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Responsible Mining & Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Jewelry
Toby Pomeroy is a designer and manufacturer of sustainable fine jewelry, as well as a renowned speaker on mining and its environmental impact. Lisa was fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with him at the 2013 AGTA GemFair in Tucson, Arizona. Read more about Krikawa's eco-friendly practices: http://www.krikawa.com/pages/default.aspx?id=13
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Planning for the Future - Sustainable Mining
More information at http://src.nu/srcmining. Sustainable mining not only makes good environmental sense, but also good economic sense. Companies that incorporate sustainable mining practices in their development plans can reduce their environmental footprint and remediation costs. New technology and research shows us that minerals can be extracted without harming the earth. In this video, Saskatchewan Research Council experts discuss the benefits of green mining.
Wings Over Canada - Sustainable Mining Practices
A Saskatchewan industrialist reveals responsible mining practices that are less harmful to the environment than methods from 50 years ago.
The toxic recipe for artisanal gold
In the Philippines and Indonesia, finding and extracting gold is a laborious and dangerous undertaking — one that involves child labor and harmful exposure to mercury.
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Sustainable Mining by Tata Steel
Watch the video to know more about Sustainable Mining by Tata Steel.
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Environmentally Friendly Products | Environmentally Friendly Products are Less Expensive
http://www.saveandgogreen.info Toxic Chemicals and Unhealthy Eating Are Causing all types of problems. Environmentally Friendly Products actually are better for you and cheaper. Click the link to learn more END ----- Video Resource. http://youtu.be/PUpqzPnoVx8 http://www.saveandgogreen.info Environmentally Friendly Products Environmentally Friendly Products lists Environmentally Friendly Products more Expensive
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How environmentally friendly is your bank?
An environmental group ranked Swiss banks on how much they consider sustainability with their investments.   Nouvo brings you short videos about Switzerland, Swiss current affairs and the wider world. Keep up to date and watch the videos wherever you are, whenever you like. --- swissinfo.ch is the international branch of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Its role is to report on Switzerland and to provide a Swiss perspective on international events. For more articles, interviews and videos visit swissinfo.ch or subscribe to our YouTube channel: Website: http://www.swissinfo.ch Channel: http://www.youtube.com/swissinfovideos Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=swissinfovideos
Eco Initiatives at Your Office: Eight Simple Ways to Go Green
There are many benefits to instituting green initiatives at the office. Besides the notion that it is the right thing to do, going green can save the company money and raise its reputation among a new generation of sustainability-conscious customers. A report in 2012, found that hospitals that reduce energy consumption would save $15 billion over ten years. A UCLA-led study from the same year found that companies who voluntarily adopted international green practices have employees who are 16 percent more productive than average. Customers are also more willing to pay more for companies that show themselves to be sustainable according to a 2013 Nielson study. So, the benefits of going green are plenty, but shifting to a green office may seem overwhelming and expensive. This article outlines eight affordable and straightforward ways offices can embrace a culture of sustainability. To read the full article visit: https://www.myasbn.com/articles/eco-initiatives-office-eight-simple-ways-go-green/
HydroMiner - Eco-friendly and profitable mining
➤The main advantages of hydropower engineering is that it is clean from an ecological point of view and very profitable, since it almost does not require investments. At the moment, the cost of the described energy is 85% lower, compared to the average European prices. In turn, HydroMiner launches more and more large-scale cryptosystems. HydroMiner is also loyal to the mining pools it uses, depending on payments and liquidity among other factors. The geographical focus of the platform is Austria (Lower Austria) and South Germany. ➤Website: https://www.hydrominer.org/ ➤WhitePaper: https://www.hydrominer.org/wp-content/uploads/HydroMiner.pdf ➤Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=980049
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Environmental Sustainability: An Earth Friendly Way to Get the Resources We Need with DeepGreen
Earth is our home, and future generations need its resources in order to survive and thrive. It’s crucial we move off of reliance on dirty energy and towards renewable energy. To create the physical resources for battery, wind and solar power, we need metal, but common metal mining practices cause huge negative impacts. Gerard Barron and Dr. Greg Stone with DeepGreen join our host, Daniel Schmachtenberger, to define environmental sustainability and discuss how it can coincide with economic growth and prosperity. Join us as we journey through DeepGreen’s method of ocean mining, what they’re doing to minimize their environmental impact, and their development goals to no longer need to mine metals within 70-80 years. For full show notes visit: https://neurohacker.com/environmental-sustainability-an-earth-friendly-way-to-get-the-resources-we-need
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Mining and Remanufacturing
From respect for the earth to rebirth Infrastructure and energy development will always place a high demand on the earth's natural resources. To balance this global reality, while reducing its environmental impact, Caterpillar uses unique technologies to make mining more sustainable and remanufactures more than any company in the world, conserving natural resources and energy.
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High school students learn about green mining practices
A recent outreach program held at McMaster allowed students, hailing from mining towns across Canada, to research the root causes of water quality issues at mining sites. The students then developed environmentally-friendly mitigation strategies, many of which would be financially beneficial to the companies located in their hometowns.
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Sustainable Mining Practices at Florida Dredge Mine | The Chemours Company
The Chemours dredge mine near Starke, Florida is improving how we extract valuable minerals from the earth. Watch how the mill is able to instantly return mined sand to the ground, ensuring the land retains pre-mining elevations.
Transforming Shopping Malls into Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Spaces in Malaysia
MIT 11.384-11.386 Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program, Spring 2016 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/11-384S16 Instructor: Dr. Akinropo Oluremi Akindele As is the case in many countries, shopping malls in Malaysia offer respite from the tropical heat. Dr. Akinropo Oluremi Akindele explores ways in which shopping malls can be more sustainably developed and managed. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Mining Indaba 2015 | Canadian Leadership in Responsible Mining Practices
The Mining Association of Canada hosted a panel discussion with leaders in responsible mining practices in the Canadian mining industry on Monday February 9th, 2015 during Mining Indaba. The panel discussion entitled Lessons learned from Canadian leadership in responsible mining practices" is moderated by Pierre Gratton, President and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada. Joining him in discussion are panelists: Matt Pascall, Director of Operations, First Quantum Minerals Ltd.; Dr. Janina Gawler, Global Practice Leader, Communities & Social Performance, Rio Tinto; Patricia Malikail, Director General of the Africa Bureau, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada; Greg Goldhawk, Head of Office at the Canadian Trade Office, Canadian High Commission, Johannesburg, South Africa. Each of the panelist share experiences and lessons learned in specific areas of corporate responsibility that they have demonstrated leadership in, including investing in infrastructure, large scale development planning, population influx management and social investing.
Wind Turbines, Solar Hot Water, Eco Friendly Gold Mining Equipment, Green Systems International
Wind turbine systems eco friendly gold mining equipment, and solar hot water systems in Central America provided by Green Systems International located in Costa Rica, Central America the leading wind turbine and eco friendly based gold mining equipment manufacturer of cost effective environment safe solutions.
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ASGM: Eliminating the worst practices
*subtitles available in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Swahili 1. To choose the subtitles of your preference click on Settings bottom and enter Subtitles/CC(5) category 2. To activate the subtitles click on "CC" bottom (Subtitles/closed captions) Artisanal and Small and Small Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) is the world’s largest source of global mercury emissions to the atmosphere. ASGM is an important source of income and an opportunity for rural development. The Minamata Convention on Mercury aims to protect human health and the environment from mercury pollution.Under the Convention, many countries are required to develop and implement a National Action Plan, or NAP, to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of mercury in ASGM. The video presents the four worst practices in ASGM. According to the Minamata Convention on Mercury, the countries should aim to eliminate them. The video also presents a set of better practices that can be applied instead in order to reduce the use of mercury in ASGM. Finally it recommends the mercury-free practices and enabling conditions that are necessary to eliminate entirely the use of mercury in the sector.
Responsible Mining – encouraging continuous improvement
11 April 2018 | This event presents and debates the findings of the first Responsible Mining Index, which assesses the policies and practices of 30 large-scale mining companies. Introduction: Gilles Carbonnier, Professor of Development Economics, The Graduate Institute, Geneva Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Secretary of State for Economic Affairs for the Government of Switzerland HRH Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, former Special Envoy for Natural Resources, The Netherlands Presentation of the 2018 Responsible Mining Index: Hélène Piaget, CEO of the Responsible Mining Foundation Panel discussion including: Gilles Carbonnier, Professor of Development Economics, The Graduate Institute, Geneva (moderator) Sheila Khama, Lead Mining Specialist, World Bank Jonas Moberg, Executive Director, EITI (Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative) Kemal Özkan, Assistant General Secretary, IndustriALL Global Union Elisa Peter, Executive Director, Publish What You Pay Hélène Piaget, CEO of the Responsible Mining Foundation Organised in partnership with the Responsible Mining Foundation
NEW-MINE  – EU Training Network for Resource Recovery Through Enhanced Landfill Mining
Europe has somewhere between 150,000 and 500,000 landfill sites, with an estimated 90% of them being “non-sanitary” landfills, predating the EU Landfill Directive of 1999. These older landfills tend to be filled with municipal solid waste and often lack any environmental protection technology. In order to avoid future environmental and health problems, many of these landfills will soon require expensive remediation measures. This situation might appear bleak, but it does present us with an exciting opportunity for a combined resource-recovery and remediation strategy, which will drastically reduce future remediation costs, reclaim valuable land, while at the same time unlocking valuable resources. However, the widespread adoption of Enhanced Landfill Mining (ELFM) in the EU, as envisaged by NEW-MINE, urgently requires skilled scientists, engineers, economists and policy makers who can develop cost-effective, environmentally friendly ELFM practices and regulatory frameworks. All this demands a European commitment to concerted, inter- and transdisciplinary research and innovation. This project has received funding from the European Union's EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement No 721185 More Info: http://new-mine.eu/
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5 Human Impacts on the Environment: Crash Course Ecology #10
Hank gives the run down on the top five ways humans are negatively impacting the environment and having detrimental effects on the valuable ecosystem services which a healthy biosphere provides. Like Crash Course? http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeCrashCourse Follow Crash Course! http://www.twitter.com/TheCrashCourse T*mbl Crash Course: http://thecrashcourse.tumblr.com Table of Contents Ecosystem Services 00:51 The Importance of Biodiversity 04:07 Deforestation 06:42 Desertification 06:49 Global Warming 07:59 Invasive Species 08:51 Overharvesting 09:20 Crash Course/SciShow videos referenced in this episode: Hydrologic and Carbon Cycles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D7hZpIYlCA Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leHy-Y_8nRs Ecological Succession: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZKIHe2LDP8 Climate Change: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2Jxs7lR8ZI Invasive Species: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDOwTXobJ3k Food Shortage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPLJP84xL9A References and image licenses for this episode can be found in the Google document here: http://dft.ba/-3n5P Support CrashCourse on Subbable: http://subbable.com/crashcourse
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This is the future of Diamonds! Eco-friendly ethical options with Gemifique
A diamond is meant to represent the ultimate symbol of love. The mining of diamonds has devastating effects on our environment. Not only is mining harmful to our land and oceans, but the industry has also been tarnished by human rights issues and unfair labour practices. Gemifique’s mission is to educate the consumer that they have a lot of influence to end the harmful market of conflict-diamonds. Gemifique, the eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds as the most ethical alternative Let love be your legacy – not your carbon footprint!
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South African companies investing in eco friendly ways
South African companies under pressure to use environmental sustainability practices and reduce carbon emissions by at least 5% to get Carbon Standard Trust
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The Eco Friendly Car Myth
Answering the question of whether there is an environmental advantage to using electric cars. The deal: electric cars do not have any distinct environmental advantage over gasoline-powered cars as although they don't physically emit emissions the energy used to power them is often sourced from fossil fuels, it requires more CO2 to assemble them, and they produce a number of detrimental environmental effects. Electric cars require more C02 to assemble, have rare earth metals such as cobalt and lithium which are obtained through destructive mining practices, and it is also very expensive to dispose of the lithium batteries as they cannot be sent to a landfill as they will release noxious chemicals into the environment. Also, the benefits of zero emissions can be negated if the source of electricity is derived from fossil fuels such as coal power plants. This is increasingly common as only 14 percent of power plants in the United States are sourced from renewable energy sources. However, if you live in an area where energy is sourced exclusively from renewable sources you will have a beneficial environmental impact. Check some awesome T shirts and Apparel here (Use Code FREESHIP to get free shipping): https://teespring.com/stores/boss-apparel-6?page=1 Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video, please shoot it a big Thumbs UP and LIKE! If you haven’t done it already, make sure you SUBSCRIBE! That way you can get the latest and greatest when our newest videos release!
Mine closure
Mineral resources are finite, making the eventual closure of a mining operation inevitable. Leaving a community with a sustainably rehabilitated landscape benefits everyone; the local community, the ecosystem and the reputation of the company. Planning for closure needs to be a collaboration between governments, industry and communities to both understand and address the environmental, social and economic impacts. Responsible closure involves the removal of all infrastructure and facilities, the rehabilitation of surface land, and taking all necessary measures to ensure community livelihoods are sustainable beyond the life of the mine. To mine with principles is to plan, design for, and implement responsible closure strategies. To sustainably manage the natural resources and biodiversity of our planet, enhancing the social wellbeing of local communities, and making financial provision to fulfill those plans. It is what we expect of our members. Our ICMM Integrated Mine Closure – Good Practice Guide provides mining companies with the information needed to effectively integrate closure across the mining life cycle. Visit our dedicated Integrated Mine Closure: Good Practice Guide website to find out more. Or download the guide in full as a PDF.
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Solauro Industries Inc.
Solauro Industries Inc. (Solauro), is a privately held environmentally friendly "green" focused mining company that explores, acquires and develops mining properties throughout North America. Solauro's business model focuses on the acquisition and development of lucrative ore tailings reclamation projects as well as early and advanced staged exploration projects. Solauro will put emphasis on green mining practices wherever possible such as lined ponds, non-toxic chemical separation, recycled water systems, resource efficiency, and limited waste to minimize its environmental foot print. - created at http://animoto.com
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Peabody Energy in Mongolia: Responsible Mining, Sustainable Development, Trusted Partner
Peabody Energy completed the first land restoration project in Mongolia’s history at the former Ereen Mine site. Through responsible mining, sustainable development and a long-term partnership with Mongolia, Peabody successfully restored 60 hectares of mined land back to or better than its original condition. The land was formally returned to Mongolia at a handover ceremony in August 2014. Peabody Energy is the world's largest private-sector coal company and a global leader in sustainable mining, energy access and clean coal solutions. The company serves metallurgical and thermal coal customers in more than 25 countries on six continents. Peabody earned the top two honors at the 2014 Platts Global Energy Awards, with Boyce named CEO of the Year and Peabody named Energy Company of the Year. For further information, visit http://www.PeabodyEnergy.com and http://AdvancedEnergyForLife.com.
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PODCAST TRAILER Environmental Sustainability: An Earth Friendly Way to Get the Resources We Need
Earth is our home, and future generations need its resources in order to survive and thrive. It’s crucial we move off of reliance on dirty energy and towards renewable energy. To create the physical resources for battery, wind and solar power, we need metal, but common metal mining practices cause huge negative impacts. Gerard Barron and Dr. Greg Stone with DeepGreen join our host, Daniel Schmachtenberger, to define environmental sustainability and discuss how it can coincide with economic growth and prosperity. Join us as we journey through DeepGreen’s method of ocean mining, what they’re doing to minimize their environmental impact, and their development goals to no longer need to mine metals within 70-80 years. For full episode visit: https://neurohacker.com/environmental-sustainability-an-earth-friendly-way-to-get-the-resources-we-need
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The Falkirk Mining Company
Falkirk is a surface mining operation with some of the largest earth moving equipment manufactured today. With an annual production of approximately 8 million tons of lignite coal, Falkirk provides fuel to generate low cost electricity for 2/3 of rural Minnesota. With the help of Falkirk's 350 full-time employees, Falkirk stands as one of the safest mine operations in the coal industry. It is also through sound reclamation and environmental practices that Falkirk is able to return the land to a quality at or above pre-mining condition. In collaboration with power plant engineers, Falkirk continues to be a leader in developing clean, efficient and environmentally friendly coal technologies.
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Innovation, Safety and the Future of Mining | Curtin University Lecture
The future of mining, where is it going? Join our four prominent alumni as they lead this conversation and share their expertise on innovation, safety, policy and leadership within the industry. Speakers: - Mr Neil Warburton (Master of Ceremonies), Executive Chairman at White Rivers Exploration - Mr Greg Lilleyman, Director of Operations at Fortescue Metals Group - Dr Vanessa Guthrie, Chairman of the Minerals Council of Australia - Mr Steve Durkin, Managing Director at Safescape Chapter Markers: This Alumni Innovator Series: Innovation, Safety and the Future of Mining was held on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at our Bentley Campus. This video has been closed captioned.
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The Russian and Antwerp Diamond Industry
This blog is about the Russian and Antwerp diamond industry and their growing connection. These two diamond mining and manufacturing countries are joining together to become the most powerful diamond dealing countries in the world. They aim to have the most comprehensive inventory of diamonds, promote environmentally friendly mining as well as to promote ethical diamond practices. 1-800 Loose Diamonds is committed to bringing you quality and reliable information about the diamond industry.
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Mining Wastes with Living Machines
Gund Graduate Student Fellow, Anthony McInnis, discusses his doctoral research on "An Ecomimetic Approach to Mining Wastes". He explores how the use of living machine technology can be used to "naturally" remove the toxic chemical & mineral byproducts of intensive coal & heavy metal mining practices. This video aims to introduce to viewers the practical applications of living machines by illustrating the fascinating process that lies behind this innovative science. A Production of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, an affiliate of the Rubenstein School for Environment & Natural Resources at the University of Vermont The Gund Institute is a transdisciplinary research, teaching, and service organization focused on developing integrative solutions to society's most pressing problems. We conduct integrative research and service-learning projects on a broad range of topics, offer hands-on learning through our problem-solving workshops and courses, develop online teaching resources and international collaborations through metacourses, and support professional and graduate education through our Graduate Certificates in Ecological Economics and Ecological Design. Learn more about the Gund community of students, scholars and practitioners by exploring our news, publications, and video archives, then contact us to help us build a sustainable, widely shared quality of life. For more information visit: http://www.uvm.edu/giee/
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Environmentally Sound Practices in the Aggregates Industry: Chapter 01: Introduction
This is clip 1 of 7 for this video. Due to importance of the aggregates industry in day to day construction, they need to be efficient and environmentally friendly. What sort of community neighbor is your quarry? Do your air and water quality controls work effectively? The environmentally friendliness of the industry will have a long term affect of the image and profitability of the industry as a whole. Author: Maryland Center for Environmental Training / College of Southern Maryland Publication Date: 2000 http://www.p2ric.org/video/index.cfm
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Massey Energy Environmental Video from 2010 Green Miner Award Presentation
Massey Energy Environmental Video from 2010 Green Miner Award Presentation for environmental stewardship including interviews with previous winners. Also includes footage from Mingo County flood cleanup, and Excellence in surface coal mining reclamation award from OSM (Office of Surface Mining).
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Mercury : The Burning Issue
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Ganesha's message #KEIEcoGanesha
This Ganesh Chaturthi, we at KEI are celebrating the birth of Ganesha by taking a small initiative towards educating everyone we can, about eco-friendly ways to celebrate this beautiful festival. This is the least we can do for our environment as responsible citizens, so let's join hands and do our bit by adopting eco-friendly practices. #JodeDiloKeTaar #50YearsOfKEI #KEIEcoGanesha
Workplace Excellence @ Hindustan Zinc
Skilltree Workplace Excellence brings to you the work culture and innovative people practices at Hindustan Zinc.
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"Mining Pitch" - First Point Minerals President & CEO, Jim Gilbert...
Re-Discovering Nickel. First Point Minerals is exploring in Canada and internationally for a unique style of nickel mineralization called awaruite. It is neither sulphide nor laterite, but a naturally occurring metallic nickel-iron alloy - in effect, naturally occurring stainless steel. It represents a potential new, long-life, low risk source of nickel mine supply, and a possible game changer for the nickel industry. The Company's flagship Decar Project in central British Columbia has made significant strides towards proof of concept as to the commercial viability of awaruite deposits, under the management of our partner Cliffs Natural Resources, a Fortune 500 company and leading supplier to the steel industry. The positive results of a Preliminary Economic Assessment announced in March 2013 demonstrates the potential economic viability of the Decar Project as a large-scale, standalone open-pit mine and mill using conventional, low-risk magnetic separation and gravity recovery processing methods. With Decar as a model, $3.7 million in the bank, and exploration at Decar being funded by Cliffs, First Point is well positioned to capitalize on its first mover advantage as it continues to explore for additional discoveries in the Yukon Territory, B.C. and Norway. The results of First Point's 2013 exploration program, comprising detailed rock sampling and ground-based magnetic geophysical surveys, have defined a promising drill target at the Mich property in southern Yukon.
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Placer tin deposit mining
Get the price of machines: [email protected] ,for more details, here is our skype: billchanglei123 After a long-term investigation, careful design and being bold in practice, we successfully develop and produce a practical new patent product that can easily crush high humidity coal gangue material. Changlei will study and research in site study and organize professional research and development team and design the most suitable supporting equipment that is needed by the customer for different venues, geographical and climatic conditions and plan the most powerful implement program. The machine can achieve simultaneously filling lubricants for all bearing at any time under the state of working and is convenient and efficient. Free installation and debugging for the user and we train operating personnel. It can prevent invasion of dust that damages the bearing. crusher achieves perfect fusion of environmentally friendly, ecological, low-carbon concept and corresponds with the requirements of national development and corresponds with the demand of crusher market. Low energy consumption, high security and reliability, service life of wearing parts is extended and environmental protection and energy saving.
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Lowering Environmental Impact
Implementing a policy of sustainable business practices is important for the future corporate and social success of any organisation. View this video to find out how Altodigital MDS can help you meet your sustainable objectives.
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The "Green" Mayor
Marty Chavez wants people to think he's "green." But just what kind of "green" mayor is he? Marty can't go from Mr. Sprawl to Mr. Green. electoral (i-lek-ter-uhl) greenwash (green-wash')n. the practice of cynically promoting an environmentally friendly public image to deflect attention from a candidate's environmentally unfriendly activities; also called "greenwashing" etymology: green (environmentally friendly) - [white]wash (conceal flaws) *combination of wikipedia and dictionary.com entries for greenwash(ing)
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PDAC Convention 2011 - IAMGOLD - Environment & Social Responsibility Award.wmv
Environmental & Social Responsibility Award This award honours an individual or organization demonstrating outstanding initiative, leadership and accomplishment in protecting and preserving the natural environment and/or in establishing good community relations during an exploration program or operation of a mine. The PDAC selected IAMGOLD Corporation to receive the Environmental & Social Responsibility Award for the company's commitment to excellence in environmental stewardship, community engagement, and health and safety, particularly during exploration. IAMGOLD has operating mines and exploration projects in West Africa, South America and Québec. The company's frameworks for health and safety management and sustainability are informed by international standards and good practices (including the PDAC's e3 Plus) and are used to create performance criteria and measurable results for all of its operations. The company was the top extractive company and third overall in the 2010 Globe and Mail's ranking of environmental and social and governance performance of Canada's largest companies in the S&P/TSX 60 Index.
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Earth911 Podcast, Sept. 17, 2018: Sustainability in Your Ear --  Ethical Metals, Gemstones, & Jewelr
Source: https://www.spreaker.com/user/earth911/earth911-ethicalmetal-interview-091618 Learn what questions you should be asking a jeweler when purchasing responsibly. Lifting small miners in developing regions out of poverty and teaching them sustainable environmentally friendly practices is at the heart of a new movement in the jewelry industry. Monica Stephenson, president of iDazzle.com and a board member at Ethical Metalsmiths, joins Earth911's Mitch Ratcliffe to talk about her experiences in Tanzania and other artisanal mining regions.
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Ghana is water stressed due to poor environmental practices
excessive deforestation ,illegal mining and river bank farming are the big threats to sustainable resource in Ghana.#ENGAGE in climate friendly actions
cheapest gold miming process
Gold:http://solution.mineralsprocessingplant.com/ Gold Mining Production:http://solution.mineralsprocessingplant.com/ Gold Mining and the Environment:http://solution.mineralsprocessingplant.com/ Gold Digging in Colombia: Mining Throughout Latin:http://solution.mineralsprocessingplant.com/ FRONTLINE/WORLD . Peru:http://solution.mineralsprocessingplant.com/ Gold panning:http://solution.mineralsprocessingplant.com/ The first priority should be to crack down on illegal mining operations, which do not respect any regulations and are not held accountable for pollution or on-site accidents. A second priority should be better education for miners on health hazards and how to minimize environmental damage; often, miners have no idea that they are working with toxic chemicals. For example, one Peruvian miner interviewed by the BBC was under the belief that mercury exposure had cured his heart condition. Such potentially fatal misconceptions could be easily corrected with better education. Miners should also be instructed in proper clean-up and disposal methods of the chemicals they are using. Another way to mitigate environmental damage would be to opt for underground shaft mines, which are by no means eco-friendly, but are distinctly less harmful than stripping the land with open-pit mines. Latin American governments need to step up enforcement of labor and environmental standards and not let tantalizing foreign investment corrupt their integrity or their vision of what is best for their localmunities. Western gold miningpanies must also contend with a new political threat bred closer to home -- environmental activism backed by charities like Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and American Oxfam. Thanks to soaring costs and shrinking reserves, Prudential Equity forecasts that Newmont'sbined output with Barrick Gold, the largest gold mining stock in the world, would be 40 or 50 tonnes less than expected in . As gold miners extract their ore, the value of their balance-sheet shrinks. But replacing gold-in-the-ground with new discoveries is proving tougher than ever. Accidents involving cyanide have made the practice of heap leaching even more toxic. The United Natio
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*Conspiracy Theory *Smart Device Mining Chips *Sustainable Mining
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Eco Village April 2013
The Atlanta Dogwood Festival's partnership agreement with Live Thrive Atlanta, Inc. is to inform and educate the public and advance its Eco-friendly initiatives. The 77-year-old festival developed a Green Event Initiative that will have long-term benefits for Piedmont Park and the city of Atlanta. As part of the Green Event Initiative, the festival worked with its operations team and a variety of vendors to add sustainable operations to the festival. It also provided a forum through its Eco-Village to teach visitors sustainability practices and to highlight efforts of other organizations and businesses to make homes, offices and the city in general a "greener environment". It also provided a forum through the Eco-Village to teach visitors sustainable practices through recycling, energy efficiency, water conservations, and buying local, eco-friendly products can enhance local economy.
The Courtesy Auto Minute - Environmental Efficiency and Envirostars - Courtesy Auto Service
The EnviroStars program certifies companies' efforts to reduce pollution and hazardous waste and helps consumers identify environmentally friendly businesses in their communities. County-based program representatives work with businesses to evaluate and improve hazardous waste management practices that minimize environmental impact and which may also lead to a range of economic benefits. Using a 2-to-5 star rating system, EnviroStars recognizes industry-specific efforts to minimize the environmental effects of doing business and makes information available to customers through the program website and the annual Green Business Directory. www.tacomaautorepairshop.com 253-473-5556
The greener side of business
We all know how important it is to adopt green practices, but making a business more environmentally friendly in a challenging economic market can seem daunting. Yet despite any initial reservations you may have, there has actually never been a better time for your company to go green and recycling can even proffer a handsome revenue stream. Recycling is big business and, in addition to the significant benefits generated from practices such as scrap metal recycling, adopting a greener aspect in-house can actually raise your profile with your clients. Simple environmental actions translate into real cost savings for businesses, and this message needs to infiltrate the workplace. It is easier than it seems to integrate energy efficient practices into everyday working life and if you are an SME owner, you can't afford to ignore the facts - switching off saves money. But whilst the opportunities are more obvious for larger corporations, how can you take active steps if you are an SME? In the following video, Paul Mutter, Manager of a national engineering company, Paul Rhodes, Business Development & Operations Manager at London and Kent Metals and business expert Dan Matthews, show you how you can profit from a change in direction. For more information visit www.lkm.org.uk
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