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Setting up LBML to work with Entropia Universe
LBML is a handy tool for recording and mapping your mining claims in Entropia Universe. Here I show you the proper settings to get it all working properly. LBML can be downloaded from mininglog.com.
Views: 9292 Neil Stockton
Entropia Universe - READY TO MINE LBML Tool Setup
Hi guys! This video shows how to set up the LBML addon ready for tracking and informing you of your mining runs. Once you have followed the instructions in this video you are ready to track your progress in Entropia Universe and become a better miner and start making a profit!
Views: 649 Graham Wells
Entropia Universe - Mining : HOF 479 PED
Was mining on Arkadia during the mining event and hit this nice growth molecules claim ! Growth molecules - size : Huge (XVIII) Mining tools : F-105 Finder - no mining amplifier
Views: 281 Alex V
Entropia universe - Ziplex P85 mining
Just a small Demonstration run of what average finds you can get with this awesome mining tool, with lvl5 its 10.5 ped a drop. no globals or hofs to show off sadly. I know there are better areas to use it just wanted to get a quick start for my frigulite mission :P
Views: 549 Lurktropia
Entropia Universe - Mining : HOF 744 PED
Was about to finish my mining run when I hit this !! Magerian mist - size : extremely large (XIX) Mining tools : Terramaster 5 (L) + D-class mining ampifier
Views: 306 Alex V
Entropia Universe - How to choose weapons and tools depending on your level
Hi Guys in this Video I explain how to choose wepons and tools in the most eco way depending on your level. For more detailed information use the link below. As always thanks alot for watching and please give the video a like if it helped you and if u have any questions just aski in comments or ingame and I will try to help you :) // Martin Tuckiiee Brinkhoff http://www.entropedia.info Click here for more Entropia Universe videos: http://bit.ly/2hcNtK1 Subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2gqEsxr Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TJGamingYoutube Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2gNfkgG Support us by buying cheap games here: https://www.g2a.com/r/user-56980f06f01bd Thanks for watching.
Views: 596 T&J Gaming
Toggle Auto-Use Tool (Entropia Universe)
How to set up auto-tool for use in Entropia Universe http://www.twitch.tv/kenshinkitokiri Check out my twitch chan for more Entropia!
Views: 80 Лёша
Entropia Universe - How to setup LittleBigMiningLog addon
Hi guys! In this video I quickly cover the basics of how to install and set up LittleBigMiningLog(LBML) tool. This is aimed more for new players to try and get past language barriers and typing specific instructions. Please let me know what you think in the comments section - advice, tips, recommendations..... Maybe requests for other tutorials? Thanks for watching! LBML - http://www.mininglog.com
Views: 1924 Graham Wells
Tool Progression- Mining Info 02
Explanation of tool progression throughout the levels of mining in the Entropia Universe
Views: 69 Xanatos Xan Xerxes
How to Level up | Entropia Universe (Arkadia)
Coming back at you with another part of The Learning Curve. Kyle explains what you will most likely be doing once you have completed the "tutorial" of Entropia. Get your bootstraps ready... its a long ride to hitting HOFs Part 1: Profession https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFo-e... Part 2 : Decay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yxf8r2cLPPY&t=1s
Views: 2149 Gaming Sabbatical
Entropia Universe: A 25 ped Mining Run, The Story of Treasure Island, and Cyberpunk
Another 25 ped mining run from the game Entropia Universe. On this mining run I tell the story of Treasure Island, and talk about Cyberpunk cities around the world(specifically in Asia). Let me know if you guys like this style of video, and as always comments, questions, likes, and criticism is welcome!
Views: 228 CerealOverdrive
Entropia Universe Return to my Favorite Mining Spot (Perception effects Loot Professions)
In this video, I make a 31 PED mining run up my favorite hill, end up with a 2 PED tt profit and get proof Perception effects at least Robot Looter.
Views: 313 Bahb Silunt
Mining,Hunting,Crafting in Entropia Universe
Minen, jagen und produzieren - Entropia Universe Mining with level 2 amplifier Entropia Universe is a hard game Kuriose Dinge: http://tikl-kurios.de/ Tipps zum Geld verdienen: http://tikl-kurios.com/ Soziale Netzwerke: https://www.facebook.com/tiklkurios.de/ https://twitter.com/mogucke?lang=de Hier kaufe ich ein: http://amzn.to/2pdywf8 Wenn ich Geld brauche: https://www.finanzcheck.de/kreditantrag/?refId=WlxkAinzv065 Diese Affiliate Links unterstützen mich und Ihr habt dadurch keinerlei Unkosten :)
Views: 104 Money Machine
Entropia Universe:  Rogue Plains a Profitable Mining Area (141 Ped Crude Oil Global)
Another video from Entropia Universe showing off my new favorite mining area. As I said in the title I got a 141 ped Crude Oil global here, and have found a ton of high markup enmatters and ores. As always questions, comments, subs, and likes are welcome! Happy Mining!
Views: 988 CerealOverdrive
Entropia Universe An Inside Look at Profitable Mining
Guys....Like, subscribe and Comment if you have questions. This is a lot information soak it in slowly, and remember Real time experience counts for a lot. How I mine and keep track of losses/profits in Entropia Universe. A successful miners tell all Inside Look.
Views: 3804 PigBenisHateraid
Entropia Universe - Level 7 amplifier mining run
Entropia Universe - Level 7 amplifier mining run
Views: 65 xxSashAxx
Planet Rocktropia - February 2017 - hat-trick mining run
Hit my third global in a row on three consecutive mining runs - so Hat-Trick!
Views: 163 StirgeTropia
ENTROPIA UNIVERSE - My first mining tower 7328 peds
http://cazadoresfurtivos.es.tl Xavier Jr Riquelme
Views: 7063 JR
Entropia Universe: A Beginner's Guide
This video is a beginner's guide to Entropia Universe. It covers where to go when beginning Entropia Universe, how to get there, what skills a beginner should pursue (mining or hunting). It also gives an overview of the tools a beginner needs to start mining or hunting, and where to get said tools. As always questions, comments, likes, and subs are welcome!
Views: 15575 CerealOverdrive
Tutorial 6: Mining in Entropia Universe
http://www.entropiauniverse.com/?ccode=ytpigtutor1306 In this tutorial, we'll show you the basics of mining, what kind of equipments you'll need and how to use it. Tutorial 7: Crafting in Entropia Universe
Entropia Universe:  An Overview of Mining Finders, Amps, Enhancers, and More
This is a quick video from Entropia Universe going over mining finders, amps, and enhancers. I discuss when to use amps, why I still hate enhancers, and what type of finder is best to use. I look forward to hearing from those of you who have comments, corrections, or just want to say hi!
Views: 334 CerealOverdrive
Entropia Universe: Why Mine On Land Areas
This is a short video going over why you might want to consider mining on land areas. Personally I tend to shy away from them, but there is definitely a time and a place. As always questions, comments, likes, etc. are welcome!
Views: 1042 CerealOverdrive
Entropia Universe All about Mining Finders
Join Entropia Universe Today! http://bit.ly/1asKYoJ Information on Mining Finders in Entropia Universe. Check here to get all Necessary Information about Finders http://www.entropedia.info/Chart.aspx?chart=Finder Mining with PigBenis a Gameplay Commentary about Entropia universe!
Views: 7524 PigBenisHateraid
Entropia Universe tutorial: How to fix a broken vehicle
This is how to get your broken or dead vehicle fixed in Entropia Universe. This tool will fix any vehicle car buggy hoverpod or ship in Entropia Universe !
Views: 2899 SausageFingers Gaming
Часть 17 Профессиональный майнинг в Entropia Universe часть 3
Обучение игре Entropia Universe на русском. Видео-уроки от Mindark по игре Entropia Universe. Урок 17. Профессиональный майнинг в Entropia Universe (Часть 3). Использование усилителей для майнинга (амплифаеров) в Entropia Universe. Использование анхансеров в Entropia Universe. Как работают амплифайеры и анхансеры в Entropia Universe. Советы по более эффективному майнингу в Entropia Universe. Сайт об Entropia Universe на русском http://entropia-game.ru Мы в ВКОНТАКТЕ http://vk.com/entropia_universe
Views: 4895 EntropiaUniverseGame
Mining Depth Theory - Entropia Universe
No Gameplay Footage here just talk about Mining Depth theories, sine waves and how they may or may not effect your mining in entropia universe. Shout out to: http://www.mininglog.com/ and http://www.entropedia.info Giveaways are possible through the help of Http://Entropiaminingguide.com Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/PigBenisHater
Views: 5198 PigBenisHateraid
Mining With PigBenis - Nostalgic Hell Run - Entropia Universe
Little run through Hell. Talk about Entropia universe and life in general.
Views: 650 PigBenisHateraid
Entropia Universe: A Gun Upgrade Guide
Another one from Entropia Universe. This time I discuss guns, when to upgrade gear, and the general strategy I use to pick my next tool. Anyways as always comments, correction, and questions are welcome! Thanks for watching :)
Views: 672 CerealOverdrive
Helpful Hints To Make You Money In Entropia Universe
Go All in when you get the skills to do so. Build up your Bankroll Via Sweating Trading and Depositing. Invest Wisely. Today we are Hunting and mining i hope this is helpful. Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/lorespade
Views: 3086 Lorespade
Basics of Operation
In this video we go over the basics of the tool operation. Mention all the windows and what they are for, and show a short sample run.
Views: 5408 Mining Log
Mo's Mining Musings Episode 5 Entropia Universe Crafting
A glimpse of the business of crafting in Entropia Universe. Crafting is an expensive profession and shouldn't be undertaken without proper skills and a rather large PED card. (EDIT: A thread has been started showcasing how to get started crafting on a lower budget, and also some great information I didn't cover! http://arkadiaforum.com/showthread.php?4143-Crafting-Tutorial Thanks to Arkadian Advisor Rick Janson for putting that together! Here's the link for Bob the Builder's excellent tool. He does accept donations. As always check out PigBenis's Youtube channel for excellent EU videos from a veterans perspective. http://www.youtube.com/user/PigBenisHateraid?feature=g-all-u Please leave questions and comment!!
Views: 2710 Luri Nightshade
Entropia Universe: Episode 2 - A Bit of Everything
Entropia Universe Episode 2. This one covers a few more noob-esque activities of Mining & Wood Gathering with TT tools. Enjoy some tips and beginner action on Calypso! Join free here: www.entropiauniverse.com Spend later :P
Views: 244 SlykDesigns
Entropia Universe's Latest Buzz New Looter Professions And more!
BULLETIN LATEST BUZZ Developer Notes #16 - Buff Improvements & More A quick update on some of the adjustments and improvements that are currently in progress. Buff Improvements We are currently working on further adjustments to buff stacking logic which will address issues related to heal over time, buff renewal, unintended buff stacking, and more. One of the priorities of this effort is to restore previous functionality of healing tools with over-time effects. The current plan is to refine and test these improvements over the next 10-14 days and implement them in a patch soon thereafter. Success Rate / Volatility Improvements Starting within the next couple of days, and planned to last for 7-14 days, our balancing team will be testing adjustments to the manufacturing and mining systems. Manufacturing Overall volatility will be reduced during the testing period, while the overall chance of success will be increased slightly. In addition, Near Success outcomes will return more of the initial input. Mining Overall volatility will be reduced during the testing period, by increasing the size of the smallest possible claims. ***NOTE*** Please keep in mind that these tests will incorporate macro-level changes to the manufacturing and mining systems and thus the results or experiences for individual avatars and/or for small sample sizes may not differ significantly from current settings. Also note that the overall (macro-level) expected return for these systems will be unaffected. Team / Shared Hunting Loot Distribution Our team is also investigating the distribution of hunting loot for teams and shared loot scenarios, with an eye toward implementing a more equitable, balanced, and engaging distribution of both stackable and non-stackable loot. We expect the improvements from this investigation to be implemented within the next 1-2 months, after a full review and testing phase are completed. Looter Professions Continuing with the improvements implemented in Loot 2.0, our design team is finalizing the details of an exciting new group of professions focused on specialized hunting loot acquisition. Three new professions will be added: Animal Looter, Mutant Looter and Robot Looter, along with several associated new skills (including unique unlockable skills for each profession). We expect the new professions to be implemented during the spring.
Views: 806 Lorespade
Planet Arkadia Items Jun/2011
See weapons and items of Planet Arkadia in action. Weapons, Armor, Mining and Medic Tools. Important: This video is made for the wikis www.Entropedia.info and www.entropiaplanets.com , so don't expect a story or any funny things in it. Pure information only!
Views: 4471 Smoerble Smorebrod
Tutorial 14: Play for free in Entropia Universe
Wanna play Entropia Universe for free? Then watch this new tutorial to learn how to gather sweat from different creatures. There's also other ways, like finding fruits and minerals which you later on can trade for PEDs (Planet Entropia Dollars). Tutorial 15, Advanced mining, part 1/3.
This is an introduction of this channel and the tool i have created for Entropia Universe. The Little Big Mining Log ( http://www.mininglog.com ) is a mining tracker that will store your claim locations and plot them on the map. I hope you will like it. Ido Sunrider
Views: 1554 Mining Log
Entropia Universe Special-V Mining amp 13
facepalm get only lysterium xD 44.7 USD run get back 53 usd not so bad :3 21ped per drop "
Views: 422 brokeninformation
Entropia Universe Tutorial 4 - Mining
This Video belongs to AkiranBlade from entropiaforum[dot]com. No copyright infringement was intended. Just thought it'll be easier to stream then to download. Took me bout 2+ Hours to download this ==. To get a better quality of this video, visti the forum mentioned above.
Views: 10650 daverrd
Rookie Mining Double Hit~ Secret Island, Rocktropia, Entropia Universe
Just a quick example of what can crop up in a double drop with a rookie finder. :)
Views: 61 Clawra Creature
Super Eco Weapons of Entropia! Episode 10 - Bukin's Spare Rifle
In this tutorial we'll be discussing the Bukin's Spare Rifle to see just how eco this gun really is. Entropedia Weapon Compare Tool: http://www.entropedia.info/WeaponCompare.aspx Thanks for Watching Happy Gamer, Subscribe! Also follow me on: Twitch: www.twitch.tv/daehbew Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/happygamer52/
Views: 2532 Happy Gamer
The Oddest SOOTO (Something out of the ordinary) - Entropia Universe
This is just a quick video showing a SOOTO loot I received while out mining. I've never had a mining loot like this before. Oh and our fellow Entropian +SausageFingers Gaming is in there too! Interested to hear your similar stories in the comments below! You can play Entropia Universe for free, download it now on http://www.entropiauniverse.com/download/ To listen to the Entropia Universe soundtrack, head over to the Entropia Universe soundcloud playlists... https://soundcloud.com/entropiauniverse
Views: 2173 Blade of Akire
Entropia Universe Inserting Implant and skills
Quick video on how to insert Mind Force implants, and the same works for skills. I show you how to remove the implant. The removal process is the same for both, only to 'chip out' skills, you'll need to insert the Empty Skill Implant to the Insertion tool before use.
Views: 199 TLogan94
Entropia ti[s/tricks: Auto Use tool
Here I show you how to use the "Auto-use-tool" feature in Entrpopia Universe.
Views: 74 Eden Gaming
Entropia Universe - Daily bonus mining and 152hp
Entropia Universe - Daily bonus mining and 152hp
Views: 91 xxSashAxx

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