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The Land of Mountaintop Removal
Over five hundred mountains in West Virginia have been destroyed because of new mining techniques used by coal companies in the Appalachians. From: AERIAL AMERICA: West Virginia http://bit.ly/1lEvUuh
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How mountaintop mining affects life and landscape in West Virginia
Deep layers of underground coal are all but gone in West Virginia after 200 years of relentless mining, leaving thinner seams of coal on top of the state's beautiful mountains. But surface mining carries a huge cost: nothing less than mountains themselves. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports on how the Appalachian landscape is being fundamentally and irrevocably changed.
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Spruce#1 Mountaintop Removal Strip Mine: Logan County, West Virginia
Aerial footage of the Spruce #1 MTR strip mine near the towns of Blair and Sharples, in Logan County, WV. The original mining permit proposed stripping 3,113 acres, but was reduced to 2,265 after legal challenges. What you see here is fewer than 500 acres that have been mined so far. Many of the surrounding mountains and streams will be destroyed if this mine isn't stopped. Click the link below for a satellite map showing the area that's been mined. You can see the entire area covered by the permit by selecting the "mining permits" box at the upper right: http://tagis.dep.wv.gov/imap/imap.php?lod=81&lom=47&los=52.0000&lad=37&lam=52&las=39.0000 Permit Details: https://apps.dep.wv.gov/WebApp/_dep/search/Permits/OMR/Permit_details.cfm?permit_id=S501397&dep_office_id=OMR&responsible_party_name=MINGO%20LOGAN%20COAL%20COMPANY
Mountaintop Removal pt. 1 of 2
Part one - The hidden destruction of Appalachian mountains by coal mining companies using mountaintop removal
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The Coal Mine Next Door: The Deregulation of Mountaintop Removal
The Trump administration and United States Congress have endangered public health by ending measures, including defunding a scientific study, that address the human and environmental risks of mountaintop removal, a form of surface coal mining prevalent in central Appalachia.
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Blowing Up Mountains: Destroying the Environment for Coal
Massive corporations are blowing up mountains and creating environmental ruins in West Virginia. All this devastation, just to extract some coal. We went to West Virginia to investigate mountain-top removal -- which a way of extracting coal from deposits under mountains. Instead of drilling into the mountain and sending men underground to take out the coal in the traditional way, they just take the whole top of a mountain off. Hosted by Derrick Beckles | Originally aired on http://VICE.com in 2009 Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Presents Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Mountaintop Removal: An American Tragedy
Narrated by Susan Sarandon, this video shows firsthand footage of mountaintop removal coal mining and its impacts on Appalachian mountains, drinking water and families. Mountaintop removal is a mining practice where explosives are used to blast the tops off mountains to expose the thin seams of coal beneath. Once blasted, earth and coal dust from the mountaintop is dumped into neighboring valleys and waterways. Hundreds of mountaintops have been lost forever to MTR, and according to a 2005 environmental impact statement, nearly 2,000 miles of Appalachian streams have already been buried or contaminated by the devastating mining practice. Take action today and tell banks to stop financing this American tragedy at http://ran.org/mtrbanks
Mountaintop Removal part 2 of 2
Part two - The hidden destruction of the Appalachian Mountains by coal mining companies using mountaintop removal.
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Mountaintop Removal (MTR) on 60 Minutes
From the Citizens Coal Council archives: 60 Minutes story on Mountaintop Removal coal mining, first aired in February 2000.
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Explosion: Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
http://www.milesfrommaybe.com/ By Chad Stevens
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Reclamation - Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
A former mountaintop removal coal mine site in eastern Kentucky - reclaimed with grass and lespedeza and a few trees.
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Photojournalist Antrim Caskey on West Virginias Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining 1 of 2
We Are Tearing Down Our Mountains: Photojournalist Antrim Caskey on West Virginias Fight Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining The Environmental Protection Agency took a significant step last week toward blocking one of Appalachias largest and most disputed mountaintop removal coal mines. On Friday the EPA proposed a veto of the Clean Water Act permit issued by the Army Corps of Engineers for the Spruce No. 1 Mine in West Virginia. Earlier this month, we interviewed Antrim Caskey, a photojournalist who has been chronicling the nonviolent fight against mountaintop removal coal mining. Her new book is Dragline.
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HUGE Mining Explosion Caught on Camera
Mountain top removal in Alabama. Sloan Mountain Mine owned by MS&R Equipment Co. This strip mine is located on a bend along the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River in Jefferson County, Alabama. In addition to a long list of problems, the runoff from this mine has been pouring a significant amount of sediments and contaminants into the Locust Fork River. Mines like this are being increasingly permitted throughout Alabama. In Alabama there are weak regulations and lax enforcement of them, making it easy for coal companies to destroy mountains, alter wildlife habitat, mine through and pollute streams, and diminish the quality of life for nearby residents.  A strip mine can clear the forest, blast, and excavate over 200 feet deep within just 100 feet of a river and within 300 feet of an inhabited home. Visit http://www.blackwarriorriver.org/coal-mining.html to find out more.
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The Inside Story: Mountaintop Removal Mining
Southern Environmental Law Center's Senior Attorney Deborah Murray discusses the end of an important chapter in the long-term battle to end mountaintop mining removal.
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Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining from Above
- Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to address climate disruption by moving away from the dirty fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy. Visit us here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierraclub Instagram: https://instagram.com/sierraclub
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Mountaintop Removal: Background
This video gives background information on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining and was created for a project in Environmental Engineering 1. The purpose was for background only--no information on the effects are shown, although the impacts of Mountaintop Removal (both on humans and on the environment) are significant and negative. Please watch and leave a comment for me! The information in this video was obtained from: http://mountainjustice.org/facts/steps.php ; information about the impacts of Mountaintop Removal can also be found there.
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Scientists Seek Ban on Mountaintop Mining
For more videos, go to http://news.discovery.com/videos/discovery-news-earth/. Mountaintop mining causes permanent damage to the environment and exposes people to serious health risks, says a new report by a leading group of scientists. Jorge Ribas reports.
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Mountaintop Removal Mining in West Virginia
An analysis of the root causes of mountaintop removal mining and a look at a suggested strategy for solutions. Roots of Environmental Crisis 2017
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Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining
Appalachian communities are suffering as a result of mountaintop removal mining. Earthjustice is working through the courts to protect Appalachian communities from this destructive practice and to ensure the Clean Water Act is enforced.
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Mountaintop Mining The Good, Bad & Ugly
APPALACHIAN MOUNTAINS, W. Va. -- The United States is known as the Saudi Arabia of coal, with over 50 percent of our electricity generated by this abundant natural resource. Coal also generates tremendous controversy. Much of the debate centers not on pollution, but getting the coal out of the ground.
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Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in West Virginia
A short video about the health effects of mountaintop removal coal mining on West Virginia communities.
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Coal Mining in Appalachia
This video is about Coal Mining via Mountain Top Removal. Appalachian Coal Mining See how coal is mined in the Appalachian Mountains via Mountain Top Removal. This 30 minute video takes you inside a giant dragline and tells the whole story from blasting the rock to transporting the coal by rail. See Elk enjoying the reclaimed land. I started this project in 2002.
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Mountaintop Removal Mining
Sobering images of mountaintop removal, and comments by local resident Denise Giardina. - Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to address climate disruption by moving away from the dirty fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy. Visit us here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierraclub Instagram: https://instagram.com/sierraclub
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Clean Coal Is A  LIE, The Truth About Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
Recently while checking out Google Earth, Tiedyeman learned about Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining. Horrified by the level of destruction to the environment Tiedyeman began signing petitions online to help stop this rape of the land. With a few photos of the forests he loves and some images from Google Earth this short film was made to spread the word to get active on this issue and make people aware that entire mountains are being destroyed. Have you seen commercials on TV lately telling you that "Clean Coal" is a wonderful source of energy? Do they mention where the coal comes from and they way it's mined? This is "Clean Coal's" legacy, death and destruction on a huge scale, and all of this happens BEFORE we burn the nasty stuff, releasing tons of sulfur, mercury, arsenic, carbon dioxide and other toxic compounds into the air, causing thousands more deaths and respiratory diseases. Tiedyeman urges you to look into this yourself. If you don't have Google Earth, download it and take a look at what's happening on our planet. Support quality creators like Tiedyeman on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tiedyeman Tiedyeman’s band: The Elektrik Gypsies on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/The_Elektrik_Gypsies_The_Elektrik_Gypsies?id=Bgwhcyfrxkc6hajbtw73otpj5ja Visit Tiedyeman’s Fractal Gallery website: http://tiedyeman.awardspace.com/
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Mountaintop Removal Mining, Charleston, WV
This video clip highlights the destructive process of strip mining of Appalachian mountains near Charleston, WV. Once mountains are blasted with dynamite to access the coal, they are destroyed forever. These mountain ranges are among the oldest geological formations that exist on our planet (480 million years old) and are one of the most biologically diverse regions in the temperate world. But there's more. Mountaintop mining removal not only destroys the mountains, but also the lives of the people who live there. Residents next to these operations live with destroyed habitat and noise. Coal dust from blasting and coal processing operations and contaminated water from valley fills and coal slurry injections into the ground causes respiratory disease, kidney and gall bladder failure, and cancer. They live with constant fear that a coal slurry impoundment might break, causing death and destruction on a massive scale. The flyover was provided by SouthWings (www.southwings.org) and depicts Kayford Mountain, a 1,200-acre mountaintop removal mine operation; Marsh Fork Elementary School, located just 150 feet from a coal loading silo and 400 yards from a 2.8 billion gallon toxic waste impoundment; and the town of Sylvester, a community whose health and property has been adversely affected by pervasive black coal dust from an adjacent mountaintop removal mining operation. Aerial footage was taken during an Eco-Justice Collaborative June, 2009 delegation to Charleston, WV. Visit www.ecojusticecollaborative.org for more information.
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Witnesses to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
Ten Unitarian Universalists and friends from Charlottesville, VA traveled to Kayford Mountain in June 2010 to witness a mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR) site. They were led by Larry Gibson, whose property is surrounded by 1200 acres of MTR. We are determined to fight to end this environmental disaster. Join us!
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Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining
Citation: Yale Environment 360 and MediaStorm (Producers). (2009, October13). Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining [Video file]. Retrieved from http:__e360.yale.edu_feature_leveling_appalachia_the_legacy_of_mountaintop_removal_mining_2198_
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Mountaintop Removal in Kentucky
The Destruction of the Appalachian Mountains due to Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
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Mountaintop Removal Movie from iLoveMountains.org - HQ version
More than 500 mountains have been destroyed by mountaintop removal coal mining. Watch this video of mountaintop removal featuring Woody Harrelson and a soundtrack featuring an original recording of "Blowin' in the Wind," sung by Willie Nelson. This video is part of the National Memorial for the Mountains, hosted by www.iLoveMountains.org.
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Mountaintop Removal Movie from iLoveMountains.org
More than 500 mountains have been destroyed by mountaintop removal coal mining. Watch this video of mountaintop removal featuring Woody Harrelson and a soundtrack featuring an original recording of "Blowin' in the Wind," sung by Willie Nelson. This video is part of the National Memorial for the Mountains, hosted by www.ilovemountains.org.
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Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
Marielle and Natalie's movie for ECON 376-001
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The Last Mountain
In the valleys of Appalachia, a battle is being fought over a mountain. It is a battle with severe consequences that affect every American, regardless of their social status, economic background or where they live. It is a battle that has taken many lives and continues to do so the longer it is waged. It is a battle over protecting our health and environment from the destructive power of Big Coal. The mining and burning of coal is at the epicenter of America's struggle to balance its energy needs with environmental concerns. Nowhere is that concern greater than in Coal River Valley, West Virginia, where a small but passionate group of ordinary citizens are trying to stop Big Coal corporations, like Massey Energy, from continuing the devastating practice of Mountain Top Removal. The citizens argue the practice of dynamiting the mountain's top off to mine the coal within pollutes the air and water, is responsible for the deaths of their neighbors and spreads pollution to other states. Yet, regardless of evidence supporting these claims, Big Coal corporations repeat the process daily in the name of profit. Massive profit allows Big Coal to wield incredible financial influence over lobbyists and government officials in both parties, rewrite environmental protection laws, avoid lawsuits and eliminate more than 40,000 mining jobs, all while claiming to be a miner's best friend. As our energy needs increase, so does Big Coal's control over our future. This fact and a belief that America was founded on the democratic principal that no individual or corporation owns the air and water and we all share the responsibility of protecting it, drives these patriotic citizens and their supporters from outside of Appalachia, like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to keep fighting.A passionate and personal tale that honors the extraordinary power of ordinary Americans when they fight for what they believe in, THE LAST MOUNTAIN shines a light on America's energy needs and how those needs are being supplied. It is a fight for our future that affects us all. Written, directed and produced by Bill Haney, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder and president of the eco-housing start-up, Blu Homes, THE LAST MOUNTAIN was co-written and edited by Peter Rhodes and produced by Clara Bingham and Eric Grunebaum. Narrated by William Sadler, the film features original music by composer Claudio Ragazzi and includes the song "Your Control" by Crooked Fingers and Neko Case. Category:
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Matt Wasson - The True Cost of Mountaintop Removal
Matt Wasson is an ecologist, and he sees a problem. Every week in Appalachia, West Virginia, mountaintops are blown up to get coal. This fills the air with toxic dust clouds and lowers the water quality for those living around the mountains. But it’s not just an issue for the immediate vicinity. “The idea of blowing up these mountains to power our light switches is a very sad prospect,” Matt says. Coal companies blow up the mountaintops, but we can’t afford to be wasteful and careless in how we produce and consume energy any longer. We must take responsibility for our actions toward nature and the effect they will have on future generations. We must protect our mountains. And that’s exactly what Matt, director of programs for Appalachian Voices, plans to do. Join the award-winning online campaign he created, and stand up to stop mountaintop removal coal mining on http://iLoveMountains.org. -- Produced by Wanderlust Festival (http://wanderlust.com) Filmed and edited by: Circus Picnic (http://circuspicnic.com/) Filmed at Wanderlust Snowshoe 2015 Additional footage: (http://appalachianvoices.org)
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Appalachian Mountaintop Removal System
TOUR INSIDE THE MINE! Quote the Explosives Expert, "This is what we call zero impact mining" Kentucky Strip Mine Tour Mountain top removal, big machines, trucks, bulldozers, tractors viewed from Robinson Forest's fire tower and inside the mine. Strip mine operations are taking place just outside of the Robinson Forest. Natural Resource Conservation & Management undergraduates see it first hand in this strip mine field study class. No naturalists were harmed in the making of this video, however the forest was destroyed and the mountain is gone. Ping =^.^= For Complete Playlists & Full Episodes http://GoBigBlue.com/ http://VideoFreeLexington.com/ ====================== geology, zero impact mining, ditches, mountaintop removal, dirty water, coal, blasting, rock pit, dynamite, drilling, dumptruck
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BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Mountaintop Mining | PBS
Christians and the environment. As proposed new rules may allow coal companies to expand mountain top removal mining, Bill Moyers Journal takes viewers to the mountains of West Virginia, which are being stripped for their coal with often disastrous environmental consequences for surrounding communities, to report on local evangelical Christians who are turning to their faith to help save the earth. The program airs Friday, Sept. 7 at 9 p.m. on PBS. To watch online visit: http://wwww.pbs.org/moyers Check your local listings at: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/about/airdates.html
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Mountaintop Removal in KY and WV
A slideshow of mountain pictures to show how mountains in KY and WV looked before and after mountaintop removal. Songs from "Songs for the Mountaintop." http://www.ilovemountains.org http://www.kftc.org
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Mountaintop Removal (the Miners)
This is a group project for WRD 111 at the University of Kentucky. The purpose is to get viewers informed about mountaintop removal.
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DN!  EPA Official - Reject Permit for Mountaintop Removal Mine in WV
EPA Official: Reject Permit for Mountaintop Removal Mine in WV The Obama administration has moved a step closer to retroactively revoking the largest mountaintop removal mining permit in West Virginia history. A regional official from the Environmental Protection Agency has recommended denying the Clean Water Act permit for the Spruce Mine, in part because it will bury nearly seven miles of streams. The EPA estimates the mine would also destroy 2,300 acres of forest.
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Fighting Mountain Top Removal (MTR) coal mining - a bargin with the devil
From Bill Moyers Journal, below is the link to full 17 minutes. Mining Gone Wild....from the Griles Gone Wild Collection by Cartoonist Mark Fiore, 2005 - http://www.markfiore.com/animation/wild.html Americans Who Tell the Truth: Judy Bonds http://www.americanswhotellthetruth.org/pgs/portraits/Judy_Bonds.php Julia "Judy" Bonds, The Goldman Prize Winner - North America, 2003 http://www.goldmanprize.org/node/84 http://www.voanews.com/english/news/a-13-a-2003-05-25-4-Coal-66850107.html?refresh=1 http://www.grist.org/article/slaughter/ http://www.ohvec.org/links/news/archive/2003/fair_use/04_18.html http://www.ohvec.org/galleries/people_in_action/2003/04_14/index.html 1/4/2010 - Mourning the loss of Jula "Judy" Bonds http://www.latimes.com/news/science/environment/la-me-judy-bonds-20110108,0,1499385.story (Excerpt) "We love our life in the hollows," Bonds told a Times reporter in 2002. "There is nothing like being in the hollows. You feel snuggled. You feel safe. It seems like God has his arms around you." After winning the national Goldman prize, Bonds told the Associated Press that her activism arose from the day her grandson stood in the stream her family had enjoyed for six generations with his little fists full of dead fish — and dead fish floating all around. "'What's wrong with these fish?' he asked. That day I knew that if I didn't do something, that would be the future of our children," she said. http://blogs.wvgazette.com/coaltattoo/2011/01/04/coalfield-residents-mourn-loss-of-judy-bonds/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeff-biggers/thousands-pay-tribute-to_b_804001.html Tribute to Judy Bonds (Excerpts from Coal Country documentary) http://tinyurl.com/2vmfp3t Before the Mountain Was Moved documentary (1969) - surface coal mining in WV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA8u9Q3wX-0 Bo Webb of Coal River, WV and Appalachia Rising http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwmXOoHWvUQ The Colbert Report, 1/18/2010 If a diamond is a girl's best friend then coal is its hotter younger sister. Turning boring tree-covered mountains into exciting lifeless moon bases Margaret Palmer, a professor of biology at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Studies. Palmer discusses the environmental and health consequences of mountaintop removal, and why going a more traditional route would not only help the environment, but increase employment. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/261997/ Dishonorable James Steven Griles - http://groups.google.com/group/bob-mooney/web/dishonorable-james-steven-griles Bill Moyers Journal, 9/7/2007 http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/09072007/watch3.html (17 minutes) http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/09072007/profile.html http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/video/flv/generic.html?s=moyj06s903q18b
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Mountaintop Removal - Black Diamonds documentary trailer
From the critically acclaimed film about mountain top removal - second trailer for the award-winning documentary Black Diamonds: Mountaintop Removal & The Fight for Coalfield Justice Produced and Directed by WV native Catherine Pancake.
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Mountaintop-Removal Mining CNN LOVES BIG COAL
CNN glosses over the seriousness of the issue of Mountaintop-Removal Mining technique as if CNN were speaking on behalf of the coal industry. CNN doesn't bother to get both sides of the story and instead is dismissive of anyone who criticizes Big Coal as being left-wing nutters rather than concerned citizens of the Appalachian area.
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Paying the price for mountaintop mining jobs
West Virginia residents hope for strip mining projects on Blair Mountain that bring needed jobs but put their lives and health at risk.
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Hobet Mine Timelapse
These photos from NASA show the impact of mountaintop removal from the Hobet Mine in West Virginia from 1984 to 2010.
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Mountaintop Removal Section of "The Appalachians" Part 2
The process of mountaintop removal is explained in this excerpt from the award-winning documentary, "The Appalachians". Director/producers Mari-Lynn Evans and Phylis Geller are currently developing a feature-length documentary on MTR, in partnership with Sierra Club Productions. Stay tuned to www.sierraclub.org for more details. And to order a full-length copy of "the Appalachians" please go to www.appalachiamyhome.com.
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