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Unboxing - Nike Tiempo Legend V AG - By: BootzTester
Hello guys, today I bring you another unboxing. This time it is the Nike Tiempo Legend V in the artificial grass version. Enjoy!
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Test - Elastico Finale III - By: BootzTester
Hello guys! Here is the best video I have ever made. I hope you enjoy.I have been working a lot in it.
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Top 5 Soccer Speed Boots By: BootzTester
Here a new that has take me a long while to do it, I hope you enjoy it. If you give a like it would be greatly apreciative.
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Unboxing - Nike Hypervenom Phatal FG - By:BootzTester
Hey whats up everybody, here I bring you a new unboxing from my nike hypervenom Phatal for firm ground (retail price: $120). I hope you enjoy it. Share it if you like it with your friends.
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Nike Portugal's home jersey By: BootzTester
Very nice jersey, comfortable, hope you like it!!!!!
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Unboxing - NIke Elastico Finale III IC - By:BootzTester
Hey guys, today I bring you abother unboxing! this time its the NIke Elastico. I will do my first test video with this shoes. The test video is coming soon.
Views: 220 Andrés Chanis
Unboxing - NIke ID Mercurial Vapor VIII -  By:BootzTester
Great video!!! I hope you like it. Subscribe for more video!!
Views: 750 Andrés Chanis
Unboxing - Adidas Ace 15. 1 FG/AG - By: BootzTester
-This time I bring you the unboxing of this great pair of football boots named Adidas Ace 15.1. This boots are bought with a lot of hard work and brought to youtube with a lot of effort. For this reason a like is always appreciated. -Song name: Honey I´m Good. -Check out other videos at the end of this unboxing: Unboxing Nike Mercurial Vapor X Unboxing NIke Tiempo Legend V
Views: 253 Andrés Chanis
One Day in my LIfe: The game with my team - By.BootzTester
Hey guys check out this new video that I think is one of the best ones I have made. I hope you enjoy it as enjoy it every time I see it. If you liked the video, share it with your friends so they can see it too. If you are reading these write #yolo in the comment box ( just want to know how many people are reading these)
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One day in my life - Soccer in my Birthday - Freekicks and more!!!! - By: BootzTester
Hey whats up everybody! Today´s video has taken me a while to do it. It is about my birthday. I invited some friends and play some football. They also prepare me a party, it was pretty fun. It has take to me about 14 hours to edit the video. It has been the hardest video to edit so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Enjoy!!
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Montage of the Best Free Kicks -  Vol.2 -  By: BootzTetser
Hello guys i have been working a lot to make this video so I hope you like it. In the video I will be talking about why I haven´t uplolad any new videos to my channel and what plans I have for the future. I also made some awesome free kicks so check them out.!
Views: 229 Andrés Chanis
Unboxing - Nike Mercurial Vapor X - By:BootzTester
Hello, How is everyone doing? There´s been a long time since the last time I uploaded a video. I bring you the Nike Mercurial Vapor X. I hope you like it. Enjoy! (A like is always appreciated)
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Montage of the Best Free Kicks - Vol.1 - By: BootzTetser
Awesome video! I hope you like it, it is my first freekicks montage, in the future i will make more montages. I will also try to make unboxings, videos testing the boots, etc so stay tune. if you like the video and want to see more subscribe! if you didn´t like it please don´t.
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Adidas Adizero F50 MiCoach By:BootzTester
The new messi boots.This is an example of a well-cared boots that have about 4 months and are in great conditions. In this video I will show how to clean them an i will also tell about its chip the micoach.
Views: 317 Andrés Chanis
Review - Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII - By: BootzTester
Today I bring you the review of the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII. This a boot that is maybe a little bit old but I do not care is better late than never right? In the video I talk about the durability of the shoe, I also made some ratings, so check it out!!
Views: 259 Andrés Chanis
Unboxing - Nike CTR360 Trequartista III - By:BootzTester
Today I will be unboxing the Nike CTR360 Trequartista III. These are very nice football boots so go check it out!!. They are in the Black - Photo Blue colorway that is one of my favorites. A review and test video will be coming in about 2-3 weeks.
Views: 193 Andrés Chanis

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