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A rare case of a cat with no descended testicles
Sep 29, 2015. This Persian cat, male, 6 months old has no well developed scrotal sac. The cat has penile erection every night and humps the pillow for the past 2 weeks. So the young lady wanted him to be neutered. A check on the inguinal area showed no obvious retained testicle. In conclusion, the testicles are retained inside the abdomen. There is a younger cat introduced. This cat hissed at him earlier but now are best of friends. This is a timid cat and so it is possible that he has the beginning of FIC. The owner will slim down the cat, give ;pain killers and let me know whether the evening humping behaviour and penile erection persist.
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A 6-month-old cat has no descended testicles  Pt 2
The lady owner shows me her smartphone image of the persistent evening penile erection of this male cat. She wanted him neutered but he has no descended testicle. Possibly an FIC condition? I advise separation from the other younger cat. Shared litter box. No dysuria observed but the owner works the whole day. Penile tip is inflamed. Pillow humping but no spraying of urine or dysuria. The cat is being given pain killers, isolated from the other young male cat and monitored for his penile erections at night.
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Exotic Shorthair Cat Drinking Funny with E-Collar
Puff just had his neuter surgery. He is cryptorchid so he had a big surgery with 4 incisions. We had to make a E-collar for him to keep him from licking the incisions. He's doing pretty good in it and event learnt how to drink from the fountain with the collar on.
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Spay/Neuter Surgery: Incision Placement
In this video, we’ll explain the differences in surgical incisions, and what variables determine incision placement and length. Find out how to best perform this procedure in both canine and feline patients, and watch as we demonstrate the process step by step. We offer in-person, hands-on training at our Asheville, N.C., Spay/Neuter Training Center. Visit https://www.aspcapro.org/training-site-training/veterinarian-training
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KLINIKA VET kriptorhizam
Prilog iz emisije Klinika vet, RTS 2 subota 10.30 www.petface.net
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Gabriele Surgery: Castration of a young male cat
I castrate a young male cat, I even check his penis, ears, teeth. I give him a tatoo in his left ear for identification.
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How to treat dry skin on dogs -Argan oil
How to treat dry skin on dogs argon oil or aloe vera- EstherSuz,Cats&Dogs Blog Channel is about daily life- Cats and Dogs -Barclay the adorable,cheeky Shihtzu . Vets daughter- Esthersuz loves Relaxation, meditation, nature and countryside and not to forget music and singing in choir ! Other Channels to watch: Esthersuz Cooking,Chutney&Chops Colorful Colour Therapy I Can't remember! Real Deal Games SUBSCRIBE ENJOY! www.esthersuz.com www.colorfulcolourtherapy.com www.alzheimersnotebook.net
Bilateral Sertoli Cell Tumour (one with Testicular torsion ) removed from a 13 year old Spitz. — at Lyka Pet Clinic & Surgical Centre - Dindigul.
Collar of Shame
First day after castration. Poor little cat.
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1st day of spay and neuter clinics in Holbox (surrounding areas)
First day set up at the Hurricane Shelter. I think they finished up around 90 or so animals that first day. - created at http://animoto.com
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Marilyn Manson - Rock N Roll
Marilyn Manson - Rock N Roll Dancing with the Antichrist
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