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International Cryptozoology Museum - TMOW (Traveling My Own Way)
International Cryptozoology Museum - Portland Maine The world's only cryptozoology museum is located at Thompson's Point in Portland, Maine. Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals, and you have discovered the world’s only cryptozoology museum. They have a wide range of exhibitions from rare, one-of-a-kind scientific, zoological specimens to popular cultural homages to the relevant anthropological and psychological acknowledgements of the sightings and folk traditions to be found within hominology and cryptozoology.
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International Cryptozoology Museum
A visit to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine. December 2013.
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International Cryptozoology Museum (Loren Coleman)
This interview with Loren Coleman was in Portland, Maine, at the International Cryptozoology Museum. The International Cryptology was our first interview with someone. It was simply a spur of the moment sort of thing.. We had a camera, and we asked him. So sorry for our bleak personalities. Urszula, was doing her best for questions and enthusiasm... But thank you for your comment. Duly noted. This man was interesting, and so was his museum, wish we could go again, and had more footage of his place. Thank you- Holly C For more information on this Museum please go to : www.cryptozoologymuseum.com
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National Crypto Museum
NSA Museum Ft Mead MD
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Handcuffed in a room with 1 hour to escape!
I was handcuffed in a room and was given an hour to escape... and it was actually a lot of fun! We were at "Lockdown Escape" in Richmond, BC and we had to find clues (and then figure out what those clues meant) in order to try to get out. If you want to try out this Escape Room yourself, just say I sent you and they'll give you 10% off on weekends and 20% off on weekdays! http://www.lockdownescape.com I'm Josh Rimer and on Tuesdays I review a viral video, followed by a funny top 10 list on Thursdays. Then on a Sunday I put up a video of a new experience, challenge, or vlog so make sure you subscribe to catch the next one! Previous Sassy Scoops: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLijd5a02m1BJPP7RdFizVMGAOmxxOsyVU Previous Sassy Sundays: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLijd5a02m1BJURp6tORigasAHFPVwGrkN My hair is cut and coloured by Victoria Yee at Workshop Salon in Vancouver, BC: http://www.workshop-salon.com/stylists/victoria Connect with me outside of YouTube at the following links... Facebook: http://facebook.com/JoshRimerPage Instagram: http://instagram.com/JoshRimer Pinterest:http://pinterest.com/JoshRimer Twitter: http://twitter.com/JoshRimer Vine: https://vine.co/JoshRimer Blog: http://JoshRimer.com
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Check This Cryptozoology Museum Out
The fish looks like it has an Alligator Mouth. Now that I'm over the shock of it all I'm going back.If you enjoyed this video please leave a comment on my google+ page. Share my three youtube channels with family and friend for hours of viewing: Antiques, Cars, Tractors, Pulls, Fairs and so much more over 3,000 videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/viewwithme Story reading, Vintage, Historical, Antiques and more coming at: http://www.youtube.com/user/viewwithme2 Cooking, Sewing, Crafts, Books, Screenplays http://www.youtube.com/user/dorisanne13 SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! http://www.twitter.com/Dorisanne Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/ViewWithMe/
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Geheime Berichten
Short video impression of the exhibition Secret Messages, organized by Crypto Museum and held at Museum Jan Corver (Dutch Ham Radio Museum) in The Netherlands in 2008 and 2009. The exhibition showed cryptographic equipment, spy radio sets, covert equipment, bugs and bug-finders. The video was recorded in December 2008, when the exhibition was not yet complete, but it gives nevertheless a good impression of the kind of equipment we were showing.
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Scene cleared at FBI headquarters after suspicious package found
Scene cleared at FBI headquarters after suspicious package found
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This museum was awesome! Instagram @snarkyaardvark
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The k-pop escape room
On hallyucon
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