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Trailer del documental Ruido. Proyecto en progreso 2006-2010
Trailer del documental Ruido, basado en el proyecto en progreso La torre del ruido, con la colaboración de 40 raperos de la escena cubana del Rap. Habana, Cuba, 2006-2010. Proyecto aun en exhibición en la 29 Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brasil,2010.
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En la mismísima calle G o Avenida de los presidentes hay, una gran estatua de José Miguel Gómez que si la ve Pedro Limone ahí! No entiendo que hace ese tipo ahí. Después de una revolución que se hizo aquí, que fue lo que paso con la memoria de este país. No sé a ti, a nosotros no nos representa, Que no me den muela, que para mi esta claro que están glorificando el racismo, el descaro, hago un llamado al graffiti cubano, sino lo tumban, vamos y lo grafiteamos. Calle G. Obsesión ....I don't understand what that guy is doing there (the statue). After the revolution that we made here, what happened to this country's memory? I don't know your view, but this doesn't, represent you or me. Don't give me that, it's, plain to me that they're glorifying racism, an effrontery, I am putting out a call for Cuban graffiti... Calle G.(G Street) Obsesión
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Performance de S4DRON PATRIOTA como parte del proyecto Ruido. Raudel, es uno de los exponentes mas criticos en la escena del rap cubano hoy día. Su poesía urbana esta cargada de un mensaje muy polémico que cuestiona con mucha profundidad el sistema social cubano. [email protected]
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ElTipo Este. La vida.
La vida, un interesante tema del rapero cubano ElTipo Este (Alexei) del duo Obsesión. La vida (Life), an interesting song by the Cuban rapper El Tipo Este ( Alexei), from the duo Obsesión. This video is part of the project Ruido ( Noise), which included the participation of 40 Cuban rappers.
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Trailer of the work in progress AKA - "And what is art, if not serve the commune?". In a brief but very interesting interview with the Colombian rapper AKA, direct from the comunna 13, Medellin. As a part of my Solo exhibitions concepts: Garden's Time. Trailer del proyecto en progreso: AKA- "Y que es arte, si no sirve a la comuna?". En una breve pero muy interesante entrevista con el rapero colombiano AKA, directamente desde la comunna 13, Medellín. Como parte del concepto de mi exposición individual: Tiempo de jardínes. Special thanks to Jan Marceau, to Yaquelin, Jomag Ariza and all good Colombians friends for all their support. Agradecimientos especiales a Jan Marceau, a Yaquelin , Jomag Ariza y todos los buenos amigos colombianos por todo su apoyo. Special thanks to Ivan Barberis, for his great help with the translation and also special thanks to Claudia Di Luzio.
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Amazona- Dayanna
Video de la rapera cubana Amazona, como parte del proyecto Ruido 2006-2010, Cuba.
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Performance del rapero Alemán de origen Turco Volkan Turelli para la exhibición "After the light" en Radial system Berlin, 2010.
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Trailer of the video installations work in progress: Napuli's Tree. With this project, starting from a poetic dialogue between Napuli and the Sycamore Tree, I am referring to this very respectful relationship with trees and invite the audience to reflect a posteriori about what was happening in Oranienplatz, occupied between 2012 and 2014 by refugees. At the same time, I would like to give the audience the opportunity to hear this important and influential voice of a person who has been a witness and one of the main leaders of this occupation: the refugee and African activist Napuli Langa. In a courageous action, for five days, she went on strike after having climbed up the Sycamore tree. With your action, you glorify two years of resistance and protest in a park, occupied mainly by refugees coming from African countries. At the same time, you question the harsh asylum politics of the German government. Without her action, we can say that in some way all these resistance efforts were in vain, as the media presented the dismantling of the park as a rather pacific situation, in which even the refugees were supporting it. This question are part of almost two hours long interview with Napuli, which I divided in four specific topics. For each topic, I asked Napuli to answer me from four different locations in the park, always with the tree as a reference in the background. Here the list of 4 of the questions that I chose for the short version: – About the Tree 2- What was the reason why you chose to climb up the tree? -- In relation to your speech at the UN 1- Do you think the current discussion about the Refugee theme and the politics of asylum are developing only in theory and do not take into account the concrete requests/concerns and needs of migrants? -- Personal migration background 3- When did the refugee movement in Berlin begin to be organized? -- Cognition of politics of Sudan in Germany and Europe 4- Which is your message to or advice for European activists that support the work of African activists?
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Trailer Ruido (english subtitle)
Trailer for the documentary "Ruido" based on work in progress "La torre del ruido", with the participation of 40 Cuban rappers of Cuba's rap scene. Havanna, Cuba, 2006-2010.
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Marcha del Silencio
8 de Mayo de 2011 Marcha nacional por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad en Mexico "Si el gobierno de México, en vez de preocuparse por perseguir periodistas, los respetara y protegiera, otra sería la vida ciudadana en nuestro pais. Sí con la eficacia que se castiga a los periodistas y se les elimina, se combatiera al narcotráfico otro gallo cantaría, pero tal parece que el gobierno en su estrategia tiene otras prioridades y defiende intereses inconfesables." Elena Poniatowska, "La Jornada" (periodico mexícano del 23 de Abril de 2011) 8. Mai 2011 Nationaler Marsch für einen würdevollen Frieden und Gerechtigkeit in Mexiko "Wenn sie genauso effizient den Drogenhandel bekämpfen würde, wie sie Journalisten verfolgt und eliminiert, würde der Hahn ein anderes Lied singen; aber die Regierung hat andere strategische Prioritäten und verfolgt obskure Interessen.." Elena Poniatowska, "La Jornada" (mexikanische Zeitung vom 23. April 2011)
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Gehörlose Demo
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Performance de la rapera cubana Reina, como parte del proyecto "La torre del ruido".
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Turm der Unruhe. Performance at Radial
The work Unruhe is literally my clearest reference to the concept of "Delegated Performance". It brings together the real action of two rappers were invited to interpret the themes within the work, superimposed on the video projection of their own real domestic contexts, before video-documented by me.
The two guest rappers are: Volkan Turell,. known as Volkan T, born in Germany and of Turkish origin. The other rapper is Sadi Gent, of Iranian origin, also born in Germany. Both rappers living in Berlin and have years of experience in the genre of Hip Hop. Their writings are very serious and critical questions that touch on issues such as integration of foreigners into German culture and the acceptance of this, racism and others, including current issues in today's Germany.
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Tears, Suffering and Pain.
Abelito (Manigua)´ Performance, the first Cuban rapper to translate one of his songs: "Tears, Suffering and Pain" to Cuban sign language for deaf people. This video is part of the project in progress: "Spricht Deutsch oder Stirb" to be exhibited in March 2012 in the space Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.
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Performance del rapero cubano Zekou (Anónimo Consejo) como parte del proyecto Ruido.
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