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A relaxing thanks to my followers - Fly with DOK
This video is about Flying
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Scout Flight
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Avoid Peterson Stampede Dodge Chrysler - Idaho
After purchasing a Brand New 3500 Ram Mega Cab on 3/12/15, the truck began showing several problems on the following day. I reported the issues, 1 attempt was made to correct them but the problems continued to exist. After my 3rd attempt to resolve the complaints, I was blown off (again) and I do not feel it is a just outcome to buy and spend $65,000 on a vehicle which has the problems it has. The dealership will not accept the truck back, or make any exchanges. Again, THIS IS BRAND NEW!!
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Dead mans pass
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Acoustic Guitar solo
Tommy... Last name unknown today on public tv
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$EXK CEO Brad Cooke Interview November 20 2014
This video is about Brad Cooke $EXK November 20 2014
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My opinion on #OIl and Iran - and $TSLA
I make a bet with the stupid clown
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Support for my good friend Jason @jsimm62581
We celebrate both ups and downs together my friend
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Marijuana 101 - Understanding the History
Understanding the History of Marijuana
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MUST see RARE P-38, P,40 P,51C
The video here shows content I shot while attending the "Fighter Roundup" I hope you like the last 3 minutes especially. I own all content herein
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My Journey To Casey Neistat to show him the Peeks App
Using an app called Peeks ( check out Peeks.com ) I will be live streaming and making daily VLOGs on a blind trip to New York from Boise Idaho with the goal of meeting Casey and showing him the app. I'll be funding this purely from tips from my viewers. Using the app, you can get real cash tips from your viewers and I couldn't think of a more scary and exciting way to show the world this exciting technology than to push myself to make it to New York. Casey is an inspiration to many and I hope he sees this. Please share it along and if you'd like to support my journey, follow me on Peeks @TheStockDok
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