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Bob Barker hides from contestant
This was one of the funniest moments from Bob Barker on "The Price Is Right."
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Bill Graper videotaping a train - August 18, 1996 - Madison, Ohio
Just having some fun with a rented video camera. I filmed a train. There was a police car that went by after the train went through (you can't see it in the video). It must not be illegal to stand close to the tracks while the train passes, because the only person who stopped to ask me a question was a passing motorcyclist.
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Beautiful Asian woman changes clothes - Spy TV
This was a hidden camera show similar to "Candid Camera." These guys didn't know what was in store for them after they were hired by a law firm. I don't remember the exact date this aired. I think it was sometime between 2003 & 2005.
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Bill Graper driving to Tuttle Park - Madison, Ohio - 1996
Yeah, I rented a video camera & did a lot of sight seeing, basketball playing, time wasting adventurous stuff. This is just my drive to Tuttle Park near Lake Erie. I was driving my blue Buick Regal, which I really miss. I was living at Sahara Mobile Homes at the time.
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