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Why we can't stop eating unhealthy foods
Sugar scientist and UCSF professor of health policy Laura Schmidt questions whether consumers really do have freedom of choice – and what policymakers can learn from corporations in nudging consumers toward healthier behaviors.
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The science of psilocybin and its use to relieve suffering
Leading psychopharmacologist Roland Griffiths discloses the ways that psychedelic drugs can be used to create spiritually meaningful, personally transformative experiences for all patients, especially the terminally ill.
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Ray Cronise at TEDMED 2010
Ray Cronise discusses how poor nutrition is causing chronic disease in Americans.
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Paul Stamets at TEDMED 2011
The mushroom biologist talks about the antimicrobial properties of fungi, how they can be used as potent insecticides, and how they may help boost the human immune system.
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What made me run for my life?
Ultramarathon champion, author and plant-based diet advocate Scott Jurek talks about overcoming scoliosis, hypertension and the sorrow of a parent's illness with the help of inspiring friends.
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Discovering and designing genomes for Earth, Mars, and beyond
Geneticist and urban metagenome researcher Chris Mason of Weill Cornell Medicine shares how he’s mapping his expertise into the distant future of outer space in the interest of humanity’s interplanetary survival.
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Are zombie doctors taking over America?
Physician Zubin Damania, Director of Healthcare Development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, has a plan to fight back against a system that can dehumanize doctors and patients alike.
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Mark Hyman at TEDMED 2010
Mark Hyman believes that functional medicine is the way of the future, and that we can only improve medicine if we understand the body's system, not just symptoms.
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What your doctor won’t disclose
Physician and public health advocate Leana Wen discussed a highly controversial approach to medical transparency and full disclosure.
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Let's quit abusing drug users
Carl Hart, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at Columbia University, offers a provocative, evidence-based view of addiction and discusses how it should impact drug policy.
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On a scale of 1-10, how crazy are you?
Actor and playwright Elizabeth Kenny performs an excerpt from her play dramatizing her horrifying journey through the American medical system.
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Is the "obesity crisis" just a disguise for a deeper problem?
What if obesity has nothing to do with eating too much? Peter Attia, MD, President and co-Founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative, says we don't know enough about the science of weight gain, and that clinicians -- and society -- should stop blaming the victims.
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If we can’t cure the patient, can the community do it?
Unhealthy lifestyles have brought on a social epidemic of "diabesity," says author Mark Hyman, and community-driven solutions may be the only way out.
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Seeing song through the ears of a synesthete
Kaitlyn Hova is not only a professional violinist, composer, full stack web developer, designer, neuroscientist, and core team member of Women Who Code, but she is also a synesthete—which means her sensory perception is quite different from what most people experience. Watch Kaitlyn's 2016 TEDMED talk to get a sense of what it's like to hear color and see music.
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Marquese Scott (RemoteKontrol) at TEDMED 2011
The law of gravity apparently doesn't apply to Dancer Marquese "Nonstop" Scott, who does a typically surreal dubstep performance to "Pumped Up Kicks."
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One more reason to get a good night’s sleep
At TEDMED 2014, neuroscientist Jeff Iliff illuminates a newly discovered, critical function of the brain during sleep, a natural cleansing system that keeps toxic proteins at bay.
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Food for thought: How gut microbes change your mind
John Cryan, a neuropharmacologist and microbiome expert from the University College Cork, shares surprising facts and insights about how our thoughts and emotions are connected to our guts.
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Sheila Nirenberg - Q&A at TEDMED 2011
The neuroscientist talks about developing a revolutionary non-surgical artificial retina that translates the eye's neural "code."
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Hugh Herr at TEDMED 2010
MIT's Hugh Herr demonstrates the latest generation of robotic ankles... which he wears on both of his legs!
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Peter Attia Q&A at TEDMED 2013
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Why do our brains get addicted?
Neuroscientist Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the NIH, applies a lens of addiction to the obesity epidemic.
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What veterinarians know that physicians don't
What veterinarians know that physicians don't At TEDMED, Barbara Natterson-Horowitz (Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at UCLA Medical School) offers an unusual perspective on how human patients, including those suffering from mental illnesses, can be helped by applying insights from animal health.
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Harnessing the power of placebos
Stanford professor, athlete, and psychologist Alia Crum investigates how our mindset can affect health behaviors and outcomes. In her 2016 TEDMED Talk, Alia shares her research on placebos and encourages us to consider the placebo effect as more than a mysterious response to an inert substance.
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Goldie Hawn and Dan Siegel at TEDMED 2009
Goldie Hawn, along with Dan Siegel, talks about the power of mindfulness to help children focus, battle stress and control negative emotions.
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The promise and limits of cancer immunotherapy
Since its advent, there have been numerous conflicting reports about whether immunotherapy will be a “silver bullet” for different types of cancer, or if such expectations are based on hype or limited evidence. Many of the misconceptions about immunotherapy’s potential are due to our limited understanding of the immune system and how it serves to protect us from disease.  A pioneer in cancer care treatment, oncologist Lennie Sender has a deep understanding of both the possibilities and limitations of harnessing the immune system to treat different types of cancer. Check out Lennie’s 2017 TEDMED Talk for his straightforward report of the state of cancer immunotherapy options today and the promise they may hold for the future.
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Making sense of life, loss, and love through music
Zoë Keating was working as a successful cellist and composer when her husband, Jeff, got sick with stage IV non-smokers lung cancer. Her life was turned upside down—she put her career on hold, stopped creating music, and pivoted the focus of her music blog to document their struggles dealing with health insurance companies and navigating the complex American health care system.  After Jeff's death, it took Zoë time to start making her own music music again. But when she did, it became her lifeline—music helped her to grieve, to communicate what she was feeling, and to begin the healing process. Watch Zoë's TEDMED 2017 Talk below, and listen to the beautiful cello piece, "Possible," that she composed in conjunction with developing her Talk.
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A simple way to break a bad habit
Psychiatrist and addiction expert Judson Brewer shares groundbreaking research on the mechanism of mindfulness techniques that effectively help quell cravings of all kinds.
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The transcendent power of music
West Australian instrumentalist and drummer Sam Maher performs on the handpan, exploring the ability for this instrument to transcend language and medicine.
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No shortcuts to victory
Marathon swimmer Diana Nyad returned to the TEDMED stage in 2014 to share lessons from her world record-setting solo 110-mile swim from Cuba to Miami at age 64.
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Can real food from real farms lead to real health?
Organic farmer and author Joel Salatin delivers a passionate talk about treating farmland with care to ensure the most optimal food production and nutrition.
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Using improv to improve life with Alzheimer’s
Improv artists Karen Stobbe and Mondy Carter share how they use the rules of improvisation to break through conventional caregiving techniques and open up new worlds for persons with dementia.
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Eye-tracking: adding insight to injury
Neurosurgeon and PhD researcher Uzma Samadani is the cofounder of Oculogica, a neurodiagnostic company that specializes in using eye-tracking technology to detect concussions and other brain injuries that are invisible to radiologic scans. She shares her journey of discovery on the TEDMED 2014 stage.
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The positive effects of positive emotions
Positive psychology researcher Jennifer Stellar illuminates how truly awe-inspiring experiences may mean more than we realize for our physical and mental health.
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Why doctors kill themselves
Founder of the ideal medical care movement Pamela Wible shares why, in order to heal patients, physicians must first heal their profession – and what can happen if they don’t.
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How did volunteers save more than 40,000 lives in 3 minutes (each) last year?
EMT and founder of United Hatzalah Eli Beer re-imagined first response and the power of community, saving 40,000 lives this year alone. He shares the story of its beginnings.
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How electricity could replace your medications
Neurosurgeon and immunologist Kevin Tracey shares the frontiers of a new, hybrid field - bioelectronic medicine.
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Why we choke under pressure—and how to avoid it
From taking a test to pitching to a client, just about everyone knows the feeling of choking, or not performing their best, under evaluative eyes. But why does this happen? Why do we sometimes fail to perform up to our potential when under pressure? Cognitive science researcher and current President of Barnard College Sian Leah Beilock is determined to discover how we can use our understanding of the mind to develop the psychological tools to help us always perform at our best. Watch Sian's 2017 TEDMED Talk to gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing performance and the tactics you can employ to overcome your nerves when the pressure is on.
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A linguistic prescription for ailing communication
Abraham Verghese, Provostial Professor and Vice Chair for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, shares a compelling and original perspective on the impact of language on medicine.
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Anesthesia and the dynamics of the unconscious mind
Emery Brown, computational neuroscientist and anesthesiologist, explores one of medicine's big mysteries: What happens to your brain under anesthesia?
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Dan Buettner at TEDMED 2011
Buettner talks about universal lifestyle behaviors that promote longevity, why they're so hard to adopt in the U.S., and how one town undertook its own Blue Zone experiment, to great effect.
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A young poet tells the story of Darfur
2015 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion Emtithal “Emi” Mahmoud was born in Sudan and came to the United States in 1998, escaping the Darfur genocide with her family. In Emi's TEDMED 2016 talk, she shares how poetry has empowered her to share her story and helped her to heal.
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Bill Davenhall at TEDMED 2009
Does where you live have an impact on your overhall health? Bill Davenhall believes that the location of our homes is critical to our medical history.
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What if we treated violence like a contagious disease?
Does violence spread like a disease? Epidemiologist Gary Slutkin of Cure Violence says the issue has been misdiagnosed, and instead created science-based strategies that aim to stop violence before it erupts.
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Bud Frazier & Billy Cohn at TEDMED 2012
Bud Frazier and Billy Cohn of the Texas Heart Institute preview a continuous-flow heart pump with minimal parts that works via a screw pump.
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How does mortality inspire creativity?
Doctors kept her alive, but Charity Tillemann-Dick, a successful soprano on her second set of lungs, knows what it means to truly live. She performs at TEDMED 2013.
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How we study the microbes living in your gut
The trillions of bacteria that live in our guts not only aid in our digestion and protect us from infections, but they are also closely linked to some of the most challenging diseases of our time, such as obesity, diabetes, and autoimmunity. However, studying these complex gut bacterial communities, or microbiomes, demands advanced computational methods. At his lab at the University of Minnesota, computational microbiologist Dan Knights is developing such methods and applying them to the study of human disease.  Dan and his team are specifically focused on how the diversity of gut microbes in primates varies depending on where they live, and how this diversity, or lack thereof, is directly linked to the diseases that afflict those primates. Watch Dan’s 2017 TEDMED Talk to learn how he's helping to develop the tools we'll need to restore and replenish our microbiomes as a means to sufficiently adapt to our surroundings and to keep us protected against disease.
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The Power of Play
At TEDMED 2014, CEO of Playworks Jill Vialet challenges us to release our inner child and remember that play matters.
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TEDMED 2014: Ted Kaptchuk
Ted Kaptchuk, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, directs the Program in Placebo Studies, Healing and Therapeutic Encounter. In his talk, he upends many assumptions about what really works in the therapeutic encounter, and what doesn't, as revealed in placebo research.
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Why don’t patients behave like consumers?
Jon Cohen, chief medical officer of Quest Diagnostics, talks about why patients don't behave like wise consumers when it comes to choosing doctors.
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