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Custom Naked GY6 150cc Chinese Scooter - Modified GY6 150cc Moped
I decided to make the scooter my own after it left me stranded several times. I changed the carburetor and exhaust and a lot of visual modifications to the 150cc scooter.
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Wind Deflectors for motorcycle scooter handlebar custom install
After purchasing my handbler hand guards handguard wind deflectors for my scooter from amazon.com I had to come up with a custom solution for mounting them onto my 150cc Chinese Scooter Motorcycle
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How To Connect Usb Charger to Motorcycle Scooter for Mobile Phone or Accessories
How To Connect A USB Charger Adapter to A Motorcycle or Scooter for Mobile Phone or Accessories I plan to use my FUSAR app and headset more often now, so it seemed like a good idea to find a way to keep my phone and Bluetooth accessories on full charge while I am on the road commuting, or simply doing some VLOG videos. This is definitely a necessary install for anyone out there doing any extended riding and not likely to be near any charging ports or stopping often to charge their phone or accessories. Having a USB charging port directly mounted onto your motorcycle or scooter is a great idea! This should be a very simple install for anyone with some basic mechanical skills and the right tools. The tools list for installing the Wired USB mobile phone and electronic accessories adapter: Power drill - Battery operated reccommended USB Adapter Hand held screw gun Wire Snips Electrcal tape Heat shrink Step Bits Drill Tips I Hope the video is helpful to you and safe riding!
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How To Replace Motorcycle Neutral Safety Switch Yamaha Virago XV700
This is a how to view on how to replace a motorcycle neutral safety switch. The process is pretty much the same for most all motorcycles but this view is on how to replace the neutral safety switch on a Yamaha Virago XV700 XV1100 Xj1100 or similar Yamaha motorcycles. visit www.player1moto.com
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Triumph 675 Street Triple Competition Werkes GP Exhaust Install - No Baffle
I finally made the jump and installed a Competition Werkes Gp Exhaust on my 2012 Triumph Street Triple 675 Motorcycle. I recorded this without the Baffle inserted. I am not quite sure which way I like the sound better. Also I hope the muffler will "break in" and get a bit deeper, it seems to sound a bit too "tinny/canny" right now. That could be the way it sounds, but I will learn to love it. I do have to ride with ear plugs now though...
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Custom Motorcycle Fender Eliminator  - License Plate Bracket - Triumph Street Triple 675
Custom Motorcycle Fender Eliminator - License Plate Bracket - Triumph Street Triple 675
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Cleaning and inspecting Yamaha Virago XV700 XV1100 Carburetor Motorcycle Carburetors
When diagnosing starting problem on an older bike that hasn't been started in a long time, be sure to check all possible areas where buildup can cause clogging. Most fuel delivery systems have very small tolerance where fuel has to travel and can easily get fouled or clogged by fuel breaking down.
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How to Install and Mount the FUSAR Bluetooth Headset and Fusar Remote Control
I am so excited to get started with the FUSAR gear and excited for the release of the FUSAR Mohawk Camera. Until then I will be logging rides and playing around in the FUSAR APP! Get your gear at http://www.fusar.com now we're "Ready To Ride!" Visit: http://www.Player1Moto.com
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How to change H4 Headlight Bulbs on A Scooter or Motorcycle
I decided to change the H4 Headlight bulbs on my 150cc Scooter. I documented the process to hopefully help anyone else who needs to do the same. If you have any questions about how to change the headlights on your scooter or motorcycle, please do not hesitate to ask! Visit my website: www.player1moto.com
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How to Install RAM Motorcycle XGrip USB Phone Charger Mount Wiring
How to Install A Motorcycle handlebar phone mount with USB Charger Review / Cimiva Handlebar USB Phone mount Xgrip
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How To Paint your motorcycle Rims, Brake Calipers and Disk brake bolts
Doing some finalizing on the aesthetics of the front end of the bike now. I decided to do a how to video to help anyone out there looking to paint these parts on their bikes.
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How To Retrofit Sport BIke Motorcycle Side Rear Mirrors onto a Scooter
When i first got my scooter the left side rear view mirror was broken so we had to figure out a solution to keep it steady. It worked for a short time but now ti seems to have come loose and instead of trying to make it work for two reasons 1. I feel they are way to obnoxious looking 2. It will probably fall off while im riding one day. SO i opted to bolt on some cool looking mirrors with a bit of an extra safety measure. These mirrors I bought off of Amazon.com. This includes amber turn signals that I will wire into the existing wiring harness and they are a bit less gaudy and will fit much better (especially when trying to squeeze to the front of the pack at light!). Music By: MegaMurray64 https://www.youtube.com/user/MegaMurray64 Visit My Website: http://www.Player1Moto.com
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Yamaha virago XV700C 700cc 1986 motorcycle bobber build - The Beginning
Now the bobber-fication commences! I am taking this build as slow as I can. I am no stranger to doing ground up builds, like my last project car I had to sell. a 1987 Ford Mustang that I hand built a 347cu.in. Stroker motor. So far I learned that I need a new battery for the Yamaha motorcycle. I have to rebuild the carburetors, and once I get the engine running and taking it for a few short trips I am going to start working on the modification of the frame and work on getting a few bolt ons. I am rebuilding the wiring harness of the fuse box to eliminate some things off the handle bar area. I will soon be installing some new motorcycle handle bars. I am thinking of going for a sleek low design to the handle bars and gauge cluster. visit my website at: www.Player1Moto.com
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Custom Motorcycle Baffle Mod - Triumph Competition Werkes Gp Exhaust - Decibel Test
I came up with a possible solution for helping adjust the tone and decibel level of a performance motorcycle exhaust. I do like the final result, but I still need to do some more testing at different RPM ranges and distances.
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Yamah Virago XV700C 700cc Bobber Build update - New Handlebar setup and completd Electrical
Still at it with the modifications and changes to the Yamaha Virago 1100 Bobber build. Still to do: Bleed brake Rear fender Seat paint wheels New Tires New Brakes rear Brake lights & Signals and other minor stuff
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Yamaha Virago XV700 Bobber Build Update March 2017
A lot of changes and getting closer to getting this beat on the road!
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Yamaha Virago XV700 Bobber / Maiden Voyage   March 19 2017
Finally took the Virago xv700 bobber for a ride around town. I had some hiccups, but eventually got it working. I think the clutch was an issue as well as low fuel in the tank causing a bogging out issue.
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How To Install Motorcycle LED Lights
Just a simple quick introduction on installing LED lights to your motorcycle. Please make sure to test your wiring before making solid connections to your wiring. Always disconnect your battery when working on electric systems to avoid the potential of harmful or fatal electric shocks! www.player1moto.com
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Easter Funday - Bird Poops on me, Asshole Driver tries to knock us down, R1 shuts down
Easter Sunday 2017 Mike and I decide to take the Tirumph street triple 675 and the Yamah yzf R1 out for a nice ride in the beautiful sun. Aside from getting pooped on by a bird, Mikes R1 shutting off unexpectedly several times and and asshole trying to knock us off our bikes with his cheap BMW, it was a great day! visit my website: www.Player1Moto.com
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Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2016 at Jacob Javitz Center - www.Player1Moto.com
This was my favorite bike that I voted for at the progressive International Motorcycle Show 2016 at Jacob Javitz Center in New York City December 2016
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Progressive International Motorcycle Show 2016 at Jacob Javitz Center - www.Player1Moto.com
This was my favorite bike that I voted for at the progressive International Motorcycle Show 2016 at Jacob Javitz Center in New York City December 2016
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How To Drill and Tap Motorcycle Fork Tube Caps for fork Oil FIlling
How To Drill and Tap Motorcycle Fork Tube Caps for fork Oil FIlling. I had a seized fork cap and I needed a way to refill my fork tubes to add fluid.
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