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Road Trip to Seattle!
Road trip to Seattle April 25-27
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Spontaneous Trip to Seattle
IZ LIT! On December 25 2018, I was listening to Porter Robinson on YouTube and randomly thought, "Hey, I wonder when Porter is performing in Vancouver next." I went on his website and looked up his tour dates and saw that he was performing in Seattle on New Year's Eve. I had this crazy idea to go on a road trip to Seattle with my friends to attend this event. I thought HMMMM this was too much of a long shot since this event was only 5 days away and my friends and I take 5 months to plan a day to go get bubble tea. I asked anyway and surprisingly convinced enough people to go. We frantically bought our tickets, booked our hotel, and planned everything like there was no tomorrow. And the rest.... is history. (Me tryna reach the word count)
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"not right now Mabel"
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SPRING BREAK | Dominican Republic 2015
#ThisIsGradTrip March 6 -14 @ Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic -
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The Fall of Hannah Chen (Diss Track)
watch ur back... Music credits: Jacky Yip
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XMAS | Orlando, Florida (December 2013)
-Disneyworld -Hyatt Grand Cyprus -Orlando Premium Outlets
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