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Worst Mayor Ever Movie
Dec 14th Council Meeting - Mayors comments Join our Recall efforts at: http://www.causes.com/causes/564900-recall-effort-for-parkersburg-west-virginia?recruiter_id=48861380
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Patriot Guard Riders - Gary E. Lockhart, USMC, Vietnam Veteran, Elizabeth, WV, 06 JUL 2011.vob
The family of Gary Lockhart has requested we stand up a flag line of honor for his interment services at the Pine Twist Cemetery near Elizabeth, WV. Gary passed away unexpectedly last Friday from a heart attack, and we just received the invitation from the family this morning. Gary was an avid motorcyclist and we anticipate attendance from several different clubs.
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Tyranny in Parkersburg WV- City Council Final Vote on User Fee.MPG
Join our Recall efforts at: http://www.causes.com/causes/564900-recall-effort-for-parkersburg-west-virginia?recruiter_id=48861380
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Parkersburg West Virginia City Council meeting 2-24-2015
Citizens told not to clap..bullied by City Attorney also see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_nQSisWlBs from 2011
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Bad Wreck on I64/ I81
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National Guard Convoy
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Bill Maloney.MPG
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Empty Chairs Across America.wmv
A collection of pictures of the "empty chair" movement that started on Labor Day 2012 in response to the brilliant speech by Clint Eastwood
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Parkersburg WV Townhall by The Committee of Citizens 3-23-2015
Concerned group of citizens of Parkersburg, West Virginia hold a town hall meeting to discuss alleged misappropriation of funds and the use of city time and property resulting from an affair between the mayor and finance director.
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Total Eclipse of the Sun- 8-21-2017 Isle of Palms South Carolina
This is 6 minutes long and it does not do the total eclipse justice at all. My camera didn't focus on the eclipse, but you can see some of what I saw. Also. things were a lot darker than they appear at totality. Look at the horizon and the color of the water. Listen to the crowd. It was amazing!
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Volcano Days 2011.vob
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Parkersburg Tea Party Rally for Conservatives with Johnny Staats and The Delivery Boys
Here's the first part of the rally before the city decided to play "flip the breakers" and burn up the band's amp. Thanks Mayor Newell...and thanks for locking the PUBLIC restrooms!
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Commotion on the Ocean Party Boat- Key West August 2, 2012.vob
Fury tours Commotion on the Ocean Party cruise
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Larry Chambers
Larry speaks about health insurance
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Parkersburg FOP Ceremony 5-17-2011.vob
Shelley Moore Capito Lays Wreath for FOP Police week in Parkersburg
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Parkersburg West Virginia City Council Meeting 4-21-2015
Forensic Audit passes 5-4 YAY!
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DC Metro Rail.vob
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Here's how Democrats in Parkersburg, WV play dirty
The Delivery Boys were playing for about 20 minutes, when "someone" in the city building started flipping the breaker off and on and blew the amp for the sound system. Thanks Mayor Newell! Also, we had asked for the public restrooms to be unlocked for our rally, but they were locked.
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City Council Meeting concerning Mayor/Finance Director Scandal 2-10-15
Sorry this is not a better video. I forgot the good camera and had to do it on a new cellphone, which I was not quite sure how to zoom...but the quality is pretty good otherwise
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Illegal meeting WCREC
OOPS! I recorded Audio only ;) I'm not a member of their committee because they said I could not be..and the meeting was public with media present. In West Virginia, recording is permitted as long as one party knows and I knew. This recording is legal.
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Ribbon Fish xvid
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Brenda & Eric's Wedding
Fairy-tale December 31, 2017 wedding
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West Virginia Turnpike
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Townhall 015 xvid
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Restoring Honor Rally1
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Fred's Protest at Mollohan's office in Parkersburg
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Larry Faircloth.MPG
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