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ArcheAge Journal Entry 08 Sharpwind Mines Walkthrough with Mentor Quest
Vechs' Minecraft Maps: http://goo.gl/4MLxz My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe, and toss me a Like if you feel generous. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vechs Mindcrack Network: http://www.youtube.com/mindcracknetwork Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack Music providers: Big Giant Circles http://www.biggiantcircles.com/ Derek R. Audette http://derekaudette.ottawaarts.com/ Kevin McLeod http://incompetech.com/
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Archeage Mining Made Easy
NOT SPED UP, Dawnsdrop Fists + 100k Mining + Mining Scrolls = Win
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Surviving Salem #17: Mining ► Crafting MMO Game
Check out Salem & support the channel using this referral link: http://login.salemthegame.com/beta/nregister?ref=GamerZakh This time, we get to prospecting and begin our mining operations so we can work our way to making some metal! GamerZakh is returning to Salem the Crafting MMO many years after my 2012 guide videos. Expect weekly uploads of guides and gameplay as we ramp up to release (FINALLY!) in mid-June 2015. .~ ■ Check out more stuff! http://www.youtube.com/GamerZakh ■ Subscribe! http://goo.gl/dP7iI » Website: http://www.gamerzakh.com/ » Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GamerZakh » Google+: http://www.google.com/+GamerZakh » Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GamerZakh Thanks for watching! Also, if you like you can support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GamerZakh
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ArcheAge - EASY / FAST - Labor Points
Thank you so much for watching our videos. 👑We live stream everyday at 4:00PM (EST) SEE YOU THERE👑 ⭐Keep up With us⭐ 🔶(Bro) Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgAWaxGf9BzfiqWR8AR7Hcw?sub_confirmation=1 🔵(Bro) Steam Profiles http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198025705622 🔶Steam Profiles http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029533937 🔵Twitter https://twitter.com/VGNRISE 🔶Tumblr https://videogamenewsrise.tumblr.com/ 🔵Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/newsrise/ ✨👑✨Check Out these awesome playlists✨👑✨ Video Games Speed Run ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJfH9AHDYJNCYhDL5SjIZrX7Oxu14MzYd The BEST of VideoGameNews ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJfH9AHDYJNAJ7qiIE3rytERE_HcjAAsz Hello Neighbor ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJfH9AHDYJNAe1urdVJCzju7IYTPvFc_U Bendy and the Ink Machine ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJfH9AHDYJNDqVRiaCI5kxMlJWxa1dD2E Tattletail ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJfH9AHDYJNAOX90AvAGOqxwB2y9dN_dH Afterbirth+ Daily Mod ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJfH9AHDYJNCqpT_6QYFePwWClC-5vwYF The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ ▶ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJfH9AHDYJNB_PG_LxMbqFOmJFF-ZtXuu Games we Play: Undertale, Hello Neighbor, Bendy & the Ink Machine, Minecraft, Roblox, FNAF/Five Nights at Freddy's, sister location, Garry's Mod, Pokemon, Draw a Stickman, Tattletail, Classic Games, MMORPG, Flash Games and many more. We also take game requests. Just ask during the live stream or leave a comment in the chat and we'll try to post videos / live steam it.
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ArcheAge Journal Entry 06 How to Farm Hasla Weapons
Vechs' Minecraft Maps: http://goo.gl/4MLxz My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe, and toss me a Like if you feel generous. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vechs Mindcrack Network: http://www.youtube.com/mindcracknetwork Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack Music providers: Big Giant Circles http://www.biggiantcircles.com/ Derek R. Audette http://derekaudette.ottawaarts.com/ Kevin McLeod http://incompetech.com/
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ArcheAge : Ship's and Sailing
TheXPGamers gives us a rundown on everything we need to know when it comes to ships and sailing in the MMORPG ArcheAge ArcheAge is described as a "sandpark" MMORPG, which the developers say is a hybrid of the open content style of a "sandbox" game, and the more structured play experience of a "themepark" game. Subscribe to VISO Games ► http://www.youtube.com/games Follow us on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/visogames TheXPGamers ► https://www.youtube.com/user/TheXPGamers Like our Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/VISOGames Partner with VISO ► http://viso.tv/viso-games/
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ArcheAge Bot / Архейдж Бот ( Гринд  )
Наша группа: http://vk.com/agebot Скачать http://www.aabot.zyro.com/zyro/gallery/files/ArcheAgeBot%20Free.rar Бот запустится сразу после его активации , http://vk.com/agebot
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Mining Diamond, Gold and Iron by Jack
How to find Diamond, Gold and Iron in one single world in Minecraft.
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14 Node Dewstone Plains mining run
Quick run of 14 nodes in the Dewstone Plains with a 1-2 minute wait on loop. mic muted whoops -- www.twitch.tv/chipsysalsa/c/4749344&utm_campaign=archive_export&utm_source=chipsysalsa&utm_medium=youtube
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Trion reading Facebook & fixing Archeage queues...
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ArcheAge Sharpwind Mines 3 man dungeon part 1
ArcheAge Sharpwind Mines 3 man dungeon part 1. Part 2 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w51izrTbxSI www.twitch.tv/xenthalix for more archeage and other games livestreaming.
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ArcheAge Journal Entry 05 Leveling by Crafting
Vechs' Minecraft Maps: http://goo.gl/4MLxz My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe, and toss me a Like if you feel generous. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vechs Mindcrack Network: http://www.youtube.com/mindcracknetwork Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack Music providers: Big Giant Circles http://www.biggiantcircles.com/ Derek R. Audette http://derekaudette.ottawaarts.com/ Kevin McLeod http://incompetech.com/
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EASIEST WAY TO GET MENDING BOOKS! | Minecraft 1.10 Tutorial
FISH FARM GUIDE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGUoDO_2yTw _______________________________________________________ Yo what's going on guys? DigitalSquirrel here today to bring you another exciting video! ___ What to expect! I try to upload as regularly as I have time for (3-4 Uploads per week) I've got a higher end computer able to record and render in 60fps, though due to the amazingness of Australian internet, I'll most likely upload in 1080p30 ;P I play Minecraft, Escapists, Archeage and any other game that I happen to feel like playing! ___ Links to music I use : Kevin Macleod - http://incompetech.com/ My own music - https://soundcloud.com/dig1talmusic NCS - https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds Intro & Outro Music : Different Heaven - Nekozilla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YGHnodBxn4 ▽ Follow Different Heaven SoundCloud_ http://soundcloud.com/different-heaven Facebook___ https://www.facebook.com/DifferentHeaven YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/DifferenentHeaven Twitter https://twitter.com/DifferentHeaven Check out our server provider! https://mcprohosting.com/?aff=15623 ___ Peeps I play with! Grizzly : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtw7qn0eXZu-aAXUS9zf7Yg Flowdude : https://www.youtube.com/user/MCFlowdude MindCraftid : https://www.youtube.com/user/MindCraftid Dig1talSquirrel : https://www.youtube.com/user/Squirrelock11/ TekKrafty : https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTekKrafty Ozzyy : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAYJV2cZ4jD00wXkkbhvpKg HLM5678 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3jsHlzPBBeRrVhCSm9l8jQ Zyphalopagus : http://www.youtube.com/Zyphalopagus CaptainResolve : https://www.youtube.com/user/captresolve Redubsence : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCbkzCWeNIWQryJ43OFNvrUQ TookieMonster : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjBiatBybsxv3AFnQdCb9rw CosmicTech : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXihds68_0fkLpmzijJBkdw technotalker : http://www.youtube.com/user/technotalkerchris TheDragonk2000 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVg6aetGi6eSgBu-lDcOjqw Hadassa : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtzte6QDrJRQ_iuMkVuZLAg Ultiseeker : https://www.youtube.com/user/ultiseeker Minecraft Hammer : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgUKxsdBw4PGNs0W2TSO1qw Fizzypig : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1gcWf6mGbK0pRBV_opYO4Q Mackinnator : https://www.youtube.com/c/TheMackinnator ChristinaSea : https://www.youtube.com/user/ChristinaUnderTheSea ___ Have a great day!
Let's play ArcheAge - Ironclaw Mine
Join me in my adventures in the sandbox-MMO ArcheAge as we discover Ironclaw Mine and solving the quests given to us! !! Alpha !! Please be aware that this game is currently in Alpha. All you see can change, extend, improve, be gone. Alpha stage is for early testers and bug reports. Bugs, crashes and glitches may happen. This is not a reflection on the development but simply the early stage this game is currently in. About the game: About the Developer: http://www.xlgames.com/ About the Publisher: http://www.trionworlds.com/en/ About the Game: http://www.archeagegame.com/en/ Where you can find me: Twitter - http://twitter.com/ShadowVanDark Tumblr - http://shadow-gaming.tumblr.com
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Archeage - How to do traderuns and what's best in West continent
Showing how to get the most profit out of traderuns, how to do them and what's best in West continent. Play for free: http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/ Stay connected: Twitter - http://twitter.com/XeikenGames Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/XeikenGames Google+ - http://plus.google.com/103037785694709449841
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How To Fix High Ping In Windows 10 [Tutorial]
How to fix high ping in Windows 10. Gaming High Ping Latency FIX - Lower your Ping for Online Gaming This tutorial will address concerns you have with game titles such as: - Battlefield 4 - CS Go - Overwatch - League of legends - Minecraft This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).
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Minecraft:ArcheAge판타지 마을
판타지 마을!
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Pace- Archeage PVP- Corsair Tactics- Hook, Line, Tango
My guild and I baited a stream sniping pirate fishing raid (Tango) to attack us and they ended up being the catch. We then proceeded to crush their galleon and they retreated to safe waters due to our naval superiority. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/pace22
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Archeage Botter example
CelestialLust member botting on skyfin killing as u can see.
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Minecraft: How to Make an Underwater Mine
You have no idea how much stuff is wasted underwater. In this tutorial I show you how to reclaim the precious ores from the sea. In this tutorial alone I found a LOT of iron and some redstone. What will you find?
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ArcheAge Ynystere missing trade pack
Hello im from guild Promise and i lost my trade pack in sea East-North Ynystere.
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Archeage Artistry 50k
Decided to upload some more songs enjoy! :) 0:04 Track 5(ost)- Mirai Nikki 1:47 Gate of steiner- Steins;Gate(still need alot of work) 2:48 Red like roses- RWBY 3:33 Cruel angel Thesis- Neon genesis evangelion 4:30 Haiyore Nyaruko-San op 5:14 Resonance- Soul Eater
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DON'T PRESS THE MINECRAFT BUTTON!!! ► Subscribe and join TeamTDM! :: http://bit.ly/TxtGm8 ► Follow Me on Twitter :: http://www.twitter.com/DanTDM ► BUY MY NEW BOOK HERE :: http://smarturl.it/DanTDM ► Previous video :: https://youtu.be/lo_uPhNARbg I got a new job.. And all I have to do is not press the button.. ► BRAND NEW MERCHANDISE :: http://www.dantdmshop.com ► Play this Minecraft Custom Map - DON'T PRESS THE BUTTON : http://www.minecraftmaps.com/adventure-maps/dont-press-the-button ► Powered by Chillblast :: http://www.chillblast.com -- Find Me! -- Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DanTDM Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheDiamondMinecart Instagram: @DanTDM Snapchat: dandemort -- Credits -- All titles and images created by TheDiamondMinecart Intro Made by : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY1liEiXySk Intro/Outro Music by: MDK Song Title: Press Start http://www.facebook.com/MDKOfficial http://www.youtube.com/MDKOfficialYT Buy the song here: http://www.mdkofficial.bandcamp.com/ Free Download: http://www.morgandavidking.com/free-downloads
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Archeage 3.0 Library Floor 1 & 2 Coin Purse Drops
Hello All, September checking in from the PTS. Spent a little over an hour in floor 1 and floor 2 of the library and have some stats to go over here. EDIT** Ignore the Math on Floor 1 coin purses used wrong numbes. Should be 54 x .4 = 21.6g for those ones. Floor 1: 120 Kills 54 Librarian's Coinpurse (Coin only Average about 40s each) 9 Librarian's Research Bundles 1 Aurioria Metal Crate (The One the Requires a Key) Mob Coin Drops 60 copper to 1.1 silver per mob Average 90copper per Floor 2 100 Kills 42 Scholar's Coinpurse (Coin Only Average about 62 Silver Each) 16 Scholar's Research Bundle Mob coin drops 60 copper to 1.4 silver per mob Sample size is small do to restricted server access. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aired_ Twitter: @gamer_aired
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Diggy Diggy Hole - 10 Hours [1080p]
Hope you enjoy this 10 hour loop! As a little bonus, it's not monetised by me. 10 hours of the older Diggy Hole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4dGAQRdMWg AND FOR THE LAST TIME FOLKS, I'M NOT MAKING MONEY FROM THIS VIDEO! THE YOGSCAST (or someone) ARE CLAIMING ALL THE MONEY FROM THIS VIDEO SO STOP COMPLAINING! I am earning revenue on a few other videos though so contact me if you're confused. =====How do I make my videos?===== Well, I don't have the computing power in my own home to make these videos quickly so I use cloud hosting. Get a free $10 in cloud hosting @ https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=7ed6fb623c32. Be wary though... you need to pay $5 when you get there (to catch anyone abusing the system) and Linux command line experience is strongly recommended. There are plenty of tutorials for it out there though. You should use the second-cheapest droplet or better for 1080p videos due to the increased RAM usage.
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ArcheAge - Free to Play Only, No Money Spent - Darkrunner -  P26
Playing as a Darkrunner in ArcheAge, a FTP (free) MMO. This series will be during Beta 4. This is my first time with this new MMO from XL Games and Trion. Going to be doing a good bit of soloing but want to also try dungeons and PvP content. Archage is currently in beta (duh?) so obviously a lot of things can/will probably change. Useful links below: Official ArcheAge page: http://bit.ly/1tw7kBB Gamepedia ArcheAge Wiki w/lots of useful information: http://bit.ly/1tw7sAY ArcheAge sub-Reddit: http://bit.ly/1mKiAW9 A lot of useful information from the Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ArcheAge --------------------------------------------------------------- ArcheAge is an MMORPG developed by Korean developer Jake Song (former developer of Lineage) and his development company, XL Games. The game was released in Korea on January 15, 2013 and has also had a closed beta in China. ArcheAge is described as a "sandpark" MMORPG, which the developers say is a hybrid of the open content style of a "sandbox" game, and the more structured play experience of a "themepark" game. Development Initial development of ArcheAge began in 2011, and closed testing of the game took place over two years. Before finally being released in Korea on January 15, 2013, the game went through five closed beta tests and one open beta test. In 2012, an XL Games studio representative said he expected ArcheAge to be released in North America on late september or early october of 2014. Also, in 2014 a newly hired CM has stated the game will be transitioning into beta phase and will release for NA and EU in 2014.Announcements made in July, indicate the launch of the beta phase for July 17th 2014. On April 24, 2014, Trion begun to offer founder packs, for early alpha and beta access. Gameplay Typical in-game scenery with player using a glider (upper right corner). Archeage features a zoneless world with third person view. Combat In addition to traditional combat settings, ArcheAge offers naval combat in such settings where players have to secure trade routes or engage in sea-land battles. Ships need to be built and equipped with weaponry and man power and fights can be between players or against sea monsters. Player vs player (PvP) Player ships can be attacked. Buildings can be destroyed by other players including castles being attacked with siege weapons. City founding is possible by erecting floating city stones which can in turn be attempted to be captured by enemy forces. Crafting The crafting system in ArcheAge is very extensive with everything from equipment and food, the construction of vehicles, and building furniture for the player-owned homes. The more you craft, the more crafting options become available. Housing The housing system allows players to construct buildings in designated, non-instanced zones throughout the world using a free-placement method. These buildings allow players to decorate their interiors/exteriors with both cosmetic and functional furnishings. Housing options range from small one-story cottages to large three-story mansions with their sizes directly affecting the amount of space required to place their foundations. Players must pay taxes on the land where they place their houses or run the risk of having them destroyed and losing some or all of the possessions therein. Most houses have a small area surrounding them that serves as space for farming, with the Thatched Farmhouse having the most farmable space of any structure. Land ownership is limited to "Patron" status holders and thus unavailable to free players. Farming After completing a quest early in a character's development, the ability to place a garden is obtained through the use of a scarecrow design. Further along in the character's development, a larger farm design becomes available. Using these designs, players are capable of claiming plots of land, typically in designated areas, where they can choose to raise a variety of plant and animal life. Only the owner of a farm, or those given permission by the owner, may access the farm and manage its contents. Players may also choose to plant their crops/trees/livestock in the open world but run the risk of other players stealing the contents, for which the transgressing player may receive crime points and eventually stand trial. Skills The skill system of ArcheAge is very flexible as one chooses three basic skill types from a selection of ten and can thus can create one's own "class" which is then leveled based in improvement. These classes can be changed at anytime at a specific NPC however it does cost in-game currency to do so and can become expensive. They may even make it a store item in the NA version.
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This is why MMO's take me so long to get into... It is the little things that amuse me ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE and stay up to date on new videos ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEATY BYTES is a series of short byte sized clips of the most action packed or funny times we have had in the last session of play. Leave a like if you enjoy this type of clip. It involves no frills and cuts straight to the core of the play session and also allows more uploads per week. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MINCE gaming group was started by MEATnPOTATO in 2009 to provide a small group of enthusiastic gamers a place to hang out, game, record and share their various adventures. Join the fun now. Warning - No morons, Cheats, or people who like pumpkin (That stuff is just gross) If you enjoy the video then I would love you to stick around and subscribe. Also check out content from some of our Members: https://www.youtube.com/MEATnPOTATO https://www.youtube.com/Jedidessy https://www.youtube.com/freelunchlp https://www.youtube.com/kravokplays Find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mincegg Follow us on our blog - http://mince.zapto.org ...................................................................................................... ...................................................................................................... Music by GOLDFISH - http://goldfishlive.com/ Music by Kevin Mcleod - www.incompetech.com Music by Approaching Nirvana - http://youtube.com/user/approachingnirvana Music by 8 Bit Weapon - http://www.8bitweapon.com Music by GOLDFISH - http://goldfishlive.com/ Music by ERIC SKIFF Music by Grapes - I Dunno - I only put this here because Youtube claims that a song I use is owned by these people.... So to avoid copyright infringements.... I am giving out credit to people who have not produced any of the music or have rights to the music... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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ArcheAge Journal Entry 07 Opening Hundreds of Coin Purses
Vechs' Minecraft Maps: http://goo.gl/4MLxz My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe, and toss me a Like if you feel generous. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vechs Mindcrack Network: http://www.youtube.com/mindcracknetwork Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack Music providers: Big Giant Circles http://www.biggiantcircles.com/ Derek R. Audette http://derekaudette.ottawaarts.com/ Kevin McLeod http://incompetech.com/
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ArcheAge Journal Entry 09 Burnt Castle Armory Walkthrough with Mentor Quest
Vechs' Minecraft Maps: http://goo.gl/4MLxz My name is Vechs, author of the Super Hostile series. I am a map and mod maker, lifetime gamer, and an LPer. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe, and toss me a Like if you feel generous. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vechs Mindcrack Network: http://www.youtube.com/mindcracknetwork Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mindcrack Music providers: Big Giant Circles http://www.biggiantcircles.com/ Derek R. Audette http://derekaudette.ottawaarts.com/ Kevin McLeod http://incompetech.com/
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Archeage - Rocket Boots Super Jump
Cookiezznz - Dark Ascension - Kyrios(NA) The Rocket Boots can be attained by breaking the barrels on Pirate Isle, they are most commonly in the water below the world boss "Morpheus", Additionally they can be sold and traded so you may find them on the auction house.
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Archeage Underwater exploring #4
last video of this area will be more in the future, used another remix, i also died at the end cause i wasn't paying attention to my air with my UI off Feel free to ask question's or suscribe
Archeage West Continent 60 Gilda Rush, Elf
Please be aware that this video was recorded during a double XP event, and as such makes the run easier in some sections. A solo run during regular XP rates is somewhat difficult when skipping this many quests. You may need to adjust accordingly. Full text guide is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gpTmJC0I4pV-AYAAb5TV9PgQs6EZfaYUQWtgMxxSEqo/edit?usp=sharing
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TerrafirmaCrack III night 14
TerrafirmaCrack is back in Season 3! The numbers have continued to rise, and the competition is just as insane as ever! Will 2 weeks be enough, or will some teams fall short? Mining, crafting, scheming, and battling - no rules, no mercy - This is TerrafirmaCrack! Info on the Mod can be found here: http://www.terrafirmacraft.com/ The Teams: Uncraftables rayman86 - http://youtube.com/raymanLPs Crysyn - http://youtube.com/Crysyn1 Kittychanley - http://youtube.com/Kittychanley Arkas - http://youtube.com/ArkasMc Yami_Jerry - http://youtube.com/xXyamijerryXx TibTuner04 - http://youtube.com/TibTuner04 Miheyu - http://youtube.com/Miheyu So No Sluices Pakratt0013 - http://youtube.com/pakratt13 Kreicus GuitarFlat - http://youtube.com/GuitarFlatLP Ocellatusa Vampess - http://youtube.com/VampessCraft DireDwarf - http://youtube.com/DireDwarf uisdead99 - http://youtube.com/uisdead999 Shiney Underdogs HonneyPlay - http://youtube.com/HonneyPlays i_am_zerg Darkphan - http://youtube.com/DarkphanLP Bufferzz - http://youtube.com/xBufferzz Drakkett - http://youtube.com/DrakkettAranthe sofilthy - http://youtube.com/CamiVicencio Fallaron - http://youtube.com/Fallaron Brotherhood of Bear Punchers Etho - http://youtube.com/EthosLab AltBlu - http://youtube.com/AltBlu nikstick22 - http://youtube.com/nikstick22 NihonTiger - http://youtube.com/nihontiger aaronred345 Demonslayer98 - http://youtube.com/Demonslayer98EA MoneyKidKing Intro By: Demonslayer98 Intro Music: http://idioscopic.bandcamp.com/album/rumble-ep Hosting Provided By: Beastnode - https://www.beastnode.com/portal/aff.php?aff=1648 Legal: Minecraft is copyright © 2009 Mojang AB. http://www.minecraft.net Gameplay video, audio, and music from Minecraft used with explicit permission from the copyright holders and no ownership is implied: http://www.minecraft.net/terms Follow me for livestreams @ http://www.twitch.tv/pakratt0013 Spreadshirt designs! Keep in mind you can change th' colors and text as you see fit! Pondery 1 http://www.spreadshirt.com/design-your-own-t-shirt-C59/product/106347517/view/2/sb/l Pondery (2) http://www.spreadshirt.com/design-your-own-t-shirt-C59/product/106347635/view/2/sb/l Pondery (3) http://www.spreadshirt.com/design-your-own-t-shirt-C59/product/106347732/view/2/sb/l Pondery (4) http://www.spreadshirt.com/design-your-own-t-shirt-C59/product/106347573/view/2/sb/l Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/pakratt0013 Talk to me and other Guudites on IRC on quakenet.org, channels #mindcrack and #spawn ERU NONSENSE HERE Christian beliefs; http://discovervictory.com/index.php?option=com_content&a......... Best salvation vid I can find; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKmAldmcLGE&feature=re... (if you got a better one, lemme know please!) (less info) Why is that last link here? http://youtu.be/aQIXXPZKO68
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Mining Your Future - Episode 1 (season 2)
Mining Your Future is a fun TV mini-series exploring careers in today's mining industry with host @MaggieDorf
Minecraft LP - Mining with Virii - Ep 09 "Best Food EVA!"
A Minecraft Lets Play where I talk about random subjects brought up by the Minions while attempting to play and survive. If you have subjects you'd like the Old Man to bring up and discuss feel free to leave them in the comments and if you enjoyed the video don't forget to press that like button!! ╠══ Keep tabs on the Old Man ══╣ Stalk the Old Man Twitter: ► https://twitter.com/Virii333 Watch me Live on Beam.pro: ► http://beam.pro/Virii333 3DS Friend Code: ► 0533-5319-2732 PS4 Tag: ► Virii333 ╠══ VNN Schedule Information ══╣ Tune in every Friday for VNN; your one stop source for updates... VNN Sports every Tuesday [MiniGame Stream with the viewers] ╠══ Live Streaming Schedule ══╣ ║ ╟ Mon: 9:30pm PST → League of Lergends ╟ Tues: 4:00pm PST → VNN Sports ╟ Tues: 9:30pm PST → League of Legends ╟ Wed: 9:30pm PST → Random ╟ Thurs: 9:30pm PST → League of Legends ╟ Fri: 9:00pm PST → f3
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ArcheAge How to Smelt Iron Ore
Short guide on how to smelt raw ore into iron ingots.
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ArcheAge: Ship Shenanigans - Introducing the MBG Fleet
Welcome back to the ocean of ArcheAge as the Monkey Business boys find themselves once again stuck on land. After a brief correction involving about 5 clippers, it's finally time unleash the MBG Fleet, a grand armada of three of the finest clippers in the world - all conveniently named Costner. Looking to join the Tribe and the MBG fleet? We will be making an EU guild at launch, stay tuned for a future video with all the details! BETA GIVEAWAY!!!! We have another FIVE keys to give away for the second beta weekend only (starts weds 30th July) to give away!! All you have to do to enter is to make sure you are subscribed to the channel (not being so will void your entry, sorry!), drop us a like and a comment. This will count as your entry! In 48 hours on our wednesday video the winners will be decided via a random number selector and announced on the video! You will then receive your keys through YouTube mailing system. Good luck!!! All secondary comments will become void but your first will always count :) Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Pop Goes the Weasel - Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com) Ambler - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Egmont Overture Finale (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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ArcheAge Creative Build - Underwater Ruins
Join the builder community on our discord server! https://discord.gg/7PgQkwj Want to support the channel? Become a Patron! https://www.patreon.com/yoruki Wanna keep in contact with me? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/yoruki Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yoruki-2051694925057928/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/yorukigamer Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/yorukigamer
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Looking for a FREE MMORPG?!!! A retro classic that holds wondrous charms of its own has been created and it is called ORAKE 2DMMORPG!!! FREE!!! DOWNLOAD AND REGISTER ON STEAM TODAY!!! http://store.steampowered.com/app/516510/ Intro made by using https://panzoid.com/ Credit to user "2ND CAPTAIN"
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ArcheAge: Building the Clipper
I think this game has stolen my life for the moment.... I keep recording more and more that I forget to edit as I keep playing the game. Fare thee well hard drive space! Music Used: Folk Round, Run Amok, Colossus, Take a Chance - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Royalty Free Music by http://www.audiomicro.com 1, Audio used in this video: http://www.audiomicro.com/sea-shanty-folk-jolly-up-she-rises-59-royalty-free-stock-music-596628
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Turning Gold Ore into Gold Ingots. Archeage.
In this tutorial I will talk briefly about the aspects I enjoy about mining and metal working. I use them for the primarily as easy and relatively effortless ways to level without the grinding feeling. I simply gather the materials I need for a full 5k labor grind and hit craft. In this video I will speak about a little trick I like to employ to boost my experience gaining potential. Thanks for watching.
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Stardew Valley - "Farm Building Shuffle" - E168 (Gameplay/Lets Play)
Lets Play Stardew Valley & turn Grandpa's old farm plot into an amazing farm, raise animals, start an orchard, or maybe get married! Today we shuffle some farm buildings :-) *Where to FOLLOW Me: - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/biffa2001 - 2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BiffaPlays - Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/biffa2001 - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Biffa2001 - Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Biffa2001 *Stardew Valley (Available on Steam 26th Feb): http://stardewvalley.net/ Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG, coming to PC on February 26th, 2016! You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? It won’t be easy. Ever since Joja Corporation came to town, the old ways of life have all but disappeared. The community center, once the town’s most vibrant hub of activity, now lies in shambles. But the valley seems full of opportunity. With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness! Features Turn your overgrown field into a lively farm! Raise animals, grow crops, start an orchard, craft useful machines, and more! You’ll have plenty of space to create the farm of your dreams. Improve your skills over time. As you make your way from a struggling greenhorn to a master farmer, you’ll level up in 5 different areas: farming, mining, combat, fishing, and foraging. As you progress, you’ll learn new cooking and crafting recipes, unlock new areas to explore, and customize your skills by choosing from a variety of professions. Become part of the local community. With over 30 unique characters living in Stardew Valley, you won’t have a problem finding new friends! Each person has their own daily schedule, birthday, unique mini-cutscenes, and new things to say throughout the week and year. As you make friends with them, they will open up to you, ask you for help with their personal troubles, or tell you their secrets! Take part in seasonal festivals such as the luau, haunted maze, and feast of the winter star. Explore a vast, mysterious cave. As you travel deeper underground, you’ll encounter new and dangerous monsters, powerful weapons, new environments, valuable gemstones, raw materials for crafting and upgrading tools, and mysteries to be uncovered. Breathe new life into the valley. Since JojaMart opened, the old way of life in Stardew Valley has changed. Much of the town’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. Help restore Stardew Valley to it’s former glory by repairing the old community center, or take the alternate route and join forces with Joja Corporation. Court and marry a partner to share your life on the farm with. There are 10 available bachelors and bachelorettes to woo, each with unique character progression cutscenes. Once married, your partner will live on the farm with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll have kids and start a family? Spend a relaxing afternoon at one of the local fishing spots. The waters are teeming with seasonal varieties of delicious fish. Craft bait, bobbers, and crab pots to help you in your journey toward catching every fish and becoming a local legend! Donate artifacts and minerals to the local museum. Cook delicious meals and craft useful items to help you out. With over 100 cooking and crafting recipes, you’ll have a wide variety of items to create. Some dishes you cook will even give you temporary boosts to skills, running speed, or combat prowess. Craft useful objects like scarecrows, oil makers, furnaces, or even the rare and expensive crystalarium. Customize the appearance of your character and house. With hundreds of decorative items to choose from, you’ll have no trouble creating the home of your dreams! Over two hours of original music.
Musica Para Jugar LoL WoW Dota Minecraft Dofus Agar.io Slither.io - Dubstep, House, Electronica 2016
El mejor mix de musica electronica, house y dubstep para jugar league of legends, Dota, Agar.io, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Call of Duty y otros videojuegos 2016 Live Better Media es el lugar donde encontrarás herramientas para mejorar tu calidad de vida. Desde música y videos positivos que te ayudarán a recuperar energía y sentirte más animado, hasta música relajante que te ayudará a reducir el estrés y calmar los nervios, y mucho más. Imagen por: Vashperado: http://vashperado.deviantart.com/art/s-p-a-c-e-o-u-t-264782890 version GIF por WafflesOMG: http://imgur.com/gallery/N0haYzT ★ SUSCRÍBETE ► https://goo.gl/8mWAoK ★ y recibe estas herramientas para mejorar tu calidad de vida. 98.05% garantizado o te devolvemos tu suscripción ;) Si te gustó este video, ¿Qué mejor agradecimiento que darle a Me Gusta ? ✔ Si le encontraste valor, probablemente alguien que conoces también lo hará, no olvides compartirlo. ✔ Si tienes algo que decir, para eso están los comentarios. Exprésate ✔ Y si has llegado leyendo hasta aquí, es que estás disfrutando de tiempo libre, no? Que envidia! ★ Te diré que, ¿Porqué no te miras estos otros videos? ★ ► Haz que tu Mente vaya más Lento - Imágenes de Agua para Calmarse y Pensar más Despacio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FgZGMdtsT0
Minecraft Gold Mine (Part 2) Tekkit Modpacks
Watch this amazing Minecraft gold mine with pumps, conveyors, engines, sorters, smelters...all kinds of cool stuff. Made using Minecraft 1.6.4 with Tekkit Modpacks Technic Launcher
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How to get Armor in Azure mines
Collect 25 gold to get the Armor
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Welker Farms Part 1! The Beginning!       #TeamScrunt
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All Free Royal Jelly Locations| Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Ep 19 TeamTC! PLEASE POKE THAT LIKE BUTTON! *pokes* SUB and join TeamTC HERE! → http://goo.gl/nGHJ06 JOIN TEAM THNXCYA DISCORD HERE - https://discord.gg/thnxcya NEW THNXCYA SMASH T SHIRT! https://www.roblox.com/catalog/959001891/ThnxCya-OFFICIAL-Smash-T-Shirt Hello! Welcome back to Roblox. Grow your own swarm of bees, collect pollen, and make honey in Bee Swarm Simulator! Meet friendly bears, complete their tasks and get rewards! As your hive grows larger and larger, you can explore further up the mountain. Use your bees to defeat dangerous bugs and monsters. Look for secret treasures hidden around the map. Discover new types of bees, all with their own traits! Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game created and marketed toward children and teenagers aged 8–18. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual world, in which they or other members may enter and socialize within the blocks of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Please hit LIKE and SUB for more Roblox Done Fun :) LINKS TO T SHIRT STORES - UK/EU - http://thnxcya.spreadshirt.co.uk USA - http://thnxcya.spreadshirt.com Grab my music! - iTunes http://tinyurl.com/72sk55f Follow Me - Twitter http://twitter.com/ThnxCya Instagram - https://instagram.com/thnxcyahere Like Me - Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Thnxcya
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Where to Buy ArcheAge Gold? ArcheAge Gold
Do you know where to buy arhceage gold? U7buy can offer this to you. Come here to choose now! http://www.u7buy.com/archeage/
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ArcheAge: Torch
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