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RC Unit 10: Lab- Precipitate Lab - MAKUP DATA
If you weren't in class for the precipitate lab, here is a makeup video showing you all of the reactions.
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WCLN - Titrations Involving Precipitation Reactions - Chemistry
Titrating a sample unknown chloride ion concentration with silver nitrate of known concentration provides a method of finding the chloride ion concentration in the sample. How this titration works is explained here. http://www.BCLearningNetwork.com. 0:00titrations can be used to determine the concentration of a specific ion in a 0:09sample solution you will see how titrations involving precipitation 0:13reactions work here is a setup for a titration of a solution with an unknown 0:18concentration of co- or chloride ions this long tube is called a beer at your 0:25it can also be spelled vur ete this valve called the stopcock is close to 0:32keep the liquid in the beer at when it's opened lickable grip or flow out of the 0:37bottom of the burette in this example the burette is filled with . 100 molar 0:43silver nitrate solution the solution in the beer ad is called the standard 0:48solution the standard solution has a known concentration in this case is . 0:54100 molar AGL three standard solution can also be called the titrant in this 1:01hydration a solution containing chloride ions is added to an Erlenmeyer flask and 1:07placed under the pier at the solution in the flask is called the sample it's the 1:14solution with the unknown concentration it can also be called the analyt because 1:20this solution is being analyzed to find out the concentration of chloride ions 1:24in it in this titration a few drops of sodium chromate solution are added to 1:29the solution the sodium chromate solution is known as an indicator in 1:35this titration it will change color and what is called the endpoint of the 1:39titration will show you how all of this works will focus on the solutions will 1:46dissociate AG no.3 into its individual ions which are ag+ and no.3 minus 1:53science the nitrate ion does not form any precipitates it's a spectator ion 1:59here so let's delete it from our discussion and tidy up a bit so you can 2:05think of the solution in the beer at as a source of AG plus four silver ions in 2:11a titration we briefly open the store 2:13car the solution in the burette drips into the flask bringing AG plus ions 2:19with it 2:25let's take a closer look at what happens in the flask and silver ions are added 2:30to it now we've zoomed into the flask silver ions preferentially bond to 2:37chloride ions rather than chrome a diet 2:40this forms the precipitate silver chloride because silver chloride is 2:47white the solution turns to a milky yellow color 2:53as silver ions are added some will temporarily bond to the chromate ions 3:03this will form the precipitate a g2 cro for or silver chromate silver chromate 3:10is reddish brown so the solution will turn a slightly reddish color but silver 3:18preferentially bond with fluoride so as the flask is shaken the silver ions will 3:24leave the chromate ion and bond with available chloride ions and the radish 3:29color will go away the solution will turn red momentarily as more Silver's 3:36added but as long as chloride is still present shaking the flask will make the 3:41red color disappear added silver ions will continue to bond with remaining 3:47chloride ions at a certain point all of the available chloride ions have bonded 3:53with the silver ions since there are no chloride ions left any silver ions are 3:59added will have to bond to the chrome a diets 4:05the formation of silver chrome a precipitate will cause the solution to 4:09turn red again at this point when the flask is shaken the red color will no 4:16longer disappear 4:18there are no chloride ions available so the silver will have to remain bonded 4:22with the chromate we say the solution has turned a slight permanent reddish 4:27color this is what's called the endpoint of the titration a permanent color 4:32change of the indicator signals the end point of a titration the equivalence 4:39point for stoichiometric point of this titration is the point where the moles 4:43of AG plus added to the flask is equal to the moles of co- that were in the 4:49original solution in the flat in most titrations if the proper indicator is 4:55used and the technique is good the equivalence point and the end point are 5:00very close and they can be assumed to be the same . once we reach the end . we
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Barium hydroxide and ammonium chloride
Endothermic reaction
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