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Monsanto GMOs Linked To Organ Failure.m4v
The website Food Freedom reports that researchers, in what is being described as the first ever and most comprehensive study of the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, have positively linked organ damage with consumption of Monsantos GM maize.
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Pat Tillman: Iraq War Illegal and Unjust
Pat Tillman was the poster boy for the US war in Iraq. President Bush heralded him in life as a hero when the young American football player walked away from a multimillion dollar contract to serve in Iraq after the 9/11 attacks, and an even greater hero in death when Tillman was killed in Afghanistan two years later - until it came out that the Pentagon had lied to cover up that his death was from friendly fire. What Bush did not know was that Tillman regarded him as a "cowboy" who had led the country in to an "illegal and unjust" war in Iraq.
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Lockerbie Outrage Ignores Evidence Against C.I.A.
Scotland released the terminally ill man convicted for the Lockerbie airplane bombing, a move which offended the Obama administration, which said Abdelbaset al Megrahi shouldve been kept in prison despite having only days to live. But much evidence has surfaced over the years strongly suggesting that Megrahi was framed by the CIA. According to former US State Department lawyer Michael Scharf, the CIA manipulated the Lockerbie trial and lied about the strength of the prosecution case to get a result that was politically convenient for the United States.
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F.D.A. Scientists Complain to Obama of 'Corruption'
In an unusually blunt letter, a group of federal scientists is complaining to the Obama transition team of widespread managerial misconduct in a division of the Food and Drug Administration.
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Army Embeds PSYOPS Soldiers At Local TV Stations
The U.S. Army has used local television stations in the U.S. as training posts for some of its psychological-operations personnel, according to Yahoo! News blog The Upshot. Since at least 2001, both WRAL, a CBS affiliate in Raleigh, N.C., and WTOC, a CBS affiliate in Savannah, Ga., have regularly hosted active-duty soldiers from the Army's 4th Psychological Operations group as part of the Army's Training With Industry program.
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France Urged To Repay Haiti Billions
A group of international academics and authors has written to French president Nicolas Sarkozy calling on France to reimburse the crushing "independence debt" it imposed on Haiti nearly 200 years ago. The open letter to the French president says the debt, now worth nearly $21. 7 billion, would cover the rebuilding of the country after a devastating earthquake that killed more than 250,000 people seven months ago.
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Pollution Causes Male Fish to Carry Eggs
Scientists and activists reported this past week that more than 80% of the male bass fish in Washington DCs major river are now exhibiting female traits such as egg production because of a "toxic stew" of pollutants. Intersex fish probably result from drugs, such as the contraceptive pill, and other chemicals being flushed into the water and have been found across the US. And there is evidence that the anomaly is not confined to the Potomac. A report last year by the US geological survey found intersex fish in a third of 111 sites tested around the country.
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C.I.A. Pushed Limits on Sleep Deprivation
CIA operatives used severe sleep deprivation tactics against a detainee in late 2007, keeping him awake for six straight days with permission from government lawyers. The State Department regularly lists sleep deprivation as a form of torture in its annual report on human rights abuses.
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U.S. Toxic Legacy In Fallujah 'Worse Than Hiroshima'
According to a new study, dramatic increases in infant mortality, cancer and leukemia in the Iraqi city of Fallujah exceed those reported by survivors of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Fallujah was bombarded by US Marines in 2004. Iraqi doctors there have complained since 2005 of being overwhelmed by the number of babies with serious birth defects, ranging from a girl born with two heads to paralysis of the lower limbs. They say they are also seeing far more cancers than they did before the battle for Fallujah between US troops and insurgents.
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Indonesian Army Implicated In Activists' Assassinations
Journalist Allan Nairn reports that according to senior Indonesian officials and police and details from government files, the US-backed Indonesian armed forces, now due for fresh American aid, assassinated several activists last year.
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Veterans: C.I.A. Blocking Lawsuit Over Drug Experiments
The Vietnam Veterans of America has asked a federal judge to impose sanctions on the Central Intelligence Agency, for failing to produce documents on the CIA's testing of hundreds of kinds of drugs -- including sarin and phosgene nerve gas and LSD - on thousands of soldiers.
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Netanyahu Admits He Deceived U.S.
The contents of a secretly recorded video threaten to gravely embarrass Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Obama administration. The film was shot, apparently without Netanyahu's knowledge, nine years ago. In it, he boasts that he deceived the US president at the time, Bill Clinton, into believing he was helping implement the Oslo accords, the US-sponsored peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, by making minor withdrawals from the West Bank while actually entrenching the occupation. He brags that he thereby destroyed the Oslo process.
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Air Force To Launch All-Seeing Drone
This winter, the U.S. Air Force is set to deploy to Afghanistan what it says is a revolutionary airborne surveillance system called Gorgon Stare, which will be able to transmit live video images of physical movement across an entire town.
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Aristide's Party Barred From Haiti's Elections.m4v
In March 2004, the government of Haitis democratically elected leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide was overthrown by former death squad leaders after the president was taken by US forces to the Central African Republic in what he has called a coup détat. Now, Haitian elections officials say Aristides political party will not be allowed to participate in upcoming legislative elections in February.
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Pat Robertson Implicated In War Crimes Trial
Former Liberian president Charles Taylor, testifying in his war crimes trial in The Hague said this past week that his government had awarded televangelist Pat Robertson a gold mining concession in 1999 and that Robertson later offered to lobby the Bush administration on the government's behalf.
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Israel Stations Nuclear Missile Subs Off Iran
Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline.
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Shell Pays $15.5 Million Over Saro-Wiwa Killing
The oil giant Shell has agreed to pay $15.5 million in settlement of a legal action in which it was accused of having collaborated in the execution of the writer Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other leaders of the Ogoni tribe of southern Nigeria.
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Govt. Inquiry: Financial Crisis Was Avoidable
From the New York Times: According to the conclusions of a federal inquiry, the 2008 financial crisis was an "avoidable" disaster caused by widespread failures in government regulation, corporate mismanagement and heedless risk-taking by Wall Street. The commission that investigated the crisis casts a wide net of blame, faulting two administrations, the Federal Reserve and other regulators for permitting a calamitous concoction: shoddy mortgage lending, the excessive packaging and sale of loans to investors and risky bets on securities backed by the loans.
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Chiquita Faces New Suit Over Colombia Terrorism
Nearly 250 Colombians who say they and relatives were victims of violence by Colombian right-wing paramilitaries have filed a lawsuit seeking more than $1 billion in damages from the Chiquita banana company, which has admitted making payments to paramilitaries.
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Arctic Permafrost Leaking Methane at Record Levels
According to the London Guardian, scientists have recorded a massive spike in the amount of a powerful greenhouse gas seeping from Arctic permafrost. The discovery highlights the risks of a dangerous climate tipping point.
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Obama Rolls Back Miranda Rights
The Obama administration has created a new interrogation policy in which investigators may waive the Miranda warning if they think it necessary to get timely intelligence from a terrorism suspect.
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Feds Wrongly Deport Citizen Living in N.C.
U.S. immigration officials confirmed this week that they wrongly deported a man in December after finding him in a North Carolina prison. Mark Lyttle, whose family says is mentally ill and suffers from mild retardation, was deported first to Mexico, then Mexican officials deported him to Honduras, and Honduras deported him to Guatemala - even though he is a North Carolina-born U.S. citizen who speaks no Spanish.
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U.S. Students Warned Against Accessing Wikileaks
The US government's panic over the WikiLeaks revelations extended to American campuses, with Columbia University warning students they risked future job prospects if they download any of the material.
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Growing Low-Oxygen Ocean Zones Worry Scientists
Scientists are saying lower levels of oxygen in the Earth's oceans, particularly off the United States' Pacific Northwest coast, could be another sign of fundamental changes linked to global climate change. They warn that the oceans' complex undersea ecosystems and fragile food chains could be disrupted.
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Ex-Blackwater Chief Turns Up In Somalia
Erik Prince, the American founder of the private security firm Blackwater Worldwide, has cropped up at the center of a controversial scheme to establish a new mercenary force to crack down on piracy and terrorism in the war-torn East African country of Somalia.
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Hundreds of Afghanistan Contractor Deaths Unreported
In one of the least examined aspects of President Obama's escalation of the Afghan war, armed private security contractors are being killed in action by the hundreds -- at a rate more than four times that of U.S. troops, according to a previously unreported congressional study.
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Toxic Chemical Found in Most Canned Goods
A new test conducted for Consumer Reports magazine found toxic bisphenol A leaching into food from nearly all canned goods, even those labeled as being "BPA-free" and "organic." The magazine tested items such as canned corn, chili, tomato sauce and corned beef, and found BPA levels varied widely, but some BPA was found in nearly all of them.
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Tap Water Pollution Castrates Frogs
A new study has revealed that an herbicide that contaminates the tap water consumed by millions of Americans has been found to produce gender-bending effects in male frogs, chemically castrating some and turning others into females.
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Latin American Leaders Condemn Increasing U.S. Intervention
Latin American leaders at the Ibero-American summit in Mar del Plata, Argentina have banded together against what they see as increased U.S. intervention in the region.
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Pfizer Promotes Drugs For Unapproved Uses
In 2004, lawyers for Pfizer, the worlds largest drug company, promised it wouldnt break the law again. The attorneys were negotiating with federal prosecutors over charges that the corporation had been engaging in health-care fraud. But Bloomberg news now reports that Pfizer managers were breaking that promise even before the ink was dry on their plea.
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BP Asks Canada to Drop Regulations for Arctic Drilling
Reuters reports that as oil flows into the Gulf of Mexico at an unthinkable rate, BP is urging Canada to drop regulations in their country for offshore drilling. Exasperated Canadian legislators grilled the head of BPs Canadian unit last week, concerned about the risks of the company's plans to drill in Arctic waters after the catastrophic Gulf spill.
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Banned FEMA Trailers Return to Gulf
In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the 120,000 or so trailers provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to people who had lost their homes became a symbol of the government's inept response to that disaster. The trailers were discovered to have such high levels of formaldehyde that the government banned them from ever being used for long-term housing again. But the New York Times reports that some of those trailers are now getting a second life amid the latest disaster to hit the Gulf states— as living quarters for workers involved with the cleanup of BP's oil spill.
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Ex-Soldiers Arrested For Guatemalan 1982 Massacre
Two former Guatemalan soldiers have been arrested for the 1982 massacre of more than 200 villagers during the country's civil war. Aura Farfan of the Association of Missing Relatives of Guatemala says two former sergeants who belonged to a military squad commanded by soldiers trained by the United States were arrested last week. During the massacre, the squad, known as the Kaibiles, raped women and girls, and ripped fetuses from the bodies of pregnant women. A United Nations-backed Truth Commission also found soldiers threw babies against trees and walls and tossed their bodies into a well.
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Over 27,000 Abandoned Oil Wells In Gulf
An investigation by the Associated Press has revealed that the Gulf of Mexico is packed with abandoned oil wells from a host of companies, including BP. The AP describes the area as "an environmental minefield that has been ignored for decades." There are more than 27,000 abandoned wells in the Gulf of Mexico, of which 600 belonged to BP.
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Venezuela Seizes U.S. Oil Rigs
Venezuela has nationalized a fleet of oil rigs owned by a US-based company which had been shut down in a dispute over payments.
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Chemo May Be Killing Health Workers
A new report from the Seattle Times suggests that chemotherapy might be killing health workers.
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Dead Zones Dramatically Increase
According to a sweeping new report by the US federal Office of Science and Technology Policy, dead zones have increased dramatically in U.S. waters over the past 50 years, threatening ecosystems and fisheries nationwide. The multiagency assessment says that incidents of hypoxia — a condition in which oxygen levels drop so low that fish and other animals are stressed or killed — have risen nearly 30-fold since 1960 due in part to man-made pollutants.
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Live Earth 'Greenwashes' Dow Chemical Co.
Al Gores environmental organization Live Earth has taken money to raise awareness about the need for clean water from a controversial chemicals company involved in the aftermath of one of the world's worst pollution disasters. Dow Chemical, the US firm which now owns the leaking pesticides factory responsible for thousands of deaths in Bhopal, India, sponsored Live Earth events in 150 cities this past week. The event aimed to raise money for clean water programs. Research by environmental organizations has found dangerous levels of highly toxic chemicals in rivers, lakes and other water supplies close to several other factories owned by Dow and its subsidiaries in countries including the United States, Brazil and South Africa.
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U.S. Threatened E.U. For Rejecting GM Foods
The US embassy in Paris advised Washington to start a military-style trade war against any European Union country, which opposed genetically modified crops. US diplomats worked directly for companies such as Monsanto.
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Illegal Spying on U.S. Citizens Questioned
A new report released by several government agencies Inspectors General concludes that little, if any, useful information was collected by the Bush administrations warrantless wiretapping program and the National Intelligence Agency. The report also indicates that the Bush White House politicized threat assessments that it then relied upon as a foundation for the illegal program.
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152 Arrested After Cop Gets Two Years For Shooting
The former police officer who fatally shot unarmed train passenger Oscar Grant was sentenced this past week to two years in jail. It is the minimum possible of what could have been a 14-year sentence. The judge also gave police officer Johannes Mehserle credit for the 292 days he's already served in custody, meaning that with time off for good behavior, he'll likely serve less than another year. That decision stunned Oscar Grant supporters. Protests followed the verdict, with 152 arrested.
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Clean Water Laws in U.S. Severely Neglected
The New York Times reports that chemical factories, manufacturing plants and other workplaces have violated water pollution laws more that half a million times while state officials and the Environmental Protection Agency look on. The violations range from failing to report emissions to dumping toxins at concentrations regulators say might contribute to cancer, birth defects and other illnesses. However, the vast majority of those polluters have escaped punishment. State officials have repeatedly ignored obvious illegal dumping, and the EPA, which can prosecute polluters when states fail to act, has often declined to intervene.
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Soldier Jailed For Refusing Deployment
A Fort Hood soldier was sentenced last week to a month in jail for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan over his beliefs that the war violates international law. Specialist Victor Agosto of Miami, pleaded guilty to disobeying lawful orders and was sentenced at the central Texas Army post. The judge also reduced his rank to the Army's lowest level, a private, which also was part of the maximum penalty he faced in his plea agreement with the military.
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Political Violence Rocks Niger Delta
gunmen killed several supporters of a politician in Nigeria's oil-producing Niger Delta this past week during a gathering at his home, the latest act of political violence ahead of elections in April. Supporters of Timi Alaibe, who quit as presidential adviser on the Niger Delta last month to run for the governorship of Bayelsa state, were attacked during a reception to welcome him back from the capital Abuja.
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Food Prices Spark Deadly Riots
The UN has called an urgent meeting on rising global food prices in an attempt to head off a repeat of the 2008 crisis that sparked riots around the world. Seven people, including two children, were killed in Mozambique this past week during three days of protests triggered by a rise in the cost of bread.
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Over $5 Billion U.S. Tax Dollars Wasted In Iraq
A $40 million prison sits in the desert north of Baghdad, empty. A $165 million children's hospital goes unused in the south. A $100 million waste water treatment system in Fallujah has cost three times more than projected, yet sewage still runs through the streets. The U.S. is leaving behind hundreds of abandoned or incomplete projects. More than $5 billion in American taxpayer funds has been wasted.
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Blair Warned By 27 Lawyers Iraq War Was Illegal
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was warned two months before the invasion of Iraq that it would be illegal to go to war without the backing of the United Nations. Senior government lawyers in the UK told the official Chilcott inquiry into the Iraq War that they had advised the military invasion led by the United States had no legal basis in international law. Every one of the 27 lawyers in the department had advised Blair that the war was illegal.
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Supreme Court Restricts Clean Water Act
thousands of the largest water polluters in the United States are outside the Clean Water Acts reach because the Supreme Court has left uncertain which waterways are protected by that law. As a result, some businesses are declaring that the law no longer applies to them. And pollution rates are rising. About 117 million Americans get their drinking water from sources fed by waters that are vulnerable to exclusion from the Clean Water Act.
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Uganda Paper Names 'Top Homosexuals'
From the London Independent: Human rights campaigners say gay Ugandans have faced weeks of attacks and intimidation after a local newspaper published a list of the country's "top 100 homosexuals". As well as naming gay Ugandans -- complete with photographs and addresses -- Rolling Stone newspaper also claimed that a deadly disease was attacking homosexuals in Uganda, and said that gays were recruiting one million children by raiding schools.
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Suits Saying Pfizer Experimented on Nigerian Children Are Revived
A federal appeals court revived two lawsuits brought against the drug giant Pfizer by Nigerian families who say the company used their children in an illegal test of an experimental antibiotic.
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