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16 Cryptography Algorithms and Protocols
Video 16 - "Cryptography Algorithms and Protocols" - This second nugget of the Cryptography domain lays out hashing concepts and algorithms like MD5 and SHA. Basic algorithms and encryption concepts are explored including: DES, 3DES, RSA, PGP, Elliptic curve (ECC), AES/AES256, One time pad, SSL/TLS, S/MIME, and PPTP/L2TP.
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CCNA Core Concepts - Chapter 24 (Part 1 of 3)
Chapter 24 of the CCNA Core Concepts curriculum. This video goes over virtual private networks (VPN), VPN benefits and drawbacks, site-to-site VPN, remote-access VPN, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPN, IPSec framework, IPSec protocol, encryption, authentication, Diffie-Helman (DH), Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple DES (3DES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Message Digest 5 (MD5), Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1), Authentication Header (AH), and Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP).
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26 Cryptography Domain Update
Video 26 - UPDATE regarding Cryptography Algorithms and Protocols, plus Cryptography Domain. Cryptography domain lays out hashing concepts and algorithms like MD5 and SHA. Basic algorithms and encryption concepts are explored including: DES, 3DES, RSA, PGP, Elliptic curve (ECC), AES/AES256, One time pad, SSL/TLS, S/MIME, and PPTP/L2TP. Cryptography domain lays out the core concepts of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
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Padding (cryptography)
In cryptography, padding refers to a number of distinct practices. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Creating PPTP in MikroTik PPTP Server Activation PPTP Server Activation
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Mikrotik 010 Mikrotik VPN tunnel (IPSec)
VPN Configuration (IPSec) Tutorial HO Network Details: WAN IP: (Net:, IP used at ISP side) LAN IP: (Net: BR Network Details: WAN IP: (Net:, IP used at ISP side) LAN IP: (Net: N. B : IP used for ONM purpose. Target: Inter LAN Access over internet Target is to reach the local IP block to the other side of the router. ------- Pre-shared key: 12345 (must be same in both router) Phase-1 (Mikrotik default) Hash Algorithm = md5 Encryption Algorithm = 3des DH Group = modp1024 lifetime = 1day Phase-2 (Mikrotik default) Auth Algorithm = sha1 Encryption Algorithm = 3des PFS Group = modp1024 lifetime = 30 min
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Ways To Make Your VPN More Secure
Read more about Online Anonymity here at http://internet-anonymity.com/ One of the best ways to secure your Virtual Private Network is changing the VPN protocol, sometimes this option is offered as a configuration setting for 3rd party connection tools. There are two ways that these adjustments can be done, either through PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol) or L2TP (layer 2 tunneling protocol). Nevertheless, the latter is more recommendable since PPTP has been cracked in the past given that it uses weak 128-bit encryption systems which can be breached by hackers. But on a more positive note point-to-point tunneling technology is much faster and requires little encryption overhead. L2TP is more favorable for online anonymity though it definitely takes longer times to load. Read more about Online Anonymity here at http://internet-anonymity.com/ Online Anonymity VPN Encryption
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Cryptography MAC padding
Cryptography MAC padding To get certificate subscribe: https://www.coursera.org/learn/crypto ======================== Playlist URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2jykFOD1AWYosqucluZghEVjUkopdD1e ======================== About this course: Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. In this course you will learn the inner workings of cryptographic systems and how to correctly use them in real-world applications. The course begins with a detailed discussion of how two parties who have a shared secret key can communicate securely when a powerful adversary eavesdrops and tampers with traffic. We will examine many deployed protocols and analyze mistakes in existing systems. The second half of the course discusses public-key techniques that let two parties generate a shared secret key.
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Atlassian's HipChat hacked, user data and private messages compromised
Atlassian's group chat platform HipChat is notifying its users of a data breach after some unknown hacker or group of hackers broke into one of its servers over the weekend and stole a significant amount of data, including group chat logs. What Happened? According to a security notice published on the company's website today, a vulnerability in a "popular third-party" software library used by its HipChat.com service allowed hackers to break into its server and access customer account information. However, HipChat did not say exactly which programming blunder the hackers exploited to get into the HipChat cloud server. What type of Information? Data accessed by the hackers include user account information such as customers' names, email addresses and hashed password information. Besides information, attackers may have obtained metadata from HipChat "rooms" or groups, including room name and room topic. While metadata is not as critical as direct messages, it's still enough to identify information that's not intended to be public. Worse yet, the hackers may also have stolen messages and content in chat rooms, but in a small number of instances (about 0.05%). There has been no sign that over 99% of users' messages or room content was compromised. Fortunately, there's no evidence that the attackers have accessed anyone's credit card or financial information. Who are not affected? HipChat users not connected to the affected third-party software library are not affected by the data breach. Other Atlassian properties also are safe, as the company claimed that there is no evidence to suspect that other Atlassian systems or products like Jira, Confluence, or Trello have been affected by the hack. To Worry or Not to Worry? There's no need to panic, as the passwords that may have been exposed in the breach would also be difficult to crack. Atlassian Chief Security Officer Ganesh Krishnan noted that HipChat hashes all passwords using the bcrypt cryptographic algorithm, with a random salt. The data is hashed with bcrypt, which transforms the passwords into a set of random-looking characters, and makes the hashing process so slow that it would literally take centuries to brute-force all of the HipChat account passwords. For added security, HipChat also "salted" each password with a random value before hashing it, adding additional protection against possible decryption. However, data breaches like this are made worse by the fact that there have been so many breaches prior to it, and secondly, that majority of users make use of the same or similar passwords for their multiple accounts. So, it doesn't take much for hackers to cross reference a user's username or email address in a database from a previous breach and find an old password, placing users at greater risk of a hack. How Many victims? HipChat did not say how many users may have been affected by the incident, but the company is taking several proactive steps to secure its users. What is HipChat doing? As a precaution, HipChat has invalidated passwords on all potentially affected HipChat-connected accounts, and emailed password reset instructions, forcing every user to reset their account password. The company is also attempting to track down and fix the security vulnerability in the third-party library used by its service that allowed for the breach. In response to the attack, the company is also updating its HipChat Server that will be shared with its customers directly through the standard update channel. HipChat has also isolated the affected systems and closed any unauthorized access. HipChat parent company Atlassian is also actively working with law enforcement on the investigation of this matter. What Should You Do Now? For the Obvious reasons, all HipChat customers are highly recommended to change their passwords as soon as possible. You should also particularly be alert of the Phishing emails, which are usually the next step of cyber criminals after a breach. Phishing is designed to trick users into giving up further details like passwords and bank information.
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Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is a method for implementing virtual private networks. PPTP uses a control channel over TCP and a GRE tunnel operating to encapsulate PPP packets. The PPTP specification does not describe encryption or authentication features and relies on the Point-to-Point Protocol being tunneled to implement security functionality. However, the most common PPTP implementation shipping with the Microsoft Windows product families implements various levels of authentication and encryption natively as standard features of the Windows PPTP stack. The intended use of this protocol is to provide security levels and remote access levels comparable with typical VPN products. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Hash Descrypter Python Script on BackTrack5 R3
Hash Descrypter Python Script on BackTrack5 R3 Online Crack = Online Sites Crackers Offline Crack = Possible passwords to crack the hash its dictionnary Hash.py http://pastebin.com/asGHf8sG Join us Devil-Zone.Net
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Denial of Service Attacks (Part 5): The Smurf Attack
This chalk talk video, which is part of a broader series on Denial-of-Service attacks, describes an old technique known as the Smurf attack. Fortunately, most modern systems are patched against the Smurf attack, but it is still interesting from a broader historical perspective. For a comprehensive list of chalk talks, please visit http://go.sourcefire.com/sourcefirechalktalks. Video by Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, Sourcefire's Chief Scientist in the Cloud Technology Group.
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DEF CON 20 - Alberto Garcia Illera - How to Hack All the Transport Networks of a Country
How to Hack All the Transport Networks of a Country Alberto García Illera The presentation is about a real black hacking act against the transport network of a country. It can be extrapolated to any other country. We will show how to get full access to the entire transport network. Manipulating parameters to get free tickets, getting control of the ticket machines, getting clients CC dumps, hooking internal processes to get the client info, pivoting between machines, encapsulating all the traffic to bypass the firewalls, etcetera. We will show a lot of photos, videos, source code and presentations of the real environment and the skills used to obtain all the information. We will show how combining social engineering and technical skills can be used as a deadly weapon. Alberto García Illera is a 24 year old passionate about hacking and especially for social engineering. He studied mathematics and computer systems in Spain. He has worked several years as a professional pentester. He has spoken in several seminars teaching hacking techniques to help big companies like Microsoft, the Spanish government or the Spanish Police's Cyberterrorism department. He is currently making a study about cryptographic hash functions applied to IT security.
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MikroTik L2TP/IPSec PSK
/ip pool add name=l2tp-pool ranges= /ppp profile set default local-address= remote-address=l2tp-pool /ppp secret add name=l2tp-test password=test123456 /ip ipsec proposal set [ find default=yes ] enc-algorithms=3des,aes-128,aes-192,aes-256 /ip ipsec peer add generate-policy=yes hash-algorithm=sha1 nat-traversal=yes secret=test123456
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Crypto Bitcoin Trading Market Update & NEWS
[Educational channel NOT investment advice, consult your financial advisor] Crypto Currencies are highly volatile assets WPC highly recommends you consult your financial advisor and do your own research. All gains and losses are due to your own decision making and WolfPackCryptos LLC is geared towards creating an educational community in the realm of investing within the CryptoCurrency market and cannot guarantee any profits or losses. You should never risk any money you cannot afford to lose this is a new market full of scams and start-up ventures hence high-risk assets with a high failure rate. Trader from WolfPack Cryptos Investment Strategies talks about trading Bitcoin Altcoins and what the future holds for the crypto market. Our affordable Private membership includes Trading Signals, Altcoin fundamentals research and ICO analysis. Instagram: mastermind_group Laszlo's Twitter: @MMG_invest Come check out WolfPack Cryptos Website, Telegram, Twitter and DTube: For Private Members area please visit our Website and email us or contact Admin in the Free Telegram room. WPC Website: https://www.wolfpackcryptos.io/ WPC Free Telegram Group: https://t.me/wolfpackcryptos WPC Free News Room + Market Updates: https://t.me/WolfPackCryptosNews WPC Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfPackCryptos WPC DTube: https://d.tube/#!/c/wolfpackcryptos WPC MoonRekt Crypto Comedy chat room: https://t.me/MoonRekt NordVPN Service, 2 years of service for the low price of only $95.75 in total, or $3.99 per month. This deal gives users an exclusive 66% discount., surf the web anonymously and securely. VPN are easy to use and available for your smartphone as well, protect your data and shield yourself from Hackers. Link: https://go.nordvpn.net/aff_c?offer_id=15&aff_id=14644&url_id=902 Protect yourself from AI and algorithms and mass data collection on everything you do, have you ever noticed when you shop online prices sometimes change for the same products you are searching for "prices always go higher" this is because algo's can determine how much you are willing to pay rather than find the cheapest bargain. Most of the time they put on the screen the prices you are willing to pay or paid advertisement assuring you do not even see cheaper prices from all competitors, a good example is Amazon it always populates your feed first when searching google because they buy prime real estate on the web. Using VPN when shopping can help mask who you are and help you find the cheapest prices. VPN discount Link: https://go.nordvpn.net/aff_c?offer_id=15&aff_id=14644&url_id=902 Being based in Panama, NordVPN falls under the country’s jurisdiction and Panama has no data retention laws; A strict no logs policy . We want to ensure user privacy and security, therefore we never log useractivitvity Military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption and a variety of protocols to choose from: OpenVPN (UDP and TCP), PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2/IPSec; Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee Unlimited bandwidth and data; 2832 servers located in 59 countries (the server number is always growing); Fast speed servers that are also reliable and consistent; Multiple ways to contact 24/7 customer support (live chat, email, ticket system); A CyberSec feature that blocks dangerous websites and lets users avoid annoying An automatic kill switch (can kill individual processes or kill whole internet connection); 6 simultaneous connectionsP2P friendly;Works in countries (China, the Middle East countries) where internet access is restricted, and strong censorship is in place; Double encryptionto ensure top level privacy and security For crypto trading and buying Altcoins check out the Binance exchange, one of the most used with the largest amounts of volume: https://www.binance.com/?ref=26075300 TradingView best FREE charting software and discounts for PRO members with access to all indicators and charting tools: https://tradingview.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&aff_id=11798 For extra security get a burner phone number to use everywhere when signing up to Telegram and social media: https://www.burnerapp.com/ For Organic meat at affordable prices delivered to your home [PROMO FREE Lifetime Beef] visit http://fbuy.me/j5SSD for $120 you can receive whole months worth of organic free range grass fed poultry. A healthy diet is essential for healthy brain function, to look good, feel good and to avoid cancer and hormonal imbalances. (only available in the US)
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DD-WRT router OpenVPN setup tutorial with ExpressVPN
This tutorial walks you through the steps for setting up OpenVPN manual configurations on your DD-WRT router. To complete the setup process, you’ll need a DD-WRT router with at least 8 Megabytes of flash, as well as an ExpressVPN subscription. Routers with 4 Megabytes of flash should work as well, but ExpressVPN recommends a minimum of 8 MB. At one point, will be asked to input text in the additional config box, which you can copy from below: persist-key persist-tun fragment 1300 mssfix 1450 keysize 256 To see written versions of the DD-WRT OpenVPN instructions, check out: https://www.expressvpn.com/support/vpn-setup/manual-config-for-dd-wrt-router-with-openvpn/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=ddwrt_openvpn_video&utm_content=video_description If you want to buy and ExpressVPN subscription, please visit: https://www.expressvpn.com/support/vpn-setup/manual-config-for-dd-wrt-router-with-openvpn/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=ddwrt_openvpn_video&utm_content=video_description ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service that allows you to amplify the entire internet. Get around censorship, secure your internet connection, and browse anonymously. An ExpressVPN subscription gets you access to 140+ server locations in more than 90 countries. And with apps for all your devices, you can take ExpressVPN with you wherever you go!
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Telnet and SSH - CompTIA Security+ SY0-401: 1.4
Security+ Training Course Index: http://professormesser.link/sy0401 Professor Messer’s Course Notes: http://professormesser.link/sy0401cn Frequently Asked Questions: http://professormesser.link/faq - - - - - Terminal access to remote devices is an important part of network and security management. In this video, you’ll learn how to use Telnet and SSH to manage your network infrastructure. - - - - - Download entire video course: http://professormesser.link/401adyt Get the course on MP3 audio: http://professormesser.link/401vdyt Subscribe to get the latest videos: http://professormesser.link/yt Calendar of live events: http://www.professormesser.com/calendar/ FOLLOW PROFESSOR MESSER: Professor Messer official website: http://www.professormesser.com/ Twitter: http://www.professormesser.com/twitter Facebook: http://www.professormesser.com/facebook Instagram: http://www.professormesser.com/instagram Google +: http://www.professormesser.com/googleplus
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How To Decrypt WPA2 with Wireshark
Packet analysis is tricky enough without layering on WiFi. First you need to know if you have a WiFi card that can capture the WiFi radio header, then you have to figure out if you can capture in promiscuous mode, then you need to understand if the wireless network has client isolation or similar configurations. Whew… That where having a specifically designed Wifi tool helps. In this example I used a Fluke Networks One Touch to capture some packets. Capturing them was the easy part. Now I have to decrypt them. I chose to use Wireshark and want to share with you how to decrypt a trace file when the client is using WPA2 encryption. As I said in the video, the key (no pun) here is to start your capture before the client authenticates with the access point. Enjoy
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DEFCON 20: Target Attacks on Warranties for Fun and Profit
Speaker: DARKRED Frequently people consider a serial number as nothing but a number but in this presentation you will be shown the multitude of ways in which an attacker could utilize serial numbers to hurt you,to hurt companies as well as to track your movements. A brief primer on the function and use of serial numbers in the real world will be provided. Focusing on Apple, Amazon and Pringles and providing in-depth insight into the varying degrees of trust a serial number will gain you. Attack vectors ranging from Apple to Pringles and everywhere in between along with points about how to prevent similar tragedies from occurring with your product. Darkred is a high-school student currently residing in the United States. In his free time, he enjoys testing the vulnerabilities of companies' security and warranty policies. He does this in order to make said companies aware of serious flaws in their policies. His tests range from High Value Electronics to free coupons for soda and chips. With this information, he hopes that big companies like Apple can protect their warranty policies and their consumers. For more information visit: http://bit.ly/defcon20_information To download the video visit: http://bit.ly/defcon20_videos Playlist DEFCON 20: http://bit.ly/defcon20_playlist
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DEF CON 13 - David Hulton, The Next Generation of Cryptanalytic Hardware
David Hulton, The Next Generation of Cryptanalytic Hardware Encryption is simply the act of obfuscating something to the point that it would take too much time or money for an attacker to recover it. Many algorithms have time after time failed due to Moore's law or large budgets or resources (e.g. distributed.net). There have been many articles published on cracking crypto using specialized hardware, but many were never fully regarded as being practical attacks. Slowly FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) have become affordable to consumers and advanced enough to implement some of the conventional software attacks extremely efficiently in hardware. The result is performance up to hundreds of times faster than a modern PC. This presentation will provide a walk through on how FPGAs work, review their past applications with crypto cracking, present basic tips and pointers to developing a fast and efficient crypto cracking design, discuss overclocking FPGAs, and analyze the future growth of FPGA hardware and it's relation to current crypto ciphers. Then, a new open source DES cracking engine will be released and demonstrated which is able to crack windows Lanman and NTLM passwords at a rate over 600,000,000 crypts per second on a single low-cost Virtex-4 LX25 FPGA and provide brute-force performance comparable to lookups on a hard-drive based rainbowtable attack. David Hulton is one of the founding members of Pico Computing, Inc., a manufacturer of compact embedded FPGA computers and dedicated to developing revolutionary open source applications for FPGA systems. He is also one of the founding members of Dachb0den Research Labs, a non-profit security research think-tank, is currently the Chairman of ToorCon Information Security Conference and has helped start many of the security and unix oriented meetings in San Diego, CA.
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DEF CON 22 - Grant Bugher - Detecting Bluetooth Surveillance Systems
Slides Here: https://www.defcon.org/images/defcon-22/dc-22-presentations/Bugher/DEFCON-22-Grant-Bugher-Detecting-Bluetooth-Surveillance-Systems-Updated.pdf Detecting Bluetooth Surveillance Systems Grant Bugher PERIMETER GRID Departments of Transportation around the United States have deployed "little white boxes" -- Bluetooth detectors used to monitor traffic speeds and activity. While they're supposedly anonymous, they detect a nearly-unique ID from every car, phone, and PC that passes by. In this presentation, I explore the documentation on these surveillance systems and their capabilities, then build a Bluetooth detector, analyzer, and spoofer with less than $200 of open-source hardware and software. Finally, I turn my own surveillance system on the DOT's and try to detect and map the detectors. Grant Bugher has been hacking since the early 90’s and working professionally in information security for the last 9 years. He is currently a security architect for a cloud computing provider, and has previously been a program manager and software engineer on a variety of widely-used developer tools and platforms. Grant is a prior speaker at BlackHat USA and a regular DefCon attendee since DefCon 16. Most of his research and work is on cloud compute and storage platforms, application security, and detecting attacks against web-scale applications. Twitter: @fishsupreme Web: http://perimetergrid.com
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DEF CON 22 - Kenneth White and Matthew Green - The Open Crypto Audit Project
Slides here: https://defcon.org/images/defcon-22/dc-22-presentations/White-Green/DEFCON-22-Kenneth-White-and-Matthew-Green-The-Open-Crypto-Audit-Project-Updated.pdf The Open Crypto Audit Project Kenneth White CO-FOUNDER, OPEN CRYPTO AUDIT PROJECT Matthew Green RESEARCH PROFESSOR, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Join us for the story of the origins and history of the Open Crypto Audit Project (OCAP). OCAP is a community-driven global initiative which grew out of the first comprehensive public audit and cryptanalysis of the widely used encryption software TrueCrypt®. Our charter is to provide technical assistance to free and open source software projects in the public interest. We serve primarily as a coordinator for volunteers and as a funding mechanism for technical experts in security, software engineering, and cryptography. We conduct analysis and research on FOSS and other widely software, and provide highly specialized technical assistance, analysis and research on free and open source software. This talk will present how we audited TrueCrypt, detailing both the Phase I security assessment, and the Phase II cryptanalysis. Looking forward, in light of GotoFail and HeartBleed, we will discuss future plans for our next audit projects of other open source critical infrastructure. Kenneth White is a co-founder of the CBX Group, and formerly principal scientist and senior security R&D engineer at Social & Scientific Systems. His work focuses on cloud security, machine learning, and distributed database architecture. At SSS, White led the Biomedical Informatics team that designed and runs the operations center for the largest clinical trial network in the world, with research centers in over 100 countries. Together with Matthew Green, White co-founded the TrueCrypt audit project, a community-driven initiative to conduct the first comprehensive cryptanalysis and public security audit of the widely used TrueCrypt encryption software. White holds a MEd from Harvard and is a PhD candidate in neuroscience and cognitive science, with research focusing on expert systems, real-time classification and machine learning. He is a technical reviewer for the Software Engineering Institute, and publishes and speaks frequently on computational neuroscience, signal processing, and security engineering. Twitter: @kennwhite Matthew D. Green, PhD is a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University. He teaches applied cryptography and builds secure systems. Green trained under Susan Hohenberger and Avi Rubin, and his research includes techniques for privacy-enhanced information storage, anonymous payment systems, and bilinear map-based cryptography. Green formerly served as a senior research staff member at AT&T Labs. Together with Kenneth White, he co-founded the TrueCrypt audit project, a community-driven initiative to conduct the first comprehensive cryptanalysis and public security audit of the widely used TrueCrypt encryption software. He blogs at Cryptography Engineering, and talks about cryptography and privacy. Twitter: @matthew_d_green Web: https://opencryptoaudit.org/people
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Advantages of VPN : 10 Benefits Of VPN For Our Decive !!!!!- Hindi
Advantages of VPN Hello friends. today in this video I am going to tell you about 10 Benefits Of VPN For Our Deceive. Advantages of VPN The actual full form of VPN is - virtual private network. there are many benefits of VPN /Advantages of VPN and to I will the 10 Benefits Of VPN For Our Deceive or 10 Advantages of VPN VPN can be used on both android and pc. Advantages of VPN VPN is very useful for privacy protection also you can access blocked sites. you would have seen many people use VPN in torrent sited like the pirate bay, kickass torrent etc. you can too access through VPN there are other benefits too of VPN/Advantages of VPN please watch this video till end and please like and subscribe to this channel
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