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Interview with Lee Smith, Southern Writer
In an exclusive interview with the Southern Environmental Law Center, award-winning author Lee Smith discusses the influence of natural landscapes on her work.
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What’s at stake with attacks on clean water
Tell the EPA not to put our clean water at risk! Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is soliciting public comments on this risky, unprecedented proposal. Time is running out to make your voice heard before the EPA closes the public comment period. Visit http://protectsouthernwater.org, presented by the Southern Environmental Law Center "In a steady stream of bad proposals from the Trump administration, this is the worst of them all." --Blan Holman
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Uranium Mining in Virginia: A Risky Experiment
Virginia Uranium Inc. is pushing to lift a 30-year ban on uranium mining in Virginia so it can mine and mill the radioactive metal in Southside where the waste would remain toxic for centuries. Citizens statewide are concerned about the dangers of uranium mining to drinking water, air quality, farm products, fishing, and tourism. Go to http://www.keeptheban.org to sign a petition.
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In the Path of the Pipeline: John Cowden (Captioned)
The Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction would be devastating for the hundreds of waters it would cross in Virginia, like the beautiful Cowpasture River. But it could also devastate businesses, like that of John Cowden, leaving him with lost revenues and his employees with no jobs. Dominion says the #ACP is good for business; tell that to the business owners in its path.
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In the Path of the Pipeline: C'ta DeLaurier (Captioned)
Dominion and Duke Energy will use eminent domain to take private property from landowners along the 600-mile route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. C'ta DeLaurier is one of the people in the path of the pipeline. #ACP
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The National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, is a bedrock environmental law in danger of being severely undermined if the Trump administration's infrastructure plan is implemented. NEPA saves money and ensures public input. Protect NEPA.
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Stories of Solar, Sunrun (captioned)
As solar is growing in South Carolina so are the job opportunities. Learn more at stories.solar.
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North Carolina's natural beauty
Honoring North Carolina's natural beauty for generations to come
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In the Path of the Pipeline: Robie Goins
Construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will devastate mountains and waters in its path, but that would not be its only dirty legacy. The proposed ACP route cuts through many low-income communities and communities of color. Robie Goins, a Lumbee, is one of many Native Americans who will bear a disproportionate brunt of the ACP's environmental harms and risk of catastrophic accidents in their neighborhoods
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SolarWorks4SC — Jacqui
Rooftop solar is shining across South Carolina, allowing homeowners to reduce the country’s highest electric bills by harvesting the power of the sun.
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In the Path of the Pipeline: Tom Hadwin, Demand vs. Need
Dominion and Duke Energy are building the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on the backs of customers. Customers don't need this natural gas - but building pipelines is guaranteed money for these companies - so they build them anyway.
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Stories of Solar–Renee Westmoreland
The Westmoreland family keeps their farm going by hosting solar panels. Learn more at http://www.stories.solar
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Going, Going, Gone
A moving anthem for Appalachia accompanied by striking images of its beauty and the devastating impacts of mountaintop removal.
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The Inside Story: Not a Single Acre Lost
The Southern Environmental Law Center is Standing up for Southern Appalachian Roadless Forests.
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Boxer questions Holleman on state coal ash enforcement
During Senior Attorney Frank Holleman's appearance before the U.S. Senate's Environmental and Public Works Committee, he responded to Senator Barbara Boxer's inquiry about the effectiveness of state enforcement of coal ash regulations.
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Why I Do What I Do
David Pope, Director of the Southern Environmental Law Center's Atlanta office.
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U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer on Frank Holleman
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer comments on the coal ash testimony given before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee by SELC Senior Attorney Frank Holleman on March 2, 2016.
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Maria Kingery
In North Carolina, entrepreneur Maria creates jobs with rooftop solar.
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Offshore drilling infrastructure impacts
Drilling infrastructure drives away tourists, and their dollars. #ProtectOurCoast
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Right whales and seismic blasting
The Trump administration's decision about seismic blasting in the Atlantic—the first step to offshore oil drilling—is expected by the end of the year. The impact of the blasting on the iconic and endangered North Atlantic right whales is one of many reasons we’re working to #protectourcoast and stop seismic blasting.
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Stories of Solar–Chad Ray
North Carolina farmer Chad Ray knew that solar farms and farmers should be able to work together, so he started Sun-Raised Farms.
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Belton, SC, pipeline spill; SELC files legal notice
A 2014 pipeline rupture in Belton, SC, still has not been cleaned up nearly two years later. SELC, representing the Savannah Riverkeeper and Upstate Forever, filed notice to Kinder Morgan and the Plantation Pipe Line Company, or intent to sue to enforce the Clean Water Act.
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Stories of Solar–Greg Brooks
A community solar farm is the pride of a Georgia electric co-op. Learn more at http://www.stories.solar
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Chesterfield coal ash pollution
New testing shows evidence of coal ash pollution at popular public parks along the James River south of Richmond.
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In the Path of the Pipeline: Hazel Palmer
Hazel Palmer's land in Lyndhurst, Virginia has been in her family for over a century. Now, it's in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
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Deepwater Horizon anniversary 2017
Seven years ago today, the nation's largest oil spill sent more than 210 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The impacts of the Deepwater Horizon spill are still being felt today, and remind us all why we must #ProtectOurCoast.
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Charleston Veterans Terminal
Veterans Terminal offers an alternative to the proposed cruise ship terminal under review for Charleston's historic downtown.
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Grand Strand Expressway to Myrtle Beach
There’s a better way to improve traffic to Myrtle Beach. Upgrades to South Carolina's Routes 38 and 501 would reduce beach traffic for a fraction of the cost some state official are proposing to expand - and toll - I-73. Support the Grand Strand Expressway.
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Path of the Pipeline Introduction
Utilities in Virginia and North Carolina are pushing an unnecessary pipeline, despite intense opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline from local communities. These are the stories of the people who will pay the price for Dominion Energy’s and Duke Energy’s wasteful project.
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Coastal Communities Oppose Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic
Offshore drilling threatens our beautiful beaches and pristine waters and jeopardizes the backbone of our economy – the Southeast’s billion-dollar tourism and recreation industry. Coastal communities made it clear to the last president that they don’t want offshore drilling, and they’ll do the same with this president.
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South Carolina cypress swamp
Drone footage shows a cypress swamp in South Carolina
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Combustion Coal Waste, an SELC Insider Briefing
The Southern Environmental Law Center explains 'Clean' Coal's Dirty Secret
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Top Ten Endangered Places 2011 (SELC)
The Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), has released its third annual list of the top ten places in the South that face immediate, potentially irreversible damage in 2011. http://southernenvironment.org/topten
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Stories of Solar–Reverend Daniel Dice
St. Timothy’s parishioners seek to be better stewards through solar. Learn more at http://www.stories.solar
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25 Years of Results
SELC is known and respected for its long, consistent history of results, and for its ability to identify, create, and utilize powerful leverage points.
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Coast Has Spoken: No Offshore Drilling
From Maine to Florida, more than 200 cities and towns have passed resolutions against offshore oil drilling and the seismic blasting that precedes it. Nonetheless, the Trump administration is proposing to open the Atlantic to drilling. Go to protectourcoastnow.com to take action and keep drilling off our coast.
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The Inside Story: Mountaintop Removal Mining
Southern Environmental Law Center's Senior Attorney Deborah Murray discusses the end of an important chapter in the long-term battle to end mountaintop mining removal.
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Wild red wolves in North Carolina
These wild red wolves were spotted in early morning crossing a field in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge.
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From the Front Row: King William Reservoir
Southern Environmental Law Center Senior Attorney, Deborah Murray, tells the story of the 15-year legal battle over the King William Reservoir in Virginia and why this special place is in jeopardy.
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Highlights from SELC Board Meeting, May 2011
Overview by SELC founder and Executive Director Rick Middleton, followed by insights from Deputy Director Jeff Gleason about the future of clean energy in the South.
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Let's Go 29
What if 29 didn't feel like 29? The delays. The traffic. The headaches. How do we fix it? With a solution that is more cost-effective, less destructive, and better for our community than a $250 million "road to nowhere." Watch the video, then share it with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Or, learn more: http://letsgo29.org
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The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will cost Virginians
Dominion stands to make a windfall if they build the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, while Virginians foot the bill. #ACP
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Why I Do What I Do: Blan Holman
Blan Holman, Senior Attorney at the Southern Environmental Law Center's Charleston office.
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In the Path of the Pipeline: Hazel Palmer (Captioned)
Hazel Palmer's land in Lyndhurst, Virginia has been in her family for over a century. Now, it's in the path of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
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