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Historic Hwy 49, California's Gold Country
California's picturesque foothills fed by the clear crystal snow runoff from the Sierra, home to the many diverse Native American cultures was forever changed when James Marshall discovered Gold in California at Sutter's Mill in 1848 and set off the largest gold rush in history. Reminders of this abundantly rich history can be found everywhere along Hwy 49 as it winds and meanders through the Mother Lode mining towns of days gone by, through flowering white dogwoods, olive colored oaks and towering cedar, the remnants of history; old stone cabins and buildings, mining equipment, and stamp mills that were used to crush gold-bearing quartz. This historic area needs to be preserved and shared to save the heritage and rugged beauty of Hwy 49 and Gold Country, one of California's most precious resources, for everyone, everywhere. Today along this incredible American byway is a region of quaint bed and breakfasts, shops lining historic main streets, award winning wineries, fine restaurants, antique and gift shops, art galleries, golf courses, unlimited recreation and the chance to travel back in time... A 9.5 minute video covering Gold Rush history in the first half and Gold Country today in the second half. www.historichwy49.com #Sutter #Marshall #highway49 #americanriver #gold #panning #Coloma #Nisenan #Cullomain #suttersmill #Sonora #Mariposa #Oakhurst #Angelscamp #MarkTwain #Nevadacity #Grassvalley #Suttercreek #Downieville #rush #49er #mine #miner #mining #history #Califonia #motherlode #suttersfort #nativeamerican #historichwy49.com
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Exploring The Labyrinth Of An Abandoned California Gold Mine
This video takes us exploring to the Sacramento Gold Mine in the White Mountains near Chalfant, California on 5-4-2018. The trip starts with a drive across the foothills followed by a hike to the lower terminal of a tram that carried ore from the mine to a lower area where it could be trucked away. We continued up the trail to the upper tram terminal to find the source of the ore. We found three different entrances to the very irregular collection of diggings. There seems to be drifts that were excavated following rich ore veins going in all directions. The mine is quite low in many parts where you are unable to stand up straight. We explored as best we could with the time we had, but were unable to finish, and didn't even get up to the upper areas where an ore chute was coming down from above. The 5½ mile hike/exploration took us 4½ hours to complete and gained a total of 2100 feet in elevation.
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DEW California Fires - Coincidences and Connections
CORRECTION: I, obviously, do NOT think the fires I mentioned which occured in the late 19th century were started by DEWS, but I DO think the fires which started in California in October 2017 and November 2018 WERE started by Directed Energy Weapons and probably whatever other technology available at the time, such as the use of microwave tech, and smart meter explosions. Also, I mistakenly said the Tubbs Fire started Oct. 9, 2017 in the video, but I meant Oct. 8. It was starting to get a little confusing keeping track of all the numbers, but I explain it all more clearly (hopefully) in the description below. There are SO MANY coincidences and connections involved in these DEW fires that I can't even fit them all into a 10 minute video! I had to type out the remainder in the description! There were SO MANY separate fires in California in the month of October 2017 that Wikipedia had to have it's OWN web page dedicated that month's fires ALONE!!!! The Peshtigo Fire which started at 9:00 pm Sunday October 8, 1871 was THE DEADLIEST wildfire in American history, with the estimated deaths of around 1,500 people, and possibly as many as 2,500. The Tubbs Fire which started at 9:43pm on October 8, 2017 was THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE wildfire in California history until exactly 13 months later the Camp Fire occured at 6:33am November 8, 2018 and became THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE AND THE MOST DEADLY wildfire in California history. IS it a mere coincidence that the DEADLIEST fire in American history and the most DESTRUCTIVE fire in California history BOTH started ON SUNDAY OCTOBER THE EIGHTH?!!!! A different year, but the SAME hour of the SAME day of the week, the SAME day of the month of the SAME month!!! You gotta ask yourself. Also, isn't it ironic that Feb 13, 2017 188,000 people were evacuated from the Oroville area due to possible flash flooding from the Oroville Dam which came very close to overflowing and these people I'm sure some of them fled North into Paradise and now a year and 9 months later, they evacuated the entire town of Paradise to surrounding areas including South to Oroville. Really playing on the elements here. FIRE AND WATER AND METAL, because there is supposedly a GOLD connection too. There is talk of gold mining in Oroville near the spillway and gold mining in Paradise as well. I also forgot to mention the connection between the Paradise Camp Fire and the Malibu Woolsey Fire. There happens to be a Paradise Cove Beach and restaurant IN Malibu which the fire area covered. I can't confirm if the restaurant is gone, but it looks like it might be. So this is all too weird, too many connections and far too many fire anomalies. I'm praying for everyone. Be safe. Spread the truth. Ignorance = inaction and powerlessness, knowledge = action and power. Ignorance may feel blissful, but it is mental slavery and there is no dignity in that, knowledge of truth is scary and hurtful, but it is also powerful and gives you the advantage to change the future. What isn't talked about will NEVER change, so we won't let history repeat and we will continue to talk about it! Look at what they did with the fire, Oct. 8 will sadly never be the same to me, neither will Nov. 8. If you are interested in researching more about the cause of these fires, I recommend YT channel APLANETRUTH.INFO and if you are interested in researching occult meanings and symbolism in the media, go to NICHOLSON1968's YT channel. Cheers. :)
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Cell Phones , Oroville CA ~ Dennis O'donnel
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California Gold
California Gold rush days of raining 2017 . 3 hrs working river.
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Market to Market (February 17, 2017)
NAFTA partners send different messages on trade policy. Blessed with more rain, water slashes its own path out west. A family business pours it all into home delivery. Market analysis with Elaine Kub.
Market to Market (May 19, 2017)
Rain makes grain but only if you can get into the field to plant it. The nation’s top farmer gets grilled on everything from lunch trays to food trade. And, we show you how one pork producing family is cultivating fans in Japan. Market analysis with Don Roose.
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News Channel 11 Weekend Morning
News Channel 11 Morning
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Water Reuse for a Thirsty World – Tapping Your Future
Department of Environmental Health Sciences Centennial Water Symposium
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Sacramento, California | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Sacramento, California 00:02:46 1 History 00:02:55 1.1 Pre-Columbian period 00:03:29 1.2 Spanish period 00:04:23 1.3 Mexican period 00:05:39 1.4 American period 00:11:05 1.5 Modern era 00:15:22 2 Geography 00:16:37 2.1 Cityscape 00:16:45 2.1.1 City neighborhoods 00:19:29 2.2 Climate 00:23:44 3 Demographics 00:24:22 3.1 2010 00:29:51 3.2 2000 00:32:48 4 Economy 00:34:00 4.1 Top employers 00:34:13 5 Culture 00:34:22 5.1 Performing arts 00:36:46 5.2 Visual arts 00:37:33 5.3 Museums 00:39:59 5.4 Music 00:41:35 5.5 Film 00:42:38 5.6 Cuisine 00:44:35 5.7 LGBTQ 00:45:22 5.8 Old Sacramento 00:46:57 5.9 Chinatown 00:49:13 6 Sports 00:51:36 7 Parks and recreation 00:54:26 8 Government 00:55:44 8.1 State and Federal representation 00:56:22 9 Education 00:56:31 9.1 Higher education 01:01:33 9.2 Primary & secondary education 01:04:26 10 Media 01:04:35 10.1 Magazines 01:04:52 10.2 Newspapers 01:06:12 10.3 Radio 01:06:20 10.4 Television stations 01:06:29 11 Transportation 01:06:47 11.1 Roads and highways 01:08:44 11.2 Rail service 01:11:07 11.3 Airport 01:12:02 11.4 Other transportation options 01:14:36 12 Notable residents 01:14:45 13 Sister cities 01:15:01 14 See also Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= Sacramento ( SAK-rə-MEN-toh; Spanish: [sakɾaˈmento]) is the capital city of the U.S. state of California and the seat of Sacramento County. Located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in Northern California's Sacramento Valley, Sacramento's estimated 2018 population of 501,334 makes it the sixth-largest city in California and the 9th largest capital in the United States. Sacramento is the seat of the California Assembly, the Governor of California, and Supreme Court of California, making it the state's political center and a hub for lobbying and think tanks. Sacramento is also the cultural and economic core of the Sacramento metropolitan area, which had 2010 population of 2,414,783, making it the fifth largest in California.Sacramento is the fastest-growing major city in California, owing to its status as notable financial center on the West Coast and as a major educational hub, home of Sacramento State University and University of California, Davis. Similarly, Sacramento is a major center for the California healthcare industry, as the seat of Sutter Health, the world-renowned UC Davis Medical Center, and the UC Davis School of Medicine, and notable tourist destination in California, as the site of The California Museum, the Crocker Art Museum, California Hall of Fame, the California State Capitol Museum, and the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. Sacramento is known for its evolving contemporary culture, dubbed the most "hipster city" in California. In 2002, the Harvard University Civil Rights Project conducted for Time magazine named Sacramento "America's Most Diverse City".Before the arrival of the Spanish, the area was inhabited by the Nisenan people indigenous peoples of California. Spanish cavalryman Gabriel Moraga named surveyed and named the Rio del Santísimo Sacramento (Sacramento River) in 1808, after the Blessed Sacrament, referring to the Eucharist in the Catholic Church. In 1839, Juan Bautista Alvarado, Mexican governor of Alta California granted the responsibility of colonizing the Sacramento Valley to Swiss-born, Mexican citizen John Augustus Sutter, who subsequently established Sutter's Fort and the settlement at the Rancho Nueva Helvetia. Following the American Conquest of California and the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, the waterfront developed by Sutter began to be developed and incorporated in 1850 as the City of Sacramento. As a result of the California Gold Rush, Sacramento became a major commercial center and distribution point for Northern California, serving as the terminus for the Pony Express and the First Transcontinental Railroad.
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