. Great Work. Please LIKE And Subscribe. Kind Regards. The Comic Chef https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqoxzgANom9juq_7CB5Mo6g Home Page Intro Neil Colston The Comic Chef Digger Down Under Adventures 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4BDOBCS2Rk
old mine mogo nsw
good gold in mogo.. well some years ago still good gold being found around MOGO nsw
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Broken Hill
Iconic & historic mining town in Outback NSW. Established in the 1800's and it became a thriving mining town, the birthplace of BHP.
Gold mining Central Victoria Australia
Mining for gold nuggets Central Victoria Australia, with our classic old Euclid Scraper. Tdt 16. Some gold mixed with plenty of dirt and dust!!
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http://historyhill.com.au/ In its heyday in the 1870s, Hill End had a population of 10,000 and boasted a kilometre of colourful shopfronts, including 28 pubs, an opium den and an oyster bar. Today, the town has changed very little. Silent ruins, remnants of gold fever and two historic cemeteries speak volumes about the town's rich past. If you're looking for things to do, take a self-guided tour of the gold-rush streetscape, go underground at the Bald Hill Mine or join a fossicking tour and search for gold among mounds of old mine tailings.
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The Australian Gold Rush
This is an educational video for Stage 3 students studying HSIE in NSW schools under the old HSIE BOS NSW Syllabus. This content is still relevant to the national curriculum, under the History K-10 Syllabus. This video introduces events that had a significant impact on shaping Australia and its colonies. Students develop an understanding regarding the evolution of the colonies and early migration to Australia in the 19th century (See ACHHK095 & ACHHK096). The purpose of this video was to be used in conjunction with an IGASAR (a process model for inquiry) learning sequence as part of a university assessment for unit EDSS223 at the University of New England (UNE), Armidale NSW.
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Historic NSW Mining Photographs 1897-99 (slide show)
Enjoy, comment, subscribe! My Blogs: http://www.johnsbluemountainsblog.blogspot.com.au and http://www.johnsnewenglandminerals.blogspot.com.au/ The Mines Department of NSW began including photographs in its annual report in 1897. Most of those included in this slide show come from the 1899 report.
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How to Pan for Gold - Sovereign Hill, Australia - Part 3
Expert shows 'how to pan for gold' at the historical mining town of Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Part of the 'Historical Sovereign Hill Ballarat' series - Part 2 . See Part 1 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNppJSuZPXI
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Bald Hill Mine, Hill End. NSW, Australia. Exploring the Bald Hill Mine in Hill End
On our Gold Prospecting trip we stopped in at the Bald Hill mine in Hill End. The mine was closed as we were there on a week day, the mine is how ever open on weekends so you can go on a guided tour through the mine. I love to go prospecting for gold and out into the bush. Here in New South Wales, Australia theres's plenty of great gold spots out in the bush. Most of my trips are based around Hill end and the surrounding gold fields with some random spots thrown in. So keep watching my channel and follow me on my gold prospecting adventures. Thanks for watching kus TV and if your awesome sub to my channel and check out my other content. hill end gold, gold panning, gold panning hill end, gold prospecting australia, gold prospecting, gold, prospecting, panning for gold, where to find gold nsw, how to find gold, how to mine gold, gold mining, garrett, panning, high banking, dredging, sluice box, Highbanking for gold, Nuggets, Gold rush, Mining, Gold digger, Gold digging, Panning for black sand, Where to find gold, Mining for gold, Looking for gold, Gold nugget,gold prospecting,metal detecting,how to find gold,minelab 5000,how to,metal detector,bullion,australian gold,gold nuggets,minelab,alluvial prospecting,alluvial gold,sluicing,gold in australia,prospecting,sluicing for gold,crevicing for gold,how to prospect for gold,how to find alluvial gold,placer gold,kus TV
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NSW Hill End.
Great mining old Town.
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gktTV - Ophir Mines, Ophir NSW
gktTV - Our first trip out to Ophir exploring an old mine.
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Hill End NSW Gold Mining Town. By Video Innovations. Filmed with Sony NXCAM
Hill End, NSW looking fantastic in the Spring of 2010 after good rain. Contact Video Innovations about using video to promote your town or business. 0414 799 122. Camera and editing, Doug Wiggins. Windsor Video Producer Music used with the permission of writer and performer Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0 Produced by Video Innovations, Windsor NSW. www.filmu.com.au Windsor Cameraman Doug Wiggins. Corporate Video Windsor.
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Gold panning and High-banking at Shaolhaven River, NSW, Australia
This video shows our "High Banking"/ sluice box set-up and how to "Pan" for super fine gold at the Shaolhaven River, Australia.
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Peak gold mine Cobar NSW
Music by audionautix.com
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Grove Creek Gold,NSW.
Please excuse the sound in some sections of this video.I'm limited by my present equipment at present. Grove Creek itself runs through the middle of the magnificent Abercrombie Caves Nature Reserve,and in fact runs in one end of the Archway Cave, and 100m's on, out the other.I highly recommend the place.It as a little slice of heaven in which to camp, or stay in a cabin ,(as we did).Grove Creek itself is generous and easily the nicest and best producing creek I've ever panned.The park rules are that panning is allowed within 600m's downstream of the causeway which itself is just downstream of the exit of the Archway Cave. However,only panning is allowed.No HB's ,sluices or detecting.And no digging of the banks. There are also tours of the various caves which are well worthwhile.I highly recommend the place.
GOLD MINING in AUSTRALIA | A cinematic drone video of the gold mining process 2018
This cinematic drone short film was shot at the Edna May gold mine site in Western Australia over a 6 month period and is owned by Ramelius Resources. The video aims to portray the modern processes that are used to mine the lucrative golden mineral. **Approval has been given by the Mine Manager and COO of Ramelius Resources to post this video. Main Footage shot with the DJI Mavic Pro Other footage - Sony Alpha 6300 Music: OdinMann - Inspiring Corporate Cinematic Trailer [Music Standard Licence] Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 I also take photos: https://www.instagram.com/carranddrone/ https://www.facebook.com/CarrandDrone/ www.carranddrone.com Other feature videos: Seeding Australia: https://youtu.be/CoDaA0GayOc Cunderdin Harvest: https://youtu.be/pU3OuRdWqc8 Mukinbudin by drone: https://youtu.be/k9P9gzxm218
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Historical - Gold Trails
In an extraordinary period from 1851 onwards, people rushed to make their fortunes on a series of goldfields that were discovered in NSW. The new finds significantly impacted the early agricultural towns and villages. New settlements were established to service thousands of prospectors and miners who came and went. Many came from Australia and overseas to win the gold, many set up businesses to feed and supply the miners, while some chose to steal. Today, this golden heritage vein underpins the story of nearly every major town and village across central and south west NSW. Every goldfield has its own trail to follow -- every goldmining family their own story to tell. Follow the GOLD TRAILS and discover for yourself, the heritage riches underpinning the towns, villages and landscapes of NSW. Here the stories of those who won the gold and those who stole the gold, are brought to life by communities committed to conserving and sharing their heritage. Design your own Gold Trails adventure - visit www.goldtrails.com.au
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Bushfires, Catherine Hill Bay NSW
A short video the day after, (19/10/13), the trumatic bushfires at Catherine Hill Bay, NSW. This little village is a historic coal mining town on the central coast of NSW. But for the wonderfull effort of the Rural Fire Service this small hamlet may have not survived.
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Abandoned Ghost Town of Bungonia NSW
One of many Ghost towns in New South Wales Australia, with many different churches abandoned and some very weird locals lol....
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How mountain biking helped save a tiny Tasmanian town
Five years ago the old tin-mining town of Derby was a ghost town. But a move to construct some mountain bike trails helped trigger an economic revival. The town is now booming and has been transformed into a world-class biking destination.
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Hill End NSW
A drive around Hill End township. An old gold mining town famous for the Holtemann Nugget, which weighed 235.1 kgs and contained 93.3kg (yes kilograms) of pure gold. No wonder he could afford a large piece of Sydneys North Shore after that.
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The Old Mine Gemstone Deposit,Yarrow Creek near Glen Innes NSW Australia
Enjoy, comment, subscribe! My Blogs: http://www.johnsbluemountainsblog.blogspot.com.au and http://www.johnsnewenglandminerals.blogspot.com.au/ The Old Mine area on Yarrow Creek was always one of our most productive fossicking locations. Not only were there places along the creek where the small-scale miners of the 1960's had not worked the wash, but (as you will see), unbeknown to us even after visiting the place for 10 years, there were places where the old miners had dumped their mine waste. This was the source of the "bonanzas". The majority of the gems were pyrope garnet, but there were still good sapphires and zircons among them as well as lots of larger black spinels.
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Travel Guide: Philipsburg, Montana - an old but lively West-mining town
The draw of Philipsburg, MT, an old West-mining town that is still very much alive starts with the painted mainstreet and sweet spots to stop like Sweet Palace, a candy store where you will find hundreds of varieties. But the best stuff is what’s made in house, like the 50 kinds of fudge, 72 flavors of taffy and 20 varieties of caramel. Next door you will find Sapphire Gallery, where you can grab a bag of gravel guaranteed to have a sapphire inside for 25 bucks. When it comes to a spot to stay, check out the Broadway Hotel, a spot that was once a general store back in the mining hey day. Today, current owners have renovated the building into a charming hotel with 9 rooms that are all decorated to a different theme ranging from Route 66 to mining and even ranching to play homage to a current industry in the town.
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Ballarat Australia. Sovereign Hill. Amazing Old Town
Ballarat Australia. Back in time such a beautiful place! Russian girl travels to Australia :) Australia, Victoria state Attractions, What to see in Victoria, What to see in Australia, Trip to Australia, Australia must see Music by DanO at http://www.danosongs.com Please, SUBSCRIBE - http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vacationality :D Thank you SO MUCH everyone for LIKES, Comments and SUBSCRIPTION! Watch my other cool playlists: Trip to Beautiful Latvia http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoC8MiaGeBlemy5RiUEjLcHi9oDLvzbWW Trip to Amazing Spain http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL79508217E13B18EF Trip to Beautiful Portugal https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoC8MiaGeBlcAwnW8Gpva5VZku3TD4EVO Life in Wild Russia http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA585EA007CC3E58B Life in Incredible America http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL96E0D2D6C9D2574E Life in Great Britain http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL36AA70EB5E29E84A Compare hundreds of travel sites and save up to 80% http://www.hotelscombined.com/?a_aid=70680
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Mining for gold in Cobar
A combination of video & still images filmed in Cobar, Mid-West New South Wales, the rich mining town , ''an oasis in the rich, red desert of Outback Australia.''

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