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Ever wondered what it's like to drive one of the biggest trucks in the world?
Ever wondered what it's like to drive one of the biggest trucks in the world? Meet April who does just that. April drives a Caterpillar 797f rear dump truck at Peak Downs Mine in Queensland's Bowen Basin.
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Cat 777G Haul Truck Service Walkaround
Have a Cat 777G Haul Truck? Learn all about the comprehensive best practices for a service walkaround on the 777G.
Moving a massive Caterpillar 794AC dump truck
Caterpillar displayed their electric drive 794AC mining haul truck for the first time at Minexpo 2016. Here's some footage of it moving out of the Las Vegas convention center after the end of the show.
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CAT 797B.
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Cat® G Series Off-Highway Truck - 777G Features
The 777G is the newest Cat® truck in the 100-Ton size class. The G Series 777 has new levels of performance, operator comfort and durability. With 7% more torque for work and fuel saving strategies that conform to customer needs, the 777G is delivering excellent customer value with reduced life cycle costs. Learn more at https://mining.cat.com/off-highway-trucks
Changing a Blown Out Rear Tire Komatsu CAT BelAZ VOLVO Mining Truck Dumper
Changing a Blown Out Rear Tire Komatsu CAT BelAZ VOLVO Mining Truck Dumper COOPERATION 1. Send us your video to [email protected] 2. Watch it on our compilation 3. Get links and views to your channel! Замена огромных задних колес на карьерном самосвале Комацу типа БелАЗ, Вольво, Кат и других.
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Replacing a Haul Truck Tire
For you guys curious on how they change the massive tire off a Mining Haul Truck. It's not the biggest haul truck but you get the picture. Have a Safe Day :)
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What's Inside a CAT 797F MINING TRUCK? A Lot Goes into Manufacturing the World's Largest Machines, And PINpoint Helps Make IT Happen in Factories Worldwide! Learn More About PINpoint's Leading Process Control, Manufacturing Measurement, and Assembly Line Error-proofing Software Technology at www.pinpointinfo.com Video Source YouTube Channel: EarthmoversWorks Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClbze6qQ8u8OwdQ7ZQi1XLg
Inside A Giant Dump Truck
Komatsu 830E with AC Drive.
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793F startup and walkaround
We removed the fuel tank and installed a temporary one to bring this truck into the shop to facilitate a frame update (no crane in the shop, so we took it off outside). Took about 12 litres to start and idle truck for a couple of minutes, drive it 150 m into the shop and raise and secure the box. Our 20 litre "tank" was just enough!
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Cat 789B Haul Truck Cold Start
Air start and dumping the water out of the truck. Keep up with new stuff on the facebook fanpage! Letsdig18.
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TowHaul – Mining Lowboy Trailers and Haul Truck Towing Equipment
TowHaul® Corporation custom designs and manufactures lowboy trailers and equipment for the largest surface mines in the world. TowHaul® equipment has allowed mines to decrease their costs and increase their mobility since 1977. Whether it’s a Caterpillar D10 dozer or a Hitachi EX3600 excavator, TowHaul can provide a cost effective solution to decrease undercarriage wear and tear from tramming. In addition to pulling a trailer, the innovative TowHaul Gooseneck quickly converts to allow recovery of disabled haul trucks as large as the 400-ton capacity Caterpillar 797. Visit www.towhaul.com to find out more about our innovative equipment.
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Biggest Dumptruck In The World / Caterpillar 797 Mining Truck Assembly
Wonder Machine # Biggest Dumptruck In The World / Caterpillar 797 Mining Truck Assembly. Thanks for watching! Wonder Machine Channel Please like, . CHECK OUT AND LIKE THE AWESOME EARTHMOVERS FACEBOOK PAGE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW. This video shows a Cat® 797 Mining Truck being partly assembled at a Caterpillar manufacturing facility in Decatur, Illinois, and then the final assembly at a . The world's largest dump truck BelAZ-75710 with carrying capacity of 450 tons has started to .
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Cat® 797 Mining Truck Assembly | Timelapse
This video shows a Cat® 797 Mining Truck being partly assembled at a Caterpillar manufacturing facility in Decatur, Illinois, and then the final assembly at a customer jobsite.
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Comparision between cat 797f vs belaz 75710 II 2017
1- How much is a Cat 797f? The Caterpillar 797B and 797F run 4.028 m (13.22 ft) tall, 5,300 kg (11,680 lb) Michelin 59/80R63 XDR. Most first generation 797s have been retrofitted to use the 59/80R63 tires as well. Six tires are required per truck at a cost in 2009 of approximately US$42,500 per tire. 2- How much is the belaz 75710? Two more Belaz 75710s are currently under construction. The price tag for anyone considering buying one; a little over $6m (£3.84m). The current holder of the Guinness World Records title for the largest dumper truck in the world is the US-built Liebherr T282B, which has a capacity of 363 tonnes.Dec 4, 2014
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Two lanes wide, tires 13' tall, Caterpillar 793c, now thats a truck!!!!
Caterpillar 793 is one of the biggest mining trucks built by the company. The tires are size 59/80R63 XDR, and made by Michelin at the cost of $42,500. for each. They stand at 13.22' tall, and weigh 11,680 lbs per tire. The truck sells for about 5 million dollars. Check the size of these trucks. You can really tell how large it is when it passes a tractor trailer at the guard house. Then watch them pass full size pickups on the dirt road. Video was shot at Minntac, at Mountain Iron, MN. 10-2003 Updated info, thanks to Ted K. That's a 793c early model. 150 cu yd spreader body for sanding haul roads in winter. We had 2 of those then, that was 594. That was shot when I was driving it from the Hoover construction repair yard in mt. iron mn to minntac. That body has ben re mounted now. Not sure what truck it's on but I'm guessing still a 793c. This is the LARGEST dump truck I ever filmed, and the link is the OLDEST dump truck I ever filmed. When is the last time you saw an unrestored, 1927 Indiana Motor Truck in opperation at an HCEA meet in Brownsville, PA.? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIQDV06MD0g Thanks for watching... John 3:16 For life changing messages that will make a difference in your life, tune into pastor Bill Bailey at Journey By Grace. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ5daKxokximUiSFN5wkN3A
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Heavy Duty Mining Truck 16 wheels - Sanjiang WTW220E
Wuhan Sanjiang Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. is a professional wtw 220e electric wheels product mining dumper Suppliers , The series have the characteristics of strong loading capacity, wide road adaption, running smoothly, convenient maintenance. Drive Wheel:16x16 Capacity Load:220T Horsepower:1798kw Fuel Type:Diesel Engine Capacity:8L Gross Vehicle Weight:167000 Place of Origin:Hubei, China Mainland Dimensions L x W x H mm:15000x7200x6730
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Crashes, fires, speeding. It's not easy training on an oil sands haul truck
Haul truck operation instructor Dave Cocoran trains The Globe's Peter Scowen on a haul truck simulator. This video is part of a year-long project about Fort McMurray Alberta, which has come to be the emblem of Canada's energy sector and all the issues that surround it
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TRUCK FAIL... caterpillar  brutal crash destroyed bad day mining machine operator accidente camion
this is a security crash test without driver
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785 wheel assembly
Rc truck 785d cat
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Chasecam - Cat 773G Haul Truck
A Caterpillar 773G haul truck getting loaded by a 390D and dumping into a road fill.
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Caterpillar 785B Crossing a Road
A 150 ton Cat 785B crossing a state road to transport a load of anthracite coal Like our videos? Subscribe and join the PAmining Facebook Page today! http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAmining/164948266897468
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Cat® 795F AC Off-Highway Mining Truck Has 345 Ton Capacity
Caterpillar's first AC electric drive truck set a new standard for performance. Featuring state-of-the-art safety and maintenance features, the Cat® 795F AC also broke new ground in operator comfort. Operators appreciate the improved handling made possible by a unique braking system that combines dynamic retarding and oil-cooled disc brakes for the highest retarding speed on grade. Learn more about the Cat 795F AC Off-Highway Truck at: http://www.cat.com/en_US/products/new/equipment/off-highway-trucks/mining-trucks/18232553.html
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200 tons of giant forklifts - Caterpillar 994 loader Video
Video shot in 1993 Caterpillar 994 video 50/80-57 tire, the maximum can also use 58/85-57 tires, tire thickness of 14 cm, weighs 5.7 tons, 3.92 meters in diameter! ! ! Now the world's largest loader Letuerle (LeTourneau)'s, L-2350, over 270 tons dead weight, a large open pit mine in Inner Mongolia on the introduction of two L-2350; early 1990s the world's largest loader should belong to CATERPILLAR Caterpillar 994 loader, the loader launched in 1991, the empty weight of 204 tons, 6.8 meters high for the load carrying capacity of 150-200 ton mine cars (such as: Caterpillar 785 Series 789 series trucks) ...... Car tire models 50/80-57, weight 4.8 tons, 1.25 meters wide, the largest 58/85-57 tires, tires, 1.4 meters wide and 5.7 tons in weight, tire diameter up to 3.92 meters! ! ! CAT Sevice Repair Manual pdf Download: http://www.repair-guidebook.com/
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Caterpillar CAT 777 Mining Truck and Loader - Up Close (HD) Muldenkipper
Caterpillar 777 mine trucks being loaded with limestone at a quarry. Additional footage of a blast hole drill rig.
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Caterpillar 777 Mining Haul Truck Transported by 11 Axle Lowboy
Learn about the process of moving a over-sized & over-weight machine. After the Kidz and Rigs event held in Brooksville, Florida. All Around Equipment, Inc moved a Caterpillar 777 haul truck back to the Cemex mine. Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bigrigvideos Other Big Rig Truck Show DVD's can be found here - http://www.4statetrucks.com/apparel/semi-truck-cds-dvds_130.asp Produced By: Christopher E. Fiffie
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Komatsu 830E tyre change
Fitting wheels to a Komatsu 830E rear dump truck
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Cat Trucks Spinning Tires
Cat Trucks Spinning Tires
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180-tonne Cat 777F dump truck emergency stop
Earthmovers: This young lady brings 180 tonnes of mining truck to an emergency stop at Caterpillar's Malaga demonstration and training site.
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Cat® G Series Off-Highway Truck - 777G Service
In this video, learn about the new service features of the 775G off-highway truck from Caterpillar. Learn more at https://mining.cat.com/off-highway-trucks
Caterpillar 785 mining truck does doughnuts!
This mining truck has 1000hp and weighs 200 tonnes, but that doesn't mean it can't do donuts!
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Caterpillar 797F Off-Highway Truck
The 797F is the next step in ultra-class mining trucks, designed and built by Caterpillar. It delivers excellent maneuverability, safe operation, low maintenance costs, lower operating costs and a comfortable ride. The 797F also features two retarding options for downhill or flat/uphill applications and oil-cooled multiple disc brakes on all four wheels. For more info, go to http://www.cat.com/fseries
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Euclid R260  Mining Truck
Massive Euclid haul truck,Has a Detroit diesel 2500 hp. engine,weighs 386 tons empty,and can haul up to 260 tons payload.My HD camera wouldnt work today,so I had to use my old picture camera to record this.
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Photo opportunities behind a giant dump truck
Visitors to Minexpo 2016 couldn't help but get photos standing beside the massive equipment on display. One such behemoth was the Caterpillar 794AC haul truck seen in this video.
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Caterpillar 797 vs Landcruiser
Caterpillar 797 vs Landcruiser
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Little Hardhats: "The Biggest Machines in the World" Video
Stream the full videos at https://amzn.to/2KWBS0H Watch as the biggest machines in the world go to work in one of the world's largest gold mines! This behind the scenes action is awesome to watch! Power shovels, mining equipment, and dump trucks are used to extract gold-bearing ore from mountains of solid rock!
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Haul Truck Safety
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Komatsu HD785 burning rear tyres
an operator of a HD785 looks for a place to park while a fire rages on position 2 & 3 tyres, he finally pulls up and gets of the machine! the safety in this mine could do with a great deal of improvement.
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Cat® 793C Mining Truck Rebuild Timelapse
Get an up-close look at a Cat® Complete Machine Rebuild, as we provide Arcelormittal Minorca Mine's 793C Off-Highway Truck a second life. This time-lapse video follows the rigorous rebuilding process performed at our Buhl facility. Our skilled Cat-certified technicians worked to rebuild the truck, that had over 77,000 total machine hours, to like-new performance and ready to get back to work in the mines. View all Ziegler Cat rebuild capabilities at www.zieglercat.com/rebuilds
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Mega Machines: Mining Truck Washing and Cleaning
Mega Machines Washing and Cleaning under the pressure: Buldozers, Mining Trucks and Loaders. Caterpillar, BelAZ, Komatsu vs Karher. Как моют и чистят мега машины. Мойка бульдозеров, грузовиков и погрузчиков под давлением. Катерпиллар, БелАЗ, Комацу против Керхера.
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New 777G Cat Trucks
Tier 2 Equivalent Rated Payload 96.9 tonnes / 106.9 tons Engine Model Cat® C32 ACERT™ Gross Power - SAEJ1995 765 kW / 1,025 hp Net Power - SAEJ1349 704 kW / 945 hp Target Gross Machine Operating Weight 164 654 kg / 363,000 lb Tier 4 Final Rated Payload 96.4 tonnes / 106.3 tons Engine Model Cat® C32 ACERT™ Gross Power - SAEJ1995 754 kW / 1,011 hp Net Power - SAEJ1349 683 kW / 916 hp Target Gross Machine Operating Weight 164 654 kg / 363,000 lb
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Cat 777 Haul Truck 100 ton
Get a close up of looking outside a Cat 777 haul truck 100 ton.I'll show outside the truck.
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This is a Tire Handler for Haul Trucks. Used during scheduled PM to replace, take off, and handle tires during maintenance. It swivels, turs, lifts, tilt etc.
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Biggest caterpillar truck 797
Biggest caterpillar truck 797
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Caterpillar 797B Dump Truck Rescue
Caterpillar 797B Dump Truck Rescue
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Cat 777 haul truck looking inside  the Cab
Looking close inside the cab of a Cat 777
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Cat® Command Truck Spotting
Spotting at a loading point—it’s something mining trucks do dozens of times each day. Imagine what it could do for your site’s productivity if you could decrease truck exchange times. With the new Cat® Command Truck Spotting system, you can. This easy-to-use system works with every truck and loader on your site.