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Blowing Up Mountains: Destroying the Environment for Coal
Massive corporations are blowing up mountains and creating environmental ruins in West Virginia. All this devastation, just to extract some coal. We went to West Virginia to investigate mountain-top removal -- which a way of extracting coal from deposits under mountains. Instead of drilling into the mountain and sending men underground to take out the coal in the traditional way, they just take the whole top of a mountain off. Hosted by Derrick Beckles | Originally aired on http://VICE.com in 2009 Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Presents Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Mountaintop Removal: Background
This video gives background information on Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining and was created for a project in Environmental Engineering 1. The purpose was for background only--no information on the effects are shown, although the impacts of Mountaintop Removal (both on humans and on the environment) are significant and negative. Please watch and leave a comment for me! The information in this video was obtained from: http://mountainjustice.org/facts/steps.php ; information about the impacts of Mountaintop Removal can also be found there.
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HUGE Mining Explosion Caught on Camera
Mountain top removal in Alabama. Sloan Mountain Mine owned by MS&R Equipment Co. This strip mine is located on a bend along the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River in Jefferson County, Alabama. In addition to a long list of problems, the runoff from this mine has been pouring a significant amount of sediments and contaminants into the Locust Fork River. Mines like this are being increasingly permitted throughout Alabama. In Alabama there are weak regulations and lax enforcement of them, making it easy for coal companies to destroy mountains, alter wildlife habitat, mine through and pollute streams, and diminish the quality of life for nearby residents.  A strip mine can clear the forest, blast, and excavate over 200 feet deep within just 100 feet of a river and within 300 feet of an inhabited home. Visit http://www.blackwarriorriver.org/coal-mining.html to find out more.
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The Last Mountain
In the valleys of Appalachia, a battle is being fought over a mountain. It is a battle with severe consequences that affect every American, regardless of their social status, economic background or where they live. It is a battle that has taken many lives and continues to do so the longer it is waged. It is a battle over protecting our health and environment from the destructive power of Big Coal. The mining and burning of coal is at the epicenter of America's struggle to balance its energy needs with environmental concerns. Nowhere is that concern greater than in Coal River Valley, West Virginia, where a small but passionate group of ordinary citizens are trying to stop Big Coal corporations, like Massey Energy, from continuing the devastating practice of Mountain Top Removal. The citizens argue the practice of dynamiting the mountain's top off to mine the coal within pollutes the air and water, is responsible for the deaths of their neighbors and spreads pollution to other states. Yet, regardless of evidence supporting these claims, Big Coal corporations repeat the process daily in the name of profit. Massive profit allows Big Coal to wield incredible financial influence over lobbyists and government officials in both parties, rewrite environmental protection laws, avoid lawsuits and eliminate more than 40,000 mining jobs, all while claiming to be a miner's best friend. As our energy needs increase, so does Big Coal's control over our future. This fact and a belief that America was founded on the democratic principal that no individual or corporation owns the air and water and we all share the responsibility of protecting it, drives these patriotic citizens and their supporters from outside of Appalachia, like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to keep fighting.A passionate and personal tale that honors the extraordinary power of ordinary Americans when they fight for what they believe in, THE LAST MOUNTAIN shines a light on America's energy needs and how those needs are being supplied. It is a fight for our future that affects us all. Written, directed and produced by Bill Haney, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder and president of the eco-housing start-up, Blu Homes, THE LAST MOUNTAIN was co-written and edited by Peter Rhodes and produced by Clara Bingham and Eric Grunebaum. Narrated by William Sadler, the film features original music by composer Claudio Ragazzi and includes the song "Your Control" by Crooked Fingers and Neko Case. Category:
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Clean Coal Is A  LIE, The Truth About Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
Recently while checking out Google Earth, Tiedyeman learned about Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining. Horrified by the level of destruction to the environment Tiedyeman began signing petitions online to help stop this rape of the land. With a few photos of the forests he loves and some images from Google Earth this short film was made to spread the word to get active on this issue and make people aware that entire mountains are being destroyed. Have you seen commercials on TV lately telling you that "Clean Coal" is a wonderful source of energy? Do they mention where the coal comes from and they way it's mined? This is "Clean Coal's" legacy, death and destruction on a huge scale, and all of this happens BEFORE we burn the nasty stuff, releasing tons of sulfur, mercury, arsenic, carbon dioxide and other toxic compounds into the air, causing thousands more deaths and respiratory diseases. Tiedyeman urges you to look into this yourself. If you don't have Google Earth, download it and take a look at what's happening on our planet. Support quality creators like Tiedyeman on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tiedyeman Tiedyeman’s band: The Elektrik Gypsies on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/The_Elektrik_Gypsies_The_Elektrik_Gypsies?id=Bgwhcyfrxkc6hajbtw73otpj5ja Visit Tiedyeman’s Fractal Gallery website: http://tiedyeman.awardspace.com/
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Strip Mining for Coal
Mining for Coal in Stellarton on Nov.6 2012.
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Mountain Top Removal Part-1
First part of the mountain top removal dio
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Reclamation - Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
A former mountaintop removal coal mine site in eastern Kentucky - reclaimed with grass and lespedeza and a few trees.
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Mountaintop Removal (the Miners)
This is a group project for WRD 111 at the University of Kentucky. The purpose is to get viewers informed about mountaintop removal.
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AMERICA REVEALED | Where Does Our Coal Come From? | PBS
See the full episode at http://video.pbs.org/video/2226356267/ Did you know coal supplies nearly half of America's electricity? Visit Black Thunder Mine with Yul Kwon and discover how we mine this pivotal material. See more in the four-part AMERICA REVEALED, Wednesdays, April 11- May 2 at 10/9c on PBS.
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Mountain top Removal Part-2
sorry its short
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Mountaintop removal in Kentucky
With Republican presidential candidates eager to reduce environmental regulations and increase domestic energy production the Telegraph goes to Eastern Kentucky to investigate one of the most controversial energy production processes, mountain-top removal. Video by Alastair Good http://www.telegraph.co.uk/journalists/alastair-good/
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Women and Climate Justice Tribunal - Central Appalachian - Session 1
Powerful testimony of Central Appalachian women and how they and their communities have been affected by mountaintop removal mining! May 10, 2012, Session 1
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Mountaintop Removal
School Project
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Mountain Top Removal-part 3
last one
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Mountain top Removal
Stop mountain top removal.
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ADDCAR Highwall Mining Systems
ADDCAR's push/pull technology and cascading conveyor cars maximizes through put volume and decreases fines. Only ADDCAR systems offer navigational capabilities that include a positive steering mechanism, coal thickness sensors, inertial directional controls and PLC control systems. The results are reduced contamination, increased recovery, more stable roof and improved safety. Let's talk about how you can purchase, lease or contract a high-production highwall system, and improve the economics of your mine.
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A Hero Doesn't Get Used To This
Click here to be a hero - http://earthjustice.org/mymtrstory When he watched mountaintop removal mining raze the mountain all around his home and family's land on Kayford Mountain in West Virginia, Larry Gibson became one of the country's first people to speak out against this extreme and egregiously irresponsible mining practice. He has been inspiring people to fight against the unjust practice ever since. He has started a foundation, saved land, been in documentary movies, spoken at thousands of community meetings and shown thousands of people the destruction of mountaintop removal first hand by opening his property up visitors. To learn more about this incredible man click here - http://earthjustice.org/mountain-heroes/larry-gibson
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Mining: Its Environmental Effects
FOR SCHOOL PURPOSES ONLY A simple animation about mining. *I suck my English :DD
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PSA on Mountaintop Removal
Bailey, Aaron, Shrikar, Kathryn
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Science Bulletins: Coal Mining Scars Appalachia
Mountaintop removal is a type of coal mining that is both environmentally and residentially destructive. Mining companies use dynamite and huge machines called draglines to flatten mountain summit to extract the valuable seams of coal inside. Mountaintop removal occurs most commonly in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. The extent of the practice is clearly visible on satellite imagery, which is featured in this Bio Bulletin.
Dustin Steele speaks out against Mountaintop Removal; Later arrested
Please donate to the Legal Defense Fund: http://bit.ly/mj-legal Dustin is currently in jail as a result of this action- http://youtu.be/XCZXEcFYcV0 Visit the below website for more information. Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival (RAMPS, http://rampscampaign.org), other Appalachians and allies walked on to the Hobet mine in Lincoln Co., W.Va., July 29, and shut it down while calling for the coal industry and government to ensure that a just transition is made from the coal that is running out to a West Virginia that leads the country into a cleaner, greener future.
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Divest to End Mountaintop Removal!
Bring the fight to your campus: stand in solidarity with those on the frontlines of extraction and demand that your college or university stop funding the fossil fuel industry. Visit wearepowershift.com/divestcoal to join the movement. In order of appearance: JP Peckinpaugh, Kentucky Andrew Munn, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition Mathew Louis-Rosenberg, Coal River Mountain Watch Junior Walk, Coal River Mountain Watch Vickie Terry, Clairfield, Tennessee Dustin Steele, Matewan, West Virginia Citations for statistics-- 502 mountains destroyed: http://bit.ly/84V8Ei 43% jobs lost: http://bit.ly/84V8Ei 53% higher cancer rates: http://bit.ly/GBhwTK 2000 est. miles of streams buried: http://1.usa.gov/cOUGiG Produced by Swarthmore Mountain Justice. swatmountainjustice.wordpress.com
Save a Coal Miner - Ban Mountain Top Removal!
The coal companies don't want you to know that if you support Mountain Top Removal, you are hurting miners' livelihoods. Mountain Top Removal means fewer coal mining jobs, not more. If you are truly a friend of coal because it supports your family then do the right thing and do not support MTR.
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The Rise and Fall of Coal in McDowell County, West Virginia
See All of the High Quality Images here - http://www.dewitzphotography.com/personal-photography-projects/west-virginia-coal-country-mcdowell-county-part-1/ More photos from my ongoing West Virginia photography project can be seen here - http://www.travisdewitz.com/west-virginia All music by Joshua Black Wilkins - http://www.joshuablackwilkins.com/ My fascination of coal and railroads made this ideal place for me to visit. McDowell County was once home to over 100,000 residents in the 1950's that helped set many coal mining production records. Through the 1960's and 1970's the demand for the county's metallurgical coal remained high. McDowell continued to lead the United States in total coal production. Increased mechanization of coal production had reduced the number of laborers employed, but miners enjoyed quality pay under improving conditions negotiated by the United Mine Workers. During the 1980's the central Appalachian region lost more than 70,000 coal mining jobs. Between 1981 and 1992, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and the United Mine Workers union, coal mining employment in the state of West Virginia decreased by more than 53%. No county in the Appalachian region was more severely distressed by these losses than McDowell County. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 1980, the rate of poverty in McDowell County was 23.5%. By 1990, the poverty rate in McDowell County had climbed to 37.7%, the highest rate of poverty for any county in West Virginia. By 1990, 50.3% of all children in McDowell County were living in families below the poverty level, up from 31.2% in 1980. The major losses in McDowell County during this period were the result of the closing of all mines and facilities operated by the United States Steel Corporation, terminating more than 1,200 jobs. Today the area is still one of the fastest declining populations.
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UBS - Appalachian Day of Action Against Mountaintop Removal Funding
On May 1st, Community members in Southern Appalachia organized a Day of Action to demand UBS change their official policy and stop their funding and supporting of mountaintop removal coal mining. Mountaintop removal coal mining is a process by which companies blow up mountains to harmfully extract the coal. The resulting landscape is one of a barren wasteland. The water is left permanently polluted and the surrounding mountain communities are destroyed. We are urging residents of Appalachia and the United States as a whole, to divest from UBS wealth management services in support of our friends and family suffering under mountaintop removal coal mining in the coalfields of Southern Appalachia. For more information: http://ran.org http://www.mountainjustice.org http://www.ilovemountains.org For Additional coverage of the campaign against UBS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k31RfpTnePE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVCUZ06Ozfw http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2012/may/02/mountaintop-removal-opponents-target-ubs/ http://www.tagesschau.sf.tv/Nachrichten/Archiv/2012/05/02/Schweiz/Umweltschaeden-durch-Kohleabbau-die-Rolle-der-UBS?WT.zugang=front_top1
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The Cost of Coal: West Virginia (extraction)
http://www.sierraclub.org/costofcoal Award-winning photojournalist Ami Vitale traveled with SIERRA magazine to West Virginia. Mountaintop-removal mines in Appalachia have demolished an estimated 1.4 million acres of forested hills, buried an estimated 2,000 miles of streams, poisoned drinking water, and wiped whole towns from the map. SIERRA asked people to describe how the world's dirtiest energy source has disrupted their lives—and what they're doing to stop it. - Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to address climate disruption by moving away from the dirty fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy. Visit us here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierraclub Instagram: https://instagram.com/sierraclub
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The Cost of Coal:  Marilyn Mullens
http://sierraclub.org/sierra/costofcoal/ Award-winning photojournalist Ami Vitale traveled to Appalachia with SIERRA magazine, who asked people to describe how the world's dirtiest energy source has disrupted their lives—and what they're doing to stop it. Marilyn Mullens conceived and organized the Memorial Day protest against mountaintop-removal mining: "We just want people to be aware. Know that every time you turn on a light switch . . . someone here is paying for that with dirty water, with air that they can't breathe." - Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to address climate disruption by moving away from the dirty fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy. Visit us here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierraclub Instagram: https://instagram.com/sierraclub
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Pat Jervis speaking about Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia, VA
Pat Jervis sharing stories about how his town and life have been affected by Mountaintop Removal Coal mining
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UBS - Philadelphia: Anti-Mountaintop Removal March
People from all over the United States [USA] united during the Occupy National Gathering & the Radical Convergence to march on Philadelphia's UBS branch located at 1735 Market Street. This action was taken in conjunction with a Southern Appalachian-based email & call-in day targeting the same branch. UBS is one of the top funders and supporters of the harmful extractive process known as Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining [MTR]. We say, "HANDS OFF APPALACHIA!" and demand UBS change their official policy and stop funding companies that engage in mountaintop removal. Ways to get involved: http://mountainjustice.org http://rampscampaign.org http://ilovemountains.org
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Up in the Air flyover of mountaintop removal sites in Charleston, West Virginia
This is a short video of my flight over the coal fields of Charleston, West Virginia. This was shot with my 5 dollar hand held. There will be better footage coming. Dennis was in the back seat with his REAL cameras. Sit back and enjoy the flight.
1.3.5 Mountaintop Removal Resistance at Hobet Mine - Occupy Brooklyn TV, Episode 3
Episode 3 of Occupy Brooklyn TV, a production of Occupy Public Access TV. http://OccupyPublicAccessTV.com. View entire episode as single 29-minute video: http://youtu.be/ryDUT8AA2Xs View as playlist: http://bit.ly/OBTV-S01Episode3 03.02 Opening and Overview of Week's Stories http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0LwCtWSbXY&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.03 Pepper Spraying Cops Get the Official Thumbs Down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JExrT3rstZA&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.04 Green Resistance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC3z657q040&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.05 Mountaintop Removal Resistance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sZ2xtERSlk&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.06 Protests at the London Olympics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laYatSY3YTw&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.065 PSA: What is Occupy Public Access TV? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPaIhfY8s2k&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.07 FBI Targets Activists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBmjyo8iG7c&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.08 Take Back The Land http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx95VTpq_EI&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647 03.09 Closing segment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRRzTtIdAuc&feature=autoplay&list=PLD6706F2867592647
A Brief History of Coal Mining
We briefly explain the history of coal. From the cave man days, to present day. For more information on coal, and the debate of whether it is a logical energy source please visit: http://www.advantagesanddisadvantagesofcoal.com/
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Mountain Top Removal Dance Action Tutorial 4/20
We, as Temple students, created this dance collaboratively for a direct action against mountain top removal on Friday, April 20th, 2012 in Philadelphia on Penn's campus. We are joining with students from other colleges and universities to do our part in putting an end to mountain removal. Learn the moves and join us at 3pm! We are a Temple University group with membership including students, alumni, faculty and staff. We are a grass roots union of environmental and social justice activists. We employ non-violent direct action in the tradition of Ghandi and MLK Jr as a tactic to force change. Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining 1. Destroys the environment 2. decimates job creation in the coal industry 3. causes health complications (cancer, disease) and birth defects 4. eradicates democracy in WV & TN 5. demolishes whole towns 6. endangers schools and the children in them. Temple must have nothing to do with it. PNC must have nothing to do with it. Through the pressure of students, alumni, faculty, and staff and the employment of nonviolent direct action we will diligently and indefatigably advocate for Temple University's divestment in institutions funding and practicing MTR. Sources: 1. http://www.sierraclub.org/coal/mtr/ http://e360.yale.edu/content/feature.msp?id=2172 http://www.nrdc.org/energy/coal/mtr/files/MTR%20FS_May10.pdf http://law.sc.edu/environmental/papers/200841/eas/chhotray.pdf` http://www.plunderingappalachia.org/theissue.htm 2. http://www.sierraclub.org/coal/downloads/2009.10.13_mtr_econstudies_whitepaper.pdf 3. http://blogs.wvgazette.com/coaltattoo/2011/05/10/latest-wvu-study-finds-more-health-problems-among-residents-near-mountaintop-removal-mines/ http://media.kentucky.com/smedia/2011/06/22/14/19/lcHsB.So.79.pdf http://www.springerlink.com/content/3h175p782691j628/ http://ajph.aphapublications.org/cgi/content/short/98/4/669 4. http://www.thedaonline.com/opinion/mountaintop-removal-mining-is-bad-for-appalachia-1.2565787 5. http://www.grist.org/article/reece 6. http://www.ilovemountains.org/news/412
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Cost of Coal: Marilyn Mullens
http://sc.org/MarilynStory Read the whole story and see pictures of Marilyn Mullens as she grieves the loss of her Appalachia countryside to mountaintop removal mining. - Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation's largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization -- with more than two million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we've made history by leading the charge to address climate disruption by moving away from the dirty fossil fuels and toward a clean energy economy. Visit us here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SierraClub Twitter: https://twitter.com/sierraclub Instagram: https://instagram.com/sierraclub
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I Love Mountains Day,  2012 --Stop Mountain Top Removal  Protest
I Love Mountains Day 2012, a rally in Frankfort, Ky to protest against Mountain Top Removal mining, sponsored by Kentuckians For the Commonwealth.
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Big Coal Removing Mountanins of Brains
In this long-overdue rant, I call out what may very well be the single most egregious example of Planet Eating in this country, if not the entire world -- the outrageous and unsustainable war agains Mother Earth known as mountain top removal coal mining. For an excellent overview of this topic, here is the link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mountaintop_removal_mining
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Apple: Help Us Save Our Mountains
Apple powers the icloud using mountaintop removal coal from Duke Energy, but it doesn't have to be this way. Watch activists from Appalachia take a stand as they stop a coal train headed to Duke's Marshall coal plant. Their homes and their lives depend on it. For more information visit: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/climate-change/cleanourcloud/
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UBS - Johnson City, Tennessee: Actions Against Mountaintop Removal Funding
Mountain Justice and Occupy Johnson City teamed up to confront UBS wealth management services in Johnson City Tennessee. This action was organized to demand UBS change it's official policy in regards to funding and supporting companies that engage in mountaintop removal coal mining.
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Make A Difference. Join My Fight.
Click here to make a difference - http://earthjustice.org/mymtrstory In the spring of 2009, Amber moved to be with family in the small mountain town of Ameagle, in the heart of West Virginia's coal country. In Ameagle, she was surrounded by mountaintop removal coal mining and was awakened to its effects on communities, families, clean water, and the land. She saw her water poisoned and wants to protect her little brother from mountaintop removal. "We need to end mountaintop removal for the health and safety of West Virginians. My little brother is the next generation, and he is going to grow up with this all around him. He deserves clean air. He doesn't need to worry about poisoned water and breathing in air with explosives, heavy metals, dust particles from the explosions. I'm fighting for my family, heritage, culture, and rights that everybody else in this country has." Amber has joined a growing community of people fighting to stop mountaintop removal. To learn more about her story click here - http://earthjustice.org/mountain-heroes/amber-whittington
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RAMPS Mountain Mobilization: Hobet Strip Mine, West Virginia
More than 50 protesters affiliated with the R.A.M.P.S. Campaign have walked onto Patriot Coal's Hobet mine and shut it down. Ten people locked to a rock truck, boarded it and dropped banners: "Coal Leaves, Cancer Stays." At least three have been arrested, with another in a tree being threatened by miners with a chain saw. Earlier in the day, two people were arrested at Kanawha State Forest before a group of protesters headed to the state capitol. "The government has aided and abetted the coal industry in evading environmental and mine safety regulations. We are here today to demand that the government and coal industry end strip mining, repay their debt to Appalachia, and secure a just transition for this region," Dustin Steele of Matewan, W.Va. said. Steele was one of the people locked to the rock truck. Mounting scientific evidence shows that strip mining negatively impacts community health and miner health. Recent studies have found a 42 percent increase in risk of birth defects around strip mines, and miners who spend at least 20 years as strip-mine drillers have a 61 percent chance of contracting silicosis, a virulent form of black lung. "The coal companies are poisoning our water and air, and they're treating the workers no better than the land -- fighting workplace health and safety protections to get the most out of labor as they can," said Junior Walk of Whitesville, W.Va. As coal production declines, protesters are concerned that the region will be left with only illness and environmental devastation as the industry pulls out of the region and companies file for bankruptcy to shed legacy costs. Patriot Coal is currently going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, in which union contracts and pensions could be on the chopping block. Both UMWA pensions and the state's Special Reclamation Fund are funded through a per-ton tax on coal. With Central Appalachian coal production in the middle of a projected six-year, 50 percent decline, this funding stream is increasingly unsustainable. Protesters are calling on the coal industry and government to ensure that funding is available both to honor commitments to retired workers and to restore the land. "Coal companies must employ their surface mine workers in reclaiming all disturbed land to the highest standards. Instead of arguing about the 'war on coal,' political leaders should immediately allocate funds to retrain and re-employ laid off miners to secure a healthy future for the families of this region," said R.A.M.P.S. spokesperson Mathew Louis-Rosenberg. Appalachian communities, from union miners to the anti-strip mining activists of the 1960s, have a proud history of confronting the coal industry and demanding an end to its exploitive practices with direct civil disobedience. R.A.M.P.S. and other campaigns have returned to this tradition to eliminate strip mining once and for all. Since its founding in 2011, R.A.M.P.S. has organized a range of actions, from tree-sits to blockades of coal trucks. Today's protesters are among the hundreds of people across the country who are joining this summer's National Uprising Against Extraction, using radical tactics to fight oppressive extractive industries and demand a transition to a sustainable economy.
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I Couldn't Believe My Eyes...
Click here to do something about this - http://earthjustice.org/mymtrstory "I hated mountaintop removal mining at first sight; I thought it was awful. You see, I grew up in these mountains, with the beauty, serenity and joy you feel inside this place. These mountains are so beautiful; I didn't want them destroyed. And I wanted my children and my grandchildren to enjoy them," says Julian Martin. "The first time I saw strip mining I couldn't believe my eyes. It stunned me so much that I stopped the car and got out. They'd taken a bulldozer and just destroyed the mountain. I couldn't understand why anybody would do that. It changed everything. The mountains went from beautiful to ugly in what seemed like no time at all." Julian Martin is the son of an underground coal miner, a former chemical engineer, retired school teacher and West Virginia's first Peace Corps Volunteer In 1999, Julian walked across the state of West Virginia with another Mountain Hero, Larry Gibson, in protest of mountaintop removal mining. He hasn't stop marching since. Learn more about his story by clicking here - http://earthjustice.org/mountain-heroes/julian-martin
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The Redneck Legacy: King Coal and Appalachian Activism, 1912-2012 Part 1
On April 5, 2012, the National Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) offered a program at the Smith Auditorium in Sills Hall, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine. The Redneck Legacy: King Coal and Appalachian Activism, 1912-2012 was presented by Chuck Keeney. Mr. Keeney is a West Virginia activist and labor and environmental justice historian—and talked about the impacts of mountaintop removal mining, what the people of Appalachia are doing to stop it, and how we can help here in Maine! Keeney is currently president of Friends of Blair Mountain, a citizens group dedicated to preservation of the site of the 1921 battle. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, Blair Mountain was later removed because of pressure from the coal industry. Keeney is the great grandson of Frank Keeney, president of United Mine Workers District 17 and a leader of the 1921 march by 10,000 coal miners, which ended in the Battle of Blair Mountain, 50 miles south of Charleston. Keeney told the story of this little known battle, the biggest armed conflict in American labor history. He also described the 2011 March on Blair Mountain, which he helped organize and lead. Brownie Carson, NRCM's former executive director who met Keeney during the 2011 Blair Mountain March, says, "Chuck Keeney provides an inspiring voice in the campaign for social and environmental justice in West Virginia and throughout Appalachia, and we are happy to have him come to Maine to help build a bridge between our communities and strengthen all of our efforts." Source: Natural Resources Council of Maine, 3 Wade Street, Augusta, Maine 04330 Phone: 800-287-2345 Fax: 207-622-4343 Email: [email protected]
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Appalachian Mountain Coal Mining and The Potomac River
ENCE310 Final Project by: Michael Ely, Boris Gamazaychikov, Michael Lok, and Buck Wiemers Music by Emancipator
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West Virginia Coal Mining, are we tapping out this state?
If the coal stops being mined these men lose their jobs. But if we mine all of West Virginia towns are in danger of floods, dead economies which of course leads to drug problems and worse! What will happen to this state?
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Sycamore Surface Mine
surface mining.
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harlan county coal miners
harlan ky coal miners!!!
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