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Debenture What is a debenture or a bond or a debenture certificate? Be financially aware.A Debenture is a certificate of debt. It is issued by a company to collect money from the public. This lecture discusses in detail debenture issue procedure also that is how you can buy debenture This topic covers in detail Prospectus Debenture/Bond application Interest on Debenture Face value and Market price or issue price Redemption of debentures Application money
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Economic Order Quantity: EOQ Simplified through a story
This video covers Economic order quantity. I have explained it through a story so that you can understand. Subscribe to stay updated on every new video.. Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrAcWh7fUDU&list=PLWANyQEyxSnDUOWTmpCoYQ7YcTnH7lphR Previous part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyXtjFbzBCc&index=3&t=96s&list=PLWANyQEyxSnDUOWTmpCoYQ7YcTnH7lphR My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuz40j9RnYDUEhrFX_Qt_sw Contact me at gmail via : [email protected]
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Material costing-CA IPCC Cost accounting and financial management Paper 3 Part 1
PLEASE WATCH IN FULL SCREEN. This lecture is on Materials and material costing which is chapter two of Cost accounting paper of CA IPCC . This lecture is in Hindi .Hope you enjoy. will be posting every day , So please like share and subscribe . A thumbs up from you will encourage me to put more of such videos. About me: I am Siddarth Krishnan a CA student just like you people. So i have made this video after taking into consideration the issues faced by common students. This lecture and the upcoming ones will be fully covering Study material and practice manual as most of the questions in exam are from that I will be making a english and tamil version of this if i get requests in the comments only
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Construction Contract Costing | CA IPCC | Costing | Lecture 1
Hello guys! This lecture covers Contract costing. It has been so much simplified. tags: Construction contracts Contract Contract costing Ca ipcc contract costing costing fm construction costing contract price
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Interest-Time value of money
Here in this video i explain how people forget to consider time and interest while making choices and how you can take some simple help from this concept and increase the money you make and maximize the wealth. Time value of money is an important concept and a base concept in financial management and is the interest earned and the concept says that money received presently is more worth than same money received later. Keywords: Time Time value of money Interest Simple interest Compound interest Financial management Make more money maximize wealth
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Specific identification method and FIFO method of Inventory valuation in hindi
Specific identification method and FIFO method of Inventory valuation in hindi. This lecture covers 1)Specific Identification method of inventory valuation 2)Limitations of specific identification method that forces us to use FIFO LIFO or average cost 3)FIFO or First in first out with a problem solved Subscribe to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuz40j9RnYDUEhrFX_Qt_sw Materials Lecture playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWANyQEyxSnDUOWTmpCoYQ7YcTnH7lphR Be my friend in facebook : https://www.facebook.com/siddarth.krishnan.984
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Material costing-CA IPCC Cost accounting and financial management Paper 3 Part 2
How do companies buy raw material? What is the procedure? Learn the concept ! Master CA IPCC costing subject Through this series. Link for part 1 of the video : https://youtu.be/PrAcWh7fUDU Click here to view my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuz40j9RnYDUEhrFX_Qt_sw What is Material? A material is anything supplied to the organization. It is anything consumed in the production process. Material control These are controls that ensure that right material of right quality is available in right quantity at right time at right place and is maintained safely. It ensures that there is no overstocking of materials neither is their a stock out. Material control involves : Setting of stock levels EOQ Material procedures Control ratios etc. Material procedures are the things happening in the organisation for making an order to a supplier It begins with the Design department making a Bill of materials. Then the store department issues a purchase requisition to the purchase department who then sell request for proposal (RFP) to vendor who inturn gives a tender or quotation. An order is placed with that Vendor CA IPCC COSTING AND FM
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AUDIT: CA IPCC Hindi-Things you must know-simplified and made interesting-Part 1
Auditing is seen as a very tough subject. But let me tell you. Give it enough time, Go along with me and i will make auditing interesting for you. Once something is interesting it becomes easy. Auditing is an independent examination of financial information in order to express an opinion. Auditing is fun Link to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuz40j9RnYDUEhrFX_Qt_sw Topics covered in this video. 1) Introduction 2)How auditing works 3)Why do companies hire auditor 4)Definition of auditing Wait for upcoming videos in the series. Lets make learning fun! Like share and subscribe
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Companies Act 2013 Lecture 1
Companies Act 2013 is a rule based Indian Law. This lecture covers the introduction of Companies act 2013 in the CA ipcc course Company means a company incorporated under this Act or any previous company law Also Meaning of the word Act , Law , Notifications , Circulars is also covered
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Material costing-CA IPCC Cost accounting and financial management Paper 3 Part 3
Which all costs will be included in material costs? At what value to record material cost? Abnormal cost are not included. Normal cost are included.Refundable cost are not included and non refundable cost are included. Cenvat and VAT are not included. This topic is covered from CA IPCC costing and fm Study material. I also explain what demurrage is . This is part 3 For part 2 click here https://youtu.be/Y9lRHzzOHFo For part 1 Click here https://youtu.be/PrAcWh7fUDU Subscribe and share
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Rupee hits all-time low of 68.86 against US dollar, Expected to fall to 70
Rupee hits all time low-Expected to fall even more, effect of demonetization
why can't we print more money? And give it to the poor? Simple CONCEPT
This video is again on a general topic why cant government print money and give it to the poor. We know that Reserve Bank Of India prints money...so why cant it print and give some to the poor?...Cuz it cant..and this video says why it cant
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