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Sluicing for Gold in New Zealand & Exploring Abandoned Gold Mines.
Join with as as we journey to New Zealand to sluice for gold the 'Old Timer's' way and explore long abandoned gold mines amid the spectacular scenery of the South Island's West Coast. Thanks for watching our videos and subscribing! www.nqexplorers.com www.garrettaustralia.com.au www.outdoortactical.com.au
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Gold snipe Queenstown Nz
5 hours sniping in Queenstown for total 22grams of gold
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Gold Prospecting moonlight
At this location the second largest nugget ever discovered in New Zealand was turfed up in 1917 by prospectors who were re-working old tailings from the 1860's gold-rush to Moonlight Creek. The 87.5 ounce nugget was named the 'Victory'. George Moonlight moved from the Victorian Goldfields (Australia) to New Zealand, then caught a steamer to the west coast of the South Island. George travelled from one gold rush to another, sometimes striking good gold, often not. His remains were found on the 16 September 1884 at Hope Bush (Cow Creek) having gone missing the year before on a lone prospecting trip, and is buried at the Nelson cemetery. Gold was discovered at a site, about 40 kilometres north-east of Greymouth, by prospectors called Cabet (surname) and 'Panama Bill', in 1868. They decided to name the new goldfield after George Moonlight. The creek and neighbouring terraces contained coarse dark nuggetty gold, sometimes impregnated with rose quartz (or rose tinted quartz). Many large nuggets have been found historically at the site. These include W.H. Jones 52 oz, George Fox 78 oz, William Coulter (known as Santa Anna) 47 oz, Mitchell and Russell (surnames) 79 oz, 60 oz, 40 oz, 2 x 33 oz, 22.50 oz and 20 oz, 'Flash' Barry (named after his spending spree in Melbourne from gold finds in the Victorian goldfields) 37 oz, Young and party several from 37 oz to 23 oz, Alfred Bliss 37 oz, Thomas Wood 36 oz, and much more that goes unrecorded. Retired geologist Jock Braithwaite when interviewed in part about Moonlight Creek, gives a fine definition of a nugget: ' A nugget is if you drop it in the dish, and it goes ding'. The site is well known amongst gold fossickers, lured by the romantic name, and the improbable promises of riches, from the many nuggets found here in the past. Gold prospecting requires a permit, but not in the seventeen public fossicking sites on the South Island (always check the Department of Mines website for the most up to date information). Prosecutions for mining without a permit do occur, as a property owner near the entrance of the Moonlight Road found in 2016. Non motorised fossicking is allowed, in designated fossicking sites, including panning dishes, and small scale sluicing. The thought here is families will come, with children given the opportunity to pan for gold in the creek, finding a few specks, then going home happy having spent the day in the beautiful New Zealand outdoors. Not everyone buys into this. Online forums note conflicts with people behaving badly, including a local rock club who arrived, and were threatened by a man clearing trees. Gold does funny things to people, and does not always bring out the best in human nature. Small nuggets have been reportedly found up to recent times. The best time to go is spring and early summer, after the winter floods have potentially washed gold nuggets to the surface. The best time to go to avoid people is mid-winter, when there is knee deep mud, constant drizzling rain, and sub-zero temperatures. The entrance road to Moonlight Creek can be found at a location called Atarau, on the main road on the northern side of the Grey River. Where the road turns sharply is a pull-out area with prominent 'Moonlight' sign, and minor gold mining equipment. The fossicking site is via a narrow gravel road heading north from here into the thickly forested hills for 10 kilometres (sometimes used by logging trucks), to a place now known as Anderson's Flat. The fossicking area covers 59 768 ha, beginning 1.32 kilometres above the bridge crossing. A gold location near Queenstown is also called Moonlight Creek. Prospectors rushed to the site after the 1868 find, many described as 'hatters', a gold mining term for an elderly prospector having gone slightly mad in the head from gold fever. The focus was on a gutter running parallel to the creek, and disappearing into a terrace. Much tunnelling into the terrace failed to locate the gutter extension. There were reefs at Moonlight Creek, but it appears not enough for large company involvement. Several pegged claims, and a couple started work, but amounted to little. The creek was pegged by dredging companies with a similar result. An 1875 report states by this stage many had left, with one store remaining. Coarse gold was also found at Caledonian Creek, 5 miles away: Baxter Creek for fine gold; and Garden Gully, all seeing small numbers of miners around the same time as the Moonlight Creek rush. Long (like all day) difficult (steep, muddy, wet etc) but beautiful walks and mountain bike trails eg. Croesus Track,can be taken through the lush temperate rainforest to the Garden Gully site, containing swing bridges, a 1905 era stamp battery, mining relics, and tin gold miner huts.
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GOLD New Zealand Shotover River 2015
What an amazing part of New Zealand "Clean & Pure" snow feed river the Shotover River Queenstown Otago South Island New Zealand, enjoy the movie, and drink "Clean Water". www.shotovergold.co.nz
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Gold Prospecting the West Coast of the South Island New Zealand
Gold Prospecting the West coast in the South Island New Zealand
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New Zealand Gold Panning 2018
Road tripping and gold panning down the West Coast of New Zealand
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Gold Dredging Action NZ Nice nuggets
gold dredging from last season, awesome crevice ground, some nuggets found, Please excuse the video quality its shaky because im trying to film and dredge but its still a gold Fix! Enjoy
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Gold prospecting In the South Island New Zealand
Gold prospecting In the South Island New Zealand headed out for a two week adventure with my good mate Jahn to our favourite spot in the west coast of the South Island! for additional content please join me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/John24gold
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gold dredging nz
This week we are working on a spot that is only 5ft deep... We start most days at about 300cumecs and finish at 600cumecs, and it does that in about an hour..
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Gold Mining Earnscleugh Otago NZ ..Mine closed now?
UPDATE: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/business/313009/mine-close-35-jobs-lost Went to their open day: http://www.lmgroup.net.nz/MIL2%20A/MIL2%20A%20.html
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gold mine new zealand 10MINS.wmv
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New Zealand - Arrowtown - an historic gold mining town in NZ
Description Just a short stroll through Arrowtown , NZ autum 2018
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Excellent 2 Day Gold Prospecting Trip, Canvastown 2019 NZ
Gold Digger NZ Great gold prospecting trip at Canvastown with Jade.
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Jet Boating & Gold Panning in Queenstown / Cromwell –  New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year
Day 189: Want to try an alternative jet boat near Queenstown, as well as some gold panning in the Kawarau Gorge? Check out the experience with Goldfields Jet and the Goldfields Mining Centre in today’s episode! Yesterday - Day 188 ➜https://youtu.be/unmynbFRpsM Tomorrow – Day 190 ➜ https://youtu.be/yBZAJa3wo9I 30 Tips for Backpacking in New Zealand ➜ https://goo.gl/ZPzLqs -- About this video -- The Goldfields Mining Centre is located along the stunning Kawarau Gorge between Queenstown and Cromwell. Here, there are so many things to do from jet boating with Goldfields Jet to taking a gold mining tour where you can prospect for gold in New Zealand! First up, we try the Goldfields Jet which is an awesome alternative to the jet boating in Queenstown. It’s located only 40 minutes away from Queenstown so is worth considering if travelling through the Kawarau River Gorge. It’s also a place for jet boating in Cromwell. The thrill ride down the stunning Kawarau River is full of 360 spins, near misses and some gold mining history too. After jet boating in Cromwell, we then move onto the Goldfield Mining Centre. The Goldfields Mining Centre has some self-guided walking tours as well as some guided tours where it’s your chance to do some gold prospecting in New Zealand! If you want to do some gold prospecting in Queenstown or gold prospecting in Cromwell, this is the place to do it! After touring a mock-up of an old gold mining settlement and seeing some old gold mining machinery, we try our hand at gold panning in Queenstown / gold panning in New Zealand. So what do you think of the Goldfields Mining Centre in New Zealand? Would you consider stopping by between Queenstown and Cromwell? LUK in the comments! #NZMustDo #BackpackerGuideNZ #CromwellNZ #Queenstown #NewZealandVlog #NewZealand #TravelNewZealand Subscribe ➜ http://youtube.com/backpackerguidenz/?sub_confirmation=1 Share ➜ https://youtu.be/OwOGORV-YtA Web ➜ https://backpackerguide.nz Connect on Social Media YouTube Channel ➜ http://youtube.com/backpackerguidenz FB ➜ http://facebook.com/backpackerguidenz IG ➜ http://instagram.com/backpackerguide.nz Pinterest ➜ https://pinterest.com/backpackerguidenz Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/BPKGuide -- New Zealand Biggest Gap Year -- 365 Days: 365 Activities BackpackerGuide.NZ is New Zealand’s biggest online travel guide for adventure and budget travel in New Zealand. Join us, as the team behind BackpackerGuide.NZ, Robin and Laura, update the travel guide while taking on 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand! It’s New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year! We release new videos of the New Zealand backpacking adventure every single day, as well as New Zealand travel tips and 360 videos every Sunday so start making your New Zealand bucket list! Read more about our experience at the Goldfields Mining Centre and Goldfields Jet on New Zealand on New Zealand’s biggest guide for backpackers: https://www.backpackerguide.nz/blog/2016/11/jet-boating-gold-panning-kawarau-river/ -- More About Things to Do in Cromwell & Things to Do in Queenstown – Queenstown – Guide for Backpackers ➜ https://goo.gl/7ca1Mc Otago – Guide for Backpackers ➜ https://goo.gl/DGUe9R 17 Places to Jet Boat in New Zealand ➜ https://goo.gl/v8hJJ6
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Another amazing trip to the Claim, Gold Nuggets found, enjoy the movie, and drink "Clean Water". www.shotovergold.co.nz
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Pan For Gold in Queenstown New Zealand
This guy said he would take us someplace to pan for gold near Queenstown, New Zealand.
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Greenstone mining in Queenstown, NZ
: a making film
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Garry From NZ on a Fabulous Little Patch using GPZ 7000
Another Gold filled tour for Garry from New Zealand. He is a great detector operator and from memory he's never had a gold less day on tour with Gold Prospecting Australia, and he has been joining us for several years now. Well done as always Garry. He found this patch with his GPX 4500 and cleaned up using our GPZ 7000.
Abandoned Gold Mine New Zealand - Coromandel Success Mine
Success Gold mine located in the hills above Coromandel Town.
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Panning for gold in New Zealand’s North Island
Join me to see if we are able to recover some gold, when panning in the North Island Of New Zealand near Hamilton...
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Lawrence - Gold Mining Town
Jason visits a historic Chinese mining town recreated by Dr James Ng
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waihi gold mine new zealand
waihi gold mine new zealand
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Gold hunting in Golden Bay New Zealand
Here are some short clips of us doing our thing in the Collingwood Gold fields in Golden Bay NZ. If you would like to learn the skills of prospecting, Steve and Brett offer personalized teachings. You can come out on the claim with us and learn first hand how to locate and recover GOLD! You can find us on our website: www.goldhuntingadventures.co.nz
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Arrowtown Historic Gold Mining Town New Zealand
A daytrip to Arrowtown in South Island New Zealand. Approximately 30 minutes away by bus from Queenstown. It's a small quaint little town, used to be a gold mining community back in the days. Some nice simple hiking trails. Easily can be checked out in half a day. music by Conal http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/533752
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Gold sniping new zealand
Gold sniping 3/12/17 9.3gms from this crack
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8 mile and ross New Zealand’s largest gold nugget,
South of Hokitika, State Highway 6 passes through areas of cleared river flats interspersed with forest-covered hills. The area was heavily glaciated during past ice ages, and much of the hilly country is glacial moraine (rock) containing large boulders. The river flats are gravel terraces formed after the glaciers melted. Dairy farming is the main industry, supplemented by a growing tourism sector. Gigantic gold New Zealand’s largest gold nugget, weighing 99 ounces and 12 pennyweight (2.807 kilograms) was discovered at Ross by two prospectors in 1909. Nicknamed the Honourable Roddy after the minister of mines (Roderick McKenzie), it was purchased by the government and presented to King George V as a coronation present in 1911. Sadly it no longer exists – it was melted down for a royal tea service. Ross A small historic town with a 2013 population of 297, 31 km south-west of Hokitika. Ross was the centre of one of New Zealand’s richest alluvial goldfields in the late 19th century, with extensive underground mining and sluicing claims. The town sprang up after discoveries in 1864–65, and was named after the Canterbury provincial treasurer, George Ross. Surface gravels were rapidly worked out, but gold was found beneath Ross flat. Companies were formed to develop underground mines. Although profitable, underground mining had ceased by 1915, defeated by drainage problems. A large opencast pit was opened in the 1990s to recover gold from previously inaccessible areas, and is now filled by a lake at the southern end of the township. There are several walking tracks around old mining areas in Ross, as well as a museum and visitor centre.
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NZ 4WD Track: Exploring Skippers Canyon
I spend the afternoon following yet another 4WD track of New Zealand. The Skippers Canyon road dives into the back country of Queenstown. I Follow the old gold miners road to the settlement and show just what an amazing place this is. Perfect spot for that weekend getaway with the family or friends. Want the latest info on this track and hundreds more?! Check out 4X4Explorer. The latest website to gain access to hundreds of 4WD tracks around the South Island! https://www.4x4explorer.co.nz/?aff=3019 Find us on Facebook and Instagram as well for the latest posts from on the road. All my episodes are uploaded to Wikiloc. So you too can follow along the same trails and explore this beautiful country. https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/user.do?id=3688978 http://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/otago/places/skippers-area/
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Macraes Gold Mine, South Island, New Zealand.
Working at a gold mine in the South Island of New Zealand. Started off as a serviceman ie: bitch and finally got an apprenticeship as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic with Goughs Caterpillar ie: Still a bitch hahaha.
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A Day in Arrowtown  –  New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand
Day 133: Today we are spending the day in Arrowtown near Queenstown! See some things to do in Arrowtown in this video of our Arrowtown experience with free fudge tastings, ice cream, the museum and a Lord of the Rings filming location by the Arrow River! Yesterday - Day 131 ➜ https://youtu.be/KYmIpW3DJ-Q Tomorrow – Day 133 ➜ https://youtu.be/1J8Hrt5bc_A 30 Tips for Backpacking in New Zealand ➜ https://goo.gl/ZPzLqs -- About this video -- Today we are making our way between Wanaka and Queenstown but not without a few pit stops along the way. First, we drive through the Cardrona Valley on the Crown Range and stop off at the Cardrona Bra Fence or “Bradrona”. Then we continue on the scenic journey to Arrowtown. When we arrive in Arrowtown, we walk around this historic gold mining town with buildings kept to their original designs since the gold rush era. We stop by the Lakes District Museum to have a look at some gold mining relics and art exhibitions before discovering The Remarkables Sweet Shop where you can taste fudge... for free! With our sweet tooth activated, we get an ice cream from Patagonia Ice Cream then eat it next to the Arrow River where a Lord of the Rings filming location is, as well as people gold panning with gold pans hired in the town. Then we get on our way to our final destination in Queenstown where we’re going to be spending the next 10 days. So what do you think of Arrowtown? Would you add Arrowtown to your “must visit” list in New Zealand? LUK in the comments! #NZMustDo #BackpackerGuideNZ #Queenstown #NewZealand #TravelNewZealand #NewZealandVlog Subscribe ➜ http://youtube.com/backpackerguidenz/?sub_confirmation=1 Share ➜ https://youtu.be/XlE0D11cQ1o Web ➜ https://backpackerguide.nz Connect on Social Media YouTube Channel ➜ http://youtube.com/backpackerguidenz FB ➜ http://facebook.com/backpackerguidenz IG ➜ http://instagram.com/backpackerguide.nz Pinterest ➜ https://pinterest.com/backpackerguidenz Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/BPKGuide -- New Zealand Biggest Gap Year -- 365 Days: 365 Activities BackpackerGuide.NZ is New Zealand’s biggest online travel guide for adventure and budget travel in New Zealand. Join us, as the team behind BackpackerGuide.NZ, Robin and Laura, update the travel guide while taking on 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand! It’s New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year! We release new videos of the New Zealand backpacking adventure every single day, as well as New Zealand travel tips and 360 videos every Sunday so start making your New Zealand bucket list! Read more about visiting Arrowtown on New Zealand’s biggest guide for backpackers: https://www.backpackerguide.nz/blog/2016/10/sunrise-skydive-wanaka/ -- More about Things to Do in Queenstown & Arrowtown – The Lord of the Rings Locations in Queenstown ➜ https://goo.gl/BYx5Ch 15 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Queenstown ➜https://goo.gl/uHBQxM Queenstown – Guide for Backpackers ➜ https://goo.gl/7ca1Mc
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Gold Mining New Zealand - The Gold Cube
Spent a few days with the guys from www.dredgenz.co.nz Experts in finding gold!
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Otago Gold Rush Documentary Inernal
My Documentary on the 1960's Otago Gold Rush for a history internal.
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Gold Panning tours Queenstown New Zealand
Arrowtown is an old gold-mining town just outside of Queenstown. It resembles a snapshot in time of what a town of that era would have looked like. When JRR Tolkien created Middle Earth little did he know the magical landscapes of his imagination actually existed, 12,000 miles away from his home in Oxford England. It took Peter Jackson 10 years and millions of dollars to bring the Rings to life on the big screen. Golden Fox tours have been taking people there every day for the past 10 years. Many of the areas that Golden fox tours visits provide the spectacular backdrops to much of the action in Peter Jackson¹s film The Fellowship. Golden Fox Tours takes you on a special adventure tailored to include some of the locations used for significant scenes in the film, Prepare to be amazed. Golden Fox Walking Tours takes you in to the embodiment of the Middle Earth of Tolkien¹s imagination. Golden Fox Tours is a scenic charter that gives a spectacular look at the diversity of the scenery in the area. It is based around several of the specific sites where filming took place. These are real places ; there are no film sets ; they are areas of outstanding natural beauty that need no enhancement. Here it is possible to experience the magical atmosphere We talk about the History of Arrowtown and how it sprung up over night when Gold was discovered back in 1862, You get to look at some real Gold Nuggets. And have a look at some Rings, similar to those used in (The Rings) Then we move out of the town to the Chinese settlement. Where we have a chat about the history of the Chinese miners. We then walk to where the Black Riders and there horse did there gallop though the River scene. At this point we have a chat about the movie and the discovery of Gold. we continue walking through native bush for about ten minutes till we get to a clearing, this is the place where William Fox found all that Gold back in 1862. ), It is here where we go Gold panning for some Elf Gold. Everyone finds Elf Gold flakes in the famous Arrow River to take home with them. General tour will take two and a half hours round trip. Please Phone me to make a booking on 027 416 083 www.goldenfoxtours.com
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Kawarau Gorge Gold Fields Mining Exhibit Highway 8b NEW ZEALAND SOUTH ISLAND
QUEENSTOWN The Kawarau River gorge with its steep hills and rapidly flowing river is exceptionally scenic and we made many stops to take photographs. We stopped at a tourist site outlining the gold mining history on this river. Gold was discovered on the Shotover River in 1862, and it became the second richest gold-bearing river in the world. Makeshift towns of tents, stores, bars and grog shops sprang up almost overnight, establishing not only Queenstown, but also Arrowtown, 21 kilometres to the north east beside the Arrow River, and many other small encampments
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Visit Arrowtown - old gold mining town, New Zealand
Short scenic 20 minutes drive from Queenstown. Arrowtown was "Born of Gold" in the 1860's and it has change a little since. Arrowtown, New Zealand. Filmed on 20 January 2011.
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Gold Prospecting in New Zealand With John24Gold Pt1
Pt 1 gold prospecting, we spent a week prospecting and detecting areas, looking for the best area to run our sluice, then spent the next week digging and running material through the box Thanks all for watching ,commenting, sharing and subscribing!!
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STRIKING GOLD IN NEW ZEALAND!! | Motorcycle Trip Vlog_08
While waiting out a storm, we set up camp inside a shack for the night, then ride the motorcycles south and find an old gold mining town, where we go panning for gold and strike it rich and never have to work again in our lives... 🔔 Please CLICK THE BELL for videos and updates as they happen!! 🔔 New videos every Tuesday and Saturday! Follow Kelly's YouTube Channel! : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz--... Follow Kelly On Instagram: decide_my_ride Follow Kelly on Facebook: KY Kelly Follow Mike on Instagram: - @valhalla_mike MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Ride More Store: www.ridemorestore.com - PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/jeremyrhydes ► INSTAGRAM : @jeremyrhydes ► SNAPCHAT: jeremyrhydes ► FACEBOOK: Jeremy Rhydes ► TWITTER: Jeremy_Rhydes ► Group Facebook Page: National Adventure Riders Association MY CAMERA GEAR : ►Camera (Handheld): http://amzn.to/2gpb4oC ►Helmet Cam: http://amzn.to/2vxHoQu ►Helmet Cam Microphone: http://amzn.to/2vQLxKI ►Microphone Adapter: http://amzn.to/2vyfxzN ►Tripod: http://amzn.to/2vQM53e ►Video Editor: http://amzn.to/2xqToEd Send Mail to: Jeremy Rhydes P.O Box 217 Albany, Vermont 05820
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Free Things To Do In Queenstown New Zealand | Backpacker Travel
Queenstown is a popular year round destination (especially backpackers) with a huge range of activities from skiing when the mountains are snow-capped and water activities in the summer. If you are in Queenstown then you should go visit Arrowtown. Arrowtown is a historic former gold mining town, 20 minute drive (or hitchhike) from Queenstown. Today Arrowtown is somewhat reminiscent of the past with its many buildings gone and its Main Street which has been preserved since the gold mining days. With many great shops, cafes and restaurants it is worth the drive! NEW HOW-TO VIDEO UP EVERY WEEK! Follow our daily life on IG: https://www.instagram.com/travellingmap/
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5" gold dredge. Central otago new zealand
New dredge test run
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gold mining in the arrowtown river, new zealand
just doing a bit of gold mining with my homemade sluice box in the arrow town river, check out my other video for the clean up
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NZ Gold Panning Championships 2013
The New Zealand Gold Panning Championships were held in Arrowtown on 14 April 2013. Here is some of the action.
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West Coast Gold  Adventure 2  Slab Hut  & Goldsborough
West Coast Gold Adventure 2 Slab Hut & Goldsborough
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New Zealand - Arrowtown, South Island
A historic town about 20 minute drive from Queenstown. Once a gold-mining town it sits on the banks of the Arrow River. Gold was discovered in 1861, in about 1865 the government invited Chinese miners to the area and they created a separate settlement in Arrowtown which remained until 1928. Remnants of the Chinese houses still stand in a small park. Music by www.JewelBeat.com
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Gold Sniping NZ
Gold sniping New Zealand + gravity dredge + sluice box
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Around The Basin, Queenstown NZ - Arrow River Trail Half Day Bike Tour
Your four hour supported adventure biking the Queenstown Trails begins at either 9am or 1pm with a scenic transfer from your Queenstown accommodation through to the historic gold mining village of Arrowtown to the start of the Arrow River trail. Here you will start your ride along the beautiful Arrow River gorge till it meets the confluence of the Kawarau River, joining the original miners trail that crosses the famous Kawarau suspension bridge, home of the original Kawarau Bungy. At the end of your bike ride you will be transferred to a Gibbston winery for a relaxing wine tasting and cheesery visit before being delivered back to Queenstown. More info and book here http://www.aroundthebasin.co.nz/our-rides/day-rides/arrow-river-trail---half-day-bike-tour.3/ Video: http://www.shotovermedia.com
Queenstown and Arrowtown in Autumn
A visual harvest of the beautiful scenery and things to do around Queenstown and Arrowtown during autumn (fall). Biking, walking, kayaking, gold panning, bungy jumping, jetboating, photography, kids and dogs - locals and tourists alike can be found out and about in the region enjoying the spectacular landscapes painted gold and red during the change of seasons. Arrowtown Autumn Festivasl runs 20-29th April 2012. More info at http://www.arrowtownautumnfestival.org.nz/ Song: 'I'll be there' by AndrewX7 on soundcloud.com/andrewx7/ill-be-there . Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY.
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Gold New Zealand - fossicking for nuggets
Josh James does a spot of gold fossicking in the back blocks in New Zealand...