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Eight year old talks about How Hard Work Pays Off
Eight year old giving a little advice on how hard work paid off for him
Be willing to walk alone to Financial Freedom
Not everybody will work hard and sacrifice to get to financial freedom. You will have to leave them behind until they are ready to work hard and sacrifice like you.
How I paid off $30,000 in credit card debt
Tips on how i paid off my credit card debt
You can not Pray your way to Financial Freedom without work
Talking about prayer. But also work. Prayer has to go hand and hand with work.
It's not how much you earn but it's how much you keep
Don't matter how much you earn. You must still save some money
Hard work Is one of the paths to financial freedom
Examples on how applied hard work to get where I am and where I am trying to go
Jealousy Vs Admiring
Learn not to be jealous. Learn to admire.
The lesson I took from watching the Avengers Infinity War movie
You might be one of the few who has the willingness to do what needs to be done
Happy New Year!!! Pay off debt for 2018
Suggesting to start the new year off by paying off debt for 2018
Is saving money boring?
My son asked me a good question. He ask is saving money boring or exciting. In this video I give my answer and the reason why I chose that answer
Financial Books I Recommend
If you would like to advance in learn about good financial Habits. I have a couple of books I would like to recommend
You can't get to Financial Freedom If you Carrying People
You can't get to financial freedom If you are carrying people
Why it's great to open a saving account for your kids future
How our little savings for the kids can add up
Teach Your Kids About Money!!!
Don't allow your kids to learn the hard way. Talk to the next generation about finances
You financial vision is your vision
Don't get discourage. Your vision is your vision
Thank you mom for Being a Example of Sacrifice and Hard Work
Your kids will love you even if you Sacrifice and work hard
My First Time Running 4 Miles Without Stopping
Every little step forward. Is still a step forward.
If not financial freedom for you at least for the next generation
How and why we should help prepare the next generation with financial freedom
Financial Freedom Mindset, the proof copy of my first book
Showing my first book in the making
Take as much shoots as Michael Jordan to get to Your Financial Freedom
Don't be afraid to take chances. The more shoots you take the more chances you have to succeed
Don't teach your kids to Beg!
We must teach our kids not to beg but to work and earn what they want
I am no different. I just make different choices
People say I'm different but I'm just like everyone else
Change our Priorities
We have to change our priorities
Talk to your kids about finances
Kids have to and will earn about money. If not from you someone else will teach them and it might not be in there best interest
One Life To Live!
The one life to live excuse. We have to turn it to one life to live so we must prepare the next generation
Dont over look hard work to Financial Freedom
The road to financial freedom is hard work. Something we cant over look.
A lesson I learned from the Black Panther movie
Black Panther was a great movie with a lot of lessons
3 Type of people when it comes to finances
Describing the 3 types of people when it comes to life
What To Do With Your Tax Return?
Just some suggestion on what to do with our tax return.
My mom taught me great Work Ethic!
How my mothers tough love built my great work ethic.
Teach you kids about finances
Why its very important to teach your kids about finances
Are you prepared for a recession?
Prepare for a recession. Before a recession. Your family depends on it. Stay ready you don't have to get ready.
Sharing knowledge on how important it is to have ownership
A Challenge to influence and encourage people to do 6 positive things with their Tax Return
People say I'm killing myself but yet I'm still here
People make excuses not to push themselves. When you push yourself they say you are killing myself
How Does it Feel To Payoff Debt?
Describing how it feels to payoff debt. Debt free is better than in debt. Sacrifice now so you can enjoy later. I have more tips in my book book financial freedom available on https://www.amazon.com/Financial-Freedom-Mindset-Average-Stability/dp/1732974004/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=financial+freedomndset+troy+adams&qid=1552703193&s=books&sr=1-1-fkmr0
Go from Renter to Buyer to Owner!
We all must take the step towards financial freedom. Any step forward is a good step
Is Saving Money Easy?
Answering the question. Is saving money easy? Financial Freedom Mindset For The Average Person Book Available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Financial-Freedom-Mindset-Average-Stability/dp/1732974004/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1YBCOE188OCOA&keywords=financial+freedom+mindset&qid=1553176256&s=gateway&sprefix=financial+freedom+mindset%2Caps%2C239&sr=8-1
Talk less about everything else and more about finances
We have to focus more on our finances and less on everything else
Be Prepared when it come to finances
Always be prepared when it comes to finances
How I lost 35 Pounds
Showing and describing that with hard work and sacrifice you can meet your goals
Make your kids do productive activities
When you are being productive. Bring your kids along with you
Be productive even on the weekend
Just cause you don't go to work on the weekend. You should still be productive
Why I couldn't do a 4 mile run
3 different results can happen after you set a goal. Fail, accomplish it, or accomplish more than what you set
Leaving A Legacy Will Not Be Easy
Leaving the next generation a legacy will not be easy but it can be done.
Have to put in work. Even on holidays
Whatever your goal is. Work hard even if everyone is not
Preparing property before hurricane Irma
Preparing property for hurricane
Why I did a youtube channel? I will do a Part 2 cause the baby was crying before I could finish
Telling the reason why I decided to make a youtube channel? I will do a part 2 cause the babay was crying before I could finish

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