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How to find the perfect professional backpack
"Backpacks you can take to the boardroom" are the new must-carry accessory. Read the full blog post at http://buff.ly/21Tmobx See Knomo men's backpack at http://buff.ly/1pKirts See Knomo women's backpacks at http://buff.ly/1qioAxw #LifeOrganised
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How to find the perfect laptop briefcase
Forget everything you think you know about the classic briefcase. Read the full blog post at http://buff.ly/20s6l5n See Knomo Men's briefcases at http://buff.ly/1SHF49j See Knomo Women's briefcases http://buff.ly/1USA7Au
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Knomo James Tote Pack
From the commute to the boardroom, the new James Tote Backpack by Knomo is the modern solution to keep your daily tech organised. Hidden straps allow the bag to quickly convert from a slim and smart tote to a practical backpack. With space for a 15" laptop, this is one of the most versatile bags we've ever produced. Available now at http://www.knomobags.com
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Elektronista Digital Clutch - How it Works with Christiane Vejlo
Knomo have collaborated with Danish media host, tech blogger and digital analyst Christiane Vejlo to create the Elektronista Digital Clutch. Crafted from sumptuous full-grain leather with an integrated battery to charge your devices, the Elektronista is perfect for wearing and using through a busy working day and into an evening out. Unzip the sides of the clutch and lay out flat for access to a multitude of padded tech pockets, cards slips and a zipped area. See the Digital Clutch and find out more about the collaboration at http://www.elektronista.dk/knomo-elektronista-the-clutch http://www.knomobags.com/uk/elektronista-leather-digital-clutch-bag-blush.html
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Introducing the Knomad Portable Organiser by Knomo; the perfect companion for staying organised and travelling smart. For those who are always out and about the Knomad works as a personal organiser to keep everything accessible, and in one place. The Knomad is offered with a power source included; to ensure that gadgets are never out of battery when they are needed most. The 'with power' model includes a slim-line portable battery and connecting cables to ensure that devices are always ready to go. To purchase your own Knomad Mini go to: http://www.knomobags.com
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Curzon Shoulder Bag
The Curzon Tote is a lightweight and roomy shoulder bag style with great function inside and out. The handy side poppers enable the bag to be opened even more widely for ease of access. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/curzon-shoulder-tote-black.html
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Elektronista Mini Digital Clutch
The Elektronista Mini combines style and function for the ultimate luxury accessory, for a #LifeOrganised With an intergrated 3000mAh you can charge your smartphone whenever you need, alongside designated pockets for cards and a zipped pouch for loose items. See the Digital Mini Clutch in full detail at http://ow.ly/UsSLt
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Introducing the new Mayfair Collection by Knomo; a Super-Lightweight range of bags in nylon with leather trim, along with Full-Grain leather styles. Aimed at women who are always on-the-go, the range includes handbags and briefcases for everyday that organise belongings and protect your technology, travel pieces including a laptop trolley, soft weekender and roomy cross-body bag, along with a handy Power Purse that contains a battery to charge your mobile phone when you run out of juice. Available from our website: http://www.knomobags.com
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Audley - Mayfair Luxe
The Audley is a Full Grain leather HandleTote Bag with detachable leather shoulder Strap with doubled zippered external front pockets. It has two internal sections that are padded to protect a laptop and a tablet, along with pouches to keep everything organised. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/audley-leather-shoulder-tote-black.html
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Durham Leather Briefcase
Full leather slim briefcase. Padded compartment to hold laptops up to 15". Includes detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. External front zip and back slip pockets run the length of the bag. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/durham-brown-15-laptop-slim-leather-briefcase.html
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Thames Collection: The First Trip
We're all searching for freedom, claim yours and travel safe in the knowledge your belongings are dry, organised and ready for action. Three ultra water-resistant backpacks and one messenger bag, designed to carry essential items everywhere and anywhere. See the full collection at: Introducing the Thames Collection. We're all searching for freedom, claim yours and travel safe in the knowledge your belongings are dry, organised and ready for action. Three ultra water-resistant backpacks and one messenger bag, designed to carry your essential items everywhere and anywhere. See the full range at www.knomobags.com
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Microsoft Surface Designer Stories: Eva Rawson
Meet Eva Rawson, Design Director at Knomo http://bit.ly/Designer_Eva_Surface_Knomo My first job was in the fashion apparel industry, I always had this thing where I collect bags, wallets. I’m the Design Director for Knomo looking after all the women’s products; bags, cases and organisers. I look out for the new styles and new colourways for each season. Having a lightweight mobile device going around town is so much easier. I like to go to galleries, travelling and take lots of pictures, I try to find my own inspiration. My personal design process: I pick the colours for the season which I feel is appropriate for Knomo and we work with the materials, do our sketches and then prototyping which usually takes about couple of months to refine the product. When the prototype arrives it’s the most exciting thing - it’s like Christmas, it’s my baby you know. When I imagine some things to be a certain way and they come back, you can actually physically play with it and tweak it, it’s the best bit of my job. I mean my training and background, I’m old school, I love sketching with my hand but with the Surface Pro because I have the touch screen and the pen it’s almost as if I’m drawing on a real sketchpad. It’s so good to be able to manipulate, changing colours and changing prints and working on sketches with my hands or with the pen, it’s amazing. We try to design something people love to carry. With Knomo product it’s not just about being a pretty bag or not just being a boring functional bag, it’s actually the two together, to make it easier for people to carry their stuff with them all the time. We want to make people happy and feel proud when they are using the bag, especially when they open the bag up all the organisation is so amazing, and that makes my life easier. To see the Microsoft Surface Pro in full, click here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/d/surface-pro/8nkt9wttrbjk/DG44?icid=SurfaceCat_CP1_SurfacePro_101717_en-gb&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab To find out more about the V&A inspired Knomo collection, head here: https://www.knomobags.com/uk/collections/women/victoria-and-albert-collection
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Microsoft Surface Designer Stories: Nikole de Santis
Meet Nikole de Santis, Product Director at Knomo http://bit.ly/Designer_Nikole_Surface_Knomo I came to be a product director in kind of a convoluted way. My mother is a jewellery designer and my uncle is a milliner, so I always had that in my background. I am the product director at Knomo, I oversea the design team as well the production team. I essentially work with everyone in the business in some way. I oversea the product from its very beginning conception right through to delivering it to the market and training sales people and retailers as to how we use our product. You don’t have the traditional teams or work life that we did in the past. People don’t generally just sit at a desk; we have to be interacting with teams everywhere. We don’t sit in an office, we may be on skype, we might be in a working space, we might be working in factories so we constantly have to be mobile and we constantly have to be flexible. I think what’s so incredible about Surface Laptop it’s an absolutely brilliant laptop, so easy to use, so straightforward. It’s got an amazing keyboard, a beautiful soft touch to it. For me what’s so essential is being on the move, the mouse is really easy – it doesn’t tangle at the bottom of my bag! It just makes a mobile life much more easy, doing what I need to do and still be completely connected with my team. I’m interacting with so many different people, if I’m not organised I’m going to lose my mind. I have to have everything with me and that’s what I love about Knomo bags. We have absolutely beautiful products, we use the best materials, we have gorgeous leather touch points and amazing nylons. But when you open it up it’s that incredible organisation, that means you can be completely mobile. This is my office, I don’t sit at a desk, my bag is my office I have everything in there. You have to think on your feet and be flexible and having the right tools in place to be able to do that is absolutely essential. To see the Microsoft Surface Laptop in full, click here. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/store/d/surface-laptop/90fc23dv6snz/lgc3?activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab To check out the full Knomo product range, head here. www.knomo.com
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Burlington Trolley
The Burlington Trolley is a wheeled business bag that is cabin sized. A practical design protects your laptop and doesn’t compromise on looks. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/burlington-trolley-black.html/
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Knomo Curzon Mayfair Leather
A stylish and spacious luxury shoulder bag with great function inside and out. Handy side poppers allow the bag to expand, and two front zip pockets keep essentials to hand. Keep you stylish and organised. Available here: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/curzon-leather-shoulder-tote-black.html/
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Bungo Expandable Messenger Bag
The Bungo 15.6” expandable Messenger Bag is made from full-grain leather and PET-Nylon. It is designed to hold 15.6” Laptops and provides easily accessible pockets for smartphones, tablets and important personal items. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/bungo-expandable-messenger-brown.html/
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Knomo Amesbury Briefcase
The Amesbury is an absolute workhorse. Inside the full-grain leather body you'll find classic Knomo organisation - room for a 15" laptop and everything else for your daily journey or business trip. Explore the Amesbury in full at http://www.knomobags.com/uk/amesbury-brown-15-6-leather-double-zip-briefcase.html
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Knomad Leather Organiser by Knomo - Designed for Life On the Go
Introducing the Knomad Leather -the latest creation from Knomo. Designed for life on the go, Knomad keeps all your days gear accessible and in one place. Purpose built to work with the Knomo 5000mAh battery (sold separately) - charge your devices and never run out of power on the go. Available from our website: http://www.knomobags.com
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Kobe Messenger Bag
Padded laptop protection pouch holds laptops up to 15". External back pocket. Magnetic tabs fasten the front flap. Adjustable nylon shoulder strap. Soft fabric lining with scotch guard coating. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/kobe-15-leather-messenger-brown.html
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Bags on the move, in and around the city of London
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Knomo DropGo: Wireless In-Bag Charging
Find out more at www.knomo.com
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Knomo Mag:Collection - Magnetic iPhone Cases
From the all new Knomo Mag:Collection, comes three new iPhone accessories to offer an innovative, hands-free solution to using your device, for a Life Organised. MAG:MOUNT - a magnetic dock to place and hold your iPhone MAG:CASE - an open faced, leather case with an in-built steel plate MAG:FOLIO - a full-grain leather case with magnets to hold your iPhone. See the full Mag:Collection at http://www.knomobags.com/uk/collections/mag-collection
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Davies Double-Zip Tablet Clutch
Double Zip Compartment leather cross body bag with protective section for a tablet up to 10". Full leather extendable detachable long strap that can be worn on the shoulder or across body. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/davies-blush-cross-body-purse.html
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Beauchamp Backpack - Packing Video
Discover the best selling Beauchamp Backpack here: https://uk.knomo.com/products/beauchamp-laptop-backpack-119-401-blk A slim backpack that is a favourite, both here at Knomo and with our ever-growing community. Available in classic and versatile black or navy, or in striking seasonal colours.
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Knomo Trailblazers Episode Eight: Juliana Zarate, co-founder @ Mucho
Mucho is a personal assistant to help you eat right: learning your lifestyle and preferences, and recommending food and products to suit your needs. Co-founder Juliana Zarate talks us through the 'grandma' algorithm the app uses, and gives us some tips to staying healthy and mindful.
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Hudson Backpack
Full Leather Backpack Laptop Carrier 15.6" made with luxurious full-grain that is soft and smooth to the touch. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/hudson-black-backpack.html/
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Elektronista X Knomo Digital Clutch
Knomo have collaborated with Danish Tech Blogger, Media Presenter and Digital Trend Analyst - Christiane Vejlø - to design her perfect accessory. Truly stylish and truly functional, the Elektronista Digital Clutch is crafted from full-grain leather and includes a portable battery to keep you fully powered from day to night. See the clutch in full at http://bit.ly/1FJeiJn Read about the design of the clutch at http://bit.ly/1tHxCOq We hosted the launch party in the heart of Tech City, London. Inviting fashion and technology the chance to give their feedback on the revolutionary new bag, as well as take part in an intimate discussion around Technology and the Work/Life Balance. Read about the event at http://bit.ly/134l7qY
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Knomo Trailblazers Episode Nine: Chris Turner, Comedian & Freestyle Rapper
Chris Turner is a comedian and freestyle rapper, we invited him to Knomo HQ to talk us through the mechanics of freestyling, his journey so far, and to challenge him to rap while unpacking a bag full of unseen items.
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Spring/Summer ’17 with Frances Scorah, Creative Director at Knomo
Knomo Creative Director, Frances Scorah, shares the inside information behind her themes and inspriation behind the Spring Summer '17 collection. See the full collection at: https://www.knomobags.com/uk/blog/knomo-ss17-let-spring-begin
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V&A x Knomo - London Launch Event - Behind the Scenes
Inspired by travel in the 1920s and 30s, and bridging the worlds of technology and travel in one range, the world-renowned Victoria and Albert Museum and global accessories brand KNOMO have created a collection that uses an original print from the 1920s, housed in the Museum’s archives. The unique 5-piece collection of accessories comprises 3 bag styles: a Totepack, a Backpack and a Briefcase, along with a Carry-all Pouch, and a Foldable Shopper. Each design is available in two colour-ways, ‘Night Forest’ with tones of blue and green, and ‘Monochrome’ with shades of white, grey and black. KNOMO’s treatment of the classic print sees the pattern adapted to create a bold, modern graphic print that picks up on key print directions emerging from the catwalk for Autumn/Winter 2017. The print is based on an original 1920s textile associated with Art Deco from the Museum’s archive and the pattern’s strong undulating arches are an expression of modernity and give the illusion of movement, evoking the heyday of the great ocean liners, jazz bands and Charleston dancers. Throughout the 19th Century technical innovation triumphed: the world started to become more accessible to those seeking adventure, or looking for a better life. By the early 20th Century, we entered the golden age of ocean liner travel and the beginning of globalisation as we know it. This glamourous era of travel opened up a world of possibilities: The world was speeding up. Almost 100 years later we’re experiencing a new technological revolution, and we’re travelling more than ever before. We need great bags and accessories that meet modern needs, including clever organiser pockets, protection for tech devices and power to keep devices charged - all with thoughtful design that’s lightweight, easy to carry and stylish. Inside each product from the collection are a number of organisational pockets and compartments, ready to hold all travel essentials such as passport, Knomo portable battery and Knomo travel adaptor, along with a laptop or tablet and other belongings. Launching for sale in-store in August 2017 in UK, Europe and USA at selected stockists and via www.knomo.com
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KNOMO SS16: Behind the Scenes
We caught up with our Creative Director and Brand Director on-set of the Spring/Summer '16 fashion shoot, to find out about the inspiration behind the collection and the concept of 'More Time'. The average person spends 150 hours a year searching for misplaced items. That’s 150 hours that could be spent learning a new skill, spending time with friends or building a fort with your kids. We’d all rather be spending time doing fun stuff, and now we can. See the Knomo Collections at www.knomo.com See the full SS16 Lookbook at http://buff.ly/1o6dAm8 Find out about the concept of More Time at http://buff.ly/1Qaoh3c
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Beaufort Backpack - Packing Video
Discover the Beaufort Backpack here: https://uk.knomo.com/collections/backpack-women/products/beaufort-laptop-backpack-119-410-blk Based on our bestselling Beauchamp backpack, the Beaufort is simply a larger version. With all the amazing features of the Beauchamp, plus a new double compartment feature, the Beaufort is the ultimate city laptop backpack.
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DropGo for iPhone Explained: Wireless In-Bag Charging
Find out more at www.knomo.com
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Introducing the world’s first in-bag, magnetic wireless charging solution. The Knomo Drop & Go is a 3 part system: •Leather backed iPhone Case with a Magnetic Connection receiver coil •Knomo Magnetic Connection Cable with USB head (built into the bag) •Knomo Battery The Drop & Go Charge Pocket uses a magnetic connection to automatically attract your iPhone to the in-built charger. 95-98% of the battery power-output is retained (compared to 60-70% using Qi wireless-charging) making this new Knomo technology one of the most efficient wireless chargers on the market. We’ll be releasing the Drop & Go version of some of our favorite styles across the men’s and women’s ranges, adapted with the signature Drop & Go Charge Pocket to make charging your phone on-the-go easier than ever before. See the full Knomo range at www.knomo.com
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The Beauchamp Slim Backpack offers so much more than a normal backpack. It protects your laptop and allows you to be totally hands-free without compromising on smart style. Discover more at: https://www.knomobags.com/uk/beauchamp-black-14-backpack.html
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Hanover Briefcase
A neat, slim and super-lightweight briefcase with comfortable carry handles and detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. A must-have accessory when you need your laptop and a few essential items. Available at: http://www.knomobags.com/uk/hanover-slim-briefcase-black.html
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Park Lane Carry On - Packing Video
Discover the Park Lane Carry On here: https://uk.knomo.com/collections/travel-bags-and-accessories-women/products/parklane-15-wheeled-boarding-tote-black-119-805-bsn Maximised capacity, bespoke specifications, timeless design. All on four wheels: say hello to Knomo luggage. The Park Lane is a four-wheeled, carry-on suitcase for overnight stays and full weeks away. Whenever duty calls, right? We’ve engineered a classic carry-on case with the softness of a duffel, ready to be packed up and whisked off at a moment’s notice.
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WORLD TRAVEL ADAPTOR - Use in 220 Countries
Let your devices travel seamlessly between 220 different countries with dual AC and USB World Travel Adaptor. We're ready to go when you are. The slim-line design fits into any Knomo pocket, and even come in it's own luxe case. See the Knomo Charging Accessories at https://www.knomobags.com/uk/power-accessories/battery-power-packs
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Derby Leather Tote - Packing Video
Discover the Derby Leather Tote here: https://uk.knomo.com/products/derby-14-inch-leather-tote-black-120-206-blk The Derby Tote is a premium full-leather tote built for daily use. Knomo recommends for those who are looking for a tote that is functional enough for the office but stylish enough for after work hours.
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Knomo Beauchamp Backpack, Cherry
Knomo's best selling bag - the Beauchamp backpack is modern, slim and stylish. It will take you from the office, to the gym - sophisticated and organised for any situation. Click here to see the product: https://www.knomobags.com/uk/beauchamp-14-laptop-backpack-cherry.html
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Trailblazers Episode Three: Kate Jackson, founder @ TableCrowd
TableCrowd is a platform to find and host networking dinners for specific topics and industries. Kate left her lawyer days behind and now brings together entrepreneurs, investors and anyone interested in technology - whatever the sector there is a table and a discussion on how it's changing. See the full article at: https://www.knomobags.com/uk/blog/knomo-trailblazers-kate-jackson-founder-tablecrowd
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Trailblazers Episode Four: Gabriela Hersham, co-founder @ Huckletree
Huckletree is co-working space group with locations in Shoreditch and Clerkenwell, London. They provide a community for creatives, tech entrepreneurs and startups to grow and flourish. After working as an actress and producer in New York, Gabriela Hersham co-founded Huckletree as a result of falling in love with the coworking movement and entrepreneurial world.
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Roscoe Briefcase - Packing Video
Explore the Roscoe Briefcase here: https://uk.knomo.com/collections/briefcases-men/products/roscoe-16-laptop-briefcase-45-202-brw A sleek, modern, premium bag for the businessman on the go. Knomo recommends The Roscoe Briefcase for those who need a spacious, double compartment briefcase that can serve as a companion from the work commute to an overnight business trip.
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KNOMO Freestyle - with Chris Turner
Chris Turner is a British comedian and freestyle rapper. We challenged him to freestyle while unpacking our bestselling Beauchamp Backpack, filled with unseen gear from the KNOMO HQ team. Never written, never rehearsed, Chris had never touched the backpack before this video. Full interview coming soon.
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Clifford Backpack - Packing Video
Discover the Clifford Backpack at: https://uk.knomo.com/products/clifford-13-inch-laptop-backpack-navy-119-414-dnv The soft, compact backpack is playful with a professional edge. Close the magnetic front flap and pull the drawstring closed to secure the main compartment, and subtly slide your 13" laptop into the padded device compartment found behind the back panel. Knomo recommends The Clifford Backpack for the confident mover and shaker, always between A and B. Just put everything you need in the backpack, sling it on and you're ready to go. The Clifford Backpack is relaxed yet professional, casual but still refined
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The #LiveFree Backpack
Brought to life on Kickstarter and now available to the world, the #LiveFree Backpack is the essential companion for work, travel and play. Check out the backpack here: http://bit.ly/LiveFreeBackpack Crafted from British-made, water-repellent 'Millerain' canvas, the #LiveFree is smart enough for meetings and durable enough for a weekend away. Get the ultimate backpack at: http://bit.ly/LiveFreeBackpack
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Whether you’re travelling by foot, bike or the train, being prepared for anything gives you the edge. Roll the top down to encase your belongings with near air-tight security and protection inside: room for everything, always bone dry and ultra comfortable to carry. Discover more at: https://www.knomobags.com/uk/bags/back-packs/men/cromwell-backpack-black.html
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